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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 38)

ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged

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khush1432 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
amazing FF... and beautiful part!!!
please add me to ur PM list...

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khush1432 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

Amazing FF... and all parts are beautiful...

please add me to ur PM list...

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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update soon

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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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itz awsome...

waise it waz meant to be one shot but itz turning into a ff... but itz awsome

please add me to ur pm list



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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
                          y we destined to be
                                  one shot
                                      ar ff

Ri:''sid tum pagal ho gayye ho mai aur armaan se pyaar?''

Si:''riddhima kyoon kya jhooth bola maine''

Ri:''sid tum jaante ho naa mai oosee pasand nahin karti''

Si:''riddhima yar please bas karoo aab to aapni feelings ko is stupid se reason ke piche chupana band karoo''

Ri:''sid tum pagal ho kya kuch bhi bolte ho tum''

Si:''riddhima yar mujhe pta hai jab hum M.D.kar rahee the kaise tum din meiin ose yad karne ke bahane dhundte thi, koi ekk bhi din aisaa nahin tha jab tumne ose yad naa kiyya ho''

Ri:''sid vo to mai ose curse hi karti thi naa''

Si:''han par yad bhi ose hi karti thi job hi bolti thi ose hi bolti thi naa''

Ri:''sid tum jaante ho naa aisaa kuch nahin hai''

Si:''riddhima yar please aapni feelings ko pechano''

Ri:''sid tum kyoon bol rahee ho aisee yar''

Si:''riddhima mujhe tumse is vaare meiin koi argument nahin karni hai, vaise bhi tum is matter meiin kabhie kisii ki bat sunti ho kya, kisii ki bhi nahin aapni zid ke age tum naa so leave it''

And their conversation breaks with waiter's voice and after paying the money they leave for home, journey to home went in silence riddhima was lost in her own thoughts what sid said.

After reaching home

Riddhima went inside she was in her thoughts that she did not noticed armaan comes to open her door, as he was waiting for her while billy and ananya was in their room sleeping.

And seeing her going to their room armaan was surprised with her behavior, she is looking so lost and armaan was thinking what happened to her, and after few minutes he himself go to their room and saw riddhima was sitting on bed lost in thoughts

Ar:''basket yar''

But she did not responded and armaan looked at her

Ar:'' umm riddhima ''

But again no response so he go and sat beside her and put his hand on her shoulder and she immediately come out from her thoughts and looked

Ar:''what happen riddhima''

He asked with a concern in his voice

Ri:''kuch bhi to nahin armaan''

Ar:''so y r u looking so worried''

Ri:''nothing armaan''

Ar:''basket I know hum dostt nahin hai aur husband-wife bhi nahin hum strangers hai jo ladte rehte hai par tum mujhe bta sakti ho yar u know jis se humari kam banti ho ose btana chahiye that person is good option to share anything''

And hearing him riddhima looked at him shocked and next moment she blasted

Ri:''kisne kaha tumhe ki tum stranger ho batao, manti hun ki aaj tak hum jhagrte rahee hai par ekk-doosre ko jaante hai,pechante hai, samjhte hai bachpan se oolta ekk-doosre ki weakness aur strength ko humse jyada koi aur nahin jaanta aur tum kehte ho ki hum strangers hai pata nahin duniya ki kaunsi kaunsi galatfehmi hai tumhe had hai tumhari u know armaan u r the limit''

And she slumped on bed and armaan was shocked beyond the limits, he did not expect this reaction that too from her and he has no words what to say to her

Riddhima was so frustrated with sid's words and here his darling husband was saying he is stranger to her so she takes all her frustration on him

Ar:''riddhima kya''

But he is cut short by

Ri:''armaan I am sorry pata nahin mujhe kya ho gayya hai mai tum par binaa bat chillayi'

Ar:''its ok basket par bat kya hai tum itnii pareshan kyoon ho mujhe batao I will surely help u''

