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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 47)

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Finished the part...Going for a snack and than update....PROMISE...

I will eat fastWink

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiittttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg Dancing
i hope u update soon. wud luv to read it b4 i go to sleep.Sleepy
it's almost 1 in the morning hereSleepySleepyOuch

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Hello everyone...So here is part 13 as promised today....Hope you enjoy it...and if you dont (which will be reasonable at the end) dont be are welcome to through things at eggs (vegetarianLOL)....and chocolate would be yummy...
so without further wait...
Loves Does not begin the way we think it does, Love is a battle, love is a war; love is growing up.
-James Baldwin



The sight in front of me was too much for a single person to withstand. It was drugging me into a numb state of mind that thinking in a logical way ceased to happen. I was ultimately the puppet of my heart. My actions were consisted of what my heart was calling for and in the heat of this moment I aimed to walk away endlessly, away from the object that was causing me such discomfort. Maan Singh Khurana.

Without hesitation I walked to entrance of the venue to seek to make a subtle undetectable exit that soon called to a halt with the two other flames that have forever scorned my heart'




Sam was going to be the death of me. Could women sink so low that catching a ray of sunshine in deep trenches of the water be forever impossible? She threatened me for a dance, a single a dance that had no affect on me. Her endless twirling and touching to appease me and my body was for a waste.

Well, not a complete waste. She did happen to make a fool of herself in front the guest and her acting like an incessant fool added to my gratification. Seeing her in the lime light for the most awful reasons made me happy for she always deserved a fate worse than death.

As well as helped me from strangling her in front of the people in the crowd for her remark on causing more distress to Geet by doing something atrocious to her already mangled knee'




Looking into Geet's eyes I knew that she didn't seem to want to leave her side but something else forced her to. Sam's innocent act was to much a true innocent person to detect. A scoffed at the idea that Sam would actually get a chance to dance with me, let alone, get any type of feeling reciprocated.

"Maan, baby, a dance didn't kill anyone. But it can sure hurt others accidentally," a small angelic smile on her face that depicted nothing but pure evil, "especially if it someone as fragile as Geet," she nonchalantly placed her hand upon my shoulder and I brushed it off in full rage but she did not seem to falter, "Oh baby, don't be so stubborn," a glanced at her to show that I didn't care for the feeble comments and her baseless theats and I turned to walk away from her but she continued, "What someone accidentally drops water on the ground and Geet walks by? What if someone accidentally pushes Geet in a hurry? What if someone accidentally pulls',"She didn't finish but I got the picture.

My anger knew no bounds at this point. My blood boiled to a new extreme. The simple thought that Geet would be in pain set my body on fire. Centered at a single spot, my heart. That spot was burning in rage and fury and spitted fire at this heartless cold object.

I clenched my jaw that surely my teeth were to fall out. Gritting my teeth and spoke in a whisper that my sound would not carry at passing people, "You wouldn't," I hissed.

She leaned into me close to my ear and a laugh plagued her face, a deceiving smile and spoke a hushed tone, "Watch me.

I was rooted to this spot as confusion plagued my mind and animosity blew up in my heart.

A hurt Geet or a happy Sam.

A hurt Geet.

A happy Sam.

Swallowing hard and imagining a pain stricken Geet as the one sprawled on the floor a week ago flashed in my mind and my whole body went cold.


Geet wasn't a risk I was going to take.

Let Sam have 2 minutes of happiness and save Geet heartache of a month.

I grabbed Sam's arm and dug into her skin. Being gentle wasn't in my right now. I dragged her to the dance floor and I spat at her, "Dance. But don't expect something from me."




The song stopped and I relief came over my body and I sighed out all the frustration and anger that was boiled inside me at that moment. A turned away from Sam because her hideous and demon face would reawaken those feelings that I had just managed to leave my system.

"Enjoy this'Because it won't happen again," I continued to look away from her and I began to walk away in search of Geet''.




"Geet, honey. How have you been?" sweetness oozed from her voice but I found it to be pure bitterness. She could make honey turn into cough syrup.

"Where is your boyfriend?" she attempted girl talk. GIRL TALK, about MY boyfriend. Maan.

She slight reminder about my 'boyfriend' brought me back to my original escape plan from him but it seemed like I was cornered to a wall named Maan by a barbered wire called Naintara and a fence called Dev.

"He is'He is. He is. Somewhere," my eyes glances in a hundred and one directions to search for those dark brown eyes that always found me at wrong times but that moment when I wanted them, they were no where to be scene.

"He didn't come, that's so sad," Naintara patted my shoulder to comfort me with fake sympathy with annoying gesture.

"Tara, let's just go," Dev finally broke his silence. I looked at him with questioning eyes but he seemed to be avoided them at all costs. He didn't look at Naintara or me.

Dev needed to go find his courage from 'The Wizard of OZ'.

