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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 31)

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Hello guys....Me here will update 11...and i extremely hope that you will like it....and one more think please please please comment... it makes me feel can criticize it and tell me what i am not good at...but please comment..i need feedback....and please enjoy part 11 and there is a note at the bottom of the page so could you please read it.Wink


Gravity is not to blame for two people falling in love.

 ' Unknown




Seriously, what had just happened just a minute ago? Why was Sam giving Maan and me the death stare? Why was auntie praising my beauty like she has never seen me before? Not that I mind. Armaan being so melodramatic? And to top it all off Maan acting like a love sick puppy. What happened?

He wrapped his arms around my waist and proclaimed to everyone that he is my boyfriend, and than gave a bear hug, by the way I didn't mind it. Actually it was quite it of a relief and intoxicating, like I never wanted to leave those two pairs of arms. Those arms were my heaven and I could rest for them in all eternity if I really had to'NO. Geet you cant think like that. Take is out of your mind.

I focused once again and he pulled me into a room and as we entered I saw the nameplate read Miss Geet Handa. Wow'we were already here.

My train of thought vanished when I felt those the wonderful hand leave my waist and settle into a chair facing from the opposite of the desk.

Totally forgot about the situation at hand.

I sat down upon my seat and looked at Maan and saw his face in complete distraught.

The pain was clearly evident on his face. With the dry tear tracks, his messed up hair that still managed to look good, his bags under his indicating his lack of sleep, and his clothes that were worn awkwardly, His shirt untucked, his tie undone, and his vest unbuttoned. He was a complete mess and the news that I was about to give him wasn't going to make happier.

"Geet, listen. About what happened out there?"

"No, need to explain please," I stopped his explanation flat out. I didn't want to complicate this complex relationship because that would add to the turmoil in my mind. I just didn't need to know'this was a need to know basis'and this wasn't something that I needed to know.

"Lets just leave whatever happened out there, out there. Let's not bring it in here."

"I say that it is a deal," he scoffed it off. He didn't want to talk about just like me. Something we both agree upon, finally.

"So let us talk about Dadima."

His face shot up as I spoke the word 'Dadima'.

"How did you know that she is my Dadima?"

"Maan, come on. I thought you were smart. Meera is my best friend of course I know who Dadima is." I chuckled at his stupidity.

"Just continue," his voice when icy cold again. This man has more mood swings than I pregnant women.

"Yes, Dadima has suffered from a minor heart attack."

Maan's posture went rigid and hostile. The worry, the anger, the frustration and lastly the love and concern radiated off his face. This man was a puzzle himself.

"I heard that women are less prone to having heart attacks, so this cant be true."

He was in complete denial. This was always the worst part of the job.

"Maan. It is true that a female has lower chance in getting a heart attack but that doesn't mean that they are immune."

"But I read somewhere..."

"Not everything you read is going to be true. Dadima is well over the age of 50 which automatically increases her risk. She has already gotten to menopause which doubles. So in simple terms she is at the same risk of getting a heart attack just like male."


He stood up and slammed his hands on my desk. He was in denial, how was I going to explain.

I stood up and walked around my desk to reach him and I slowly reached him to sooth his aching heart. But I didn't get the chance once again. He turned and engulfed in his massive bear hug. His arms wound around my shoulder and clenched me to him very tight. He was going to have another breakdown'.I never thought in a million years that The Great Maan Singh Khurana would look like this.

"I cant'she cant'Nothing is going happened to my Dadima. I cant lose her, she is everything to me. She was always there for me after mama and papa passed and I cant bear it if she ever left. Geet this cant be true please tell me that it isn't true."

I weeped with him. This man before me wasn't as heartless as he made himself to me. He loved like everyone else, he cared like everyone else. This man was just a weak and frail and he sometimes too needed to have support. And at this moment I was his support and I felt proud. I weeped with his weeping heart and he found solace in this hug that he gave on an impulse.

I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Maan, Dadima is still alive and you need not worry," I patted his back as he untangled himself from me.


I wanted him to stay in my hug. I wanted it, I needed it. But how can I ask him to hug me, which would be awkward. I had not right, but I sure as heck wanted it.

"It was a minor heart attack, and it mostly because she was under a lot of stress."

"Stress?" he looked away from eyes but I wanted to talk into them and he was avoiding them.