Ri:''armaan bas kuch nahin pata nahin kya ho gayya mujhe shayad I am tired''

She said while holding her head in her hands and armaan looked at her and

Ar:''koi bat nahin riddhima ho jaata hai vaise bhi I think u should take rest tum mujhe bahut tired lag rahii ho''

Ri:''hmm shayad''

Ar:''achaa ugoand change mai tumhare liyye coffee laata hun''

Ri:''no armaan its ok I''

But she is cut short by armaan

Ar:''kamal ki biwii ho yar pati seva karna chahta hai aur tum mna kar rahii ho''

He asked dramatically making riddhima smiled a bit and

Ri:''oh par kya hai naa Mr. Pati Dev aapki seva se mujhe beemar nahin panda pata nahin kaisi coffee banate ho aur pata chala coffee peete hi mai bhagwan ko''

But her sentence left incomplete as armaan put his hand on her mouth prevent him to speak further and riddhima looked at her surprisingly and armaan

Ar:''khabardar fir se aisaa bola to''

Ri:''armaan mai to aisee hi majak kar rahii thi''

Ar:''aage se kabhie majak meiin bhi aisii bat mat bolna basket ok''

Ri:''han baba ok''

And both of them looked in each-other's eyes for few minutes and armaan could not control himself and placed a soft kiss on her forhead and riddhima firstly shocked but she liked it and a smile formed on her lips and

Ar:''vaise mere sab dostt kehte hai mai bahut achii coffee banata hun''

Ri:''han let us see dekhte hai kitni achii banate ho ya yuhin hi bas bol rahee ho''

Ar:''han dekh lenaa, jao change karoo tab tak mai coffee lekar aaya,ok''

Riddhima nodded and armaan leaves downstairs to prepare coffee while riddhima smiled at his retreating figure and her mood is totally changed while having a little talk with him

Ri:''armaan pata nahin tum yeh kaise karte ho tum humesha mera mood theek kar detee ho, college meiin bhi mujhse jhagra karke mujhe merii pareshani se dur kar detee the and I could not help but to smile at ur cute face and those dimples aur sid abhie ke liyye mai tumhari baton se dur hi rehne chahti hun mai is shaadi ko aur complicated nahin karna chahti''

And she smiled to herself and go to change

Meanwhile armaan was in kitchen while preparing coffee for riddhima and himself and he was lost in her thoughts

Ar:''yar basket tumne aisee kyoon react kiyya? Pata hai I can not see u tensed yar. I love u yar after all aur pata nahin kabhie mai tumhe yeh keh bhi paaonga ya nahin? U know I feel so satisfied while kissing u mujhe aisaa lagaa u r mine only mine shayad yeh sach ho jaaye kabhie. Shayad tum bhi kabhie mujhe pyaar karoo ya kabhie mere pyaar samjho. Kya aisaa hogaa?''

He sighed hoping may be she will love him back and after pouring coffee in two mugs he go towards their room and entering the room he saw beautiful sight in front of his eyes. She was brushing her hair standing in front of mirror and she was looking beautiful in her black satin nighty, she did not wore a robe over her and armaan was looking at her with daze, he can see her cleavage as the nighty was having a lower neck while riddhia was oblivious to his gaze, she was so lost in combing her hair and here armaan having a tough time controlling his feelings after realizing his true feelings for her, he has the strong urge to kiss her like no tomorrow and here riddhima was still unaware of his presence but next moment as her eyes met with his through mirror, she saw his intense gaze on her and armaan looked at her lovingly and only then she realized she did not wearing her robe and she immediately turned and grabbed her robe and armaan also shift her gaze seeing her and she wear her robe while her cheeks were burning as she still feels armaan's gaze on herself, and she did not know y she liked it and she noticed a strange unknown desire in his eyes and armaan looked at her and after placing coffee on table he said in order to start conversation

Ar:''basket coffee''

Riddhima nodded still did not looked at him armaan wants to saw her face wants to look in her eyes but she

