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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 52)

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                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff

Next Morning

Armaan woke and saw riddhima was standing in front of cupboard and was picking up her things for getting ready and when she turned and saw armaan was awake and looking towards her she smiled to him and he returned her smile with a warm smile and seeing her smiling armaan wished her

Ar:''good morning basket''

Ri:''good morning armaan''

Ar:''so basket aab fever to nahin hai naa?''

Ri:''nahin armaan I am fine now so don't worry achaa chalo mai ready hokar ayi fir Sanjeevani bhi jaana hai''

Ar:''basket r u sure kii tumhe ana aagar chaho to ekk din aur rest kar lo''

He asked with a concern in his voice

Ri:''nahin armaan I am fine vaise bhi aaj merii koi surgeory schedule nahin hai patiens hii check-up karna hai''

She replied and

Ar:''chalo theek hai basket jao tum ready ho jao fir mai bhi hotaa hun''

Riddhima nodded and moved to washroom and armaan smiled both were talking casually, does not want discuss their previous encounter, and armaan smiled remembering their kiss may be she has some feeling for him too because riddhima is one of those girls who never ever being close to anyone, he remembered how he slapped Vivek in their college when he asked her out and when she politely refused, he spread rumours that riddhima was after him and for his girlfriend she can go to any extent. As armaan heard he very well knows Vivek was lying and he was thinking what should riddhima do now and the next day he saw riddhima slapped Vivek that too in front of whole college and seeing the sight armaan was happy, she is really an angry young women and after that day he usually tease her by calling her ''jungli billy'', he smiled remembering the memories that's y he knows if riddhim  does not get angry with him, must she feels something for him, he just hoped it will love and their marriage will successful, he wants to confess his love to her and if she needs time to accept him, he will whole ready to give her the time but now he just wants her, he needs her in his life, he was incomplete without her, his happiness lies with her, he loved her, his thoughts break with the click of door knob and he saw her she was coming out from washroom wearing a beautiful blue saree with full sleeve white net blouse and looking as gorgeous as ever with water dripping from her hairs and she was busy drying her hairs unaware of the fact that armaan was looking towards her with his intense gaze and all the love in his eyes  and riddhima sat beside the dressing table and shake her hairs in such a way that the water drops were on armaan's face as  he was standing right behind her as soon as her hairs touched his cheek the word escaped from his mouth


Only then riddhima turned and saw water drops on his face she

Ri:''sorry armaan maine dekha nahin so sorry''

She said and start wiping his face with her saree pallu and armaan lost in her eyes and was looking towards her face, how much she looks beautiful with her natural beauty and when riddhima wiped his face and looked in his eyes, she feels passion in his eyes, he was looking at her with so much passion that she could not hold his gaze and she turned to go only then armaan spun her around by holding her saree pallu that she herself crushed in his chest and she looked in his eyes as the blue naughty eyes met with the green innocent ones, both lost in each-other's eyes and armaan's hands himself moved to her around her waist, he gripped her waist and his hands moving around her waist slowly and riddhima was lost in the close proximity, his cold hands creating havoc in her body, their eyes were still lock with each-other, lost in the moment riddhima's hands moved to armaan's face and start caressing his cheeks and here armaan was losing himself more and more with each minute and here riddhima's heart wants to fulfill her desires which was still unknown to her but her heart knows and her hands went down and were on his bare chest as his upper buttons were  as usual open and feeling his manely chest riddhima's hands moved more downwards and here armaan who was somehow try to control but feeling riddhima's hands moving on his chest first time that too sensuously, though she herself was not aware the fact that her hands were moving so sensuously and lost in the moment armaan's one hand move aside her saree with his hands movement her pleats were opened and armaan's fingers were around her navel and riddhima shuddered as his hands were moving so sensuously and next moment armaan leaned towards her neck and slowly placed his lips on her collar bone and suck the water drops and riddhima's heart beat increased so much that armaan can hear her heart beat and as armaan's lips were lingered still on her skin, riddhima feels her skin in between his teeth and riddhima moaned in pain and in the pain her nails digged in his chest making armaan groaned and armaan holds her hair and riddhima winced in pain and armaan then come to know what he has done and

