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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 49)

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                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff

And armaan passed her, her  phone and riddhima answered the call

Ri:''han sid bolo''

Hearing sid's name armaan's expressions turned into frowned once so he excused himself and riddhima was confused with his sudden change but she can not say anything as she saw him leaving the room.

After sometime armaan come back in room and saw riddhima was still on the phone, he was now frustrated y she has to talk with him so much, but he did not say anything to her, just kept her medicines beside her and water, he was about to go when he heard

Ri''armaan rooko''

And armaan stopped hearing her voice and she immediately cut the call and

Ri:''armaan kahan jaa rahee ho tum?''

Ar:''kahin nahin tum vo aapne best friend se bat kar rahii thi naa so I thought u need privacy''

He replied emphasis on the word'best friend', riddhima was taken back with his reply y he was so annoyed this moment, a moment back he was perfectly fine

Ri:''armaan kya hua tumhe?''

Armaan looked towards her she was looking towards him with a confusion on her face he calmed himself

Ar:''yar basket tum kitna sochti ho mai kahin nahin jaa rahaa hun tum medicine khaoo mai bas abhie aya''

Riddhima was still not satisfied, she does not know y but she wants to remain close to him.

Ri:''nahin armaan kuchh to hua hai nahin to kal se sab medicines aapne haathon se khilla rahee tha aur aab aaj mujhe khilana to dur yahan rakhkar jaa rahee ho kyoon armaan kya ho gayya tumhe achaanak se?''

She asked with a choked voice and armaan was surprised the way she was reacting, so he immediately sat beside her and holds her one hand in his and looked in her eyes

Ar:''basket yar kuchh nahin hua mujhe bas mom ke pas jaa rahaa tha kuchh kam tha, aur kuchh nahin aur tumhari medicines mujhe lagaa kii tum itnii badii to ho hii gayyi ho kii medicine kha lo, par mujhe kahan pata tha u r still the same little basket, seriously basket tum bhi naa bachoo jaise behave karti ho''

He repliesd with a wink

Ri:''shut up armaan mai bachii nahin hun achaa''

Ar:''jii nahin u r, bachoo ko hii aapne saamne khilana-pilaana ya medicines denii padti hai''

Armaan teased her and hearing him riddhima's mouth left open and she smack him

Ri:''armaan tum nahin sudhroge naa? Jab dekho pareshan karte rehte ho, mai sab jaanti hun tumhe pareshani hotii hai naa merii care karne meiin''

She said and turned her face and armaan was surprised she was behaving like a insecure person, not behaving like his basket who immediately retorted back to him, she was behaving strange and he was confused with her behavior, everytime he teased her she never spare him but not today. He looked at her and makes her look towards him

Ar:''basket mai majak kar rahaa tha yar u know me naa aur tumhari care karne meiin mujhe koi pareshani nahin hotii samhi tum''

He said calmly yet with strong determination in his voice

Ri:''sachh bol rahee ho naa''

She asked innocently

Ar:''han sachh bol rahaa hun''

Finally riddhima smiled

Ar:''chalo aab medicines khaoo tum''

He said while handling her to medicines but she whined like a baby

Ri:''nahin armaan mai nahin kahongi bahut kadwii hai yeh''

She said making a face

Ar:''abhie bol rahii thi mai bachii nahin hun aur aab dekhi bachon jaise harkatein kar rahii ho''

Ri:''par armaan''

Ar:''koi par armaan nahin muh kholo abhie ke abhie''

And he gave her medicines forcefully

Ri:''yuckk kitni bakwas thi saara muh ka taste kharab ho gayya''

Armaan smiled at her innocence and suddenly riddhima saw one chocolate bar in front of her eyes and her eyes lit up seeing the bar and she snatched the bar from his hands

Ri:''thanks so much armaan u know yeh merii favourite chocolate hai, vaise tum yeh meree liyye layye the naa?''

She asked while eating the chocolate and armaan nodded seeing her childness and he was looking towards her while riddhima was busy in relishing the bar and she looked towards him when she feels his fingers near her lips, armaan slowly caressed her lower lip and riddhima gasped when his cold fingers brushed with her lower lip and the bar fell on bed from her hands, armaan smirked seeing the effect on her, slowly-slowly he rubbed her lips with his thumbs and riddhima looked towards him, he was looking straight in her eyes and she was feeling so shy and here armaan's fingers were brushing her lips sensouly creating havoc in her body, lost in his eyes she slowly put her hand on his cheek and armaan kissed her hand and fingers which was on his cheek, he has the strong urge to kiss her on her choclaty lips, riddhima gasped as she feels his hot breath caressing her lips and they both looked in each-other's eyes, armaan slowly leaned to her lips then they heard some voices coming near and riddhima was the one who break the eye-lock and she whispered

Ri:''armaan koi aaa rahaa hai''

And hearing her whispering armaan come back to his senses and he moved aside while riddhima look everywhere but not him

Ar:'' I am sorry basket,vo tumhare lips par chocolate lagaa tha bas I was to wiping it, I did not meant to, I am so sorry beasket''

And riddhima just nodded only then billy and ananya entered in room

Bi:''okay anie mai abhie oonki phone kar detaa hun kii hum nahin aaa paayenge''

An:''han billy yeh theek rahega''

Billy start dialing a number when armaan asked confusingly

Ar:''what is happening mom dad kisee phone kar rahee hai aap aur kahan nahin jaa rahee aap log?''

