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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 71)

amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Hello Guys,

I have come with some good and bad news...
I have gotten my SAT results back...and i did horrible...I got a 1450. A 1450!!!!
And i studied so HARD! But it was only the writing section that killed me, otherwise i would have gotten an amazing score...

So have told my dad and he is okay with but my mom. Well that is just another story. I am basically scared for my life. And when she finds out, she may take my lappy away so i cant update this weekend. So i am trying to update today but if i cant, just assume that my mom found outDead...

Needless to say, i will probably retake it, but....She is my mom...



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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
np my dear
sorry for the
we i'll be

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
aww sorry u had a rough day. don't worry may b by nxt time u'r fear of sat wud have diminished and u'll b a pro at it.

i think they see the better in us..that's y they can't settle for any thing less

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totallydesified Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
hon dont worry..i took the sats three times before i got a score close enough to what i wanted..trying taking the first one in the fall; they are always the easiest...and good luck!!!

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys...Here is update 15. As promised...Hope you like it! And IMP note on the bottom..Please READ

"Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is those who are faithful who know love's tragedies."

- Oscar Wilde



            Seeing her leave my arms and embrace another man's created a certain rage inside me that was being fueled by the vacuous feeling in my inadequate heart. My hands grudgingly clenched into skin peeling fists to reframe from a very rash and ludicrous action where it would come in contact with that man flesh, preferably on his face.

            Eyeing the scene further I did not want to gawk no more for it lead my rage into a new found level that I could feel a certain sensation on my hands that indicated that I was inflicting pain upon my self.

            Turning away from the horrendous scene I saw something in my peripherals that allowed a consolation for my raging fury by letting the tips of my lips come up and form a small undetectable smile that was for my own selfish purposes.

            I saw that the Geet was leaving the man in a frenzy. Once again gawking at the scene I noticed Geet's body language more closely. Realization dawned upon me as it sunk in that I was focused on Geet.

            What has happened that I let this mere girl for pretense have such a godly affect upon me? Had I seriously changed into man that once again was easily swayed by the effects of a girl? My mind was shooting into turmoil as my heart again spoke of the chasm that it was in. Letting my mind once again dictate the actions that my heart was adjacent to, my eyes treaded the floor.

            Looking at the details that adorned the floor rather than Geet was the consequences of my tyrannous mind and my feeble heart.

            Not knowing what else this situation would call for I decided to take the short cut and simply just walk up to the Geet and the man and introduce myself. And as it was already established, I were keeping this game going even if she was dead set against it.

            Allowing a certain equilibrium to take place in the stifle for dominance in my mind and heart I once again looked away from the details of the floor only to notice that Geet no longer occupied the spot that she was in.

Trepidation destroyed the new found fairness in me. Where was she? Did he do something to her? Where can she go without a car? Did she go with him?

Thousands of questions plagued my mind as the mass hysteria took over. I found my self in the position that I was going into a hundred and one directions at once as my feet could not make up the mind of where to go, where to begin with. The inability for my feet to make the decision I allowed my eyes to take over. I scanned the room for any sign of her. Looking a for a hot pink sari was a hard quest because my mind was not functioning correctly.  

My heart beat rose and my breathes became shallow as the worst possible scenario flared in my mind.

My eyes became sharper for I didn't want the outcome in my mind to come true. And that did the trick. I saw a hot pink pallu whip around at the bar. And as I looked more deeply at the scene I noticed that the man was holding onto her. Preventing her from leaving.

Geet's face was distorted and in complete chagrin. If Geet wanted to leave than who was this man to stop her.

As madness replaced my hysteria as my heart won the race. It was now in control.

I bolted to the bar, where they stood, and decided to give the man a fate worse than death. This fist was going to make contact with that man's face and cause him pain for the consequence for touching my Geet without her assent.

My eyes remained on the prize. I was only half way there when a certain touch on my chest prevented me from going any further.

My hands once again clenched to fists, but not to prevent a rash action but to cause one. I was ready for the swing when I heard the person speak to me in a voice of familiarity.

"Hey, Maan,"

It was Yash. Only this man could interrupt such a wonderful moment, where I would knock the living daylights out of the man.

Attempting to calm down my primitive reaction I looked at Yash with a much distilled look on my face.

"Yash. What are you doing here?"