Ar:''sorry sorry basket''

And he immediately leave her hairs and sucked the bite with his tongue and placed several kisses on the bite and riddhima's hands moved to his neck and when she could not take this she hugged him tightly and armaan hugged her back but he was still lost in the beauty and his hands pushed her long hairs aside and caressed her bare back which was bare because of blouse and he start kissing there and he pulled her sleeve bit down and start kissing her and now riddhima feels her knees was going weak and she will fall by this time if he was not holding her, now lost in his love and the moment armaan's kisses were urgent full of too much passion, ridddhima's hands moved in his hairs massaging his scalp and armaan was still kissing her and his one hand pinched riddhima's waist and

Ri:''aauch armaan''

With this she come back to reality and pushed armaan away and armaan firstly could not understand y she pushed her but then he registered what was they doing and armaan looked towards her, her saree pleats were opened, pallu was falling and riddhima looked at him, his chest showed her wildness as there was marks of her nails and now she was not able to face him feeling shy and embarrsed at the same time, when armaan was about to say something

Ri:''armaan humein Sanjeevani ke liyye der ho rahii hai''

She said without meeting his gaze and turned to go when she pulled back by armaan this time her back was facing him, her heart was racing and only then she feels armaan picked her pallu from floor and put her pallu around her shoulders covering her properly, she was not aware the fact that her pallu was lying on floor and when armaan covered her he whispered in her ear

Ar:''basket u r looking so beautiful''

And after biting her ear-lobe slowly he leaves her and went inside washroom for getting ready and riddhima was still in daze what happened a moment ago, they were so close and y she was reacting to his touch, does she feels something for him and she was so confortable with armaan and she was confused but as well smiled remembering the moment and finally she turned to get ready once again, she start making her saree pleats which was completely mess because of armaan's naughtiness and she still feels his cold fingers on her waist and his lips on her body and remembering the moment the pleats again fell from her hands she covered her face with her hands feeling shy, god knows for how much time she stands like this and only then armaan come out and saw her standing like this he smirked seeing her, he wonders what she was thinking, must be remembering him, but next moment he frowned seeing her messy saree and their room door was not locked though closed but not locked, what some one walked in, so he firstly bolt the door and then he leaned on his knees and start making pleats when riddhima feels his fingers she opened her eyes and saw him making the pleats and she admired him and after few minutes he did and stand up and

Ar:''basket room meiin honee ka matlab yeh nahin hai kii tum aisee ghumo, u r free to walk like this but only in front of ME and start locking the door first understand?''

He said sternly, riddhima nodded, then she realized y he was saying this, he smiled at his possessiveness and

Ri:''sorry armaan''

She whispered slowly armaan nodded but does not talk to her and get ready, riddhima was surprised with his behavior, is he angry with her? but she does not get answers of her questions and after having breakfast with ananya and billy, both leave for Sanjeevani, armaan choose to come in car and riddhima was touched with his gesture she knows he did because of her wellness but they does not speak to each-other, but keep stealing glances to each-other, after reaching to hospital both left for their duties in each-other's thoughts.

Armaan was little bit nervous because of his close encounters with riddhima, he loves her, but he does not knw her feelings, nor did he confessed his feelings to her

Ar:''yar maine basket ko abhie tak aapni feelings nahin btayi hai aur hum itnee close aaa rahee hai kal vo kiss aur aaj subhh bhi to''

He smiled remembering their moments how riddhima was melting in his arms

Ar:''par mujhe ose btana hogaa kahin galat naa samajh le''

''To Bta Do Naa Armaan Mujhe Kya Batana Hai''

He looked here and there and then saw her standing in front of him wearing his favourite sauce vaala lal

Ar:''basket tum tum kab ayi hai yahan tum''

Ri:''kya armaan mai to tumhare pas hii hun humesha se''

She replied softly

Ar:''humesha se?''