Ar:''peeyo naa''

And riddhima took the cup and sipped the coffee but did not looked at him

Ar:''basket yar rooko mai sugar dalna bhull gayya mai ahie laaya''

Ri:''nahin armaan sugar hai ismein''

Finally she spoke up and armaan looked at her face, her cheeks were red and armaan smiled at this

Ar:''I know''

Ri:''to fir''

Ar:''vo tum bol hi nahin rahii thi isliiyee''

Ri:''tum nahin badloge armaan still the same armaan hai naa kyoon''

Ar:''han tum to jaise bahut badal gayyi ho still the same basket of school and college''

Ri:"vaise armaan vo bhi kya din the''

Ar:''han sach meiin best days yar''

Ri:''vaise armaan u r right coffee sach meiin bahut achii hai u know I really need it thanks''

Ar:''thanks for the compliment mujhe pta tha u need coffee yar''

Ri:''tumhe kaise pta''

Ar:''oye college se yehii karti ho jab bhi kisii bat par naraj hokar aisaa face bana ke baithti thi to coffee hi peeti thi naa''

Riddhima was surprised that he knows her little things

Ri:''armaan tumhe kaise yad''

Ar:''abhie tumne hi bola naa hum vo saathi hai jo ekk-doosre ko jaante hai,pechante hai aur samjhte hai''

Ri:''han to fir kyoon bol rahee the strangers hai hum''

She pouted and

Ar:''sorry basket ji galti ho gayyi''

Ri:''good achaa armaan mai tumhare liyee kuch laayi hun shayad tumhe achaa lagee''

Ar:''kya mere liyye''

Ri:''han tumhare liyye''

She replied while taking out her shoppers and gave him a bag and he take it and start opening it and looked at the jacket which she brought for him and he firstly looked at jacked then at her

Ri:''kya hua achaa nahin lagaa kya''

Ar:''nahin basket''

Ri:''oh koi bat nahin mai ise sid ko de dungi''

She take jacket from him and armaan noticed the disappointment in her voice and he chuckled and next moment he pulled the jacket back from her

Ar:''oye khabardar jo kisii aur ko denee ka sochaa bhi merii biwii ne pehli bar mujhe koi gift diyya hai mai kisii ko nahin doonga''

Ri:''par tumhe to yeh pasand nahin hai''

Ar:''han maine kaha I dontt like it but I love it''

And he winked at her and riddhima smacked on his arm and

Ri:''sachi armaan tum aaj bhi vohii armaan ho mujhe pareshan karne vale, darane vale, tease karne vale, pranks khelne vale, ladne vale, stupid harkaton se hasane vale, duffer, full of attitude, aur vahii no.1 sachi same to same''

Ar:''vo to mai hun aur tum bhi to vaisi hi ho typical basket really  ootni sundar ho jitni kal thi''

He mumbled last words slowly and riddhima did not listened the words.

Ar:''anywaus thanks for the jacket riddhima''

Ri:''u r most welcome achaa armaan mujhe neend aaa rahii hai so good night and thanks for the coffee''

Ar:''my pleasure basket good night''

And both of them drifted to sleep armaan with riddhima's thoughts and riddhima with sid's words in her mind, she was thinking about that.

Next Morning Mallik Mansion

Riddhima gave gifts to billy and ananya and they were so happy and riddhima was so happy seeing them happy, she loved the fact how they loved her like her own daughter and seeing his little family happy armaan was so happy and he was so happy seeing the bond between his parents and his basket yes offcourse she is his and after having breakfast both headed to sanjeevani.

