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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 44)

diyachill Senior Member

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Posted: 02 August 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
loved tthe part...loved ridz childishness and ammy pampering attitude

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
nikkiii updateee

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Plzzz update soon...

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 1:37am | IP Logged
                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff

After an hour or so armaan come back to see how riddhima was and he looked at her she was still sleeping and armaan go near her to check her temperature. He put his hand on her forhead to check whether her temperature comes to normal or not but he was shocked she was burning and seeing her like this armaan panicked. Armaan can see she was feeling cold as she was trembling and armaan immediately start massaging her feet with his hands as he realized she does not feel better so he immediately ran to his mom for extra blankets for her and seeing him panicking ananya asked

Ani:''armaan what happen beta tum itnee pareshan kyoon ho?''

Ar:''mom vo riddhima ka fever bahut badh gayya hai aur ose thand bhi bahut lag rahii hai''

His voice was tensed

Ani:''its ok armaan theek ho jaaayegi riddhima tum jao ooske pas mai abhie blankets lekar ayi''

Armaan nodded and ran to his room and sat beside her while start dialing Dr.Kirti's number and as soon as she picked the phone he just started

Ar:''hello mam armaan bol rahaa hun mam vo riddhima ko bahut tej temperature hai, she is trembling due to cold mam and ooski throat meiin bhi infection hai mam, maine ose medicine bhi di ha imam par ooska temperature kam hi nahin ho rahaa''

He said in one breath and

Ki:''Dr.Armaan first calm down its ok actually weather ke kaaran hi shayad Dr. Riddhima ko aisee ho rahaa hai aur aisee meiin medicines time letii hai work karne me but its natural vo theek ho jaayengi''

Ar:''yea mam par''

Ki:''armaan aap jaante hai aap khudd doctor hai its possible so panick mat kijiye''

Ar:''yes mam par vo riddhima ko dekha na to I just panicked''

Ki:''yes armaan mai samajh sakti hun par do not worry she will be fine aur jyada kuch problem hua u can give her injection''

Ar:''jii mam''

Ki:''aapko pta hi hai kaunsa injection''

Ar:''yes mam thanks''

Ki:'' its ok armaan and take care of riddhima bye''

Ar:''bye mam thanks once again''

And armaan looked at riddhima she was looking palr armaan quickly covered her with one more blanket and checked her temperature, its 102' degree so armaan asked ananya to bring the water and cloth and he himself gave her medicine as she is sleeping he gently parted her lips and slowly gave her medicine in liquid form. After giving her medicine armaan start placing wet cloth on her forhead, when ananya told him that she will do it he refused her politely by saying that they should have their dinner while he took care of riddhima and both billy and ananya agreed and leave.

And armaan start placing wet clothes on her forhead in between he rubbed her hands and feet also to gave her warmth its almost an hour passed when ananya and billy come back to armaan

Ani:''armaan beta aab tu jaa kar khana kha le riddhima ke pas mai bethti hun betaa''

Bi:''han armaan we took care of her u go betaa''

Ar:''nahin dad mujhe bhookh nahin hai''

Ani:''armaan aisee kaise thoda sa to kha lo betaa''

Bi:''han aagar tum bhi beemar pad gayye to riddhima bitiya ka dhayan kaun rakhega''

Ar:''ok dad par mujhe pehle basket ka temperature dekhne dijiye''

Both nodded and armaan checked her fever but to his shock it was still 102'degrees so he looked first riddhima and then his parents

Bi:''kya hua armaan kuch kam hua fever''

Ar:''nahin dad abhie bhi ootna hi hai''

Ani:''to armaan aab kya?''

Ar:''mom I guess mujhe riddhima ko injection hi denaa padega''

Bi:''to tum soch kyoon rahee ho armaan go beta''

And armaan nodded and prepare injection for her but as soon as ananya pulls riddhima's sleeve up so armaan could inject her but armaan keep looking at her and when he did not inject her ananya

Ani:''armaan kya soch rahaa hai?''

