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Saturday episode (01/08/2011) with Eva...

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Geet 01/08/2010


All right I am here with my take on today's awesome awesome episode.


Dadima is standing near the stage and waiting for Maan and Geet to arrive all other guests are scattered around.


Maan walks in escorted by Romeo and Geet walks escorted by some girls.  Dadima welcomes Geet and hugs her and then she gives hug to her beloved grandson.   Then she escorts them near the stage and makes them sit near each other and patting Geet on shoulder dadima moves away from there.   Geet and Maan take their seat on the center.   Maan looks really thoughtful and somewhat sad.  Seating near Geet he remembers Geet's words asking him to fill this night with happiness for her.  He says in his heart..  How can I tell you Geet that I just cannot be happy keeping such a heavy burden in my heart.. and With that thought as if his eyes has slight sheen of tears..


And Annie enters the central area announcing the beginning of the surprise event of the Sangeet.   Every one claps and is ready to watch the show.   Arjun in black outfit walks in and stands behind Annie.  Romeo drops Annie's Dupatta on his face.  Geet turns to Maan and smiles at that.  Annie tries to move little farther so that her dupatta (outer wrap of her outfit) may slide from his head but it seems that the heavy border does not let it drop smoothly.  Annie tries to look back as what is holding it up and the director of the show Mr. Romeo gets confused as to why it is not dropping… all stand still creating little funny moments so Romeo removes it from his head with little jump as Arjun is pretty taller then him.  All start smiling at that especially Geet had lot of fun watching her special moments being dramatized.  At last Romeo removes the wrap from Arjun's head and announces to the audience that this was the beginning of the love story between Maan sir and Geet.  While Arjun and Annie are looking in to each others eyes…  Romeo sings their signature tune of Mahi and the camera is focus on Arjun and Annie with the deep eyelock..   Seeing them like that Geet burst out laughing and Maan looks at laughing Geet.. and he too cannot help but smile a little.


The second scene is with the flowers…  Pinky walks with the white flowers for Annie to hold and some one gives red flowers to Arjun.


Arjun and Annie look at each other and smile and offer each other their flowers.  Annie gives him the bunch of white roses while Arjun shakes his head and tries to give her red roses…   Geet smiles looking at them but Maan's expressions are getting serious…  Geet turns to look at him and Maan turns his face to look at her but his eyes do not smile.


Romeo walks near Annie and Arjun and takes the flowers from their hands declaring that this was the first fight between Maan and Geet…  While Arjun and Annie keeps looking at each other holding their hands.  Romeo declares with a flare… now if you declare it as a fight or something else but at the end Geet always ended up in Maan's embrace.  Geet looks at them and smiles while Maan's mind is drifting little by little away and he looks really pensive.  In the center the act is on and Annie falls in Arjun's arm while their song sajna ve is being played in BG.  Adi and Romeo help in the act.  Geet and dadima smile broadly at that act.  Maan's eyes are watching the act but then his mind drifts once again to his inner turmoil… while Geet's laughing gaze falls on Maan he was looking very pensive and preoccupied.   Geet nudges him a little to bring him back from his private thoughts.  Maan looks at Geet but could not hide his sad expressions.  Geet signals him and tells him to watch the act.   All clap at the act Geet also joins but Maan's heart is not in to that.   Arjun and Annie forget that they are acting and keep looking at each other. Adi tries to get their attention that act is over but they seem to be in their own world.  Once again Adi tries to get their attention and they come back to the present.  All the office staff comes in the center area and takes the credit for the act.   Pandyaji announces that it is the time for dancing…   Annie and arjun are in the middle Annie lifts her hand to offer to Arjun…  Arjun looks at it and lifts his eyes to look at Annie's smiling face.  He does not smile at Annie and Anni's smile vanishes.   From behind Annie Tasha just pops up in the middle and looking at Annie's face Arjun grabs Tasha's hand.  Annie looks at that and stops herself.  Tasha looks at that and smiles a little.  Annie looks around and sees Romeo behind Arujn telling him that this is a wrong move per the scripts.  But Annie walks near him and holds his arms and starts dancing while he looks back at Maan and stammers.  Geet smiles at that.  Romeo feels awkward dancing with boss's sister but with a determine smile Annie forces him to move per music.   Arjun looks at Annie's smiling face dancing with Romeo and with the sudden burst of music he let goes of Tasha's hand and takes Annie's hand.  The song Chal pyar karegi starts and Arjun and Annie act on the song accompanied by Pinky Tasha and other girls..  Arjun really dances well and expresses the song very nicely.  Arjun and Annie keeps on feeling for each other through out the dance but at the end being overwhelmed by his own emotions Arjun leaves the dance floor leaving Annie keeps on looking at his departing back with puzzled expressions…


