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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 38)

zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
loved the ff pls add me in ur pm list...

best of luck for your exams

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
will be waiting till then

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
best of luck for your exams

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ibelieveinpink IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Please update soon!!!

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet coco

Please update soon!!!

Update in about a hourish....Pinky Promise. Big smile

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 6:49pm | IP Logged

Hello Guys...okay i am finally here with update number Twelve...I was planning to update yesterday....but as soon as i came home i fell asleep...probably due to relief...i didnt even watch Geet's epi till today....And Sweet Coco i am sorry that i couldnt update in an hour...My sis made a plan to go to the movies to watch Red Riding Hood and i couldnt say sorry...anyways here is Number 12.....hope you like it. 


Where Love is concerned, too much is not even enough.

-P. A. C. Beaumarchais




Hitting my head upon the pole left me in a whirlwind of pain but the ear splitting screech that came from below disregarding my pain in a heart beat. Clutching onto my forehead and ignoring the pounding pain against my skull I looked at Geet to see her state. What had caused her to let out such a devastating screech?

Looking below me, I saw her sprawled on the floor attempting to go in a fetal position. Her face depicted agony and her chest was heaving in distress. Those hazel brown eyes were screaming at me. The anguish and pain were reflected in those eyes, but more over there was a question, a question to me. They were asking me something, but what? My eyes could no longer bear to look into those questioning ones. Gazing into them would affect me to much. It made me care for her more than I cared for anyone. Maan Singh Khurana couldn't.

            But what I couldn't deny any longer was that she needed me right now, Geet needed to me.

            "MAAN," her head went into a downcast position and she called me out of my reverie, "My leg."

            She managed to say that between her whimpers.

            Instantly my eyes shot down to her legs that were in question.

            The sight left me horrified, her leg was bended back by her knee in a very uncompromising position. The leg looked pale, like it was drained of life. But my heart felt more numb and scared. Slowly I raised my eyes to look at her face.

            Her face was completely flustered. My heart became more still. That chubby and cute face looked more enticing and gorgeous when a small blush dared to touch her face.

            "MAAN." She called out again but this time anger replaced the pain in her voice.

            "DO SOMETHING!?!"

            What was I to do? My instants kicked in and I cupped in my arms and lifted her off the cold ground. I started to run, the adrenaline kicked in, and all I knew was that I needed to get to a hospital. That was it.


            GEET POV


            I couldn't feel my leg but the pain was still there. Guessing that my knee sprained due to the fall and Maan's foot stepping on it, the circulation was cut off.

            Panic override me. My heart began to race and mind became to get scared. It didn't know what to do. Than I noticed Maan looking at me.

           Maan. My heart became more relax and it understood that he could help. Not knowing why and not wanting to now, I gave into my heart after so many years and I called out to Maan. It felt nice, it felt amazing. Wonderful to know that I had someone to count on, someone to help and even care for me. I rose my expectation so high that if they failed to meet par, I would be ruin. Was that a risk I was willing to take?     

            Giving into the moment, I seeked for his help, by yelling at him, but the loudness was from my heart who didn't understand why he couldn't understand. We hoped together that he could.

           Than he did what I wanted, he filled me up with hope. He lifted me into his arms, and my heart and world rose with it. Feeling secure in my arms the pain in leg ever so slowly started to dissipate.

            His hands tightened around me and he broke out into a run. He tightened his hands around my body but touched my heart and soul. It felt as it his mere touch was healing me, healing those wounds that were afflicted on me years ago that never managed to heal because I didn't have the right medicine. Because right now, Maan is my medicine.


            MAAN POV


            Grasping her in my arms evoked a suppressed desire in my body and more importantly in my heart. The feeling that I needed to protect her and always remain with her. This feeling took over and I tightened my grip on her body so that no more pain would come to her, I didn't want to be the reason for her pain. I wanted to be the good and happy part.

            I continued to run with her in a death trap to protect her. Along the way, praying her wellbeing, along with holding back my emotion to fiercely grab her and hug her. However she was not helping me by cuddling in to the crook of my neck and rubbing her nose against my skin to escape from her pain. Her tight hold my neck pulling me down, giving me a view of her bosom and my hands curved around her calf mixing in with the sweat.

            She wasn't helping me but my luck came in when I reached the hospital and I let her go. As the nurse took her off I felt a pain in my heart. Like they were prying my heart open. I didn't want her to leave my arms. I wanted her to stay with me forever. I was become more possessive. No I was becoming more selfish. Whatever this heart wants, it wants it now and forever.


           GEET POV


            Maan let me go. My heart was in misery when that happened. I wanted to stay in his arms forever. The warmth, the relief, the care, the touch, the feel, the smell, the love. I wanted it all. I didn't care if I was becoming selfish. After all these years, It was time to become more selfish. But what is this relationship? I didn't understand but I didn't know if I wanted to or not'


            A WEEK LATER


            The doctors have diagnosed me with a sprained  knee and said that it would heal in a two to three weeks.

