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~khamoshi~ Maaneet thread 2 (Page 112)

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
20-30mins more dear

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by muskanp

20-30mins more dear



thankyou di

plsss asap!
have to go but u r  holding me here
spellbound by maaneet's khamoshi...

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myedward12 Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
still waiting
my dear
princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess163

Originally posted by muskanp

20-30mins more dear



thankyou di

plsss asap!
have to go but u r  holding me here
spellbound by maaneet's khamoshi...
intehaan ho gayi...intezaar ki..........
aayi n kuch khabar meri fairy di ki.....
yeh hamen hain yakeen, late lateef woh nahin ....
phir wajah kya hui, intezaar ki............
time up di!
update de do ab pls......Star

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged

Part 15

Daadi patted him lovingly - jhoru ka ghulam
Maan - Daadi main aapne daada ka pota hoon
Daadi smiled & gave another loving slap. Geet blushed hearing him accept so...

Maan & Geet sat on either side of Daadi the whole night. They held her hand & slept resting their head on the bed.

Next day Geet got up early & went freshen up. Maan quickly followed her & locked the door behind. He wanted to say sorry to her for not been able to take her for their HM. He knew she was as excited as he was. She heard the sudden sound of the door behind, she got little scared, after seeing him, she sighed in relief. He dipped his head in guilty & walked towards her, holding his ears. She immediately kissed him pulling his hand away from his ears. He couldn't stop himself falling in love with her, every thing about her. His hands squeezed her waist & nuzzled her neck. She could feel high with his lips caressing her. She moaned Maan. He pressed himself closer to her. She blushed feeling him. She smiled & turned around playfully. Umm...he cried & rubbed himself against her back & slowly moving in a rhythm. She could feel the heat filling between them. His hand moved to up to her curves while she held his hand lovingly.

He showered some wet kisses to the nape of her neck almost feeling high. He could barely hold himself back. They heard the morning nurse walk-in the room to check Daadi. They smiled at themselves & straighten. She splashed water on her face, he sprung her around & took her lip in. his tongues invaded passionately exploring her.

He placed few more kisses on her forehead & turned to leave. She held his arm & pulled him back. His knotted his brows while his gaze passed from her grip on his arm to her face. She smiled & wiped the water droplet on  face with her saree pallo. He smiled & kissed her nose & went out.

The nurse were checking Daadi. Maan stood curiously waiting to know wat the reports said.
Nurse - all well Mr. Khurana
he sighed in relief
nurse - after the dr.'s check up u could take her home
Maan held daadi's hand & sat next to her. Geet set her saree & came out.
Daadi - tum log puri raat yanhi the
Maan rolled his eyes
Geet - Daadi hum tho aapke saat hi ghar jayenge
Daadi - tum logon ke naye naye shaadi huwi hain
both of them were little embarrassed knowing wat Daadi was hinting.
Daadi - I am planning another HM trip for u both
Maan was not happy about going away from Daadi at this health condition. Geet could sense his restlessness.
Geet - hume kanhi nahi jana, waise bhi main ne delhi nahi dehki hain tho inhone kaha hain ki mujhe delhi ghumayenge
he wondered when did they ever talk.. think about it..OH god we never spoke. But it never seemed for so many days. He smiled & shook his head
Daadi - ok .. tho Maan aap Geet ko delhi ghumayenge
Maan - ji daadi

After dr's check up they took Daadi home. Maan checked all the arrangements in the room. He didn't even for a minute leave Daadi alone. Geet served his & Daadi 's food in the room. Couple of days both of them spend with Daadi. Maan didn't trust any one. Geet didn't understand why he was so particular & didn't trust anyone. Strangely he trusted her more than anni, dev, pammi & NT. She liked it, actually loved it but found it odd.

They were married for a week now, they never spoke..she smiled at that thought but he trusted her more than his own family when it came to taking care of Daadi. She also never failed him, she did all she could to be with him, support him to take care of Daadi. Geet couldn't believe he is the same person who couldn't even for a minute keep his hand off her but for last few days he didn't move away from Daadi's side, not that he was not interested, he did hug her kiss her passionately now & then expressing how much he was craving.