I giggled at the little joke that I hatched in my mind, but Naintara caught that giggle.

"Honey, what's so funny??"

"Nothing." As continued to giggle.

"Are you suffering from hysteria? Did Maan dump you?"

"We--." I wanted to tell her the truth but my laughter and her sudden interruption prevented me.

"Oh honey, so sorry." She smirked a little and came to hug me. I flinched at that sudden thought of coming contact with her, but my mind went into a dangerous territory as it thought why it didn't flinch at Maan's touch.

Why did a not flinch at the touch of Maan? What did he do? A touch from Naintara and Maan should have been the same. Maan was a stranger and Naintara was an enemy. If you put them side by side there should be no difference. However, the feel of Maan came with a solace and fervor that made me accept it.

A certain double meaning resided in his touch. A meaning that wasn't worth understanding, it was only meant to feel and forever submit to. My mind plunged into the thought of his hand at my waist as my heart eagerly wanted to reminisce at it and once again be able to have that same touch. My thought was cut short as someone interjected my reckoning on the situation.

"Geet. I got us our drinks."

I closed my eyes at that voice. My heart started to beat a faster and slowed at the same time.


That is the only person that it could be. Maan.

I felt Naintara's weight come off of me and a turned slowly to see if my judgment and my heart were right. Did I know who that was??

I turned complete and lifted my eyes open to see the sight before. To fulfill my hearts inner belief and silence my mind's demons on questions that sweet melodious voice.

Prevailing the face in front of me, noticing those lushes deep brown eyes first as my gaze transfixed upon them.

It was Maan.

A boisterous smile planted on my face. Maan saved me today. Again.

He walked up to me and gave me a cop and I noticed a clear white liquid that emitted bubbles. Sprite.

Looking at his cup I saw that he had Coke. Not any hard drink.

My happiness knew no bounds.

He remembered how much I hated people who drink from our conversation from the week I sprained my knee.

He remembered. I certain glimmer of hope awakened in me. I was plummeting into a whirlwind of emotion that forced the world around me rejoice in ecstasy of this moment.

However, glancing at the figure in the background that stood out as crayon in a pencil box shot is back into the ground providing no comfort or warmth.

It was Sameera.

My dream ceased to exist as reality slowing started to set in.

My eyes shot up to Maan in disbelief as the moments that happened before this reentered my mind without bearing any cushion for the fall I was taking.

A colossal smile was on his perfect face and he subtly winked at me.

I forgot.

This was a game.

He arms slowly started to come around my waist and it searched a perfect spot to be perched upon.

The same blazing feeling occurred but I was easily able to shoo it off for the agitation and frenzy in my heart.

Ignoring the flame was easy but that didn't mean that it didn't exist.

Yes I felt it but it wouldn't take me over.

"Sorry. Geet was getting thirsty." Maan lied through his teeth. Act, and act. What else could be one?

"Oh. Right." Naintara lowered her gaze at her sheer stupidity.

My mind laughed at her but my heart was throwing a tantrum for Maan. 

"Well, why don't we go to the dance floor?" She was only trying to get rid of us due to her own failed attempt at conning us.

"I can't," I didn't want to spend another minute here. With Naintara, Dev or even Maan. I wanted to go home and be with Meera, but seeing this is her engagement it would be impossible. So my only other friend, my pillow, was to keep me company.

The only other things that knew my secrets, lies, truths, and was there always.

"I'm crippled," I finished my thought.

"You'll manage Geet. Maan is a strong man. Right Maan." This woman was relentless.

"If Geet wants.."

"Why wouldn't she??"

"FINE." I screamed at her and shook all three, "A dance, why not." I certain demon took over, "Come on Maan, lets dance," sarcasm was in every word that I spoke.




Geet edginess and a certain abnormal behavior left me in perplexity. Something was bothering her and it was Dev and Naintara, something else, but what?

She turned to make an abrupt leave but while leaving she grabbed my arms and started to limp away as fast as she could to the dance floor.

Reaching the dance floor she added a mix or sarcasm and vexation into her voice, "Well, aren't we going to dance?"

Ignoring her snood comments I gently placed my hands upon her waist. She hastily placed her feet on mine as if she was a robot and perched her hands on my shoulder.

I wanted to question her sudden change but I didn't want to add salt to this cauterizing wound.

A slow number was played and in noticed Yash and Meera take the stage and I gently swept Geet to the outskirts of the dance floor so the main couple could receive a good spotlight.

 (Tu Jaame Na from Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahaani

kaise batayein
kyun tujhko chahe
yaara bata na paayein
baatein dilo ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein


Swaying to the music that spoke the deepest secrets that sojourned in my heart. Not wanting to further inflict pain into her body. We swayed as we circled around in the small corner of this stage we inhabited.

"Are you okay?" I wanted to know is I was adding discomfort to her. That I needed to stop or not.

