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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09 (Page 26)

Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged
I loved the update.
Thanks so much.

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ibelieveinpink IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Good luck with the parade!!!!

Thanks a bunch for the update....OMG!!! It's so good and Maan trusting geet with dadi!!! Love it!!!! DO update soon!! fantastic job!!

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saumiee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
awesome updatesClap...i read all......i'm sorry for the late rply...& thnks for the pm Big smile

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gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 3:13am | IP Logged
great part........
do cont soon........

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
loved ur ff...........
its very interesting...............
i have sent a buddy req can u pl add me to ur pm list 

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NiVu-mjht1 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged
pls pls update ur fanfic soon yaar

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nan_10 Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
nice FF
plzz add me to ur PM list

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.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged

Hello guys...Well here is Part numero diez. Hope you like it.Tongue....okay i hope that it fits your definition of longConfused....and HAPPY EARLY ALMOST VALENTINES DAY Heart.....hope you have a wonderful time with whoever you go with or go alone (you can love yourself) ....anyways have a fun weekend and win some guys/girls heart that you love....Smile

Part Ten:

 I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

 ' Roy Croft


Maan POV


Geet walked away with a strange look plastered on her face. She didn't even bother to say anything. My emotions clouded my own judgment. I turned around swiftly and banged my hand, which was now a fist, to the wall. Bua immediately came running to me.

"Maan," she yanked me will all her might from the wall that my body was resting on, "What are you doing?"

Her voice was worried and anxious, "Ma is in the condition alrea--."

"She's in this condition because of ME," I growled at her but she didn't seem to back down.

"It is not your fault, its Sam--."

"NO." I growled again.

"It's my entire fault. I shouldn't, why..i didn't'I cant..this'my fault." I struggled to make coherent speech. I wanted to make sense of everything, I wanted to convince her'but in reality it was me who I had to convince.

I slowly started to slump down in the hospital chair. It was completely my fault for Dadima's condition. I let her once again affect me. Was I an idiot for letting this again happen. She had no right, no right at all but I was me who gave her the right to control me. I hated her for that. I shouldn't of let her affect me yesterday'This all because of her'




I couldn't stay in this party anymore, I was suffocating with her presence here. I wanted to go, I needed to go away. Finding the entrance I left without hesitation. Sitting in my car I drove away with no destination at hand.

I noticed a club called Ruby Sky. Caring less what it was I parked my car and walked in and headed start to the bar. I needed to feel numb, to take away the pain and the way to do that was to drown away my sorrows.

"What would you like, sir?" the bartender asked me.

"Whiskey." I flatly told the waiter, "Serve it until I say so." I ordered the waiter.

He faintly sighed and he mumbled some words, I hate my job. Like I cared, as long as I got what I wanted why should I care?

He brought me my drink and I raised the glass to my mouth and swallowed in one go, and the next one was already there for to drink up all my sorrows. I could I deny it that right and I also chugged this one down as well. Then came another, and another and another and another and another'

I think it was my sixth drink or eighth when I voice called out to me.

"Maan you know that you easily get drunk than why are you drinking sweetie," the voice was familiar, it was the same annoying and irritating voice that I have grown to hate with all that was in my body. It was her voice.


I didn't even bother to turn around. Sameera was the last person on the planet that I wanted to see at this moment so why the hell was she here.

I chugged down my drink, "Another," I slurred my words and starting to drift into peaceful state as I rested myself on the counter. I felt a hand brush off my shoulder as it slowly wound around me. I jerked it off but almost fell off my chair in the process but she helped me.

"Maan, sambal ke," she gently started guide me to my chair. I snatched her hands that were rested on my chest.

"Do NOT touch me, understand," the ground beneath me was shaking and I attempted to balance myself of the ground.

"Stupid ground," I pointed to the ground, "You are an idiot. Watch I will sit down and you will stop moving, that is how stupid you are."

I turned my face looking for the seat that I fell off and as I found it my hands started to pat it to make sure it was real and I gently sat upon the seat, "Ahhhhhh" I sighed in relief, "See you stopped moving you stupid floor," I chuckled as they obeyed me, "But the walls why are you spinning. I hate you to," I pointed at the walls in fury.

I heard a chuckle nearby and my eyes shoot up to the noise, "Why the hell was she here?"

"To make sure you are okay," crap. Did I say that outloud.

"I don't need any help from you," I poked her on her arm as I said every word. She grasped my hand that was poking her and held to her chest.

"You may not need my help but this heart needs your help," she tugged my hand closer, "Will you help it?"