He asked while looking both of them

An:''vo armaan bhaii sahib kee yahan ekk function hai to hum vahan nahin jaa rahee hai''

Ar:''kyoon mom''

Both billy and ananya remained silent

Ri:''vo isliyye kii mai beemar hun hai naa mom''

Ananaya looked at her then lowered her eyes she knew now how riddhima will react

Ri:''mom-dad aap bhi naa bas had karte hai mujhe kuchh nahin hai just simple sa cold hai aur aab to fever bhi nahin hai to aap logon aaram se jaa sakte hai binaa mere liyye pareshan hue''

Bi:''par betaa aap kii tabiyat?''

But he is cut short by riddhima

Ri:''dad I am perfectly fine aur aap logon kaa vahan jaana jaruri hai aur yaha armaan hai meraa dhayan rakhne ko''

She said while looking at him

An:''par riddhima''

Ri:''mom-dad not a word aap log jaayenge bas''

Armaan was surprised seeing how his mom-dad was listening quietly and he is very happy seeing their bond with her she indeed becomes their daughter and

Bi:''par riddhima armaan ne kahaa kii tumhe abhie temperature hai''

Riddhima's mouth left open as billy's words hit her ears aww he is so cute behaving like a over protective child

Ri:''dad kya aap bhi naa yeh (points to armaan) to pagal hai aisee hii bolta hai aap bhi kiskii bat sunte hai mujhe bas 100 fever hai jo jab tak aap aayenge normal ho jaayega''

But before billy spoke armaan

Ar:''tumne mujhe pagal kahaa''

Ri:''han kahaa ho hii tum pagal kaise dad ko dra diyya pta nahin kisne doctor bna diyya tumhe''

Ar:''oon samjhdar logon ne jinhe tum jaise basket ko doctor bna kar galti kii''

He snapped back

Ri:''armaan tum naa bakwas mat karoo tum han yeh sahii hai oon samjhdar logon se galti hui ha par mujhe nahin tumhe doctor bna ke jo 100 ko bhi fever btata hai''

Ar:''oh really aur tum jo davai bhi nahin khati ho''

Ri:''whatever armaan tumse to achii doctor hun''

Ar:''areey jao-jao mujhse jyada handsome aur intelligent doctor tumhe kahin nahin milega.''

Ri:''areey jao-jao bahut dekhe hai tum jaise''

Before armaan replied back billy speak in between

Bi:''armaan sharam nahin ati tujhe vo beemar hai aur tu ose jhagra kar rahaa hai.''

Ar:'''par dad oosne shuru kiyya tha''

He replied while looking at her who was smiling in ananya's embrace and armaan frowned

Bi:''chupp reh tu humein pta hai kaisa hai tu aur riddhima kitni pyaari hai.''

Ar:''this is so not fair aap dono ooskii side lete ho mai to akela reh jaata hun''

He whined like a baby all chuckled seeing his baby face riddhima has the string urge to pull his cheeks he is looking so cute

Ri:''vaise mom aab aap please function meiin jayiye naa armaan meraa dhayan rakhega naa''

She said getting a bit serious

Ar:''han mom please aap log jayiye''

With their continue pleading finally both agreed to go

Bi:''theek hai par hum jaldi aaa jaayenge okay?''

Both armaan and riddhima nodded and after giving thousand instructions to armaan for taking care of riddhima and after placing a kiss on her forhead both leaves.

After they left armaan come back to their room

Ar:''mujhe lagta hii nahin hai kii vo mere parents hai tumhare jyada lagte hai they bond with u very easily''

He said teasingly

Ri:''well u see Dr. Armaan Mallik mere charm se koi nahin bachh sakta''

She said teasing back and

Ar:''yea after all u r Dr.Mrs.Armaan Mallik aab mere charm se jab koi nahin bachta to merii biwii ke charm se bhi koi nahin bach paayega naa''

He said while winking at her and both burst in laughing, after that armaan took care of her, giving her medicines, while she is resting armaan sat there only to saw if she needs anything.

In evening riddhima woke up she was feeling better and she was feeling hungry, she looked here and there to find armaan but he was nowhere at sight, so she went downstairts to found him.

