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Monday  3/1/11 Archives ' Copy

Priya is abducted - we get to see that all over again. Who?? Where??? Enna ppa avasaram?
adutha segment le theriyumWink. KS household - breakfast time. But before going to the
table , Karthik and Swathi take time off to do some cootchi cooing. Swathi saying that
she will also  like Sania Mirza as Karthik is a fan of SM - Karthik apdiye urugi vazhinju
Odaraar "na office pOgalai innikki...namba rendu perum jolly aa.....ECR road? Mahabalipuram??" Swathi says  that such treats are only for week ends - Long lecture
on tension, BP blah blah...Roja BP egirathukkulle....amma di, dining table kannile
therinjachu !!!! Sara also comes to the table followed by his shadow Vasanthi. Before Vasanthi could serve, KK orders her to mind the dosai on the tawa. Vasanthi goes in -
not too happy about the intervention. KS also goes in to bring some old sambar as it
is Sara's favorite (athu sari, avarukku ellam used aa iruntha thaan pidikkumO??)
Vasanthi confronts KS - after doling out a lot of preambles like "dont get angry with me, thappa eduthukka koodathu " etc.,  "pls don't serve my hubby in future, ok?"

Vasanthi tells MIL that she wants to do every thing for her hubby -" every morsel he takes
 in should be served by my hand " KK laughs and hands over the essel to vasanthi - "nee ye serve pannu" Paatti chides KK for giving in so easily and KK says that she can understand Vasanthi - " I used to feel the same way when I got married but was always scared to tell you. I am glad that Vasanthi has the courage to tell me and I don't mind at all " Paatti cries over spilt milk - " had I known this, I would have kept my hubby around my little he is a nomad.." Sara looks very pleased with his wife. Well, the abducted Priya is brought to the Registrar's Office where Ashok and his mom are waiting - well, the marriage is going to be registered. Priya is extremely pleased , wants to call Tamizh but Ashok says that the Registrar is busy and so can not wait for Tamizh. Priya manages to call her mom and impart the news. Asks a lady employee to take a photo in her cell phone - "my mom would love to see the marriage least as a snap.." Well, Ashok doles out some coy smiles, garlands exchanged....signed.....thaali kattufied, snap taken.... The Inspector is very much present and asks Priya to withdraw the complaint - Priya agrees. Ashok Ooram kattufies Priya " I have to talk to you, personal.."

Shyless at work - lunch time. She asks the peon to call Sara " lunch sapida vara sOllu"
Peon goes and calls Sara. Sara says that he likes food from his house only "go and
tell her" Shyless gets the news.....gets ready for another drama, I guess...


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Update for Tues, Jan 4, 2010:

Shameless and peon - peon says Sara doesn't want to eat with her, he is eating food sent from his home.  Shameless goes to see for herself, takes her carrier with her, tells Sara she has brought non-veg for him, why eat veg food?  Sara tells her he doesn't want her food (the food in his carrier looks good, I am wondering which hotel it came from?), she threatens him, pleads with him, begs of him, all to no avail.  He tells her he may look for a job elsewhere, she says she will leave the job, leave the world, etc., he remains unmoved.  She goes back to her room, does some sobbing, then goes to his room and bids him goodbye.  She says she won't be in this world and this is the last time he is seeing her (I hope that is a promise, Shameless!  I don't know about Sara, but I am tired of your shameless behavior)

Ashok and Priya - he stops the car somewhere, tells Priya he wants to talk.  He wants her to keep this marriage a secret for six months, during which time he will get the 5 crores from the people whose daughter he was going to marry, then she can disclose their wedding (Idiot Priya, do you think they will give the money before the wedding?  He will marry her, get the money, and you will be by the roadside - as in all Tamil serials!  Even I know the ending to this story!  Think, woman, think!)  He also wants her to withdraw the complaint filed by her with Tamilarasi's support.  Priya is reluctant to do this, but he talks her into it.

