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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 86)

basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Soooo after giving this cliffhanger ..... Whn r u going to update ?????
Plzzzzzz don't make the wait tooooooooooo long

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Update today or tomorrow...IDK exactly when...but Prom tomorrow so free house for me, and no distractions!!!!!...and more time for me to write something long...LONG..maybe...depends on cliffhangers...hehe

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
oh yayyy. can't wait for the update

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys, Here is part 17...i hope that meets the quota of long.

Love is a conflict between reflexes and reflections.

-Magnus Hirschfeld 




            Ogling at her profoundly I neglected the surrounding and found her as my sole bases of attention. Seeking into those eyes that bore straight into me looking for the hidden meaning that holding my gaze so intently. I clutched the knob on the door as the reason was no where in sight. It was hidden deep with in and what I stared at barely scratched the surfaces of all the emotions that forsake her.

            "Mr. Khurana," the man's voice beckoned to remove my eyes from the sole object that has managed to shake the roots of my world.

            "Mr. Khurana," he repeated himself as I looked at him blankly, "I am Veer Handa and this is my younger sister Geet Handa," he gently gestured towards the figure that I very much knew from the beginning, "And I am here regarding the a resort that I desire to build in Arizona."

            "Oh, yes. I do recall."

            I stole a glance at her as I walked to my chair in a powerful gait.

            "Yes. I am here to receive the next date for our meeting and get the blueprints of many of designs you have already created."

            "Why yes. Of course." I spoke in complete monotone to avoid any questions on the infliction of my voice."

            "Excuse, if you don't mind. I'll be waiting outside," Geet spoke up in the very relaxed atmosphere that seemed to frustrate her.

            "Sure, we are almost done."

            Geet walked out, as if she had rebuffed my presence.

            I continued to look at the empty space after she left hoping for a something more in return. Maybe for her to return. Undermining the raging desires I refocused my attention to the man in front of me.

            "So yes Mr. Khurana the blue prints."

            "I do have them with me but I would like to personal explain them to you. Since you are one of my old clients. What are you doing this afternoon?"

            I asked him for my own selfish reasons. I wanted to have chance with Geet, to speak to her, and to clear the misunderstanding that she had conceived unknowing.

            However, after that remark Veer looked at me in a strangest way. Appalled or confused at my statement and what his own verdict would be.

            "I mean, we can discuss this over lunch…."




            I had to remove my self from the impending disaster that could have happened in that cabin. Taking that chance was equal to putting my life on the line. Whatever was happening to me was not good.

            I began to pace hastily in front of the office entrance as I continued to wait for my escape from this hell. My Bhai.

            My pace became more rapid and tantalizing as my wait kept being prolonged until I had enough.

            I began to return to the office to make my brother come out and we will leave.

            As I reached the white doors to drag my brother out, they opened revealing my brother. I sighed in contentment as I no longer needed to reside here but it soon got caught in my throat as I saw a figure following right behind him. It was Maan.

            I had no idea as to why he was actually there, the business talk was done that what was the reason for this man to still be here.

            "Hey Geet," my brother talked to me, "Um..Maan is coming with us to dinner."

            "WHAT!?!" I was outraged with this decision.

            "Yes. We need to look over some blue prints and all will be well."


            I was still amazed at own ignorant my brother could be at times. I dragged him to the corner of the building hoping to knock some sense into this mindless man.

            As soon as we reached the enclosed place I glanced back to notice Maan's mocking face looking at me. I stuck my tongue at him in my fury that lead to my childish actions to erupt.

            "This is supposed to out time, not ours plus his time. How could you?"

            "Geet, come on. He wants to personally discuss the designs. I cant decline an offer like that."

            "But you promised."

            "I know I did but this is only one time…"

            "You don't understand."

            'You wont do this for your brother."

            "You are not going to guilt trip me and that is final." I looked away from him.

            "Plus your surprise is completely intact."

            I ignored his petty attempts to pacify me.

            'Actually we might even miss her—."


            "No. I mean it." He fizzled attempts to fool were in complete vain.

            "That means…"

            "No it doesn't…"

            "I am going to…"

            "You are not going to do…"


            "You are going to see…"

            "This is an amazing…"

            "No…I didn't tell you…"

            "Wait," cognizance caught up to me, "Did you just invite him when we are having this little get-together."

            "No that doesn—Crap. Oops."

            "Oops. That is what you have to say. Oops."

            "Well I cant say no to him now."

            "What do you mean you cant."