            This left me in total anger that I was going to be crippled for the next two weeks. At least next week. That was when Meera' engagement was going to take place. I had even planned to dance but everything was flushed down the toilet. My blood boiled at my helplessness.

            Everything changed when Maan decided to come over to my house twice a day to check on me. I would wait for the doorbell to ring and every time it did, I was on cloud nine.

            Meera wasn't allowed to answer the doorbell. Gripping my crutches or even limp my way to the door and open it to see his face.

            His face lifted my world.

            Just a simple glimpse added to my delight.

            He would take care of my like I had the closest relationship to him.

            Even if this was out of guilt I was willing to put everything on line to see the fake sympathy. My heart's craving began to rise and I did whatever to fulfill their demands. Not knowing why, I let myself emerge to this strong essence and I let him overpower me.

            He would eat with me and we would talk.

            Rather I would talk and he would listen. But at least he did, he stuck through ever single conversation we had. Whether it was about simple girl problems or what the weather was outside.

            I knew that it was his guilt but I ignored it.

            I loved these moments we had together because I truly didn't know when this fantasy will soon change into reality.


           MAAN POV


            Hearing that she had sprained her knee made my world crash down. I had caused her so much agony and so much pain that I needed to make it up to her.

            Everyday I would visit her house to see how she was doing and she was okay.

            However, seeing her open the door every time made me jump up in happiness like a little boy.

            Submerging to her eyes made to feel relief, and all my troubles would vanish away. Geet was full of life, and when talked, a word was impossible escape from your mouth. All you had to do is nod every minute to pretend you were listening and a certain glow would emit from her.

            My guilty intention to meet her changed into my desire and need to see her. Everyday I would just want to her rambling or tendency to yell at the TV during jeopardy.

Or those moment were she would blush at a comment about how beautiful she looked in her PJs or how I would tease her about looking hideous as if she woke up from a ten years sleep.

            I couldn't understand this relationship that we had. It was confusing but it didn't worry me. As long as I saw her I was perfectly contempt. Just being with her brought a smile on my face that I never allowed her to see.


            It was Sunday and Meera's engagement. I told Geet that I would pick her up at 6 and there was no need to come downstairs, that I would escort her down.

Getting out of my car I took off my coat and dropped in the passenger's seat and hurried up the stairs to get to Geet.

            Knowing that Meera wouldn't be there watching us was a breath of relief and since Geet couldn't go with Meera to go shopping with Meera and the spa due to her leg she was alone at home.

            I rang the doorbell and in less than 10 seconds the door opened. It made me ponder that was Geet already there waiting for me.

            She opened the door and my breath got hitched in my throat, my eyes were ready to pop out of my sockets and drink her up.

            She was wearing the most sexist sari in the world. A hot pink sari that hugged her curves like a second layer of skin. The sparkles in it glistened and glowed like the happiness on her face. Her chest became more prominent and her belly was in plain sight due to her pallu being tied up at the shoulder. Her hair was curled and draped down her shoulder making her back exposed. I hadnt seen her back but if her front was this exquisite I couldn't imagine what the back would tempt me to do.

            "Maan let's go," she turned and I had complete view of her back. This woman is a temptress, may she know it or not.

            She blouse was hooked together by a small band that came together at the middle of her back. This allowed me to notice her flawless skin and her trench of which her spine would run along. This would make any man in the world go crazy, and I was one of them.

            She grabbed her purse and turned, "Come on."

            I coughed to get my breath and circulation to keep going.

            "Um..Yes." than I noticed something that I couldn't imagine how I forgot, "Geet your crutches."

            "Come on Maan. I can walk perfectly fine. Well I can limp perfectly fine. And no way am I going to wear crutches and slouch myself in this amazing sari. Hell no."

            I sighed to let my frustration out but Geet didn't let me defend the crutches and she limped out house and locked it before a word could escape, "Let's go."

            I attempted to not look at her but my eyes found a way to her body and than locked with her eyes and we had a connection. As if our eyes had the conversation and we were just vessels for them. We needed these eyes to grow this relationship or else we would be lost and ultimately alone.


            We reached the venue and we walked in to be greeted by my friend, Rahul.

            His eyes skimmed Geet from top to bottom and anger erupted from me. How dare he look at my Geet?

            My arms wrapped around her waist and I pushed her to me.

            First to protect her from Rahul and second to fell her satin skin under my arms was my own heaven that scorched me with its touch.

            I was swimming in treacherous waters but as long as Geet was with me, all would be well.

            "Rahul could you excuse." Geet talked to Rahul but her eyes were focused on me.