She stared at me with blazing eyes, "Why? Am I that fragile?"

"It's just that you are not in the state to dance and Nain.--"

"Why don't you dance with your precious SAM." She looked away quickly.

tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
hmm milke bhi, hum na mile
tumse na jaane kyun, meelo ke,
hai faasle tumse na jaane kyun
anjaane, hai silsile


What had caused her such a cold hearted reaction and her blunt question that seemed more like an acquisition? What lead her to think of Sam, and your precious Sam? She had it completely wrong. I tightened her hold on her waist as I seeked her attention. Those two gentle and sweet eyes still burned like flames.

"Geet. Do you know what you are saying?" I questioned her half baked truth.

"Yes. I very much know. Don't worry. You no longer have to play this 'couple' game anymore'" she didn't finish her thought and left me in a perturbation.

tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn'
kaise batayein
kyun tujhko chahe
yaara bata na paayein
baatein dil o ki
dekho jo baki
aake tujhe samjhayein
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na

aaaa aaaaa aaa
nigahon mein dehko
meri jo hai bas gaya
woh hai milta tumse hubahoo
jaane teri aankhein
kiya baatein ki vajah'
hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo


What the hell?? What was this woman doing? Did she know the repercussions of this hasty decision? The actual thought of Geet not being with me was creating a hole deep inside. An empty endless pit of emotionless void. Geet was just in the heat of the moment. That was it'my heart hoped that it was it.

Hoping to convince her otherwise I attempted to seek her attention once more but failed as she was ogling at something in the distance. I looked in the same direction to find her object of admiration.

tum paas ho ke bhi
tum aas ho ke bhi
ehsaas ho ke bhi
apne nahin aise hai


She suddenly left my feet and ran or other limped quickly in the direction of her gaze. She simply and easily slipped away from my hands. In a single moment she left and I felt as if every step that she took made a vast hole that would never seal. Her leaving my hands caused distress and turmoil in me. I looked at her and she went and hugged another man. Who was this man who was lovingly holding MY Geet in such a sweet and full hug?

Jealously, anger, resentment, dismay, anguish and affection pulsed through my veins at the same time.

Why? Well if I knew the answer why would I be asking..
hum ko gile
tumse na jaane kyun, meelo ke
hai faasle tumse na jaane kyun ooonnn'.
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na
tu jaane na aaaa..
tu jaane na




Looking away from Maan I noticed a man in clad in black suit smiling at Meera and Yash.

My heart became more relieved and without thinking I ran, or rather limped to the object of my gratification.

A short stunning feeling scorned me as I left Maan's arms, the feeling of loneness, despair and dismay but fooling my heart I ran to him.

As I came near I reached open my arms and he welcome me with a tight hug. Silent tears feel out, tears of happiness for him or somber tears for Maan were still debatable.

I tugged in closer to the hug and whispered, "Bhaiyaa."

Precap: Maneet will meet? A leap (maybe) depends on the comments'Bhaiyaa a catalyst.
Part Twelve: Click Here


Please dont be mad at me...IM know..Distance makes the heart grow comment will totally depend on a leap of not...So please comment...even the silent reader....All to critque my writing..Nothing is perfect you know.

Havent edited...I was half sleepy when i wrote this...Edit Later


I added pics and color to the homepage long time ago...if you havent notice here is the link...And Veer Handa's pic didnt pop so will again later...Click Here

An OS..I wrote a while ago...A Sealed Fate.


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Originally posted by basicquestion1

waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiittttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg Dancing
i hope u update soon. wud luv to read it b4 i go to sleep.Sleepy
it's almost 1 in the morning hereSleepySleepyOuch
You may or may not like it....
1 in the morning...WOW its only 11 hereLOL
have fun sleepingBig smile

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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what a nice long, detailed update.
thank u so much for such a wonderful read.Thumbs Up
i luvd how maan came for geet's rescue. Clap
sadly geet is very insecure about relations. what dev did to her has taken a toll on her blind faith into ppl ...specially if it's a luv interest.Pinch
i luvd how both maan n geet can't stand any1's presence with eachother. geet getting jealous of sam Wacko n maan of geet's brotherLOL oh oh oh MY geet was soooooooooooo jaanu.

a leap??? sure it's u'r ff n can do anything with it but i wud just like to point out that i think their relation hasn't grown to that level where u save u'r self for only one soul for the rest of u'r life regardless of their feelings towards u.Heart Broken Heart
specially geet..may not be ready to just keep her self reserved for maan forever.Confused
nways..i'll njoy u'r ff any which way u take it forward.Approve

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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nice one

liked it

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
heyyyyyyyyyyy awesomeeeeeeee update
want 2 knw hw maan will pull geet aside n question her abt d guy she was hugging 
waiting for thm 2 confront eachother

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