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~khamoshi~ Maaneet thread 2 (Page 91)

komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
me waiting.......TOO LOL

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me three

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 14

He was moving in passion filled with love, he was glad she understood his unsaid words understood his reluctance & accepted his refusal at first & then so lovingly she tried to cover his refusal with her need. He wanted to take her to her extreme best & eventually he did & they laid cuddled up panting & still kissing & still longing for more.

Next morning Maan got ready & selected again a saree for her. He just loved to see her in sarees. She didn't mind even though she was used to suits. But the way he lovingly selected her saree & matching bangels & bindis she just couldn't stop her self just dressing for his eyes. He waited for her to come out & watched her getting dressed. She was feeling little shy initially but when he began to dress her up she giggled in his arms. He held her fleets while she tucked it. By now he knew she was not very used to wearing sarees & she wore it only for him & he just loved her even more for that. After she got ready she one last time looked at him checking his tie & kissed his nose tip raising to tip toe. He blushed knowing she actually just approved his look.

They went to the dinning table. Geet went to the kitchen & helped pammi with breakfast. They all sat down for the breakfast. Daadi slide a envelope to Maan. He knotted his brows & looked at her questioning her. She smiled naughtily & winked. He opened the envelope & smiled & hid his face behind the paper. Geet curiously looked at him.
Daadi - kuch nahi beta, tum dono ka honeymoon trip ka tickets hain. 
She was embarrassed & went in to the kitchen.
Anni was supper excited - wow Daadi kanha ki ticket hain
Daadi - Switzerland
anni - thats dreamy na
she ran to the kitchen & hugged Geet. She was still feeling really shy to face every one.
Anni - bhabi lets go shopping & drags Geet outside.
Maan looked at Geet who really looked flushed with cocktail of emotions, happy excited, conscious, embarrassed. He smirked & looked back into the paper.
Anni - Daadi I am taking bhabi for shopping
pammi - wat shopping?
Anni - winter cloths & all
Daadi - challo hum bhi chalten hain
Maan clears his throat - main chalta hoon
Daadi kissed his forehead & went to in with anni to get ready.
Geet stood next to him & to see him off.
Anni - bhabi challo na, ready nahi hona
Geet - tu chal anni main ready hoon.
Maan knew she stayed back for him. As he walked towards the door she walked with him, waiting for him to say something.
Daadi screamed from her room - Maan tell Geet if u need anything
Maan - ji Daadi ma
Geet smiled & looked down.
He slipped his had around her waist & pulled her closer.
Maan - mujhe
she looked at him delightfully he pointed at her with his eyes & placed loving kiss on her lips.
Her cheeks turned pink understanding want he meant.
He pulled out some cash & gave it to her, she gave a puzzled look. He thought for a while, took the cash back & gave the whole purse to her. He kissed her forehead & left. She stood mesmerized with his gestures, the way he welcomed her in his life with all his love, passion & care wholely

Anni, Daadi & Geet went to a near by mall & picked up winter clothing. Geet somewhere knew they would never need any of them. She smiled at her own thought & blushed.
Anni - kya huwa Geet?
Daadi saw she looked pink - umm..already dreaming
Geet immediately snapped out - nahi Daadi
Daadi & anni laughed. Geet pretended to look some thing else & went to the men section.
She spend the whole time selecting stuffs for Maan, while Daadi & anni did hers.
Maan was already home when Geet walked in with the shopping bags. She heard the door close before she could see who it was a strong arms encircled her & hauled her back against his body. His hardening length pressed against her back. Her inside just melted. He turned her in his arms, his hot skin against hers.

She just instantly wrapped her arms around him, while his hand undressed her. His touch made her kiss him urgently tangling her tongue with his. His hands already made there ways to the strings of the strings of the skirt after undoing the blouse. As the dress fell in a puddle around her feet, she stepped out & kicked it aside.

He took her by the waist & carried her to the bed. There was no preliminaries, they just couldn't be bothered, Geet wrapped her legs around him as he sank into her. Maan she gasped closing her eyes tight. His lips were on her throat, her jaw, further down while he was moving, hard & fast hurtling her towards the chasm. She welcomed it, wanted it, desired it & craved it. Suddenly they were there crying out, moaning each others name still passionately kissing each other.