            "It means that is rude Geet."

            "Oh, so when you told him to come to our little surprise that wasn't rude."

            "Get over it Geet."

            "Yes. Geet. Get over it."

            The same deep and scratchy voice that managed to sound melodious to me in every situation spoke from behind me in deep concentration.

            I turned to look at him as I had the audacity to intrude in our conversation.

            "This is only a business lunch."

            "No. This is a very personal lunch. A family lunch."

            My heart cramped at my remark. 'A family lunch' it hurt me to think that he wasn't part of this family. It angered me to another level beyond my own conviction.

            "Geet come on. Maan let's go."

            "Maan. When did we come to first name basis?"

            "I believe you are taking you car, right?"

            "He isn't…"

            "Yes. I am."

            "Do you need the address?"

            "But he isn't coming."

            "No. I know where to go."

            "He doesn't need to…"

            "See you in a couple of minutes."

            "Bhai, listen to me."

            "See you."

            "Why are you guys…"


            Maan walked away and left Bhai and me standing alone in the middle. They had completely ignored me through their entire conversation. I turned to face Bhai with fuming eyes.

            "You could have listened to me."          

            "Yeah. I could have but that would have wasted time."

            "What!" I hit my handbag on his shoulder because of his snide comment.

            "Ouch, that hurt."

            "Good. Now sit in the car and drive."

            "As you wish, madam." He emphasized madam to mock me.

            I ignored his rude comment and sat in the front seat and waited for him to take us to the restaurant.

            The ride was silent but when the ice broke again and I lost my fury and eased up again the car became more lively and fun-felt. And I wished in the midst of this happiness that it would so graciously stay in my life forever and never go away. I looked out the window as I prayed deeply and I noticed Maan in his car driving next to us. We turned to me and winked and I immediately retracted my gaze. Was it just circumstantial that I saw him at that moment or was fate playing games with me once again? I enveloped myself in this thought until we reached the destination and I saw Maan comfortable lying on the side of his car with a bunch of papers in his hand.

            Envy raged through my veins has his complete ease and my conflicted self crashed in my mind. How could be possibly be this conformable?



            I saw Geet approach my car in very antagonist gait. I enclosed my self in defense as I expected her to lash out at me in her disposable fury.

            "Maan," her brother called to me and I noticed her flinch lightly. This first name thing was seriously annoying her to ends of the world. I clutched my tie tighter and grasped the files harder anticipating another showdown however she walked up to me more happily and greeted me in a pure joy ness.

            She smile and said hi but beyond that nothing else was able to be registered. I noticed her smile and I was once again lost in a bottomless abyss merrily falling with complete and utter satisfaction. A small action that made her lips touch a little closer to her ears, a curve to come upon her lips and dimples to form her soft and little chubby but undeniable cute cheeks left me in complete state of perplexity.

            "Lets us go in." I heard the baritone voice in my ears but choose to ignore that statement.

            But this gratification was short-lived as I noticed both him and her entering the restaurant. I sighed in disappoint of not fulfilling all my desires and quietly followed them in.

            The waitress at the entrance lead us to our table and I quietly followed once again. As I got seated across from Geet but next to Veer I noticed the waitress give me a small wink and checked out.

            I heeded no attention to the attention seeking people. They were unimportant and completely selfish people in my eyes. I continued to gawk shamelessly at Geet.

            "Hi, my name is Sandy and I am your waitress today. I will be back shortly to see what you guys want to drink."

            Another waitress came around in a split second but stare was unbreakable, except by her brother.

            "So Maan. Do you want us to continue?"

            "Sure, why not." I coughed a little as it caught my by surprise.

            I looked up slightly to notice that Geet was smiling at my foolishness.

            I grabbed the files on my lap and placed them on my table and dug myself into work. And ended up into a long discussion with Veer about where the spa should actually be placed.




            I was endlessly stirring my straw in my fanta as watched the two men bicker like old ladies about a spa. How weird could this situation possibly even get?

            Maan was just a piece of work and Veer was a man that can never get fixed, and I was stuck right in the middle of this complete mess.

            I stared at the ice slowly melting away as I waited for the appetizer to come and I could finally indulge my self in food.

            "Veer, it should be next to the pool," Maan spoke in a very commanding way.

            "No, Maan. By the kids play area." Veer counteracted with his own thoughts.

            "Why would you put a spa next to a place where loud and boisterous kids will reside."

            "Why not put it there? Mothers will be closer to the kids if they do decide to treat themselves."