And there he was standing in kitchen with his head dig in a book must be recipe book she thought then she saw him finding something in containers and frowning and mumbling to himself making cute faces. She could not help herself to admire him.

Ar:''kya yar aab yeh zeera kya hotaa hai mujhe nahin pta thoda brown-brown sa par aab yeh kya hai yahan to yeh dono hii brown hai''

He mumbled while making face seeing the container, he was still confused when he heard

Ri:''need help Mr. Cheff''

She said and armaan looked to her hearing her voice and next moment

Ar:''riddhima dimag kharab hai tumhara? Kya kar rahii ho tum yahan? Aur vo bhi binaa shawl ke abhie sardi hai tumhe poori tarah theek nahin hui ho tum par tumhe to har samay aapni man-maani karni hai. Mana kiyya tha maine han''

Hearing his stern voice riddhima is having tears in her eyes and she just turned and sat down on the chair and closed her eyes, she opened her eyes feeling something warm around her shoulders and saw him placing her shawl around her and was looking at her

Ar:''sorry tum par chillaya tumhari tabiyar kharab hai naa bas isliiye gussa aaa gayya tumhe thandi meiin binaa warmers ke dekha''

He said while lowerin his eyes riddhima feels the concern in his voice she knows when he scolded her for her benefit and she likes it somewhere

Ri:''I am sorry mujhe dhayn rakhna chahiye tha par vo actually mujhe bhookh lagii thji aur tum the nahin room meiin to mai neeche aaa gayyi''

She replied and

Ar:''koi bat nahin basket bas tumhari tabiyat kii vajah se maine aisee react kiyya aur mai tumhare liyye kuchh khane ko hii bna rahaa tha kii tum aaa gayyi''

Ri:''han vo maine dekha achaa kya bna rahee ho tum''

Ar:''zeera rice aur dal''

Ri:''armaan mai nahin khaongi boring sa khana''

Ar:''basket tumhe kuchh halka khana chahiye''

Ri:''armaan mai theek hun aab bhukhar bhi nahin hai dekho''

She immediately hold his hand and put on her forhead to make him realize that she is fine

Ar:''par basket prtecaution rakhni chahiye naa''

Ri:''nahin armaan mai yeh nahin khaongi bilkul bhi nahin''

She said frowning and cross her arms against her chest armaan smiled

Ar:''bahut ziddi ho basket achaa I give up batao kya khaogi mai vo bna doonga''

Ri:''pakka promise''

She asked with little bit unsureness

Ar:''han baba paka promise bolo kya khaogi tum''

Ri:''mai armaan paneer kii sabzi aur chapatti bas''

She replied

Ar:''okay basket tum baitho mai bnata hun tumhare liyye''

Ri:''armaan tumhe ata hai''

Ar:''well basket to be honest mujhe sirff coffee bnani ati hai but I will try for u''

He said honestly

Ri:''koi bat nahin I will manage with rice only''

Ar:''oye basket koi bat nahin tumne pehli bar kuchh maanga hai mai tumhe jarur doonga.''

Riddhima was touiched with his honesty but she

Ri:''no really armaan''

But she is cut short with armaan put his fingers on her lips

Ar:''shh bahut bolti ho baskt I want to do this and I am gonna do this''

He replied huskily in her ears making her breath stop but somehow she nodded

Ar:''aab tum baitho aaram se''

Riddhima was completely affected with this close proximity  and she sat down while armaan start looking in recipe book and then

Ar:''mill gayya''

He said smilingly while looking at recipe and riddhima smiled seeing his enthuasism, then armaan start chopping the ingredients which was necessary for making the sabzi

Ri:''armaan mujhe de do mai chop kar detii hun''

Ar:''basket yar maine bola naa tum rest karoo''

Ri:''armaan mai yahan baithe-baithe chop kar doongi''

But her pleadings fell deaf on his ears and he continue with his work. After few moments armaan was frowning he did not get something and that was flour

Ri:''vaise armaan jot um dhundh rahee ho vo vahan oopar shelf par rakha hai''

She said and

Ar:''thanks basket''

And he put flour in some small utensil riddhima laughed

Ar:"kya hua has kyoon rahii ho?''

Ri:''isliyye kyonki jo tumne oothaa hai oosmein yeh nahin hogaa''

Ar:''oh achaa vaise basket batao naa kismeiin hogaa yeh mujhe nahin pta hai''

Riddhima smiled and

Ri:''armaan hatoo mai bna detii hun aataa'

She said coming closer to him

Ar:''nahin tum bas bta do karunga sab mai hii''

Ri:''armaan mai''

Ar:''nahin basket mai karunga''

Riddhima leave the topic as she know he is very stub born so she let him do and

Ar:''help to karogi naa?''