He asked confusedly

Ri:''han humesha se jab hum sirff 10 years ke the naa''

Armaan has a million dollar smile on his face hearing her words

Ar:''han basket tum to humesha mere saath thi''

And next moment he get up from his seat and forwards his hand to hold her but no she was vanish and armaan looked here and there, then he realized he was dreaming her.

He sighed and get back to his seat and opened the file of one patient but to his luck he saw her face on the papers, whenever he tried to work his heart leads him to her, finally he closed the files and pulled his wallet and

Ar:''tum naa mujhe pagal kar dogii basket sach meiin kal tak mai tumse jhagra karke pagal hotaa tha aur aaj tumse pyaar hua hai to bhi pagal ho rahaa hun I love u so so much basket''

He said while caressing her photo.


On the other side riddhima was in her cabin lost in her thoughts she was confused, confused with armaan's feelings, his closeness to her, more than her feelings was confusing her more, she was holding her head in her palms, her head was aching with this continuous thinking session, her realtion with armaan

Ri:''kya hai yeh mere aur armaan ka relation, pehle to hum ekk-doosre kii shakal bhi dekhna pasand nahin karte the, ekk-jagah ekk time par khade nahin ho sakte the hum, binaa ekk-doosre ko mare.''

She reminds her fights with armaan


''Aur fir aab humari shaadi jisne humein ekk-doosre ke saath laakar khada kar diyya, par jhagre vo to kabhie kam nahin hue, par ekk ajeeb sii satisfaction ane lagii thi in jhagron meiin, aur humari shaadi chahe humne bin marzi ke kii thi par ose nibhane kii har koshish humne dill se kii hai''

She reminds their wedding, their reception and their attempts to make their marriage work


''Aur fir aab armaan kaa merii taraf badhta jhukav, kaise vo merii har bat kii care karta hai, kaise oosne meraa dhayan rakha, kaise merii body ooske har touch ko respond karti hai, kaise ooske pas ate hii mujhe ekk security hotii hai,kaise oos se dur jaane ka dill ko bechani hone lagti hai, chahe ooske saath jhagra karun ya vo merii care karee sab ooske saath hii achaa lagta hai, kaise vo mujhe itnaa behtar jaanta hai,jab vo mujhe kiss karta hai meraa ose dur honee ka man nahin karta''

She blushed remembering their kisses and the morning encounter with him.


''par yeh sab hai kya mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aaa rahaa aakhir kya hai yeh kahin mujhe armaan se pyaar to nahin ho gayya''

She asked herself little did she know she was already in love with his Mr.Attitude Mister but not admitting the fact that she is madly in love with him.

Her thoughts break with the knock on door and it was anjali

An:''areey kya kar rahii hai ridzi chal lunch nahin karna vaise aab terii tabiyat theek hai naa?''

Riddhima smiled and

Ri:''han anjie mai theek hun chal mai bas abhie aaa hii rahii thi''

An:''han chal sab wait kar rahee honge''

And she leaves with anjali


And here armaan was passing from the fire escape when he heard some voices and he peeped in but seeing the sight he was shocked

Beyond the limits he saw himself and in his arms riddhima and he was kissing her madly and riddhima was moaning and armaan heard her voice

Ri:''oouch armaan''

And then he saw he bit her lips and then sucking her lips lovingly, armaan was in daze and he closed her eyes and saw riddhima, he immediately opened his eyes and saw no one is there, he run his hands in hairs

Ar:''armaan get a grip dude, aab tu din meiin hii itnee wild dreams dekhne lagaa hai, par yar ismein merii kya galti hai basket hai hii itnii sundar, kii mai sab bhull jaata hun, sab basket kii galti hai merii nahin''

He sighed and start going towards the canteen where all the gang was waiting for him. He was lost in thoughts that he does not realize when he bumped in someone, and the papers were scattered all on the floor and he start gathering the papers and collect the papers and was about to give the person when

Ri:''kya hai armaan kabhie to dekhh kar chal liyya karoo tum''

She said frustrated

Ar:''sorry basket meraa dhayan nahin tha''