Tamil in the Commissioner's office, he has to go somewhere, she tries to call Priya, and Priya says she is on her way.  Tamil goes in, Commish wants to know what is happening, she tells him about Ashok being in town, and the Inspector being obviously in Ashok's pay, which is why he said that Ashok was out of town.  Commish rings the Inspector, who says that Priya just came in to withdraw the complaint.  Commish tells Tamil about this, and she is shocked.  Just then, Priya's arrival is announced by a policeman.

Can someone tell the make-up man to ensure that Tamil's sticker bindi is in the center and not to one side? 

Thodarum ...


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Update for Wednesday, Jan 5, 2010:

Tamil is shocked to hear that Priya has withdrawn the complaint.  Priya comes in and confirms the report, she says she is pregnant but not by Ashok (well, actually it is by an alien!), the Commish tells Tamil she has wasted their time and he could take action against her, she protests but he doesn't listen.  She tries talking to Priya, but Ashok is waiting, tells Priya to go to the car, and he tells Tamil that she cannot do anything against him now.

Tamil is brooding at home, Meena lectures her on how she should have taken her mother's advice, instead she insisted on trying to help Priya, and look what Priya did in return.  Tamil tells her not to be so critical at this point, Priya is the only friend, and she didn't mean to do drogam to her, she was forced to do so, but Meena insists on driving home the point (and I agree, Tamil could have listened to her mother for a change, but then this serial would have ended there, and how will the director and the other stars earn their money?  and we would have been happy, but would the director allow that?  No way!)

Priya in her house, sobbing away, getting scolded left, right and center by her mother, and rightfully so.  Her mother tells her that Tamil was the only one who stood by her and she betrayed her friend, tells her to go to Tamil's house, explain everything and beg for forgiveness.  Priya continues to sob.

Sara gets ready to go to work, Vasanthi is checking to see if he has taken all the lunch she packed, they do some konjing, then Karthi and Swathi come out and they also do some konjifying.  Paati is sitting outside, she tells them she wants to see a peran or pethi soon, and Karthi says he will have one first, and Sara says he will be the first.  Vasanthi drags Sara to the gate, and goes out to see him off.  He sees someone called Aruna, they have some chitchat, but Vasanthi doesn't like it, and she reminds Sara that he is getting late for work.  Sara leaves, and Vasanthi turns to go back into the house, and just then she hears a bangle seller behind her.  She turns around, and it is the same guy who duped her before.  She runs into the house, but he follows her, comes to the door, calls out VaLaiyal, Paati says they have plenty of vaLaiyals, he asks for water, Paati calls to Vasanthi, but she tells Swathi to take the water outside. The guy drinks the water, says loudly that he doesn't forget anything, Paati wants to know what he is talking about, he says he will never forget that she gave him water to drink, and leaves.  Vasanthi is worried ...

Thodarum ....

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Friday 7.1.2011
No Shyless , No CQ ,New matter - Abortion

Muthu all set to bid bye bye to hospital ,nurse informs him that Dr wants to see him. KS insists on accompanying him as he wants to discuss about Muthu's Shanthi Muhurtham function with doctor. Embarrassed   nurse gently dissuades him citing doctor's instruction & sends him away to pay off the bill. KS & Muthu leave. Kavitha gives the nurse a small gift [saree]as a token of appreciation for all her help. In return the nurse wish her a long & happy married life with kids.

Muthu ' Doctor private meeting. Topic of discussion Muthu's Shanthi Muhurtham ' Doctor  wants to know about  Muthu's plan  in breaking the news to his family 'MK sings Mukari ragam-confides 'traumatized & unable to perceive a solution , took the extreme step of ending the life ,when at the nth moment his magic thatha manifested & saved him. Shocked Dr. rebukes  him for such a dastardly  act. Mentions about medical miracles ,informs his own very survival & remarkable recovery  is a medical miracle , reports are just calculations ,suicide is not solution to problems , have faith , all will be well at the end.

Hospital corridor , MK & Kavi are offering their Thanks giving to PiLLayarappa. A young  warring couple enter , husband mercilessly dragging the  wailing wife. Matter of contention 'abortion , husband for & wife against. KS tries to mediate , drill some sense in to husband who is very firm in his decision. Muthu's BP rises , blasts the hell out of the man , whacks him for tampering with God's gift when hundreds & thousands of people practically yearn for it.