All are dancing around Annie while she is looking at Arjun's departing back and all others are enjoying dance number including Geet..  But Maan's mind keeps on his trouble thoughts while the words of doctor asking him to select between Geet and the baby and him immediately answering Geet keeps on echoing in his head…  after a while he just cannot take it anymore and to the surprise of Geet he suddenly stands and leaves the room.   The smile from the Geet's face fades and she keeps on looking at him leaving the area…  dadima also sees all this and she knows what is happening with him as she was the witness of whole struggle.   She also feels sad.  Geet then stands and wanted to go after her Maan but Romeo stops her and asks her to dance.  She takes couple of unwilling dance steps with him and tells him with her eyes that she needs to go to Maan.   She goes after him..  dadima looks at all this and starts thinking…


Geet is walking in the corridor looking for Maan.  Dadima walks from opposite direction towards Geet.  Geet stops dadima asking did you see Maan..  Dadima says no my child and she was about to walk away..  but Geet holds her hand saying dadima I want to talk to you.   Dadima says yes what is it.  Geet says I do not know what happened to Maan he just looks very upset since morning.  Dadima says didn't you talk with him.  Geet says softly I asked him twice but both the time he just avoided the topic..  So I thought it is Ok if he does not want to talk about it…  now Dadima knows what was coming and she looks pretty serious..   Geet continues saying but now I am getting worried… we were waiting so much for his wedding and it seems that he is not enjoying his wedding then there has to be some reason.  Then she asks.. Dadima do you know anything about it?  Dadima is very wise I love her so much she thinks deeply for a moment and says Geet my child even if I knew and tell you about it… it is not going to make any difference in the situation..  Now Geet really looks concern…  Dadima adds saying and actually you need to go and talk to Maan and ask him why is he so upset.  Geet looks down… her heart is full of concern now.  Dadima holds her hands and says look my child… you are going to start something new in your life and you both are heading toward new beginning…  Geet's heart is in her hand and she looks at dadima with fluttering heart… Dadima says and in the beginning of this journey if you need the help of a third person then how will you walk such a long path of life…  Dadima says wisely..  Geet in the life, your life partner is like your shadow and you should never bring that much distance between you and your shadow that the third person can step in…  (omg such a profound and beautiful solid advise from this wise dadima totally love it…)  listening to Dadima's such a serious talk Geet's eyes start getting watery..  but dadima lovingly pats Geet's cheek and says with a loving smile..  Geet you need to go and ask Maan what is that bothering him so much…  Geet says dadima now I am really terrified with the way you are talking… is it that much serious?

Dadima smiles at Geet and stroking her cheek lovingly she says you love Maan very much don't you?  Geet nods her head with teary eyes  dadima says then why are you so afraid?  If he did not answer you twice it does not mean that he would not answer you the third time also …  she looks at Geet and with a smile she holds her hands and says Geet my Maan looks tough from outside but inside he is just like a little kid.  You go and search his heart and ask him and you will get all the answers of your questions.  And smiling softly she says you better go after him and by the way he has gone towards his room…. Now go..  Geet says ok Dadima saying she starts walking toward Maan's room…


Maan is standing in his room with folded hands across his chest staring outside and Geet softly walks behind him…  Maan feels her presence and turns to look at her…  Geet softly goes and stands in front of him..  Maan completely turns to look at her but he just cannot meet her eyes..  Geet looks at his serious expressions and says softly earlier you were hiding something from me and now you are not keeping your promise too..  Geet says you did  promise me that you will be happy but in that music and dance I did not see you happy even for a moment.  Maan lifts his gaze to look at Geet's face.  Geet has now determination on her face to go the root of his unhappiness… She looks in to his eyes and says what is that you are hiding from me and do not tell me that it is nothing.  Maan averts his eyes…  Geet continues saying that I can clearly see from your face that something is bothering you too much so please tell me what is it..  As until today there is not a single promise that you have not kept.  Those words bring tears to Maan's eyes..  Geet holds his arms and says if you have broken any promise then it should be very significant…  Maan lifts his teary gaze to Geet..  She looks in his eyes and asks him tearfully … I am asking you for the last time..  If you truly love me then please tell me what is the matter as I cannot see you suffering..  That gets Maan's full attention and he jerks his gaze to look at Geet..  Maan and Geet keeps on looking at each other tearfully…  To the surprise of Geet Maan falls on his knee and looking at her abdomen he lifts his hand and softly puts it over her abdomen and says I am sorry please forgive me…  Geet lifts her arm and rests it on his shoulder..  With his I am sorry she looks at his hand on her stomach and looks at Maan with puzzled expressions…  Maan continues… talking with a baby.. saying.. you did not recognized me.. I am Maan Singh Khurana who is going to marry your mom…  Geet seems little happy with that but she still does not get it that why Maan is talking to baby.. She looks at Maan saying what are you doing but Maan is now talking to baby… he continues in his broken tearful heavy voice saying.. I am the person who tried to betray your mom…  now Geet looks really serious Maan just is on his total confession to the baby he says I kept her in dark and tried to take your life…  Geet removed her hand from his hand on his stomach… Maan continues with such a heavy heart and such a broken spirit..  he says tearfully with husky voice that I am that selfish person who for the sake of his love did not care for you.. now Geet got the full essence of his guilt… she looks at his face full of guilt and inner turmoil..