Ri:''kya armaan aaj-kal tumhara dhayan jaane kahan rehta hai''

She was cursing him and armaan was looking towards her lovingly

Ri:''aisee kya dekhh rahee ho aab help to kar do''

And armaan holds her hand slightly kissed her hand

Ar:''tumhe dekh rahaa hun jaan''

And riddhima blushed, only then armaan come back to reality with tap on his shoulder and he turned to and saw it was atull

At:''armaan mere bahii yahan kyoon baitha hai chal canteen nahin jaana sab tera wait kar rahee hongee''

And armaan saw here and there again no riddhima he was imagning her once again.

Armaan nodded and

Ar:''han chal champ mai aya''

Atull nodded and leaves while armaan

Ar:''aab mujhe riddhima ko bta denaa chahiye nahin to mai pagal ho jaonga sachh meiin''

And finally he reached to canteen where all were sitting and chatting, armaan quickly go and sat beside riddhima who was sitting with muskaan and seeing him

Mu:''oye hero aaj tu itnii der se kyoon aya hum kab se tera wait kar rahee hai?''

Ar:''muskaan vo mai ekk patient kii file check kar rahaa tha''

He lied, in his heart ''aab kya bataon muskaan tujhe is time to mujhe doctor kii jarurat hai vo bhi special doctor kii Dr. Riddhima Basket Armaan Mallik kii''

He said while looking at her who was busy listening about sid's party

Ri:''kya yar nikki tum logon ne itnaa mazaa kiyya aur maine itnii achii party miss kar dii''

She replied with a pout

Ni:''aab yar ridzi tu beemar ho gayyi naa''

An:''hmm vaise I must say armaan ne tera khayal bahut ache se rakha hogaa tabhie tu itnii jaldi theek ho gayyi 1-2 din meiin''

Ra:''han nahin to virul meiin 5 days lag jaate hai''

Riddhima smiled to them and

Ri:''han guys armaan, mom-dad ne meraa bahut dhayan rakha''

In her heart:''sabse jyada to mere armaan ne aapne jaan se jyada dhayan diyya oosne meraa.''

She looked towards him who was looking at her with love in his eyes and they shared a beautiful eye-lock and their eye-lock breaks with sid's voice

Si:''sweetheart how r u? Tabiyat kaisi hai? Medicine khaii tumne?''

He asked while hugging her, and riddhima hugged him back, seeing them in each-other's arms armaan's fists tightened and

Ri:''sid aaram se sid ekk-ekk karke pooch mai theek hun, medicine khaii maine aur sorry tumhari party meiin nahin aaa paayi I am sorry''

Si:''oye sweetheart chupp mere liyye tu jyada important hai''

He replied while kissing her forhead and armaan turned his face could not take it and sid noticed his change expressions and after that both settled again with sid opposite them, this time armaan was quite and not looking at her, and next moment muskaan

Mu:''ridzi terii yeh chain bahut sundar hai kahan se liyya tune''

She asked while touching her neck and before riddhima replied muskaan's gaze fell on the love bite which was slightly visible because of muskaan seeing her chain

Mu:''ohh guys dekho kisii kii rat kuchh jyada hii romantic rahii''

She commented and firstly riddhima did not understand only then anjali who was picking her sandwich saw the bite and she whisteled

An:''armaan mujhe nahin pta tha u r so wild her skin is blue yar''

She commented and riddhima was embarrsed and her cheeks were turned red and here armaan was also looking here and there not knowing what to do and the girls were teasing riddhima like hell

Ni:''aab yar koi ghar meiin akela ho to chance thodi naa chodega''

Ab:''han yar oopar se new-new wedding meiin to''

Ra:''armaan tu chinta mat kar hum terii haalat samajh sakte hai kabhie kabhie aggressive ho jaate hai''

Mu:''han agreesiveness hero yehii kar sakta hai par yeh humari ridzi bechari kitni najuk hai''

And riddhima was unable to hold their comments and armaan looked at her flushed face so