Ar:''mom ose dard hogaa naa''

He said innocently as he know riddhima frightened from injection and he always teased her for this that if she herself was so frightened from injection how would she inject her patients but today he himself frightened with injection as it hurts his basket

Bi:''nahin armaan betaa kuch nahin hogaa yeh ooske liyye jaruri hai tum doctor hai tumhe jyada pta hai betaa''

Ani:''han betaa offcourse riddhima ko pain hogaa par vo jaldi theek bhi to ho jaayegi is se''

Ar:'''par mom''

Bi:''armaan tum ose theek karna hai betaa so go with it''

Armaan nodded as he knows it was for only her benefit so he slowly injected her and after injecting her he whispered

Ar:''sorry basket par tumhe theek karna tha naa isliyye''

And after that billy and ananya again forced them to something eat but he politely refused as he is not feeling to ate anything as his love is ill and after sometime he said them to go and rest first they did not agreed but after armaan's lots of insistence they go while armaan sat beside her he was holding her hands in his and there are small tears in his eyes

Ar:''basket yar please get up naa u know tum aisee chupp-chapp bilkul achii nahin lagti. Tum to mujhse jhagra karte hue achii lagti ho so please ooth jao naa jitna chahe jhagra karoo par yahan se ootho yar. Dekho naa kitni der se tumne mujhe Mr. Attitude Master keh ke bhi nahin bulaya. Ekk secret bataon mujhe achaa lagta hai jab tum mujhe attitude master kehke bulati ho. So please ooth jao naa. Tum naa aaj-kal bahut jyada bhav khane lag gayyi ho basket itnii der se tumhe mna rahaa hun sun hi nahin rahii ooth jao naa. Tumhe is hal meiin nahin dekha jaata mujhse''

He was feeling so much restless seeing her like this though she is having fever only but this makes him realize how much he loved her how much she meant to him.

And the night passed and armaan slept in that position only his face was near riddhima's face and his one hand was on her cheek and slowly-slowly riddhima opened her eyes, she feels better bow and she saw armaan's face so close to her almost touching her right cheek and his another hand was on her cheek, riddhima firstly surprised what was he doing on floor and that too so close to her but next moment as she saw medicines, water bowl, wet cloth and the spoon she was feeling so grateful to armaan, the things clearly proved how he took care of her and she was very happy seeing this and she looked at his face who was sleeping in discomfort riddhima has the strong urge to kiss his cheek as he was looking damn cute while sleeping and she was amazed with her thoughts and she blushed at her thoughts but she could not stop herself while caressing his cheek with her palm

 and she tried to get up but with her slight movement armaan's sleep broke and he looked at her she was try to get up and

Ar:''kya hua basket tum theek ho naa kuch chahiye kya tumhe''

He asked to which riddhima smiled at his caring nature she nodded in disagreement and armaan helped her to sit down

Ar:''aab kaisa feel kar rahii ho''

Ri:''mai theek hun''

She said slowly as her throat is still paining

Ar:''abhie bhi dard hogaa naa throat meiin chalo let me check ur fever''

And he checked her till then ananya walks in with billy behind her

Ani:''so riddhima betaa aab kaisa feel kar rahii ho''

She said while caressing her hairs

Ri:''theek hun mom''

Ar:''kya khakk theek ho abhie bhi fever hai mom ise''

Bi:''kya armaan kitnaa''

Ar:''100' degree dad''

Ri:''armaan its normal temprature''

Ar:''kisne kaha basket tum doctor ho tumhe pta hai naa 98' degrees normal hotaa hai''

Ri:''armaan its almost normal naa''

Ar:''basket almost normal not normal ok''

Ri:''par mai theek hun''

Ar:''vo tum nahin mai bataonga aur tum yahan se bilkul bhi nahin hilogi jab tak mai nahin kehta''

Ri:''kya hai armaan maine bola naa mai theek hun''

Ar:''mujhe koi argument nahin chahiye jab tak temperature poora normal nahin hotaa u r not going to get up from the bed understand''

Hearing him riddhima make face and she was irritated so

Ri:''dad dekhiye naa jab dekho mujh par chillate rehta hai yeh''

