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FF:Love Strikes...Again?~MG~ Note Page 105 ~ 7/09

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Hi guys...well this is attempted in a FF about Geet and will will be told in POV mostly from Maan and Geet and the sometimes someone else.. i really hope you like it. I have a character sketch below and  part one as well.


Character Sketch:
Geet Handa
25 year old girl who currently lives in San Fransico in an apartment with her best frined from college Meera. She is a currently in Med School and is hoping to graduate in 2 years. She doesnt believe in love after being brutually heartbroken but will that change for her?
Meera Chopra
25 year old girl who lives with her friend Geet. Is engaged to Yash Patel (made him Gujarati). She is a social worker and her main target is to help Geet overcome her love block in her heart.
Pari Singhania
24 year old year who is friends with Geet and Meera but doesnt live with them. She lives with her parents who are overprotective and rich. She is a pharamcists and work at San Franisco Medical Center where Geet will join in 2 years.
Maan singh Khurana
27 year old guy. He is a cold and cynical man who only love his own family ( esp. his Dadima ) and gives a pint of care for the rest of the world.(occupation is the same from the show) He is soft and sweet but he hids it be strong from his heartbreak.
Yash Patel
Also 26 years old and Maan's best friend from college and own American Paints (chessy right). He loves Meera to death and Geet as a sister and wants her to be happy and loved.
Rahul Khanna
25 and the third wheel in the best friend category but doesnt mind. And he has the hots for Pari who ingores him but he doesnt stop trying. He is a pharamcist who works with Pari.
Dadima (Savitri Devi)
Maan's Dadima and doesnt like to reveal her age because she is young at heart. One wish to get her grandson married and see lots great grandchildren but it doesnt also work
Bua (Khushi Chopra )
 Maan's bua, Dadima's daughter and Meera's Mother. Her husband (Aman) died in a car crash with Maan's parents( Naina and Raj) but she lived for her daughter and her nephew.
Dev Kapoor
23 and one of Geet's friends from college and is dating Naintara Rathod
Naintara Rathod
23 GFto Dev and was Geet's friend in college. 
Veer Handa
Veer is the eldest son to the Handa Parivaar. He loves Geet dearly
and never wants to see in the wrong hands. He is a hotel chain owner and
doesnt understand why his sister is a doctor when she is an artistic young girl.
 Sameera Arora
A doctor and a collegue of Geet. She has a past relationship with Maan
but her own actions proved fatal for them. She wants Maan back under any or all circumstances.
More characters will be introduced as the show progesses...meaning when the time comes...LOL

They say lightning never strikes twice in one place but for Maan and Geet it striked twice but was it for the good or the bad. Will these two crippled hearts be able to heal eachother or will their ego and ignorance get the better of them. Will they fall after they have been stroke twice or will they rise and take the chance fate is offering...

INDEX: (click and goWink)




Part One: 
Better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. 
Geet POV



      "You love him you love still love him," Meera exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

       "NOOO...i dont," i tried to say in the most angriest tone as possible. It worked for a split second and Meera paused in a our tom and jerry chase around the island in the our kitchen but she resumed in driving me insane but with a smirk on her lips...Urggg...Babaji why can't i be mean.
        "Which is extactly why you havent been on a date in the past...i dont know ...4 years...thats a bit to much dont you think," i stopped dead in my tracks and stared her down like i wanted to kill her...if only looks could kill, "and just now when i said he was coming to Pari's birthday bash tomorrow with his girlfriend you totally flipped out on me."
        "On the contrary i didnt say anything i ate my breakfast," i said in a matter of factly voice and then added in my head the thought to babaji to make him and his GF have the worst possible time in the world but that didnt needed to be added, "so how exactly did i 'flip out' "
         "Exactly, that is my point. You didnt say anything and you did utter one word. And Geet and no nonstop bak bak well that is unsually and that is not Geet so obviously you were angry or even...dare i say it...JEALOUS," she screamed at me ad ran as fast as she could into her room.
          I ran at lightning speed to grab her before she closed the door on me but luck wasn't on my side today..heck for the last 4 years. I got there right before she closed the door and locked it as soon as she entered. I banged on the door and yelled, "MEEERRRAAA get out here right now."
          I heard no response and i was getting more angrier but the moment, "MEEERRRAAA get out here and i tell you what i exactly feel for him." but again no response came out, "thats right you should be scared of me.
         "Actually i'm going to take a shower," Meera shouted from the other side ," BYE".
          So know she responses to me but before i can retort back to her i hear the shower nozzle start i know that there is no point in talking to her. i slump back into the the living room and fall dramatically on the couch letting out a long sighhh...Meera what will i ever to for her.