Riddhima nodded and start telling him how to make dough, it was quite a difficult task for armaan, firstly he add more water that the flour was swimming in it then riddhima tell him to add flour in it and he did after that he sloly start making dough which was the most difficult one moreover he did not how to make it but somehow he managed and riddhima looked at him, he was having a tough time with flour, she requested him to many time that let her do but he was adamant, and he was looking so satisfied, and finally with lots of struggle he did it. The dough was quite thin but it will work.

Ar:''basket see maine kar diyya''

Riddhima nodded and

Ar:''achaa basket aab kya karun''

Then riddhima asked him to turn on the gas and start making chapattis and he start though they were not round having different shapes, riddhima saw his feelings in them, her thoughts were break with the phone ring and she picked the phone while she was answering the call armaan was busying making chapattis, he was looking at her as her back was facing him, he gulped seeing her bare back, the day when he kissed her there floded back in is mind he wants to kiss her everywhere, he was still busy with his thoughts when suddenly riddhima turned to him and in that moment armaan unknowingly put his fingers on pan and burned his hands and as soon as riddhima heard his scream she ran to him and put his fingers in her mouth, she panicked and scolded

Ri:''maine kahaa tha naa armaan mai kar detii hun par tum kahan sunte ho bas aapni karnii hotii hai tumhe dekho jal gayya naa''

Ar:''mai theek hun basket''

Ri:''yea I can see that chalo aab baitho chupp-chap mai karti hun jo reh gayya''

And she turned when armaan pulled her that she crushed in his chest

Ri:''kya kar rahee ho armaan''

She whispered feeling his intense gaze on herself and this close proximity was affecting her so much

Ar:''u know basket tum gusse meiin bahut sundar dikhti ho''

He whispered huskily in her ear, pulling her more closer while holding her waist and riddhima looked in his eyes, he was looking in her eyes and next moment he placed his lips on hers, riddhima moved back with his sudden action, but feeling his sucking her lower lip making her gasp and slowly he start kissing her slowly rubbing her lips, sucking her lips, and firstly she does not respond but when armaan start kissing her fiercly she too respond the kiss with equal fervor, they both kiss each-other passionately and armaan was pleading her to open her mouth as she gave him entrance and their tongues met, they danced in pleasure, tasting each-other's saliva, both were out of breath but not ready to break the kiss, they were lost in each-other only then they heard the noise of pressure cooker and both break the kiss, riddhima turned off the gas and armaan looked at her dreamingly, he did not know how he loose his control moreover she was responding. They did not look at each-other nor speak something.

Armaan finally served riddhima with her food and both ate their dinner quietly, they does not know what to say armaan knows he loved her but he has the frightened may be she does not feel the same for him and she can misunderstand him. He thought the kiss which he shared with not has to happen not atleast now. He was frustrated with himself as he was the one who loose control.


After the dinner both retired to their room, they still was not talking to each-other but keep stealing glances, armaan quietly gave her medicines which she silently take without creating any fuss. Both were lost in their own thoughts.



Precap-kuch sach hai

Ar:''aab mujhe riddhima ko bta denaa chahiye''

Ar:''i am sorry''

Y is armaan apologising?

Ri:''no its just a compromise''

Ri:''i will give him surprise''

Ar:''i am going''

Ri:''tumne armaan mujhe kabhie sahii samjha hi nahin hai''

Si:''shayad bahut der ho gayyi''

Ri:''mujhe ose rookna hogaa''

Whom riddhima want to stop?

to know answers stay tuned

finally completed Smile

now please leave ur comments 

waiting for comments

it means a lots to me

with lots of luv


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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hey Nik
how r u???????
again itna chota part Oh God tujhe samjha samjha k pareshan ho gai ki i want big part par tu hai ki manti hi nhi haiAngry...anyways waise part was awesome, superb, amazing fablous, awesomist, mindblowing yaarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...i toh loved it so starting i don't know yey Sid Uncle ridz n armaan ka kab picha chodnege  jab dekho chipu ki tarah chipke rahte haiAngryAngryAngry...or ridz bhi nhi samajhati...woww ridz want armaan bas uske sath rahe...she is feeling insucre now...i hope vo jaldi hi apni feeling k bare mein samaj jai...their little nok-jhok was superbbb...loved ittt...loved ridz, billy n anie bonding ...wowww Armaan is so cute n adorable khana banana aata nhi phir ridz k liye try kar rha hai hayeee...loved their little moment in kichen...nArmaan jaisa husband sabko mile...loved the part so much...
kripa karke aap ise update kare

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nice part

update soon

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rosyammy Senior Member

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Hey di,
nice part...
Plz di update d precaps lines which indicate for future part.
Its make confuse plz clear our dout ud soon...
Take ccare and
ud soon.

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awesome part
vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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super awesome partClapClapClap
but i dint get ne pm 4 dis partCryCryCryCry
cont soon
MrMrsChiping. IF-Sizzlerz

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nice update!!

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