Next day Geet did the whole packing while Maan was busy with his office work since he won't be there for another week now. They both were really excited & looking forward to the trip. Geet was excited they would finally get some time to open up, wondered wat was left. She seemed to know him quiet well already & they just filled so perfectly each other. But the excitement was building, they felt mushy & tickled. Afternoon she texted him a smiley. He replied with 2 smileys.
She was about to reply when her phone rang. She picked it up in one ring in excitement.
He closed his eyes tightly he didn't know wat to say & she bit her tongue not able to express her anxiety. They could hear each others restless breathing. They smiled & together hit the phone on the forehead. He was about to cut the call when she just placed a soft peck that echoed through his soul. He just could cut it...he wanted to say something just wondered wat he could say to evince his heart felt anxiousness. I wan....geet whispered shhhh...& played a song for him

chup tum raho chup ham rahen
khamoshi ko khamoshi se zindagi ko zindagi se baat karne do
chup tum raho ....
he smiled & turned around so did she in the house.
(staff wondered wat was wrong with Maan) he straighten himself
aankhon mein kho jaaye aankhen bole haathon se haath
he picked her photo that he had on his table & kissed it
baahon mein chupkar saanson se jaise dole raat
hugged it tightly...she picked his photo & rolled over on the bed
ungaliyo ko ungaliyo se mausamon ko shokhiyon se baat karne do

Later in the evening he came to the room & played the song, she looked at him
honthon par honthon se likhe bin shabdon ke Geet
he placed his lips on hers & made love passionately..while the room echoed with their love.
dharati se ambar tak guunje jismon kaa sangeet
bekhudi ko bekhudi se aashiqui ko aashiqui se baat karne do
chup tum raho ...

their flight was at 11pm. They reached the airport at 8pm. She was not even able to walk, she probably want to jump. His heart pounded every passing minute. They didn't know why there was so much of thrill filling in them. He held her hand & walked towards the ticketing & security. As they split for security check his eyes continuously stocked her until she was back in his arms. Her fingers laced in his looked so natural, like it always belonged there.

Daadi has a sudden dip in BP & faints. Every one rushed her to the hospital. Pammi immediately called Maan & narrated about the ill health. It was not all required though, the whole family was there.

Maans face turned pale suddenly, his grip around her hardened. She could feel the call was something disturbing. She caressed his arms with other hand. He cut the call & ran his fingers into his hair restlessly. She immediately raised & dragged him towards the exit. They sat in the car & Maan was continuously on call with anni or dev to check how Daadi was. By now Geet understood Daadi was not well, she became worried too. The moment they reached the ICU, Maan barged in & hugged Daadi, Geet stood behind him & watched him breaking down in fear. He rushed out & held dr collor enquiring wat happened.
Dr - Mr. Khurana just relax she fine, it was just Low BP.
Geet carefully noticed Maan he was still disturbed a lot. She went to him & offered him some water. he could barely gulp down few sips.
Maan asked every one to leave. Geet wondered why he did that. After a while the waiting area was empty. Maan paced restlessly. She quietly came back & sat next to him. He instantly turned into her lap & hugged her. She warmly patted him. He was feeling guilty some where for not taking her, but most he was upset & worried for Daadi. geet understood that daadi meant the whole world to him.
He sat there hugging her dipping his head in her lap until dr said u could meet Daadi now. They rushed in to see Daadi
Daadi shouted - wat r u doing here.
Maan was still tensed & happy to see her fine
Geet smiled - Daadi we decided to have our honeymoon here & hugged her.
Daadi hugged both of them - meri wajah se tumhara plan spoil ho gaya na
Geet - nahi Daadi, waise bhi wanha bahut thand thi & we both don't like cold weather much, hai na she looked at him for an answer
Maan - hain Daadi
Daadi patted him lovingly - jhoru ka ghulam
Maan - Daadi main aapne daada ka pota hoon
Daadi smiled & gave another loving slap. Geet blushed hearing him accept so...

Uff Geet needs to study for her exams!!!!

SONG SUGGESTED BY  aashluvsmaan
thanxs a lot for all the beautiful comments
To khamoshi.. I am speechless.Hope u like it..
please please tell me how you feel

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basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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lovely update as usual. Clap
the choice of song was spectacular. i read the whole update with the music in the background.. it was a cute experience.
poor maan and geet couldn't go on their trip Disapprove
but i guess who cares if they r just happy in eachother's arms in their own house.

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb update
i wonder how they still mange to understand eachother without talking..
u r too good muskaan...u write very well..out of the world..
do continue soon..

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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awesome update.......... as usual u left me khamosh with ur khamoshi Embarrassed

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MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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that was great... loved it.. even without talking they still understand each other perfectly Wink.. & that Pammi uhhh she spoiled their honey moon Angry
 if they hate cold weather then take them to an island please Embarrassed

Edited by MsMovielover - 31 January 2011 at 5:48pm
Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Loved it...... Wats wid dis pammi....!!!ugh....

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