Bi:''armaan khabardar jo tune merii betii ko kuch kaha to tumne samjhe''

Ar:''dad par yeh''

Bi:''armaan maine bolaa naa tu ose kuch nahin kahega samjha tu''

He said while embracing riddhima in one sided hug and riddhima looked at him with victory

Ar:'''fine kariye jo karna hai fir mujhe mat kahiyega aagar yeh beemar padii to vaise bhi isnee to merii bat kabhie manni nahin hotii''

He said in louder voice and seeing him angry

Bi:''riddhima sahii kehti hai jab dekho chillata rehta hai yahan merii bachii beemar hai aur tu chillaye jaa rahaa hai''

Ar:''sorry dad''

He mumbled and

Bi:''that's gud vaise riddhima betaa armaaan is right also tumhe abhie rest hi karna chahiye kuch der''

Ani:''han riddhima billy sahii keh rahee hai weather change kar rahaa hai so better hai ki tum ache se theek ho jao pehle''

Ar:''mai bhi to yehii keh rahaa hun par merii koi sunee tab naa''

He said and

Ri:''theek hai mom-dad jaise aap kahee''

Ani:''gud girl aab mai tumhare liyye soup bhejti hun aur armaan tere liyye bhi breakfast bhejti hunt u fresh ho jaa''

Both of them nodded and they turned to go when billy spoke up

Bi:''aur merii betii ko khilane ke bad kha lenaa tune rat bhar se kuch nahin khaya''

Hering this riddhima was shocked he does not eat till tomorrow but y is he was so busy in taking care of her that he skipped his meals.

Ar:''ji dad''

And they left

Ar:''basket abhie tum rest karoo jab thoda aur better feel karoo tab change kar lenaa ok''

Riddhima nodded as she was still thinking about him and armaan turned to go for freshen up he stopped in his ways when he heared

Ri:''umm armaan''

Ar:''han basket kuch chahiye''

Ri:''armaan tumne kal se kuch khaya nahin kyoon''

She asked directly he was not expecting this question from her so he was surprised at first but then he replied

Ar:''bas aisee hi basket bhook nahin thi''

Riddhima was not satisfied with his answer but she

Ri:''ok armaan''

And he smiled and left

Ri(in her heart):''mujhe kyoon  lag rahaa hai armaan yeh sach nahin hai''

After sometime armaan come back and seeing riddhima was engrossed in her thoughts

Ar:''kya hua basket tum kya soch rahii ho yar''

Ri:''kuch bhi to nahin armaan''

Ar:''achaa to yeh soup kyoon nahin piyya abhie tak''

He points to soup-bowl which was sent by ananya along with armaan's breakfast

Ri:''aisee hi''

Ar:''kya yar basket jaldi se khaoo kuch fir medicine bhi lenii hai tumhe''

Ri:''ok tum bhi kha lo armaan''

Ar:''han mai khata hun pehle tumhe medicine de dun''

Riddhima was quite irritated due to her thoughts

Ri:''armaan mai pehel se theek hun aur mai kahin bhag nahin rahii hunk ha looongi medicines main pehle tum breakfast karoo kal se nahin khaya naa kuch''

Ar:''basket mai''

But he is cut short by a furious riddhima

Ri:''kya hai armaan kabhie to bat sun liyya karoo jab dekho aapni manmani maine kaha naa chupp kar ke baitho aur khana khao samjhe tum''

Ar:''han to kha rahaa hun naa chilla kyoon rahii ho tum''

He said slowly and start eating his sandwich and riddhima smiled at him he is looking so cute and armaan saw her looking at him so he

Ar:''aab to mai kha rahaa hun to tum kyoon nahin kha rahii ho?''

