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Can RBO Truly Revive???

saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:15pm | IP Logged

So while in some of our minds, we have concluded GOLDEN RBO is dead, some of us hold on saying NO it is in a sort of COMA and shall hopefully revive....because...of hope... since it was....

...A beautifully woven love story told seamlessly between several 'tracks' from dhulwaadi to bombay to Kuch Khass hai to Khanak leaving the house to Shaan following her to Paathshaala to falling in love to accepting it .so lets see...we had in all during GOlden RBo potentially 5 tracks.  each track giving us memorable moments....not counting  sunil-mad divorce... becos that was not a track that ever saw the light... 

THEN DHADAAM....something happens...whatever we want to call it...Channel taking over etcetra, 6 day format...RBO was chosen becos it had lowest TRPS...whatever

now it has been more than 1 month...almost 1.5 which lets say is the lifetime of a track...and what is it that RBO gave us??? leave aside the fact that the lead fell sick...leave aside we told the CVs what to do...if what they were giving us was so great,,,why would we tell them anything??...in the past one month...

Has any one of us gone and watched the episodes all over again on YT? Are there any memorable lines or words from the past one month ka episodes you find yourself repeating? Other than write constant obituaries for the show, raise each others hopes by constantly finding the need to hold on...what has really happened???

TODAY we are at a juncture where RBO can go upwards...because the upcoming track has immense potential to showcase and bring back what we have always loved about RBO...the shanak love story simply and realistically told....

OR it can go to the pits....because so far...there have been no signs of memorable moments???!!! hell no signs of WATCHABLE moments....

So my question is one of revival rather than survival... If yes, what is it that you are holding onto for it to revive? remember the question is not whether RBO can survive..it is more than that...question is of quality....can RBO TRULY REVIVE???

DT Note:

Even after several request members are not refraining from writing in Caps. Hence forth I am going to change topic headings without sending out Pms.. and if it gets to much for me to handle I am simply going to trash tropics. Please donot say you were not warned.
Respect rules and we all will be happy.
RBO Dev team.

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Here is what I AM holding out, hoping, praying, aspiring to see:
2. Khanak trying to "convince" Shaan, that Sunny or Sooraj dont mean a thing to herEmbarrassed
3. Shaan telling her how much he loves her, "showing" her how much he loves her...... and how much it makes him mad to see some one else occupying her thoughts.......... and why she shouldnt let Sunny even cross her mind leave alone let him park himself in her thoughts!
4. Shaan or Khanak behaving like an insesntive boor, and saying things which they regret to each other. Just kill each other with those super angry passionate looks, like he did after cornering her in post proposal scene "How dare you not love me and not want to be with me" types
5.Shaan pining for Khanak, coz she is in Dhulwadi, they fought over Sunny and she walked out
6. Khanak missing him in Dhulwadi
7. Both calling the other but not talking
 8. Him showing up at her door, Dhulwadi or Worli......... at Sam-Sunny'sWink
9. Blowing a lid, because Sam is not home, Khanak opens the door, Sunny is watching TVLOL
10 Forces her to go home with him, she throws a fit, like the auto/bus stop thingie
11 Vows to pursue her, and vows to kill Sunny!Embarrassed
12. When the trio is out eating, Shaan shows up there with a random clingy female fan.......... Khanak super jealous............ Shaan grinning but continuing to have a good time
13 Some verbal sparring in the parking lot, almost kiss and make up.........

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wooster Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged

I am waiting for the intensity of the two lovers'. as aditte and you said it!!!Clap

Shaan realizing that love is a lot more'. than cute moments  and consummation'the whole point  of this show is how these two mismatch can be a whole... when their differences are ironed out by their love for each other Tongue'. The test of love'.The ying yang theory'

 Chalo thoda nok jhok with some tears and some great intensity '(like the good old days in RBO) will make  RBO a  breath taking show in my opinion'I want Shaan to pin Khanak to the cupboard and this time she looks straight in his eyes and says I love you and only you'.. the pain in the boys face '.his own insecurities would be great to see'.but alas!!!Wink

 See if shanak has all the twists and turns of a love story'. and then khanak and Shaan can also have light moments like they go on date'hey by the way who won the date with shanak?? Starone'.???