After reaching sanjeevani both headed to their work respectively, and armaan was so happy today but who knows his happiness for short time, in lunch time when  he reached cafeteria he saw all of the gang and sid was there too and

Ar:''hey guyss''

All:''hey armaan''

Si:''hey armaan''

Ar:''hey sid''

At:''armaan achaa hua tu aaa gayya sid aaj party de rahaa hai''

Si:''yea armaan mai sabko invite karne aayaa hun u and riddhima is also invited at 9:00p.m. at zypesy king''

Before armaan replied

Mu:''hayye sid zypesy king maja aayega vo meraa favourite place hai yar''

An:''han guys its fun vaise bhi armaan-ridzi ki shaadi ke bad kahib gayye hi nahin''

Ab:''han sahii hai kaafi din se kam hi kar rahee hai''

Si:''chalo achaa hai naa u guys are free''

Ni:''han vo to hai.''

Si:''vaise yeh riddhima sweetheart kahan hai nahin to fir naraj ho jaayegi ki ose invitation nahin diyya ''

And hearing riddhima sweetheart armaan was angry but he did not said anything but he was waited for her and there she comes and seeing her

Ra:''le aaa gayyi terii best friend kar le invite''

And armaan looked at her she was coming towards them, she was looking a little pale armaan was thinking what happened to her in morning she is completely fine but now and he come from his thoughts hearing sid's voice, he was hugging riddhima

Si:''hey sweetheart where r u''

Ri:''kahin nahin vo kuch file check kar rahii thi''

Si:''oh achaa chal aaa baith''

And they settled

Si:''vaise sweetheart mai aaj zypesy king meiin ekk party de rahaa hun tu aayegi naa''

Ri:''offcourse sid yar I am coming yar tum bulao mai naa aaon aisaa nahin ho sakta naa''

Si:''han vo to hai merii sweetheart merii party meiin jarur aayegi''

And he put his hands around her shoulder as she was sitting beside him and armaan was right opposite them and seeing their closeness armaan' s anger rose very much

Ri:''vaise yeh party kisliyye sid''

Si:''areey yar aisee hi just get-together''

Ri:''vaoww its gonna be fun''

An:''han vo to hai sab chalenge''

Ri:''armaan voo''

Si:''offcourse yar mai tere husband ko kaise bhull sakta hun maine ose bhi invite kiyya hai''

Armaan fakely smiled

Ri:''I know that mai armaan ko sauce pass karne ko bol rahii thi armaan zara sauce pass kar denaa.''

Ar:''no riddhima''

Ri:''kya no''

Ar:''yeh ki u r not so going to eat sauce''

Ri:''lekin kyoon''

Ar:''kabhie to merii bat man liyya karoo maine bola na no sauce for u so no''

Ri:''armaan what is this reason kya hai iskaa''

Ar:''reason is tumhari throat meiin problem hai''

Ri:''kisne bola mai theek hun''

Ar:''mai bol rahaa hun naa''

Ri:''oye for ur information mai bhi doctor hun I am fine so I am fine''

Ar:''fine do whatever u want go eat sauce as much as u want''

Ri:''armaan what is ur problem''

Ar:''excuse me guyss''

Without giving her answer he left from there and riddhima looked at him

Ri:''pagal ho gayya hai armaan bas ladne ka bahana cahahiye ise mai jab theek hun to theek hun aur be matlab ki attitude dete rehta hai pagal ho gayya poora kitni akad dikha rahaa tha cantt he behave normally?''


She mumbled to herself and herself left without eating after this as she is so angry with him.

Precap- What happened to armaan?

kuch sach hai

Ar:''just shut up riddhima maine kaha naa tum kahin nahin jaogi to tum kahin nahin jaogi aur mujhe iss par koi bat nahin karni''

Ar:''aab mujhe riddhima ko bta denaa chahiye''

Ar:''mom ose dard hogaa naa''

Ar:''i am sorry''

Ri:''i will give him surprise''

Ar:''i am going''

Ri:''tumne armaan mujhe kabhie sahii samjha hi nahin hai''

Si:''shayad bahut der ho gayyi''

Ri:''mujhe ose rookna hogaa''

Whom riddhima want to stop?

to know answers stay tuned

finally completed Smile

now please leave ur comments 

waiting for comments

it means a lots to me

with lots of luv


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