Ar:''abeey yar tum log to humare piche hii pad gayye ho don'tt tell me rahul tune muskaan ko kabhie pyaar nahin kiyya ya abhie tune nahin kiyya nikki ko aur anjie tere aur atull ke secrets aagar mai bolun to fir don'tt blame me aur tum mere aur basket ke piche kyoon pad gayye ho areey yar its natural for married couples''

He said while placing his arm around her shoulder and covering her love bite with her saree pallu and riddhima was looking at him, all were immediately shut their mouths hearing his comment and knowing if armaan start than no one was going to beat him in teasing. So all immediately stopped and

Mu:''oye hero hum majak kar rahee the''

Ar:''well mai bhi''                             

And with this all burst in laughing and riddhima was the one who was looking towards armaan and then sid was the one who interrupted her gaze

Si:''vaise riddhima yar aab jab tum theek ho to kal mere saath ghar ka furniture select karne chalogi please sweetheart''

He asked making a cute puppy face

Ri:''aww sid offcourse but duty ke bad''

Si:''that's like my sweetheart''

He smiled where armaan was burning he leaves riddhima's shoulder and get up to grab some coffee for himself, he was burning seeing sid y can't he be in his limits, can't he see that his so called best friend was a married girl now and he was calling her sweetheart that too in front of her husband, he was cursing him under his breath that he does not realize when he bumped in someone and that too with sid,it was sid's fault as he was walking so fast and that too in a way that he bumped with armaan in this whole accident the hot coffee fell on armaan's chest and seeing this riddhima immediately rushed to armaan and saw him, he must be paining after all the coffee was hot enough and seeing his state

Ri:''sid dekh kar nahin chal sakte tum, aaram se to chala hii nahin jaata naa tumse dekho, canteen hai yeh kisii ke oopar bhi gir sakti thi hot coffee jaise abhie armaan ko kitni lag gayyi hai armaan jyada lagii naa tumhe''

She said whole panicked while wiping the coffee from armaan's shirt

Si:''riddhima maine jan boojh kar nahin kiyya galti se ho gayya I am sorry armaan''

Ar:''no sid its ok ho jaata hai ok guys mai change karke aya''

And he leaves as it was paining to him and as soon he leaves riddhima leaves behind him and all were shocked

Ab:''kya maine sahii dekha riddhima ne sid ko daanta''

An:''well guys pyaar humse bahut kuchh ajeeb karva detaa hai right sid''

Si:''yes anjie.''

And they resume their lunch and here riddhima reached to locker room but armaan was not there she thought he was in changing room so she moved in changing room where armaan was standing bare chest, he was putting wet cloth on his chest and hearing some footsteps he turned to face a worried riddhima standing in front of him

Ar:''basket tum''

Riddhima slowly went to him and take cloth in her hand and start wiping the coffee from his chest and armaan was surprised with her behavior and then riddhima picked the ointment to put but armaan grabbed her arm when he saw tears welled in her eyes and riddhima tried to wipe her tears

Ar:''basket kya hua kyoon ro rahii ho tum?''

Ri:''armaan dekho naa kitna jal gayya hai tumhe to kitna dard ho rahaa hogaa''

She said while caressing his burns and as he feels her hands on his chest he holds her hands with his

Ar:''nahin basket mai theek hun don't worry''

And he wiped her tears

Ar:''aur jhangli billy tum rote hue achii nahin lagti''

He teased her

Ri:''armaan mai jhangli billy nahin hun''

Ar:''yea I know merii chest par abhie bhi tumhari wildness saf dikhh rahii hai''

He said to tease her but then realized what he blurted and here riddhima looked at him then his chest, her nail marks and her face was red like tomato, armaan was enjoying her red face, but in order to let go the awrkdness as riddhima was still not looking at him he said

Ar:''achaa basket aab hatoo mujhse shirt pehnna hai''

Ri:''nahin armaan pehle ointement lagvao''

Ar:''no ways riddhima yeh bahut jalega''

And he turned to go but riddhima holds his hand

Ar:''riddhima nahin''

