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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 41)

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With lots of love


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                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff

She mumbled to herself and herself left without eating after this as she is so angry with him.


Riddhima is so much confused about armaan's behaviour more than confused she is frustrated and angry with him, how was he behaving with her in front of everyone, their friends especially in front of sid

Ri:''dimag kharab hai armaan ka kuch bhi karta hai, kuch bhi bolta, kuch sochta hi nahin. Sab kya soch rahee hongee kaise chilla rahaa tha mujhe par, kya sochenge sab ki humari nayi-nayi shaddi hui hai aur hum aisee jhagra karte hai. Ekk sauce ke liyye itnii behas kar rahaa tha faltu meiin. Maanti hun merii throat meiin problem hai par mai bhi doctor hun mujhe pata hai mere liyye kya sahii hai aur kya nahin. Par armaan ose to yehii lagta sab kuch osi ko pata hai. Jab dekho bematlab ka attitude deta rehta hai. Pata nahin doctor kisne bnaya ose jabki ose to khudd ko hi doctor aur treatment ki jarurat hai. He is such a mess. Saara mood kharab kar diyya oosne. Oopar se yeh merii stupid throat ismeiin bhi abhie dard hona tha''

She cursed armaan moreover she is not feeling well but she is riddhima so never agreed to this.

In evening riddhima

Ri:''armaan ka to pata nahin par mujhe sid ki party meiin jaana hai aur merii duty bhi finish ho gayyi hai to mai ghar jaati hun aaram se ready ho jaongi nahin to fir chillaga 'tumhare dostt ki party hai aur tum hi ready nahin hui ho abhie tak jaise roj subhh kehta hai' fir se ooska lecture sunna padega so abhie niklti hun aur vaise bhi abhie vo khudd to surgeory meiin busy hai''

And she picked her bag and left for home little did she know there is raining outside heavily but to her luck she get taxi for home, but when her home is nearby taxi stopped with halt and

taxi driver asked her to take another one but she paid him

Ri:''mai yahan se aapne aap chale jaati hun koi taxi ya rickshaw bhi nahin milega itnii baarish meiin, vaise bhi ghar pas meiin hi hai, mai 10-15 minute meiin pahunch jaongi''

With these thoughts she start walking towards home, she is completely wet as rain is very heavy she just walked few steps when a car stopped right in front of her she panicked and without looking she increased her speed but next moment she is pulled inside car and she start shouted when she feels a hand on her lips and she looked only to saw a pair of blue eyes gazing to her and seeing him her eyes widened but next time she relaxed it was him and it was their car only so she relaxed and seeing her relaxed armaan get back to his seat and

Ar:''baarish meiin yahin road par khade hona hai kya''


Ar:''kya kya seat belt pehno ghar jaana hai vaise bhi poori bheeg chuki ho''

Riddhima feels his angry tone so she quietly put seat belt and armaan drove to home, riddhima can say with his expressions he is angry and she sighed with his behavior.

After reaching home

When riddhima did not go to their room and armaan look at her she looking at envelope which was on her name when armaan's voice stop her in mid ways


Riddhima turned and

Ar:''jao jaakar change karke aao''

Ri:''armaan jaa rahii hun ekk minute yeh dekh lun shayad kuch important ho ismeiin''

She said while opening the envelope

A:''tumhari tabiyat se jyada important nahin hai abhie jao aur change karke aao poori tarah bheeg chuki ho tum abhie kuch der in wet clothes meiin rahii to beemar pad jaogi merii bala se''

And riddhima was surprised he was scolding her and when she did not moved from her place for a minute armaan looked at her

A:''tumhe aapne aap nahin jaana hai to mai le jaon tumhe oopar aur bologi to change bhi karva doonga''

And riddhima was now so shocked when she saw him approching her she ran from there leaving the envelope on floor

Armaan smiled and picked the envelope, he saw something and

Ar:''ho sakta hai yeh possible ho jaaye''

After sometime armaan went to their room,he saw the door of room is opened so he thinks she changed, so he go inside the room and looked at her she changed her clothes but now she is standing in front of their almirah and armaan called her


Ri:''armaan 5 min''

She replied did not facing him

Ar:''riddhima yeh soup piyoo nahin to tumhe thankd lag jayegi''

Ri:''armaan han abhie peeti hun''

She said turning to him and armaan was surprised to saw her, her eyes and nose were red completely and she is looking more pale as compared to morning and he panicked seeing her condition

Ar:''basket soup thanda ho jaayega yar''

Ri:''armaan 2 min''

Ar:''tum aisaa kya kar rahii ho jo bad meiin nahin kar sakti tum''

Ri:''vo mai sid ki party meiin jaane ko dress dhundh rahii hun''

And hearing her word armaan shocked no he is angry this girl is limit here he is worrying for health and she was thinking to go party and choosing dress but to calm himself

Ar:''riddhima hum party meiin nahin jaayenge''

As riddhima heared these words she immediately turned to him and

Ri:''kyoon anhin jaayenge''

Ar:''basket yar  bahar mausam bahut kharab hai dekho Mumbai ki roads to tumhe pata hai baarish meiin kaisa ho jaata hai''

Ri:''armaan sabhie jaa rahee  hai aur vaise bhi sid ki party hai I am not gonna miss it''

Ar:''nahin naa basket''