 Also , the whole matchmaking thing with Rahul and Sam'also what's with Rahul and Shaan and the Dostana gone sour'salla!!! Zeenat bhi nahin thi in dono ke beech'.Sam!!!!! Hey bhagwan'men  and their taste for women' hahahah!!!Wink

  I really can't see Shaan with that guitar it annoys me!!! like I wanna get in to the TV and take that guitar and throw in the garbage and smile sweetly and walk away!!! And bring Khanak and demand a Kiss' a real one !!!Tongue

  The school girls will not see'.such things they want to see Shaan with guitar and singing stupid songs and talking to posters'..eeeesssshhhh!!!

 Acha!  now going for a bath'. And going to watch Jessica lall'.. have great Sunday LOL'..


Nigahon mein dekho meri, jo hai bas gayaaa..

Woh hai milta tumse hubahuu..

Ooo, jaane teri aankhein thi ya, baatein thi wajaaa..

Hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo...

Tum paas ho ke bhi, tum aas ho ke bhiii, ehsaas ho kee bhi, apne nahi...

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SHANAKFANsaaaz-SYS-rafia 24iluvmanaraditeerooj-i.Dilwale.kubare

aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Tumne mere HINTS ko aur articulate kar diya like ONLY YOU CAN WOMAN!
I HATE that guitar also! So I will help ya
And OH YES! for that KISS!
Yep Oh yes for everything
Pinning on the wall, like its supposed to be done! He does that WITHOUT touching her before her ILU declaration, like ONLY HE CAN, and at the paathshaala
Some SERIOUS "upper hand" (I love it Rooj) by shaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWinkWink
Some flirting
Some serious talk in between flirting, JUST LIKE THE SCENE in front of the cops where Shaan says "Tuumhe meri bahut yaad aayegi" "Nahi aapko meri bahut yaad aayegi"
I mean they said such PROFOUND things so Godda--n playfully without making it sound like a bhashan man!

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 November 2010
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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
so are we are saying....




In the sense,....

what is it that is needed to revive the shanak love story in practical terms??? 

GET THE whole damn creative team back on payroll??? the ones who were there for the GOlden 5 tracks....

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
what i want...u guys hv already mentioned all those.....and frankly telling u that i m really very excited 4 the suuny track and that i wasnt for Rock on track.....and u guys can see that CVs knew it already that track was not so good 2 the fans that's why they r bringing another one (may be Kt's beemari could be a reason).......really want 2 see shanak's intensity...and more matured luv between them....and i wont mind more nokjhok.....

and as far as the revival of the show, i m def that it could revive....coz it was a tough tym 4 the Cvs 2 cope up wid the 6days formt, plus Kt's beemari....and the nearly bakwaas rock on track......may be the CVs were able 2 shape up all this but situation messed them all.....

and i m really looking 4ward 2 see the sunny track wid lods of hopes...pls Cvs dont break our hearts who r looking 4ward 2 it wid lots of hopes.....