Ashok & his Kotiswran FIL to be  in tel conversation. Ashok informs him that the police case against him  withdrawn . Police have proved  it to be a false complaint. Koti uncle very  happy  ,promises extra  50 sovereigns for doubting his gentleman son in law to be, offers to fix the marriage date at the earliest. Ashok is very happy , shares the news with mummy. Another nagging thought bugs Ashok... the abortion medicine given to Priya has not yet shown any positive result . Mom says not to worry , though bit slow the medicine will do a perfect job , next day morning he will hear about Priya's miscarriage news .

Karhik kannaku  kadhal kirukku thalaiku mela aeriduthu.Wife pinnalaye suthing.[CQ missed this kaN koLLa kaatchi]. Fish washing manaivi chellathai cell phonela photo pidichu thaLLarar... wants to boast about among his friends his wife's fish washing skills.. In the kitchen , KK & Vasanthi very busy cooking kara sara meen kuzhambu..all these dhadapudal erpadu to welcome homecoming Muthu en sothu  [ or sothai?]. Hero arrives , aarthi taken , right leg vechu enters the house, prays before thatha's photo , the entire household  in kala kala mood , this happiness & rejoice attributed to Muthu's safe return , paati expresses her wish to see her great grand kids soon. As expected Muthu's face drops .Paati asks KS to  meet the josiyar  &  fix the time for ,what else , Muthu's  SMthan. Agitated Muthu tries to stop him , paati shuts him up. Muthu returns to his brooding mood.  

 Muthuvoda Mudhaliravu matter ungalukkuthan Roja  ensoyyyyy

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Thursday - Shyless galore- what did I do to deserve this update :-(

Bangles guy explains to patti that he was beaten by the police, and Patti asks why. Bangles guy says he will come again to explain to her, now that he knows where "she" lives.

Sara goes to office, and finds the colleagues talking about Shyless' suicide attempt, and that she is resting at home. Sara rushes to her house, to find himself greeted by the maid and son (who calls him daddy!!). Maid gives him a lecture on how he should consider the lives of Shylu's mom and son if she were to kill herself (why doesnt she think of her own son I wonder).

Sara goes up, huge RKO there by Shylu, and he tries to convince her to not kill herself. She says he can leave and tomorrow she will die. Sara is so touched, affected etc by this (why...I think this idiot is a really loose guy, he really wants both women in his life). He tells Shylu that he will marry Shylu only if she manages to convince Vasanthi to agree to him marrying Shylu as #2 (sounds like AnuPallavi serial)...Shylu gets a promise, and says she will take care of the approval (please dont tell me there is another murder attempt coming up).

Meanwhile, Muthu engal sothu is getting ready to be discharged from hospital and his wife is very pleased. Asks him why he is so glum (we ALL know why), and he mazhupufies saying its nothing. KS enters,and he is all excited to fix the shanthi muhurtham rescheduled date for them as soon as possible...(dont these people focus on anything else other than this). KS insists on taking Muthu to the doctor before discharging to ask the doctor if they can fix shanthi muhurtham (why do you ask your doctor this I dont know).

This is probably the worst episode in the last 9 months- teaching bad family values and despicable behavior to non discerning viewers!

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Monday 10/1/11 Episode No 185 Archives ' Copy

Ore jolly time in KS ' household. Enna matter?? The whole house, headed by
paatti talks about the "Muthu - Kavitha " first night celebs. Arghhhhh Muthu puts
up a feeble protest which gets vetoed unanimously. KK smells some thing fishy
and probes Muthu - who says that nothing is wrong and wants mom to play pillow -
mom - son bonding time.

That bangle boy - Surya Kumar, finds the land line no of KS household - with the
help of his mathi manthri friend - calls Vasanthi ...yaar yaarO phone eduthu , finally
Vasanthi picks up. Asks her to come to some temple - blackmail, panam karakkarathu
etc., etc.,

SOga Tamizh - seething Meena. Tamizh supports Priya and says that Priya's
"soozhnilai" forced her to betray. Meena does not want to listen to any of these
stories and categorically asks Tamizh to severe Priya's connection. Priya's mom
times it perfectly - excuse kekka varranga.....Meena scolds her with some choice
 phrases and tells her " you and yourdaughter....inimel no no for my Tamizh "
 Tamizh tries to defend Priya but Meena calls Tamizh an "Yemanthaanguli"
" You do not talk to them, I will take over" Priya's mom faces the music...