            "Come on Geet. We hardly meet and when we do, you usually get paged. I thought you weren't even a doctor yet." Rahul spoke with her in familiarity. Did they know each other?

            "Sorry, but I need to talk to him alone." Geet was still focusing in me.

            "Fine, but later. Its me and you." He winked at her and left us.

            "Do you know him?" I asked with a certain level of intensity in my voice. I didn't want to know the answer.

            "Yes. He is pharmacist at the hospital and he is in love with PARI." She added an extra emphasis on Pari to make me realize that my jealousy was uncalled for.

            "Oh." Was all that came out.

            "Oh is right, so no need to be jealous."

            "No need to be jealous. If any, I mean any man looks at you in a wrong way, be it a friend or not, I will not tolerate it under any circumstance," I grabbed her by the waist and stared deep into her eyes.

            She responded with an equal amount of zeal. Once again our eyes began to start a silent conversation, they became fully emerged. The world stopped spinning for us, and only we mattered at that moment.

            The confusion about this relationship escaped me for a single moment, until I was called back by my past.

            "Hi, Geet." I heard that annoying high pitched voice again, "Are we having a romance time?' she giggled at her own joke.

            Why couldn't she just leave me alone.


            GEET POV


            I was drowning into the sincerity in his eyes. I wanted to go deeper. So deep that I couldn't come out and if I drowned I would be part of him.

            However this marvelous moment was cut short by Sam.

            "Hi, Geet. Are we having a romance time?' she giggled at her own joke.

            Blood started to rush to my cheeks to create a blush that has always managed people to go to their knees.

            I turned to limp to her but I felt something crawl at my waist and tug me closer. Maan's hands at the narrow part of my waist scorched my skin and left me in low shallow breaths.

            "Actually, we are doing nothing." I spoke in a very quiet, frail voice because of heat in my heart.                                                

            "Well. If you are doing nothing, can I steal Maan for a dance?" her voice was so sweet and nice that it made me question her intentions. But why would Sam have anything against Maan.

            "Sure, it.." I couldn't finish as Maan pulled me so close that no anatomical space could ever exist between us. He squeezed my waist and I flinched but the feeling evoked desires.

            He stared into my eyes, as his eyes told me that they didn't want to.

            "I only dance with MY Geet." He continued to look at me.

            "But Geet's knee is sprained, how can she possibly dance." There was another edge to Sam's voice that I couldn't pin point, "Right Geet."

            Her direct talk to me pulled me to look at her. Her face convinced me to say yes, "Maan, one dance. Than I am all yours." I played my part as a girlfriend.

            "See even she agrees."

            Sam pulled Maan's arm and walked off to the dance floor. I limped to find where Meera and Yash were. When I heard what song was playing I immediately looked at the dance floor.

        All I Seee'In Hersszzz Touch Wats D Fun ? Ah AhDo U Know Wht I Mean It Isz ?MmmmSup SupOoooooCan I Get YaOoooooCan I Touch YaOoooooCan I Get YaOoooooCan I Touch Ya


            Sam and Maan were in the middle of the dance floor and Sam was dancing around in the most sensual way possible. Her hands would go around his neck and even slide down to his chest. A chest that was very much visible.

 Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold MeTouch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara ZaraOooo Ooo Ooo (Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar HumDum Da Dum Da DumBin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum )                     
Sam continued to try and entice Maan but dance like a...s**t. My tolerance leveling was going to go away. She flipped her hair and played with her level while playing with MY Maan which hurt MY heart.  

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold MeTouch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara ZaraOooo Ooo Ooo (I Love The Way You Touchin Me, Feeling MeBoy Im Gonna Be RebellingBoy My''''..              

 My misery in my heart was to much for me to handle. I looked away and I felt tears start to trickle down my heart. How could forget? Men are total imbeciles. They make you feel like you can fly and than the next they clip your wings and leave stranded to find what to do next. How could I forget??? All men are the same...including you Maan....including you'....................

Precap: Is Maan in trouble'.What will happen to there relationship?????

The song part i am so sorry was perfect on mircosoft word but when i transferred it got messy...and this is the best i could fix it...Sorry

Sorry for mistakes...Will edit later....I am just relieved that i got this updated...IF was acting weird on me

Part Eleven: Click Here
Part Thirteen: Click Here



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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
lovely update.
u r an amazing writer. i hardly ever have a patience to read "the he said..she said" kinda tales. but i luv how u potray maan's n geet's feelings.
thanx for the pm n well written updateClap

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
awesome, loved this update
they are soo attracted to each one another, and it is evident that love and care is also present in their relationship
Why oh why did maan agree to dance with Sam?
Hope maan comes to geet and somehow they can dance together.. like her standing on his feet
hope you con't soon!!

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