Ri:''nahin armaan lagvana padega pakka yeh jalega nahin I promise''

And armaan nodded seeing her face as soon riddhima was about to put ointment armaan shut his eyes tightly and riddhima smiled he was looking like a baby and riddhima slowly blowed on his chest while applying the ointment and armaan was feeling her lips so close to him that he was losing his senses and his one hand moved to her back and start moving there to and fro, riddhima who was busy in applying the ointment as she feels his hands, she was also losing control, she feels 1000 volts current in passing her body, somehow she controlled and after applying the ointment riddhima saw the marks and she herself did not know when her lips moved to his chest and kissed on his wounds, armaan was now completely lost with her kisses and he immediately makes her face to him, her eyes were lowered and her cheeks were red with shyness, armaan traced her lips with his thumb and riddhima gasped and next moment his lips on hers, they did not even know when they start kissing each-other passionately, madly, armaan was sucking her lips and fought for enterance as riddhima gave in, their tongues met and armaan sucked all her juices,and they break the kiss as they were out of breath and riddhima was breathing heavily, armaan looked at her, he was also breathing heavily, he looked her lips where all her lipstick was smudged and her lips were little bit swollen showing his wildness and as riddhima's eyes met with his she does not know what to say seeing her lipstick all over his lips showing her desires, and he start wearing his shirt and when he turned to go before anyone can caught them riddhima holds his hands and wipes his lips with her fingers while armaan settled her face which was showing his wildness, riddhima blushed deeply and armaan kissed her on her forhead and then moved outside.


After sometime an irritated nikki and muskii entered in riddhima's cabin and seeing them

Ri:''hey nikki, muskii kya hua boys se fir se jhagra ho gayya kya?''

Ni:''nahin ridzi''

Mu:''nahin oon kamino se jhagra to nahin hua par saare ladke ekk-jaise hotee hai.''

Ri:''kya hua muskii tu aisee kyoon bol rahii hai yar''

An:''mai btati hun ridzi.''

She said while entering in the room and riddhima asked with her eyes to go ahead

An:''tujhe vo humare college kii riya yad hai''

Riddhima nodded and

An:''yad hai kaise vo aur arjun chuhe-billy kii tarah jhagra karte the''

Riddhima again nodded

Ni:''bilkul tere aur armaan kii tarah abhie kuchh din pehle naa arjun ne ose kahaa kii vo ose pyaar karta hai aur aapni feelings chupane ke liyye oos se jhagra karta hai''

Ri:''kya arjun aur riya se pyaar par vo to play boy hai naa''

She said remembering arjun and nikki nodded and

An:''yehii to ooska game plan tha oosne riya ko vishwas dilaya kii he loved her aur ose oon dono ko ekk chance denaa chahiye riya ne diyya kyonki vo oos se sachh meiin pyaar karti thi''

Ri:"kya riya oos se pyaar?''

Ni:''han humesha se par jaanti nahin thi''

And riddhima's mind unwontedly drifted to her and armaan then muskaan continued

Mu:''aur jab arjun ko vo mill gayya riya se jo ose chahiye tha he was back to his original character, oosne yeh sirff ekk bet ke liyye kiyya tha riya ke saath''

And hearing muskaan riddhima was shocked

Ri:''kya mujhe vishwas nahin ho rahaa arjun is had tak gir sakta hai''

Mu:''han oos jaise insan ko to mar daalna chahiye''

She said while banging her fists on table

An:''han kaise-kaise log hai ekk relation nahin nibha sakte sirff ekk bet ke liyye yeh kiyya is se achaa to saari zindagi ladte rehte''

And hearing her riddhima was confused

Ni:''mujhe riya ke liyye bahut boora lag rahaa hai''

Riddhima was not in state to say anything she was lost in between their pagers rang and they leaves and riddhima wonders jhagra armaan-riddhima, playboy armaan, pas ana armaan-riddhima, pyaar riddhima, par armaan-riddhima married, her head spun thinking all the things related to them, is their same with arjun-riya?