Maan continues with heavy heart that I only thought about your mom..  When doctor told me that she could save your mom if they do not try to save you…  Maan could not finish the words he broke down but continues sobbingly… and I so selfishly I did not think even twice and told doctor to save your mom… that is one kind of selfish act..  Geet's lips started quivering with unspoken words and her eyes started flooding looking at Maan's breaking down…

Maan continues his confession to the baby… He is now sobbing and crying…  he is not able to finish his words as his heart is full of agony and as if he lacks oxygen in his lungs.. he says I know what ever I did is unforgivable then he breaks completely as if looking at the baby he says but even though please forgive me..    Maan continues brokenly with huskiness in his voice saying I am so sorry baby because you are not a part of me I became so selfish..  Geet was in total shock to listen to this agony of his heart..  She just kept on looking at him and shaking her head…  Maan then completely shatters down and sobs uncontrollably and hugs Geet's stomach as if hugging baby..  tears are rolling down Geet's cheek too and she holds Maan's face and tightens her hold on his neck and let him hugs her… Maan continues in broken words with tears rolling down his cheek… but from that moment to now I did not get any peace… I am in total turmoil…  Maan is so shattered that he is not able to voice his words as he is crying still hugging Geet's stomach he says I am not sure if you can ever consider me you dad or if your mom can ever forgive me…  Geet is now crying as much, the tears are rolling non-stop from her eyes and her lips are quivering and shuddering with the silent sobs..  She looks down at her Maan who was on his knees talking to their baby and crying..  she just cannot let him suffer alone..  She sits on the floor near him and softly holds his face between her palms saying huskily.. Such a heavy burden was eating you away?  And you thought your self as an offender and were punishing yourself and suffering alone… she then so softly puts her palm on his shoulder..  She delicately lifts her palms and holding his face softly wipes his tears with her thumbs… She looks lovingly at him with tearful eyes and says softly with tears rolling down her eyes that I do not know about other things but baby's mom does not have any complain against you.  Maan lifts his tearful gaze to look at Geet.  Geet looks in to his teary eyes and says softly that she has forgiven him and baby also does not think that he did anything wrong as he just wanted to save baby's mom..  then Geet continues on baby's behalf saying huskily but baby has one objection that baby feels that you do not consider him yours … (Maan tearfully shakes his head objecting that baby is not his) Geet continues… because you said you have become selfish because baby is not part of you…  Maan now deeply looking at Geet with tear filled eyes…  Geet continues in the same soft manner bringing her beloved Maan out from the abyss of his guilt..  she says softly that baby knows that even if the baby was your own, you would have taken the same decisions as you love baby's mom so much..  Then so lovingly Geet cups his chin and lifts his face to bring his at her eye level and says looking directly in to his eyes saying and baby knows that you are the best papa in the world and none could be compared with you…  and looking at him… holding his chin lovingly in her palm..  she softly smiles at him through her tears…


Maan holds her hand while Geet brings her other hand to hold his and Maan lifting her hands kisses them and puts his face in her palms and saying huskily you do not know that you have taken such a big burden from my heart…  Thank you… and he lifts his eyes to look at her.. Geet smiles at him and comes in his embrace hugging him.. Maan takes her in his arms and gives her soft hug… Geet rest her head in the curve of his shoulder and says softly… Maan I know that for you I am the most important person but for me none is more important then my baby.. She continues saying please do not feel bad.. I love you so very much but as girl I felt the touch of motherhood first and then the love..  Then she lifts herself from his embrace and looks in to his eyes and says but today promise me one thing..  God forbid if this kind of situation ever comes then you will save our baby.  Maan tearfully keeps on looking at her and knows in his heart that Geet would always want to save the baby…  Geet looks at him and asks him nodding her head saying Maan?    Maan knows it is going to be extremely difficult for him and he knows what it will mean for him but he holds Geet both hands and says I promise..  Geet smiles at him knowing how big a promise he has given her.   Maan says softly and I will also fulfill my earlier promise of giving you happiness by smiling in the wedding ceremonies..  Yes Geet I will exactly do that..  Geet smiles at him and knowing that her Maan will be able to do that for her as he promised… she softly comes in his arms and hugs him tightly and Maan hugs her back..