Ri:''han kha rahii hun''

And both finished their breakfast with keep stealing glances at each-other and armaan gave her medicines then he heared

Ri:''thanks armaan''

Ar:''kisliyye basket''

Ri:''meraa khayal rakhne ko''

Ar:''oye ismein thanks ki kya bat hai aab chahe jaisi bhi ho, ho to merii biwii hi naa to dhayan to rakhna hi padega naa''

Ri:''kya matlab jaisi bhi hun''

Ar:''matlab thodi si pagal, nakchadhi jiddi ho tum aur bas itnaa hii''

Hearing him riddhima's mouth left opened in shock and armaan smirked seeing her face

Ri:''kehna kya chahte ho tum armaan tumhe mai pagal lagti hun''

Ar:''lagna kya hai basket tum ho hii poori ki poori pagal''

And next moment armaan received pillow on his face

Ar:''oouch basket lagta hai yar yeh''

Ri:''oh really armaan mujhe to pta hii nahin tha''

She said irritatingly and throw another pillow this time armaan caught the pillow on right time

Ar:''basket yar kya kar rahii ho?''

Ri:''pagal hun to paglon jaisi jarkatein kar rahii hun''

She said turning her face and armaan looked at her she is looking so beautiful with her that cute frown and armaan slowly go towards her and sat beside her

Ar:''basket yahan dekho''

But she did not

Ri:''go to hell armaan mujhe tumse koi bat nahin karni''

Ar:''basket yar ekk minute bat to sunoo''

Ri:''kahaa naa nahin sunna mujhe''

Ar:''aisee kaise nahin sunna mujhe to bolna hai aur tumhe sunna bhi padega basket''

Ri:''aisee kaise sunna padega koi jabardsasti hai kya?''

Ar:''han aisaa hi kuch samjah lo basket''

Ri:''fine bolo aur kya bolna hai ki mai kaisi dikhti hun ya mujhe dressing sense nahin hai''

She said feeling very irritated and armaan smiled at her she is like a cute kid

Ar:''aab vo to hai tum sundar to nahin ho''

Hearing him riddhima's face fell down

Ar:''kyonki tum to bahut jyada sundar ho aur pagal to ho thodi si par mujhe yeh pagal ladki achii lagti hai aur achaa hai naa jiddi ho nahin to mujhse jhagra kaun karta aur tumse jhagra kiyye binaa mai kaise rehta''

He said while looking in her eyes

Ri:''armaan tum merii tareef kar rahee ho ya insult''

Ar:''jo chahe samajh lo han par itnaa to sach hai kit u ho to bahut sundar aur rahii bat dressing sense ki pta hai vo salwar-kameez pehnti ho par osmein bhi itnii sundar dikhti ho ki koi bhi mini-skirt vaali tumhare age kuch bhi nahin hai especially in ur red salwar-kameez osmein to bahut hi sundar lagti ho tum''

Riddhima looked at him he was looking at her smilingly and

Ri:''sach bol rahee ho tum''

Ar:''han bilkul sach''

Ri:''pakka naa''

Ar:''han baba pakka vaala bahut sundar ho riddhima''

After listening these words from armaan's mouth she was feeling so happy as if it was only his view about her mattered to her and hearing her praise she blushed after all he is her husband and seeing her red cheeks armaan could not help she was looking so sweet that he could not help, he even wants to kiss her directly on her lips, but somehow he controlled but he placed a soft kiss on her forhead and when he kissed her riddhima's lips formed in a very soft smile and when armaan saw her smiling he looked in her eyes and riddhima looked back in his eyes and they shared beautiful eye-lock and their eye-lock breaks with the ring of riddhima's phone.


Precap-kuch sach hai

Ar:''aab mujhe riddhima ko bta denaa chahiye''

Ar:''i am sorry''

Y is armaan apologising?

Ri:''no its just a compromise''

Ri:''i will give him surprise''

Ar:''i am going''

Ri:''tumne armaan mujhe kabhie sahii samjha hi nahin hai''

Si:''shayad bahut der ho gayyi''

Ri:''mujhe ose rookna hogaa''

Whom riddhima want to stop?

to know answers stay tuned

finally completed Smile

now please leave ur comments 

waiting for comments

it means a lots to me

with lots of luv


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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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itz awsome dear...

loved it totally

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desir IF-Dazzler

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peachgirl,  harini19,  aar123,
  vidu87-Prithi-,  ssidra

thanks to all of u for ur support and encouragement
with lots of love

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awesome part

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