            "But a pool side is more relaxing."

            "But kids are important."

            "Relaxation in a resort is very much a necessity."


            "Will you guys stop bickering like old ladies," I yelled at them in a hushed tone so that the costumers would not hear, "Just have the kids place by the poolside and put the spa there to."

            I sipped from my straw at my intended sarcastic remark.

            "That is…"

            "…A wonderful idea."

            They finished each others sentences. This could not even get creepier.

            "I was being sarcastic." I informed them of the basis of my remark.

            "But it still was a brilliant idea." Maan stared at me and locked his gaze. His gaze transfixed my eyes to not move. I was staring at them as they were to me.

            Something was hidden in there that was trying to reach out but I continued to ignore the feeling. This couldn't be.

            "Geet, she is here."

            Bhai brought me out of my intent gaze but Maan continued to stare presumptuously.

            I turned to look at the object that held interest to my brother so dearly.

            It was a small petite girl that work skinny jeans with boots along with a tank with a button up shirt on. She had a small nose ring and brownish orange hair.

            "This is Janki. My—."

            "Fianc," I continued his sentence. He spoke of this girl for several months that I knew that this was her. I had never seen her as she was valley girl from Arizona not Cali.

            She walked up to the table and stood before us waiting. Without another pause I stood up and hugged her instantly. She was going to keep my brother happy for the rest of his life, she deserved something. May it be a hug.

            "Hi Janki. I am Geet."

            "Oh, I know. Veer here takes a lot about you."

            "I hope that it is good."


            Laughingly we both sat down. But I still remained in front of Maan. I looked at him again and he seemed to feel awkward in the situation. I knew that this was bound to happen but if only they had listened to me.

            Silence prevailed for a short time but a slow number began to play in the restaurant and Bhabhi and Bhai both left to the floor that was already occupied many others and danced there heart away.

            I was left to stay with Maan and destroy myself.

            "Geet, please."

            "Save it Maan. I do not want to listen to anything you are going to say."

            "No you are going to listen to me."

            "I don't have to."

            "I didn't try this hard to be alone with you to not prove my point."

            My eyes shot up to his in astonishment.

            "You are going to get whatever problem or misunderstanding you have cleared right now cleared."

            I laughed off his comment, "Get my misunderstanding cleared. This isn't a misunderstanding, this is reality."

            "Reality, Tell me please. What is this reality." He eased back into his chair and folded his arms and awaited my response.

            I mimicked his action but I stirred the straw to my drink as I relaxed.

            "That you show interest in Sam."

            "What?" he hissed at me as he recoiled himself in a position that looked like it hurt, "What made you think that? How could you think that?"

            "Well you dance with her like…like…like she was s**t and you are the player," his eyes popped out at the valid points so I continued, "And you left the party with her. What do you think that means."

            "You are the one who told me to dance with her."

            "Not like that." I countered as I gripped my cup tighter.

            "I have no control to how she dances."

            "But you have enough control to leave with her or to stay."

            He opened his mouth to say something back but no words came out and he remained glued in the same position as before.

            "No response, as expected," I turned my gaze from him looking at the in love couple in complete envy.

            "Sam and me and have other problems that do come with liking towards each other--."

            "Love?" I asked bluntly.

            "Not even love. If a feeling could be between us, it would be mostly definitely of anger, pity, and complete ignorance."

            I turned to look at him once again.

            "Than why did you leave with her."

            "Like I said. I was resolving personal problems that involved no sympathy, love or adoration."

            "Love. Such a strong word. Isn't it."

            "Sure is." I once again eased into his chair and I once again mimicked him.

            Quiescence was among the atmosphere, "What do you think about me?" my question made this entire quiescence awkward.



            Precap: Best Friends come in handy. Is it finally pay back time girls?


Hey friends...How was it????

Did you like it?...and please tell this is long or not. I wrote till a good cliffhanger came...

Trust me, i dont plan what to write...It just comes at the moment and that is what you see.
not EDITED...please ignore...
I am eagerly waiting to read comments...It makes me want to write more.
Please check out my new SS: A Dance of Dilemma.
It will be updated tomorrow.
Please hit the like button or comment or both.

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
g8 update
pls cont soon

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -dia-


loved it!!!

Thank youSmile
.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kahkashansakina

great part
loved it
Thank you
.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zaara2212

you always like us to hang in the cliffWink

loved the update Tongue old habit of mineLOL
thanks for the comment...

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