A confusion took over his face, than was soon replaced with anger and agony. Cognizance of the place and time came upon me. It was his engagement ceremony and I asked him what he was doing here. I cursed my self for forgetting this and blamed the man and indirectly Geet for causing such irrational actions to take place.

"You should be with Meera. Not with me."

I simply laughed it off and let out a small chucked to lighten the mood and cover my own tracks. Yash soon joined me in my fake merriment.

"Dude, calm down. She was talking about wedding details with her posse, and I had to leave her."

"Yeah, wedding details. No fun. But if you ever leave my sister after you get married. Your face would not be pleasant to the world again, and I don't care if you are my friend."

Seriousness displaced my voice and I spoke with gravity. Betraying and abandonment were things I hated and would never tolerate.

"Calm down. Seriously. I would never leave the woman I love. Never."

Never leave the woman I love. My mind immediately found a connection with Geet. Love and Geet. Shaking the thought out, I focused on the distracting part at this moment.

"Who is the guy with Geet?"

I attempted to ask that nonchalantly but it still managed to make a smirk appear of Yash's face.

"Thats Veer Bhai. Geet's older brother. He came down here for business and some fun."


"Bye Maan. Meera's calling me."

Idiot was all I could think of. How could a man with Geet cause such primitive and rash decisions and a war for dominance inside me take place. Elaborating on my own foolishness and self pity as I identified my self as a lost cause was cut short by a soft gliding feel across my back.

Turning back I noticed a very horrific sight. Sameera.

Not wasting another moment, I grabbed the hand that was seeking to tease and dragged to the exit of the venue.

This woman was going to be the death of me, for all the wrong reason.



I dragged to an alley way that was block away from the venue and whipped her around me as we stood face to face.

Silence engulfed us as I waited for her to break it and decipher her actions for me tonight, but this was delayed by another one of her undecipherable actions.

            A sweet and flattering smile graced her face but lacking some intense emotion. Whether it was my own biased opinion or the darkness among us both but whatever adorned her face depicted that she was teasing me. Did she really believe that I had an ulterior motive behind this? Gazing at her face and attempting to maintain my own equilibrium was getting tougher by the moment. And was completely shattered when her finger slightly gazed my open chest as the topmost bottoms were left open. I now regretted leaving them open to expose them to such a women.

            Instantly I grabbed her hands twisted it causing her to rotate as well. Now her back was to me and her arms in complete inconvenience.

I smirked at this with contentment as she wriggled in pain. I shoved her, relinquishing my hold on her and I turned away.

"I don't want to see you ever again. I don't understand why you don't get that message. It is completely clear."

Without another glance I became to tread the dirty alley floor when she finally spoke in a question that I wanted to get answered.

"You want to know why I come back." She asked quizzically with a sarcastic tone.

She managed to get my attention but I prevented my self from turning around. Exposing my self to her would be a drastic decision that could have a severe consequence.

I remained silence as I waited for her to continue.

"Because I still love you."

Her declaration of a very sacred feeling in a blunt way awoke raging demons. May I not believe in the notion and depth of love, but I was not going to let this atrocious women tarnish the meaning by speaking of it in such a horrific way.

Spinning around a rushed over to her in complete rage and grasped her arms in a death hold and looked into her bewildered eyes.

"You love me. You still love me. Is that what you have to say?" My tight hold on her amplified with every word, "What happened to this is called love 4 years ago when you decided to leave me for a wealthier man. Huh. Tell me."

Shoving her once again to prevent a disastrous outcome. I ran my hands through my hair in a feeble attempt to calm myself.

'I left you, for US."

Her emphasis on US left my in perplexity.

Out of all her decisions she had made, what does it have to with us?

"Oh. So marrying a richer man when we were engaged was truly for our love. Yes, now I see it clearly. It was our love that lead you to marry another. I see this perfectly."

I sarcastically informed her of me understanding her declaration.

"Yes. I did it for US," she came closer and attempted to cajole me her embrace. Shooing her off caused her to go into her own tantrum.

"Khurana Construction was in a horrible state. You guys werent getting consignments and money was very hard. And you barely graduated from college and your Aunt and Dadi were having a hard time handling everything. I saw you guys in misery, and I felt pitiful..."

"We didn't need your pity Sam. We didn't need it--."

"Yes you did. You guys were in a horrible stature. I didn't know what else to do."