We are back in the hall with all seated on the stage…  Manish was seated near Arjun… he says Arjun is quite a rock star his dance moves were awesome..  Then he sees Annie coming and escorts her to sit near Arjun…  saying today's rock star Arjun and Annie…  Arjun and Annie look at each other while all clap loudly praising them..  Arjun then comes back to his senses first and walks out of there.. Annie follows him..


In the corridor Annie stops Arjun and he turns back to look at her…  he looks pretty serious..  Annie is so straight forward and honest girl..  She says Arjun it is not my mistake if you cannot decide what you want in your life.  But listen to me this last time that I am not a lifeless object that when you want me you draw me near and when you do not want me you just keep me away..  Arjun keeps on looking at her without a word…  Annie says truthfully that your eyes tells me something but then you behave something contrary..   Arjun looks really pensive and averts his eyes… Annie continues I am not sure what should I believe the things you do or those emotions which I can see in your eyes…  Her straightforward talk brings Arjun's gaze to look at her very honest expressions asking him very straight answers…  Arjun turns his back to her and tells her with heavy voice..  you just believe what your heart tells you but where as for me, I just cannot decided between my heart and mind.  From behind him Annie says softly Arjun I still cannot understand what you are trying to say…  Arjun turns back to Annie with very serious expressions and says heavily..  I too cannot understand those things..  he continues seriously.. Annie you are really nice person but you will get hurt If you will try to understand me..  Tears starts rolling from her eyes which makes Arjun also sad..  but he tells her it is complicated Annie..  saying with a heavy heart he walks away from there and Annie keeps looking at him with tears rolling from her eyes…


And the wonderful precap…  Geet and Maan are happy and are dancing with the song of Aja mahi re..




Superb episode..


The most fantastic scene was between Maan and Geet..  Maan confessing his guilt and talking to baby and asking forgiveness and Geet comforting Maan and bringing him lovingly out of his guilt…


Gurmeet was awesome awesome in this scene…  He made me cry so much and I am sure it is the same with almost all of you…   He so superbly brought out the expressions of the inner turmoil of Maan regarding his decision to save only Geet and the modulation of his speech!!!  OMG it was fantastic as if his voice became husky and as if he just could not speak because he cried so much…  such a sad heaviness in his voice….  I was speechless looking at his performance..  And Drashti..  Gosh she was as much phenomenal..  the quivering of her lips and shuddering of her chin and the way she brought out that comforting tone in her speech with that teary accents..  just superb..  These two are just unbelievably talented and perform with all their heart fully making Maan and Geet so real for us


The second scene I loved was with Geet and Dadima..   Such a beautiful chemistry between these two …  love Anjuji in Dadima's role..  She is so natural and loving.. the way she holds Geet's hands and caresses her cheek or hugs Maan or have fun with Annie pulling Maan's leg…  She so superbly able to express her care and her love for her grand children and Geet..  Just lovely..  And her dialogue delivery is superb too.  Her body language and her expressions show how regal she is.. love her…she is just simply superb


Third scene I loved was the last one between Annie and Arjun..

Piyush is superbly playing Arjun..  I love his walk and talk as Arjun..  He is superbly playing his role…  Annie has good dialogue delivery but frankly speaking she does lack in the department of expressions as all other around her are super expressive while she is not able to convey hers.  But she does shows comfortable chemistry with all her co star..  Hopefully she will be able to pick the tread very fast…  But I do like Annie and Arjun track.. At least Brij puttar was not there lurking in the shadows with sharp knife saying meri purkho ki izzat….


Loved today's episode very much and the performance from Gurmeet and Drhashti proved that they are number one for a reason and that is their own talents and hard work.


And I love the dialogue writer as I Love each and every dialogues and the depth of emotions it has..  they are not just dialogues but those dialogues creates such a depth in the scene and in performance that you just are left with a big wonderment after listening to those dialogues and are really in awe of it……  


I had wonderful time watching the episode today and writing about it hope you will like it. love you all have a wonderful day…love eva


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amazing update.

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very well written...

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Eva.... Beautiful Update Hug
Today's episode was very touching..... I also loved the way Maan Confessed & the way Geet pulled him out of his guilt. It was so very beautiful.....

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great update thank u

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thanks a lots !! as-usual great update ;) 

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wow,thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
to be honest i was eagerly waiting for your superb update
i just can Clap.......................................
as always you described the episode so beautifullyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyDay Dreaming
please if is possible for you,when you post a update, pm me!!!!!!!!!!(i mean when it is not stick on the first page)Embarrassed
waiting for more of your updates
all the best

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Thanks Eva....wonderful written update. We appreciate it.  Clap

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