Confusion on top of intoxication and I was suppose to make a decision. I closed my eyes to think. Her heart, her love. Love. She loved me, that was something I wasn't going to believe. I opened my eyes and blinked several times to get a better picture.

"This heart," I poked right at her chest and she gasped and closed her eyes, "This body," I slowly started to trail my hand down her body while trying to maintain my balance on the chair. I stopped at her knee that was exposed due to her very short dress, "I owe THEM nothing!"

Her eyes flashed before me and I stood up abruptly and attempted to walk away. But the walls and the floor were once again deceiving me. This entire world was deceiving me.

"Maan," she grasped onto my hand to prevent me from walking away in my misery, "I love you, I Love you will all my heart and I never stopped loving you and you know that."

"I know nothing," I shook her hand off and grabbed onto the random pillar on the floor, "All that I know is that you don't love me and I HATE you."

"Please don't say that," she pleaded me.

"Why? Because it is the truth," I was losing my self. My weight felt light as feather and blackness started to came in but I needed to say everything. I needed to, "After what you did to me, to my family, you aren't capable for our love. You understand. Wealth isn't everything, you know."

"But whatever I did was for us," she again attempted to handle me but I shooed her off. She wasn't going to touch me. She backed off and continued to talk, "I did whatever I did for your family. I helped your family."

"For MONEY," I yelled at her. But that shout took all my energy away, "I never asked for money, Sameera, I never asked'"

Darkness caved in and I was lost. I spinning into oblivion and was lost from civilization. But I was at peace for all around me was tranquility.





I woke up in the morning with my brain pounding against my skull. It was throbbing and the sunlight was burning to my eyes and left them irritated.

"Ughh'a hangover," I tried to shield my eyes from the sun and it continued mock with its intensity, "How much did I drink? What did I drink? Where am I?"

The surroundings weren't familiar at all. What the hell? Pink and yellow everywhere. Colors that I loathed. Stuffed animals and was that I doll collection. Where was I?

An amplified sound of a ting ran through my ears. I know tried to cover my ears. I got out of bed to notice that my clothes were not the same. I was wearing tracks and green muscle t-shirt.

"Who changed my clothes?" I mumbled to my self. 

I walked down the hallway and noticed all the pictures in the frame were of me. It was disturbing. I walked down the hallway and tried not to notice the frames. I kept my eyes down.

Who is this psychotic person who keeps picture of me? It ran shivers through my spine. I tried to brush it off but it was too strong to keep away.

I slowly turned left and entered the kitchen to notice a lady stirring her coffee.

I squinted and noticed that it was Sameera. I was at Sameera's house. Psychotic, now that makes senses. Than I noticed something that shocked me entirely. Did I? How could I? With her.

"Sameera," I shouted at her and jumped and looked at me with loving eyes.

"You finally woke up, honey. I hope your head doesn't hurt that bad."

"Shut up!!"

 I walked up to her and grabbed her shoulders and shouted," Why the f**k are you wearing my shirt??" She was wearing my teal shirt and nothing beneath showing her bare legs.

"Ohh..because''because we'I mean," she stumbled with her words.

"We WHAT? Sameera we what?" I held her tighter and she flinched as my hands squeezed her hard.

"NOTHING," she yelled at me, "Nothing happened."

I instantly released her and turned around and ran through my hand through my head and I clutched my hair as I let my frustration out.

"Nothing happened." I sighed in relief.

"Nothing happened," Sameera spoke again, "We were about to but you once again lost consciousness. But I wouldn't regret it if we did," I wanted to kill her for thinking so lowly, "But we have time now." She seductively sad that.

She hugged me from behind and kissed my on my bare shoulder.

"'wh**e!" that was all that came out, "I would never in a million years sleep with a girl like you. And if I did, I would regret till my last breath."

I turned and noticed my car keys on the counter and I grabbed them and left.

I left the kitchen, I left her house and I hoped that I left her life forever.

I went into my car and I drove straight home.





I walked in ignoring my surrounding. The questions of Bua and Dadima's taunting.

I went into my room and showered my self to get the awful stench of Sameera off my body. I furiously scrubbed the part of the body where she had kissed me. I scrubbed till I was fully satisfied. 

I got out and changed into my office apparel (same as the one in the show). I busied myself to avoid last nights' events and my throbbing headache that was starting to subdue.

I walked down stairs to see Dadima waiting at the end of the stairs ready to give me a lecture.

"Maan beta, where were you? We were waiting and I was worried sick."

"Nothing Dadima. I want to be left alone." This was the first time in a while I spoke so coldly with Dadima.

"Meera called and she told me who came'" she didn't need to complete her sentence for me to understand.