"Yes, stress." I tried to reach his eyes but I failed miserably.

"Meera's engagement and in the long run wedding stress, looking after her family stress, and other things that factor into her life. And something might have ticked it off. But if we maintain her diet, regulate her blood pressure and relinquish her of her stress than the chances of another heart attack will decrease."

"Promise me it will."

Should I, "Yes, I promise," I said it and now it was done.

He straightened up and fixed himself up and was ready to leave the room but he turned around and looked into my eyes, "Thank you Geet. If you weren't here I don't know what I would have done."

Those eyes transfixed me and I know spoke for them, "Friends don't say thank you Maan, and anytime."

He smiled at me and walked away.

It didn't matter that he didn't say anything but he smiled and my heart instantly understood. I don't know why and neither do I want to, all I know is that I liked the feeling and I am going to try hard to keep it.





The rest of the day zoomed by quickly. Some minor cases anything really exciting, as Armaan pointed out, "This is day is boring, there needs to be more excitement."

"Yes Armaan what more fun could you get from checking on patient."

"Shut up Geet and stop making fun of me."

"Please, you don't need any help from me."

"That's right."

He froze at his idiocy. I walked away laughing as he processed what I said.


Lunch was same old. Armaan, John, Emily, Sam and I ate while we talked and laughed and did strange things. But I swear between our fun and games Sam looked and she just stared. Her gaze could burn a whole in my head. I kept away from her but than she talked to me and I finally understood her problem, and I actually felt sorry for her.


At home'well that was a whole other drama. Meera and her partner in crime Yash.

"Why didn't anyone tell me that this happened to Dadima."

"Geet, how could you not tell us," Yash echoed Meera.

"Do you realized how worried I was, and when I got there, nobody was there."

"It took us a whole hour to find our which ward she was shifted in'"

"UGH'Dadima is fine. And I didn't tell you because you were unreachable and you wouldn't answer because you were with Yash'.and about Maan or Auntie not telling you, take that you with them."

I stomped to my room and called it a night'





Bua told me to go home but I flatly refused but when she talked about my appearance and if Dadima woke up and saw me like this what would happen I left home immediately. I changed and lay upon my bed remembering what happened today'

Today was the worst day in history, but somehow it managed to get better. I think the reason was Geet. Something about her, something she did, or here presence made it all better. Geet, the girl who I didn't want to be near has captured so much that I just want her by my side.

She made my day. Even in this Sameera fiasco, and Dadima problem she didn't something, call it magic, but I was enchanted by it.

This enchantment made me open up to her and when she spoke to me it soothed me, it soothed my aching heart, and it helped it. It numbed it from the pain and when awoke I was free.



Geet Handa'.you are changing me but I just hope that it is for the best because this heart can only take so many pains.

I slowly drifted to sleep'




As morning struck I woke up from bed with a heavy head and heart. Yesterday's occurrences rushed through my head and I let out a groan. But as Geet came to my mind a smile crept to my face. Change'I need to try it.

I decided to go see Dadima but Bua called and said'

"Maan beta, Dadima is sleeping and they doctors are running some more test and there results will comes in after noon."

"Do you want me to go Bua."

"Nah beta. I am coming home and we can leave together after lunch."


I decided to go out for a jog and clear my mind for a while. I didn't want Dadima to see me in such an awful state of mind. I went to the park and started to jog down the pathway. I ran down the pathway and I envied the elderly couple on the bench, I smiled at the parents with their babies, laughed at the kids on the playground, angered at the young coupled in love, and ignored the looks of single women eyeing me. I enjoyed my peaceful jog'.




I woke up in the morning to get a call from a friend to change my shift with hers because she had something important to do. I didn't have to go until 2 so I decided to go jogging at the park'

The park seemed to add the tranquility my mind was going through as replayed the hugs in my mind. These hugs were true and sincere not those fake ones we did to fool people. I just couldn't get enough it.

I bumped into a person jogging in the opposite direction as I paid no attention to the pathway ahead of me.

I turned my head around and yelled, "SO SORRY," to him.