And riddhima just blasted at him, she is not feeling well so she is cranky

Ri:''kya hai armaan seedhe se bolo naa ki tumhe sid ki party meiin nahin ana. Faaltu meiin bhane kyoon bana rahee ho. Fine tumhe nahin ana to mat aao par mai to jaongi. Sid is my best friend''

And hearing all the false allegations armaan is also hungry here her health is more important to him and she is talking nonsense so he also

Ar:''shut up riddhima tabiyat dekhi hai tumne aapni, subhh se throat meiin problem hai tumhare, abhie bhi bheeg kar ayi ho tum, aur eyes aur nose dekhna zara aapne mirror meiin and I am sure u have body ache also aur abhie bhi tumhe party meiin jaane ke padii hai''

Ri:''mai theek hun armaan nothing to worry about me aur sid bhi''

But she is cut short by

Ar:''riddhima sid tumhara sacha dostt hai to ooske liyye yeh matter karta hai kit um theek ho ya nahin na kii yeh ki tum beemar hone eke bad bhi ooski party meiin jao''

Ri:''lekin mai''

Ar:''just shut up riddhima maine kahan naa tum kahin nahin jaogi to tum kahin nahin jaogi aur mujhe is bat par koi behas nahin karni''

He yelled at her he did not want but she is not listening and was arguing with him.

And hearing his final tone riddhima did not have courage to argue with her so she closed the cupboard and quietly sat on bed and armaan passed her the bowl of soup which she took quietly and start sipping it meanwhile armaan gave sid a call to tell him that they were not able to come to party due to riddhima's illness and riddhima looked at his back as his back was facing her, she could not denied the fact that she is having body ache also and she is feeling low also but could not manage to tell sid about this as he was back after so many years and moreover she thinks that her illness is just because of weather change and it would be fine with pain-killer but no now she is not feeling well completely, she was lost in her thoughts when armaan turned to her and seeing her lost in her own thoughts holding the soup bowl he sighed, thinking must be angry, as he was yelling at her but it was only for her benefit. He knows completely if she did not take rest she must have virul fever because of throat infection and weather change so he have to be little stict with her.

Ar:''yeh soup tumhe peene ko diyya hai dekhne ko nahin achaa''

And hearing his voice riddhima's chain of thoughts broke and she looked at him

Ri:''pata hai mujhe par iskaa taste ajeeb sa hai mera bilkul bhi man nahin hai''

She said while making a yuck face and put the bowl on table and armaan smiled but next moment he picked the bowl and sat beside her and

Ar:''riddhima soup meiin koi problem nahin hai tumhare throat ke kaara tumhe aisaa lag rahaa hai''

Ri:''whatever armaan but mujhe nahin peena hai''

Ar:''basket yar please thoda sa''

He said making a cute face and riddhima smiled lightly and next moment armaan start feeding her and riddhima did not know when she start admiring him but after finishing half bowl she

Ri:''bas armaan aur nahin naa''

Ar:''ok basket yeh last spoon pakka''

Ri:''pakka naa''

She asked unassuringly and armaan nodded positively and riddhima eat and armaan as per his promise not force her for more.

Ar:''riddhima tum abhie rest karoo''

Riddhima nodded and she lay on bed and with in a minute she was deep asleep due to medicine, illness and tiredness, armaan looked at her for few minutes and after tucking her properly in blanket he went from there.

Precap-kuch sach hai

Ar:''aab mujhe riddhima ko bta denaa chahiye''

Ar:''mom ose dard hogaa naa''

Ar:''i am sorry''

Ri:''i will give him surprise''

Ar:''i am going''

Ri:''tumne armaan mujhe kabhie sahii samjha hi nahin hai''

Si:''shayad bahut der ho gayyi''

Ri:''mujhe ose rookna hogaa''

Whom riddhima want to stop?

to know answers stay tuned

finally completed Smile

now please leave ur comments 

waiting for comments

it means a lots to me

with lots of luv


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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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res res res
edited edited edited
finallyyy i edited this posttt yeyyyLOL
hey sweet sweet heartHugHug
kya kahun yaar is part k baare nmein thats was sooo sweet n cuteee...amazinggg, fabulous, super awesome, sid thereLOLLOLLOL...wowww armaan kinna sweet hai kitni care karta hai ridz ki aur ridz hai bas armaan par chilati rahti haiDisapprove...bimaar hai par party mein jaana hai aur armaan ne roka ho us par gussa karne lagi...and thinking meri tabiyat tio kaharb hai par sid ko kaise mana kartii...sid k bare mein soch rhi thi par armaan k bare mein nhiConfused...but sweetheart loved this part so much romance nhi atleast armaan & ridz bickerin ther...loved ittt sooo muchhh...n precap pakka armaan ja rha hoga bcoz ridz to use bhav deti nhi hai n ridz use hi rokne ki baat kar rhi hogiii...plzzz update next part soonnn

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hey api hi
hope you doing well loved the update
loved arman how he cares for riddhima
nice update
thankx for the pm
continuee soon
i hope now your pc is fine he he he

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Hey guys Shilpa here
I m here to give a piece of  information  u from Niki ...actaully there is some problem ...not bigger problem but problem to problem hoti hai... her  PC is nt working s so she  may nt come online for few  days like -3 days or
1 weekOuch ...Though she is trying  repair her pc...she won't able to update soon...soo pray jaldi uska pc thik ho jaye n we get our updates...i hope u guys understand ...jaise hi her pc will work she will update
love u

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really nice part
loved it

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