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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 6)

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jaanuuuuuuuuuuuuu heheh nice update.

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awesome pls cont soonnnnnnnn
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fantastic part..

keep writing

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nice update can u add me to ur pm list

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awesome n lovely part
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Hi guysSmile....update FIVE is here....and thank you guys for your comments, i really appreciate that. Anyways this part five and i hope that you guys like it...and tell me seriously if you do. Criticize it if you must so i can make it better...EnjoySmile

Part Five :

 In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing '

Mignon McLaughlin


Maan POV


I silently was eating my food when her eyes floated to the entrance and remained glue. What was going on in the head of hers? I coughed to gain her attention but she seemed lost in her own world. Her face was expressionless but sadness overcame it in a split second. Did she see something she didn't like? But a smile crept up onto her face and she seemed happy but not completely. What was going on in her head? She grabbed her fork and squeezed it hard. Something was troubling her but what. Why do care anyways.

She finally faced me with anger that again when to an expressionless face. Women. Can't stand them, their emotions are something no in the world can ever understand. Oh, wait her face turned a devious and smirk appeared on her face. Now I was scared, What was going on in her mind? She grabbed my hand quickly and I felt a current go through me. My body automatically stiffened and my posture became straight and my eyes were glued to our hand holding.

"Jaaannnuu," she cooed at me. My eyes shoot up to her face. Her emotions yet again changed. She was now flirtatious. She called me 'Janu'. What in the world made her say that? I can tell she wanted this date to be over as much as I wanted it to be over, than what was all this. I tired to free my hand from her grip but she tightened it on. I pulled harder but not hard enough for anyone to actually notice.

"Kya hua Jaan," here she goes again. This time she added her other hand to insure that I wasn't able to get free.

"What are you doing?" I gritted with my teeth.

She lowered her voice, "Please, play along." Her eyes. I caught them again. The plea in her eyes was undeniable I didn't want to deny them. I lost myself in those eyes again. And I just stared hoping to find something that could explain this, explain this attraction to these eyes. She had gotten me, or her eyes.

"Please," she cried to be again. I let out a sigh and she took it as a yes. Wait why was she doing this, I needed to ask her and ask her fast.

"Wh--?" she cut me off.

"Jaanu, you didn't eat anything, here let me help you," she grabbed my fork from my hand and twisted it in the spaghetti, her eyes kept on shooting from me to the a table straight across from her. I looked at the table and saw a guy and a girl sitting there. They were having a chatting about and laughing. The guy suddenly turned to our table and caught me staring at them. I turned quickly. This girl will be the death of them. I looked at her face, she was so innocent. How could someone so innocent have a devious mind? God- given talent I guess. She raised the fork to my face and signaled me to take into my mouth. Like that was going to happen.

I looked at her innocent face again and the plea of those eyes. I need to stop staring at those eyes. I opened my mouth involuntarily and she her face lit up as a child. She feed me the pasta and I immediately regained myself. I shut my mouth tight onto the fork and she had a hard time prying it out. I laughed at her state; she thought I was going to make it easy. No way. No way am I going to play along with her.  You messed with the wrong man. The smile on my face vanished when I felt something crawling up my leg. My eyes widen in shock. It was her feet gently gliding its way up my leg. She was teasing me. Her eyes fluttered in seduction. I knew that it was an act but really, she seemed good at it. Her feet continued to glide gently. She was having fun seeing me like this but her eyes continually shoot at the table with the guy and girl and I swear he glanced at our table as well. Was she trying to make him jealous or something? Whatever it may be I didn't want to be part of it but I wanted to see her squirm like she made me feel.

"You know you are really sexy," I said in a husky voice. I pulled the hand that that was still holding onto me. I kissed it ever so gently, even if it wasn't for really, something went through me when I kissed it and clearly her face depicted the same thing, or maybe shock, but for me it was strange and I brushed it off quickly, I didn't want to feel that.

I let my lips linger for a moment while trying my best to brush the feeling off. I took her hand away but kept in the air and played with her fingers.

"What are YOU doing?" know she gritted at me.

I chucked, "You said 'play along' that is what I am doing, mishti," I chuckled again and intertwined our fingers.

"Well stop it, and I am not your mishti," she hushed and stopped teasing my leg.

"Well I am not your Jaan," I started to play with her fingers again, "but we were playing around so I must do this, right?" I brought my hand to her face and gently moved them to caress her cheek. The same feeling returned with the same current. I wanted to linger their but my brain did not permit. I jolted back to my seat.