On the other side the same incidence armaan comes to know from abhie and he was worried thinking about riddhima, he was sure girls must tell her as riya was their dear friend, but armaan wonders what if riddhima was thinking same about them, as their relation was completely like arjun-riya, but the fact is they are married, committed to each-other, he knows he was a flirt but not a play-boy, he respect girls, he never ever thought about using them, but right now he was wondering about riddhima's reaction, what she was thinking before this whole incident create any incidence in their relation he has to clear her that he loved her completely and was not playing with her emotions. He decided he maintained even distance from her if she wants so but he could not afford to lose her, she was his life, reason of her survival. He wants to tell her right now but he was called by Dr.Kirti.


After sometime armaan was walking towards riddhima's cabin so that he can tell her that he was going to Chennai for the medical conference and an immediate surgeory, this is y Dr. Kirti called him, he does not wants to go but he has to as his work comes first so he was going to tell her about his plan. And before going he wants to clear the things his feelings to her, so he entered her cabin without knocking and the sight in front of his eyes shocked him, there riddhima was standing in sid's arms, she has tears in her eyes and the one sentence from her mouth snatched the earth under his feet

Ri:''no its just a compromise''

And sid detangled her from his arms before he can say anything his gaze fell on armaan who was standing on door shocked and seeing him riddhima

Ri:''armaan tum''

Armaan controlled himself

Ar:''I am sorry mujhe binaa knock kiyye nahin ana chahiye tha sorry''

And without giving them a single chance to speak he leaves from there, and riddhima was confused with his behavior, y he leaves like this and y he was apologizing

Ri:''armaan armaan''

But he already left and here armaan immediately moved inside his cabin and bolted the door so that no one saw him crying, the moment he saw her in sid's arms, he was angry, he never wants to saw her in other person's arms except him, but as sid claimed her best friend he somehow controlled his anger but today hearing her words his heart stopped

Ar:''matlab basket aaj bhi ise ekk compromise hii maanti hai, vo kabhie iss shaadi ko nahin aapnayegi, vo mere liyye kuchh mehsoos nahin karti, par jab vo mere liyye kuchh mehsoos nahin karti to mujhe aapne itnee pas kyoon ane diyya oosne, chahti kya hai vo, kis bat kii saza de rahii hai mujhe, aakhir kya hai humara yeh rishta kya hai.''

He was totally confused her action was saying something and her tongue was saying another and he does not understand what is true.

Ar:''theek hai riddhima aab jo tum chahogi vaise hii hogaa mai kabhie kuchh nahin karunga, aagar tum nibhaogi yeh marriage theek hai, aagar merii zindagi se jaana chahogi to mai vo bhi kar doonga, tum hii kyoon mai tumhari zindagi se chala jaata hun, vaise bhi tum shayad sid se hii''

But he could not complete his sentence as it was paining to himself thinking about her like that so he immediately grabbed his things and leaves and while leaving he looked towards Sanjeevani hoping to saw her face but no nothing and he sighed and

Ar:''I am going basket''

And he left.

Precap_I Love Him.

Ri:''i will give him surprise''

Ri:''tumne armaan mujhe kabhie sahii samjha hi nahin hai''

Si:''shayad bahut der ho gayyi''

Ar:''mujhe zindagi akele hii guzarni hai''

Ri:''kahan ho armaan''

Ri:''mujhe kuchh karna hogaa.''

Ri:''i miss u armaan''

Ar:''i love u basket''

to know answers stay tuned

finally completed Smile

now please leave ur comments 

waiting for comments

it means a lots to me

with lots of luv


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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged
awesome part..
 loved da update..
 thnx 4 da Pm!!

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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amazing part...hope all their misunderstanding clears and they are continue soon !!

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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amazing update ...hope their misunderstanding clears and they are continue soon and thanks for the pm !!!

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janu1610 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Awesome part niks...
i hate these stupid problems in their life .
I hate this SID.
i hate to watch tear in his eyes.
I hate Ridhima to avoid him nd give him immense pain.
In fact i hate every single reason ,which cause him pain...Cry
thanks for pm.
love n luck.

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