He turned and probably said something but I bumped into something else from my side and almost toppled over. Shutting my eyes tightly close as I anticipated the pavement to come crashing to my face but none of that sort happened. Instead I felt to hands engulf my waist. The touch was so familiarly that I purposely leaned into it. His chest was scorching my back as he held it tighter. My head leaned back as it snuggled into the crook of his neck perfectly. I opened my eyes and I turned my head to notice Maan Singh Khurana holding me'




I bumped into something soft and I turned to find it falling to the ground.

My instincts kicked in and my arms wound around her narrow waist and sense of enchantment swept over me. I was comfortable in this position. She started to lean onto me for more support and she head found a perfect fit in my neck. She finally opened her eyes ad she looked at me'

"Are you okay Geet?" I was concerned for her.

"Yes, thanks to you."

"You should watch where you are going. What if I wasn't here than what would you do?" I was angry at her response.

"Wish you were there."


"Nothing, I was just thinking'So what you brings you here." She wanted to change to topic but I smirked at her for she spoke of something I wanted to hear.

"I wonder what people might do at the park?" I teased her.

She smacked me on my arm and I faked an ow'.

"Well I don't know what you do but I am here to jog and that is what I am going to do."

She left me at the spot and continued her jog around park'




Geet you are a complete idiot. What were you thinking when you said that? Okay, you thought of it but why did you say it outloud.

You need to learn how to keep your mouth shut.

My inner chatter w as cut short as I felt an arm brush me. I couldn't help but look at his body once again he was Hot'no that was an understatement. He was sexy hot handsome devil that can trap a girl with his eyes. His perfectly toned body and how his muscles flex as he jogs and his long legs'I wonder if he as a six pack'

Stop It Geet.

"What are you doing?" I asked him nonchalantly.

"Jogging'as you can tell. But I think that you need glasses."

"Glasses..please..I have perfect 20/20 vision."

Why is he following me? I cant be normal when he is around'.




I followed her because I didn't want to lose her once again. I teased her some more by joking about her awful eye sight.

But than she changed the conversation on me completely that made me wish that I never caught up to her'

"I'm sorry about Sam"

"What? Why are you sorry?" I really wanted to know.

"She was looking at us like she was going to kill us, sorry."

"Sam should be apologizing about this, not you."

"Think of it as from her behalf."

"Whatever'apology accepted." I didn't care but I said it for Geet.

"Its because of her past that she did that."

My head spun to hers as we continued to jog.

"Past." I hissed at her.

"Yes, she fell in love with a guy and she didn't everything she could to make it work but he wasn't willing to." She gave an exasperated look, like she knew the feeling.

"When she saw us, she remembered what she couldn't have and that made me jealous and that is about it." She continued Sam somber story that was a lie.

"Jealous." At least that part was true, "Everything."

"Everything, she tried everything but the man isn't ready to listen and understand."

"What if he already knows the truth?"

"Did he hear it from her?"

"What if her did?" I questioned her again but this question stumped her again.

"I don't care. Whoever this man is, and I mean however he is, when I meet him I am going to make sure that he will never see another sunrise. He is awful person and he broke an innocent girl's heart."

I spun my head at those to remarks and was shocked to hear something like that come out of Geets mouth. Not paying attention to the road I tripped upon a rock that lay in the middle of the pathway. My body swerved to where Geet was standing and I knocked her down. I hit my head upon a pole and stepped upon something soft and fragile. Then next thing I heard was ear piercing shriek coming out go Geet's mouth that made me wish I was deaf''.


Precap: What happened to Geet? And Meera engagement'Maan dancing with someone.

 Part Ten: Click Here

Part Twelve: Click Here



I have a major'and I mean major test coming up that will basically decided my entire future, the SATs, and I really need to prepare for it. My test is on March 12th and I really need to study so this will be my last update for the next three weeks. But after that I have spring break for a week so that means lots of update time (if my teachers are nice)'So yes, no update till 3 weeks'I'm sorry.





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yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee me 1st read the part n comment

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great part.
thank u.

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awesome update Isha......All the very best for your exam

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Hey Girl! Thanks so much for updating and Good Luck with the SATs...been there done that...i know it's, rest, and eat a good're gonna do Ama-ZING!!!

The update was so awesome...truly truly enjoyed it and loved their park scene....uber cute!!!! Fantastic job babe!

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Nice update - Study hard for the SATs!

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nICE UPDATE AND ALL THE BEST for your exams.

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