"How this is a least bit relevant to YOU marrying another man."

"Cause. After I married him I was planning to divorce him and get a lot of money in alimony and that money could have been used for KC. It would have helped. Than I would be living in such a huge mansion with a lavish and exquisite things. Servants to tend my every command. Never having to raise a finger. That would have been perfect."

Sam was engrossed in her own reverie as she forgot that I was in the same place she was in. She continue her rant on being rich as she spun around in circles of happiness that looking pretty idiotic from her. In the course of one of her circles she noticed me and she made a made dash and continued her rant.

 "We would have been a awesome couple. I would have a hot and attractive husband that every single girl would envy and loathe. I would have had everything. The money the jewels, servants, a perfect life. Oh, and you."

A smile could not help but form on my face. As she described her "love" for me. A love where money came first and me last. I thanked the day where this scheme hatched in her mind and she left me.

"See Maan. How much I love? I left you for us. So we can have a better future together'"

"No. Sam. You mean you can have a better future. With money and things."

"Right, but with you as well. Seeing the jealously on those girls face would have been priceless. Come on. Look at yourself Maan. Any girl would go ga-ga over you."

She mumbled something under her breathe incoherently but I simply neglected that comment. My mind stuck over on how she would rather me be an envious toy to flaunt among the girls of society than actually being a partner in her life. To share sorrows and happiness. To make a family and love each other to the end of time. It simply fascinated me to how conceited a woman can actually be.

"Sam," I caught her attention as I pulled her out of her ramble, "The man you married was rich, and why didn't you stay with him?"

"Cause he was old..."

She promptly clasped her hands on her mouth for letting such a dark secret come out. A laughed at her situation as the truth, which I already knew, was confessed. After snickering at her and fulfilling my hearts desire at looking at her in a embarrassed and astound way I continued to humiliate her, "Oh, he was old. It would have been impossible to flaunt him in public, but I think it is still possible to love him. Oh wait. You still loved  me," I placed quotation marks on the word love to make her understand my statement better. Seeing as her brain works a little slow, "Oh. And I forgot. Couple days after the suppose date of our marriage. Bua and Dadi got a huge consignment. From Dean Hopkins. Ever wondered how KC bounced back."

I left her looking aghast and enraged by her actions. I walked away from the scene of the crime. I heard breaking and kicking in the background but heeded no attention to at all.

Sam spoke the truth, but would she back down was the real question?


Precap: Geet and Veer at KC. And a lunch date. With who?

Part Fourteen: Click Here
Hey Guys. I hope you liked the update.
Have not edited. So there must be TONS of errors....
EDITED...Hope i got all the mistakes....If not..Oh wellLOL
 I am surprised to see that mostly everyone thought it would be Geet..
No one thought of Sam...Who hate Sam now..EVEN MORE..
And if you dont understand sam's truth..Please tell me. I will clarify. I dont know if i conveyed it well
Next thing i have to say is IMP...
Important INFO:
I will mostly likely not be able to update for the next two weeks. Sorry.
I have only had 3 updates and i am going way again..But i have completely valid reason...
the next two weeks are going to be HECTIC.
Our performance is coming and we need some seriously after school rehearsals. and on top of that i am panicing cause this is the first time i am
directing because i usually act.
And the next two weeks even watching Geet is limited to the weekends cause i dont come home till 9 at night and the rest of the time goes to HW and chores.
But if i have sometime over the weekend a small update will come in...
So please wish me luck or break a leg. cause this is theaterLOL
Going to go to sleep..I have school tomorrowOuch

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged
thank u so much for a wonderful read. 

sam...argh Angry Angry Dead 
eww the open button scene was with her. akhhhhOuchDead 
ok then u owe one to geet. how dare any1 touches maan's geet and she doesn't get a chance.Wink

maan is so madly in luv with geet. he just can't think about anything else..shoo shweet.Heart
if he is ready to acknowledge his luv yet or not , only time will tell..or rather...u'r update will tellLOL

i hope u succeed in all of u'r upcoming commitments.ApproveThumbs Up
 i think u r a perfectionist. allah hi khair kare on ki whom u r directing. LOL
i wonder if u'r writing is so mesmerizing, how u'r real life outputs wud b.Day Dreaming

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
wonderful part.....................loved it!!!

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