After Daadi had fully recovered he naughtily looked at Geet & asking her to come to the room. They were just looking forward to get back to their room. She could feel herself getting wet with the thought of being with him. She knew how carnal he could get after so many days. He walked out gracefully until they walked out of Daadi 's room. As they stepped out he dragged her & rushed to the room. She giggled & followed.

Within seconds she lay beneath him, wearing nothing. Without a word he brought her close to him, she swallowed thickly her throat went dry as she saw the passion-driven way he removed his own clothes, just enough to free himself. She arched backward slightly crouching as he was entering her. Maan she screamed. He pushed rocking back & forth tight uncontrolled  while his fingers dug deep into the fleshy skin of her back. She shut her eyes tight, stars danced like a million fireflies behind her closed lids. Even as she came he continued. He lifted her higher. Thrusting at a new angle. Nothing could matter as his strokes became more demanding. When her body reached the pinnacle again, she screamed until she grew hoarse, as another o**** ripped through her. She threw back her head completely drained from her climax, her head fell on the pillow while her body rocking from the strength of his continued move..

She felt thrilled finally to hear him low deep growl & sweet feel of his flood filling her. Her thighs quivered, her arms shook, her entire body was blissfully numb as he moved away. He crumbled on her.  he lay on her back, his warm body pressing into her thoroughly satiated. For a long moment he laid on her, fanning her shoulder with his warm breath. He kissed her again & again craving more of her. She lovingly gave into his craving. 2 months had passed & their love & passion for each other just increased exponentially for each other; words never found space between them.

He dressed her up in his favorite saree like every day hugging & kissing every possible way. She got a call from Rano.
Geet - ji mama
Rano - tumahra exam ke dates aagayen hain
Geet - ji
Rano - tum kab aa rahi ho?
She was bit confused, she couldn't have left him & gone. Forget about him, she herself couldn't have stayed a day without him. She didn't know wat to tell mama. She probably didn't even want to complete her studies now. She wondered wat magic he has done on her. She was ready to let go off her studies, her 2yrs for hard work just to be in his arms. How silly she thought, she went silent unable to tell her mind to her
Rano - beta kab aa rahen ho?
Maan heard their conversation & saw her standing dumb. He shook her to answer. She blinked her eyes couple of time & wondered wat to say.
Rano - Maan ko tho kuch problem nahi hogi na
Geet promptly - aap unse baat kar li jiyen.
She expected him to refuse, knowing he won't be able to stay a without her.
He knotted his eyebrows & took the phone, still holding her close by her waist
Maan - hello aunty
Rano cleared her throat - hello beta & reluctantly beta iske exams hain aagle mahene se hain & she needs to prepare as well tho hum soch rahen the if u could send her here for few days
Maan - ji
he looked at Geet, she got angry & moved away from him. He tried to pull her closer, but she snapped made a face & went to the balcony.
Maan - she will be there tomorrow. She can stay until her exams.
Rano - that will take more than a month, will that be OK
Maan - that should be fine
Geet was really upset. Then she thought did he misunderstand her. She got confused. Did he think she wanted to go.. oh god how could he misunderstand her. Even if she wanted how could he let her go. She hated it, hated every dam thing, one month away from him & he just coolly agreed .

Geet going to Mumbai

thanxs a lot for all the beautiful comments
To khamoshi' I am speechless'.Hope u like it..
please please tell me how you feel

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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oh finally your updating status is up!
Been waiting for it all day :-)

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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the update needs some time to settle in!!!
First of all    YAYYYYYY!
M FIRST!!!!!!
now, the update.....
hot as usualEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Love the trust between them....
thats certainly the best part...
exams, ummmm.....
how will he stay away for so long.......
Swati wondering, shaking head for a no....thats not possibe......
and Geet thinking that he misunderstood her.....
well, thats even more impossible.....
love them aand their faith....
pls fairy di.....
continue thoda jaldi karna....
hum bechaare bachhe sookh jaate hain update ke liye!!!

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