She actually thinks that i still love him. You have got to be kidding me i dont love him and or love anyone else in this world...well in the whole i love you and i want to marry you and spent my whole life with you type of love you...but either way him of all people in the world. After hecheated on me after he ruined love for me after i saw him kissing that...that ...that wretched girl..How could i even love him.That is totally beyond me...i may be strong but babaji that was because you where with me but babaji i am not that strong that i can forgive him or even fall in love again. 

          Anyways he has moved on and is "happy" in his life. "Happy" that jerk deserves no happiness i should be happy right na Babaji...If he can move with his life then why in the world am i going holding back because of him...wait. wait. wait you are not holding back because of him...he has no power over you, you choose not to go on dates or even make yourself available but know you are...your going to show him that you have moved on and you care less about him... your going to show that no good piece of annoying cra...
        "Emergency at the office. They found an abused kid i need to run over there," Meera broke my thought as she came out the door in a hurry, " Could you tell Yash that our lunch date is cancelled i might not be able to call him.
         She was hurrying towards the door and i blurted out ," I want to date someone again!"

She halted and made those dramatic slow turns towards me and stared for a second before putting on a serious face and saying, "Are you sure about this?

         Babaji what did i say ...i didnt mean it, it just blurted it out but i cant back out now esp in front Meera i cant show that i am still weak, "Yeah i am. Do you see a doubt on my face?" i forced my self to smile.
       "YESSS" Meera hurried towards me will a huge smile plastered on her face. She sat down on the couch at the same time she embraced me into a big tight bear hug, "i am so happy for you and so extremely proud of you...I love you I love you I love you."
        "I...cant...brea..bre..the" i managed to say in the big bear hug, "Oh sorry..." was all Meera said
        "Anyways," she started up again," you dont have to go hunting for men...even if thats fun to so sometimes...i have someone available for you. He will be here 7 pm to take you out on a date."
        "WHAT," my eyes popped open and my face got mad, "You planned You did this propose how did you kn--"
        "I didnt Geet...jeezzz calm down please," Meera said with an nervous look on her face, "Its not like i am a genius...not that you know of," she murmured the last part which i ignored," i just i know this guy and he is searching for someone and i thought you guys will work out...jeezzz woman clam down. I'll call him and tell him all the detail and i want you to stop worrying."
        "Yeah that sounds right," i calmed down, "sorry for flipping out on you..."
        "Yeah no problem. Well i'll call Pari and tell her to help you get ready and tell you about dating and what you should do and don--"
        "MEERA,,,,i dont think that fundamentals of dating are changed," i shook her furiously, " i dont need help remembering. 
        "Yeah will 4 years...long time." she ran for her front door as i stood up. She was half out when she looked back and said, "Seven 'o' clock sharp be ready Pari will help and make you beautiful the way you are...and BTW i am so proud of you." 
         She ran back and gave me a tight hug and i hugged her back for the first time in a long time...Meera was almost like my sister and someways more than my sister and today i reciprocated the feeling...i hugged her back and welcomed that unknown feeling back into my life the feeling was a isolated away from now build a bridge to me and made its way over and i was ready for it at least i hoped i was...
        She broke away from the hug when i said, "You're going to be late" she left to the door and made her way. I smile crept on my lips and i feel to the couch. My first date with someone...wait who was this someone...a date with someone i dont know...a blind date...what is he was a criminal or a killer or a druggy or a drinker...or ...or all of them...Babaji what will happen...and a date with him no way i cant do this...a blind date never...i mean seriously me on a date a blind date i cant do this. i ran into my room and grabbed my phone from the dresser and texted Meera


Sorry Meera i cant do this

A date maybe but a 

blind date never i a 

million years...i hope

you understand please tell

him no and i hope he understand

i am not ready


Love Geet 


         I sent the text to Meera and i changed into my track pants and muscle t-shirt and left to the place where i found peace and the place where lightning stroke...


Precap: Will Geet Actually go on the date? Who is her blind date?

i hoped you guys liked..tell me if i should continue or notSmile


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plz add me in ur pm list
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Hi...i really dont know how to pm people so it will take sometime for me to get use to it, but once i master it you will knowSmile

Part Two: 

True Love Begins when nothing is looked for in return.

Maan POV

I cant believe. How in the world did I get caught up in this mess? This morning everything was fine and now I am waiting in the car for a girl to go on a blind date. I am going to kill Meera. She is never ever going to this to me ever again. Ugh'how did this happen???