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I'm hoping the bedroom drama is over by Monday itself.

Update for Tuesday, Jan 11, 2010:

Meena continues to scream at Priya's mother. She threatens to kill Priya if she comes to their house again.  Priya's mother talks some kuppai, like when she dies, Priya will thooki podu her and if Priya dies, she will do the thooki poding.  Now it is her turn to take the upper hand, tells Tamil to control her mother and not let her talk like this.  She is the mother of four children, and should know better.  (Neither mother knows how to talk, this is my honest opinion.)

KS tells his mother and KK that today is charcoal day (kari naaL) so the SM can be done the next day,. Vasanthi and Swathi are teasing Kavitha about it.  KK tells Kavitha about it, but Kavitha says she will sleep in that room so that she can take care of MK.  In the meantime, MK is pacing up and down, wearing a hat on his head - why?  VeettukkuLe kuLiro?

Vasanthi goes to get some clothes from the line, and as she is going inside, the bangle seller calls out to her (how did he get into the house?).  He wants to know why she didn't come to the temple, and tells her to come to Thiruverkadu temple the next day alone.  She pleads with him, but he insists that she comes, or he will come to the house with the photos of her in various poses.  Sara calls out to her while she is pleading.  She goes inside, but as she turns to close the door, BS comes there and repeats his threat.

Vasanthi goes to Thatha's picture and prays in front of the picture.  Sara wants to know why, and she says she wants this life to be like this always, and nothing should separate them.  He thinks of the Shameless one, and his promise to marry her too (ugh!) and tells Vasanthi that nothing will separate them, she has a place in his heart, and holds her tight.  Liar, liar!

Thodarum ...


Ranimma, seekiram vaamma, I need to get out of these yucky serials for at least one week.

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Wednesday's drama - yucky, yucky, yucky!

Update for Wed, Jan 12, 2010:

Sara comforts a tearful Vasanthi - You are a gift to me, no force on earth can ever separate us - and holds her close.

MK and Kavitha in the temple - they have come to make an offering to Karumariamman, the priest tells them to put it in the undiyal, MK puts it in the undiyal, and then Kavitha asks him to put the kungumam on his forehead first, then on hers.  He hesitates to put it on her, then she insists so he does it.  She wants to go around the praagaram, he tells her to do it alone.  As she goes around, she sees someone who studied with her in school.  This friend is now in Australia, she does a lot of bragging about how India is too hot, full of mosquitoes, and traffic.  She also talks of her husband who was Mr. Chennai and how she wanted to find the best guy only and she rejected about ten offers before his offer came, and how she would have been married to a store keeper or ordinary person had she married any one of them (my bet is that the guy she is now married to is also a store keeper only!), but her husband is a big shot, spends one day in one country, the next day in another, she doesn't travel in anything other than a Benz (none of the people I know out here talk like this, at least, I hope they don't!).  Then she asks about Kavitha's husband, is he also there, and Kavitha says No, he didn't come.  This is being overheard by MK from behind.  Then the friend leaves, and Kavitha comes around to the main entrance, meets up with MK, who is thoughtful, and they leave.

This is the scene I didn't want to watch - Vasanthi goes alone to the temple, prays to the statue of Durga there to protect her, vows to do some puja for nine weeks or some such period if her problems are solved.  Then she goes around and the bangle seller comes there.  He tells her to come to one side and talk, or else it will become bad for her.  She follows him to one corner, and he tells her that after the pizza guy called the police, they were all beaten up by the police and his friend has now become "mental".  He is taking care of his friend's expenses, but now she will have to take care of it.  Vasanthi says there is no need for her to do so, but he says if she doesn't, he will send the photos to her house.  Right then, a police van comes to the temple, and Vasanthi turns around and sees it.

Thodarum ....


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