"Excuse me, can I have the check please." I asked the waitress. This date was over. No more fun and games. She was something different and it affected me, and I cant let it affect me.

"Before the check would you like any desserts, sir," the waitress said to me but I didn't want to stay anymore.

"No its okay, we are done, aren't we," this time she spoke. She looked at me will the same confused expression. She to was affected by something but what. Her little scheme came at a high price.

"Well than I will be right back than," she walked away. It was quiet and she continued to shoot glance at that table. Something was fishy but I had no right to ask her. The waitress came back with the check and she grabbed it. What was her problem? First she plays this cheap game with me and now she won't even let me pay the bill.

"I'll pay it," I raised my hand to get the check.

"No its okay, I got it," she said quietly and turned to open her purse. That was my chance. I grabbed the check and I reached for my wallet.

"For you information, chivalry isn't dead," I was lucky because the waitress was right there, "Excuse me, here is our bill.

"You didn't have to do that," she said as the waitress left.

"I can do whatever I want," was all I said and again silence lingered. My favorite thing in the world, Silence.

She returned with the check I signed it and stood up. However she stayed rooted to her seat.

"Geet," her eyes shoot up and than she looked passed me at the table again and gently shook her head and lowered it, "Come on Geet I don't have all day for."

She finally stood up after a long pause. She came to me and took my hand and intertwined it again. I wanted to break free from her grasp but she muttered it, "Please, until we go outside, please?"

"Fine," thirty seconds of hand holding wouldn't kill me.

We walked to the table that was in the path to the doorway. As neared the table her hold on my hand tightened. She was scared and I was her comfort. I liked that, I was her comfort. She held her breath as we passed the table.

"Hey Geet," a voice from behind called her. She stopped dead in her tracks, "Hey I didn't see you here, and who is this handsome fellow, you finally moved on I see."

I turned around followed by Geet. It was the lady from the table that she was eyeing all night.

"Hi, I am Geet's friend, Naintara. We haven't been in touch for a long time," she smiled at me and Geet's grip tightened and I looked at her, she was looking at the ground. So friends nowadays don't even make I contact. Something wasn't right.

"Well you must bring him to Pari's birthday tomorrow, right Dev," Naintara chimed. Dev turned to us, "Yes, you should really come."

"Well'um'yes," she stuttered to say. Me going to a birthday of a girl that I didn't know was never going to happen. And on top of that going with Geet as her 'official' boyfriend, I was not going to sign up for that.

I was going to tell this Naintara that not even in her dreams will Geet to'.

My thoughts were vanished when Geet tugged me to, or rather pulled, me outside. She reached out and a sigh of relief came cross her.  

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she exclaimed at me, "For everything you done, even if you took it to far, thank you!"

She started twirling around in joy and happiness. She looked beautiful and she once again looked innocent. She was tremendously happy but I was going to cut that short for her. I pulled her by her arm and she collided into my chest.

"I am not, I repeat, am not going with you to that girl's birthday party," I inched her closer with ever word I uttered, "you understand."

She shoved me out of the death trap I had her in, "Please, just one more time, please. I'll do anything. Please."

I knew if I looked at her eyes than I was going to give in. I avoided her eyes, "After the stunt you pulled in there I am not going anywhere with you. I am not someone you can use to make someone jealous," I noticed her body stiffen, "You think that I didn't catch that. You aren't really subtle about the whole thing."

"You don't know anything--." She began.

"And I don't want to know," my voice turned cold. I notice a tear escaping from her eyes. Don't look Maan, do not look, "I am not someone that you can use, you understand that." Coldness was what I needed to give. She needed to know.

"Please try to understand," she weeped on, "I need to pro--."

"Prove, prove what," I snapped back, "that you can fake date someone to prove that you moved on. That's pathetic." I became colder, she needed to stay away.

"You know what, Meera was right," she began to tell me, "You are a cold and cynical man. No would ever want to date you, let alone fake it."

Pure anger. Her words spitted fire. She turned away, "I'll go home by my self. I don't need your help."

She walked to the road and I turned to walk to my car. The feelings that I were getting and the eyes. Those eyes that spoke volumes, that those eyes brought me to my knees. I cant stay with them, I cant. She needs to stay away, she has affected me. I sat in my care\ and looked out the window to see that she had gotten into a taxi and left.

I sighed and took off to the other direction hoping that our paths will never meet'


Precap: Maan calling geet'about what??Embarrassed

Part Four: Click Here

Part Six: Click Here



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hahaha i cnt wait to see meeras reaction when she finds out what went on..... oo why does maan ring geet...UPDATE SOOOON PLZ!!! x

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