Flashback to today morning'


            "Maan where are you going," Dadima asked as I was headed towards the door.

            "Dadima you know where I am going," I turned around Dadima, "I am going to work, we have a very important meeting about contract that we need to sign." I turned around and rushed towards the door in hope that I could get out before Dadima melodramatic lecture began but I was to late.

            "Bhagwan'what will I ever do with this boy. 24/7 bas kaam kaam kaam. Aur kuch sochta hi nahi. Usko tho apni Dadima ki chinta hi nahi. Kya karo main iska'"

            "Dadima please," I shouted, "band karo iss filmy natak ka."

            "Kya natak Maan," Bua said as she entered from the kitchen, " Maa tho bilkul hi sahi bhool rahi hai. Kaam aur tum lagtha hai kit um dono ki shaadi karne paadegi."

            Bua laughed her head off and high fived Dadima's hand as they both started cracking up. Angry Radiated off me as I glared at them'if looks could kill'.

            "BAS. Ho gaya aap dono ka natak katham tho main jasakta ho, please."

            "Nope'Meera ka ahbi phone aaye hai aur uss ne tuhmara liye ek date paaki ki hai," Bua exclaimed in happiness.

            "What," I slammed the door closed behind me. Meera you are died..i am sorry Yash. How dare she set a blind date for me.. Who does she think she is? Well she is my cousin but really a blind date, "I am no going and that is my final say on the matter" I turned around and reached for the door.

            "Darr gaya bechara," Dadima said, "Maine kaha tha ki voh nahi jaye ga tho nahi jaye. Hum dono faltu main try'"

            "Parr Maa," Bua started.

            I whipped my head around, "Darr gaya Dadima, I am not scared of anything, I don't want to leave you guys alone that's why I am not going on the date. I am not scared of going on any date not even a blind date." I smilied that will show them, and they no longer had a good argument. How can they argue with their safety and health.

            "Maan you don't have to worry about us we are going to watch a movie with out friends, Right na Maa," said Bua.

            "Bilkul Khushi. So Maan you don't have to worry about us we are going to be perfectly safe and all our Kitty Party friends are coming and we are going to car pool right na Khushi." Dadima giggled.

            "Movies," now I am officially trapped great. Me and my big mouth I should of left when I had the chance. But maybe I still did, "Kaunsa movie."

            "Voh movie. The on movie Johnny Depp, the tourist," Dadima exclaimed, "You know Johnny Depp na. The really really hot'"

            "Dadima please, just go watch the movie" I wanted to avoid this topic majorly. Dadima talking about men 10 time younger than her I didn't need to know. But Bua and Dadima were having the time of their lives seeing me squirm.

            "Okay so you are going on a date and that is final," Bua said, "So it as 7 and this is the address be there on time please."

            Fine one date wont kill me. I'll go and then we wont meet each other ever again and I can prove to Bua and Dadima that I have a social life," Fine."

            "That's my beta," Dadima said to Bua and I swore I saw Bua wink at her. Dal main kuch kala hai.

            "What was that winking," I asked Bua.

            "what winking," Bua asked nervously, "Beta youre getting late. Don't you have a meeting to attend or something."

            I looked at my watch. Yup. I was late.

            "Bye" I said quickly and made my way off but not before hearing giggling in the back ground. Something was wrong but right now I had no time to worry about it'.




            I looked at my watch 7:15. She's already late, and they told me to be on time. I really don't have the patience to wait for her so exited my car and took the address paper with me. APT #12. I took the elevator to her floor and was about to ring the doorbell when it opened up and I say her all ready to go. I quickly scanned her. She was wearing a pink cocktail dress that fell right below her knees and a brown cardigan. Her hair was brown and straightened and was about to elbows. I scanned her face. She had she was gorgeous. She had minimal make up and jeweler. But her face was perfect the one of an angel. And those eyes' they spoke volumes. Those big almond caf colored eyes. I was lost in her beauty and I stood there as time passed away.

   Coughing broke my intent gaze on her, "So bhaiyya. You like her already don't you." Meera exclaimed as she shoved her out the door and took her place.

            I swore she blushed but I couldn't tell because she turned her head away from me.

            "Meera you are so d'" I started to say.

            "Yeah I know. Your proud of me. I already know." Meera gloated to hide her nerves,


            "You two lovebirds or soon lovebirds have fun," she slammed the door on my face and I was left appalled. I turned to her and her avoiding my gaze. This will be a long night'..


Precap: How did Geet make it to the date? First date, how will it go? 

Part Three: Click Here

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maaneet met Dancing
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