"I said that I want to be alone."

"Beta, its not your fault so why are you putting yourself through all this."

"Dadima please.."

"No'.I cant see you like this."

"I cant stand to see her Dadima. Everytime I see her I remember everything that we went through. The good and more importantly the bad. It reminds me of the deceit the lies she spoke and the deeds she committed. It reminds of how she stole my heart and how she played with and than trampled on it until she was satisfied. She makes me hate people. She makes me hate girls. She is the reason that I don't trust anyone because all people do is play with your emotions and as soon as they get what they want they leave you to die. You want to know why I don't go on dates, or even agree to marriage. She is the reason. You hear me Dadima she is the reason that I will NEVER marry, she is the reason I will never love again. UNDERSTAND."

All my frustration came out at once and but I was relieved but it came out on my Dadima.

Her face looked aghast. She started hyperventilating and she clutched her left arm so tightly.

"Dadima, BUA, DADIMA, SOMETHING IS WRONG," I yelled to entire house hoping she will hear.

Dadima collapsed onto the floor and paranoia struck me. I raced to her gently cradled her head in my lap.

"My arm, che-es-st," she mumbled as she attempted to speak above the pain.





Time passed away ever so slowly and my constant pacing in front the door didn't help either.



Still waiting.

Impatient, but sill waiting.


Extremely impatient.

Anger, Annoyance, Irritation.

At that moment I want to brag right in the room but Geet stepped with another guy.

"How is she? Everything is fine, please tell me everything is fine. What happened? Does she need anything, do you need anything? Is she fine?"

"Everything is fine Mr.Khurana." the same voice that I hated spoke from the door. I didn't bother to look at her but my eyes transfixed on Geet's, I pleaded in an unspoken language for her to save me today. Maan Singh Khurana in need of saving, that is a first.

"Geet, is she fine."

"Sam just said.."

"GEET is she fine," I emphasized on Geet to let her know that I wanted her to tell me.

She lifted her arms slowly and rested them on my shoulder and she gazed to into my eyes as I did to hers, "Maan, she is fine."

Her statement, her voice, she soothed me.

Something came over me. Whether it was my Dadima healthy recover, or Geet standing before me will affection, or Geet telling me that Dadima is okay with affection but whatever the feeling overcame and took me with it. I lost my sense as I drowned into sweet bliss. I grabbed Geet and took her into my arms and embraced her. My tangled into her hair as the other wound around her waist.

She relieved me, something about her made me believe that 'it was okay. That everything was going to be okay.' Whatever it was I wanted it, I needed it. I needed Geet.

For selfish purposes.

Yes, I am selfish.

I felt Geet's arms go under mine and her hands rest on my shoulder.

"Maan, its going to be okay, everything is going to be okay" I closed my eyes at those words. I let myself drown into this wonderful feeling, "Don't cry."

I closed my eyes tighter and felt a tear slip down. I was crying but I cared less.

"Maan," Sameera spoke this time and my blissful feeling came to an end, "Let's go into my cabin and talk about the details please."

"No," Like hell was I going with her. I looked down to see a confused Geet who was still in my arms but wasn't in my embrace, "No. I wanted Geet to talk to me. She is my Girlfriend." I pulled her out of my arms to take her in by the waist. I heard a subtle gasp escape her lips but I didn't seem to care and I pulled her tighter to me.

"Ohh'yes that would be prefect," Sameera hissed through her teeth as she gave me a death stare and Geet one as well. My instincts came and I pulled her closer to protect her from this hideous women.

"Girlfriend," my man that was standing muttered, "I didn't know. Geet how could you leave me dry. Its okay, you guys can live a happy life if you want." He dramatically exclaimed and chuckled at the end.

"Acha, this is Geet," I forgot that Bua was here as well, "Kitna pyaare hai, na. You are so lucky Maan. Geet, you are beautifully." She slowly caressed my cheeks as well as Geet's. I looked down to see a faint smile on Geets face. Indeed, she was beautiful.

"Mr. Khurana, Geet is still learning so could I please go with you to tell you the detail and clarify--."

"NO need for that. I am sure Geet is completely capable of doing the job."

Anger radiated off of her and I was proud. I hope she realized that I didn't want to see her.

I lead Geet out to the corridor'.


Precap: Why did Dadima have this sudden attack???..............Maan and Geet meet at a park and something bad happens'WHAT???


PS'.i posted this before but I will say it again'Thank you to all that wished me luck for the parade. 

and please ignore mistakesBig smile

Part Nine: Click Here

Part Eleven: Click Here

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