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 August 2010
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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
@saaz as requested by u i am putting down my points on why i am holding to RBO
  Top most reason is ShaNak,,
1.Honestly i know that once the episodes become more and more in number it is very difficult to hold to the same track since some story has to be spunned for moving the episodes.
.I was knowing that more characters would be introduced sooner or later  since it crossed 150 episodes...So i was not that much disappointed with rahul/sam etc.,
2.I have this habit once i start liking a show i never ever leave it in the middle..the point is i never like a show coninously  unless there is something new.  ther is some thing new in RBO to offer so i continued ...
3.I like YMs conssitent perforrmance irrespective of who the coactor is..It is true she does the  best  with kt..But she does well with all others.,too.
.plus i always support female actors who really act  well in TV
 because some how i feel the males take away most credits since audience are mostly females and natural tendency to appreciate male actors is more..just brushing off females who hard work for hours..
.lik/love e kts acting too very much but i feel he acts well only with ym and not so good with rest..
3.u may throw baltis for saying this I have seen our neighbouring show how hopeless and unrealistic it is having .nothing now new and yet the fans are all appreciative..and supportive always so much so that it is always number one since chaskameter has been introduced.
.So  after seeing that whatever they show in RBO it is much much realistic and interesting
..I always think if people can appreciate such hopeless shows without sense
What is wrong in our RBO it is million times better
Sorry i even curse crtics why cant they see such shows and feel our RBO is far far better
why these peopela re acting over smart and finding too many mistakes..(sorry for saying this)
But honestly I feel RBO fans(critics) are unrealistic a lot and they are not in touch with many TV shows and so expect too much  
  like veena said the other day they find out very minute things and go on lament over it instead of enjoying the show whatever is enjoyable.
so This fun aspect of enjoying has made me stuck to the show..
and when i said i am trusting swapnajis direction i meant the whole way she handles the human emotions  is very good. in a soft way appealing to females more...
.even in surajs eath and aftermath sequences she did not go overboard and she showed realistic problems of finance...and village culture......
also she made khanak character  agree for second marriage when she learns that shaans life is at danger without dragging these  problems..Shan/khanak talked for few mins and that is it the marriage happend...,
i think that Khan director(i forgot which khan he is) is a man after all so he might not be that much effective in analysis and directing the story from womans point of view..
though he did SR seq and all very well
yet this sort of  emotional seq are better and best directed by veterans like Swapnaji..
so now if swapnaji directs it will be effective emotionally..and also ShaNak romance will be more appealing to heart ...
 touching our hearts for sure..
and  saaz finally the more the number of epeisodes the more likely introudcution of additional characters as simple as that..this  is happening in neighbouring show as well.
So there is not point in telling Golden RBO and all that.If we wanted only Golden RBO then we would have stopped with 100+(may be 25 more episodes)  showing only Shanak..

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cutie-pieTrupti.PWooHooHaha21iluvmanarjyothi1989rafia 24.Dilwale.rooj-ibones88-Deepali-

rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Interesting post Saaz...

Ok here is my take on this and it will be long. 

So you have asked can RBO revive? well in all honesty that question is going to remain a question because u can't really revive something that had an original story-line coz then it's just plain plagiarism. With that said, however, the days of originality have long left the planet but what is truly left now is our imagination living on something that has already been created. We create stories from other stories and within a story we try to give more stories and what becomes or should become a story is plain entertainment. Some stories become a success and actually have something to attract readers/audience/ watever but some actually struggle and struggle and never reach the audience like it should. 

I hope you are not bored by now and still reading. And not confused.LOL

Ok let's move on and leave my phatey jokes alone. lolLOL

So back to my take on this wonderful topic (Good job Saazy). RBO started off with a story that was already taken from another story, however for the channel and for the TV it was still different. How? it is still beyond me to explain but I guess the actors and their actings or the story-line or the characters attracted, it is always one of these cases or the other. 

Yes RBO started off with Shanak love story, like any love story. In the Godlen Days, I really wouldn't know them too well, but from what I saw the story was simple and revolved completely around Shanak, which is fine because it was needed. But even then, in my opinion, there were a lot of mistakes on some of direction, dialogues, tech issues and what not but still the story was good and the characters were able to attract audience. What happened after Shanak fell in love and confessed is something no one could really figure out because again, like many channels, StarOne made a mistake of stepping in and taking the matters into their hand. 

However I would argue that even if they had not stepped in or if there was no Rock On track, what would we be asking for? The true RBO was done and over with once the realization hit both leads. Yes I know there are endless possibilities to explore different stories that were left hanging but let me ask you, the essence of the show's story is mainly cute romance with as less of serious stuff as possible, right? So how would bringing in the Sunil-Madhavi divorce matter or stuff like Mr. Agerwal's revenge would make the story a light-hearted romantic story? In my opinion it would become another one of Ekta show. Don't get me wrong guys, I think Sunny track might bring the focus back to Shanak, but the true RBO story is done and over with.

The reasons why a lot of FF's here end quickly on a happy note is because we, as writers, have nothing to look forward to. We want to end it on a happy note because then we all know the reality and well if we bring in some issues or the other, it is never the same. I'm not taking any writers side but I do believe that we can't really bring the true spark, the true idea back to a story which has already ended on a good note. yes there are things still left to explore but for how long? I mean after Sunny track, what are we expecting? How will we keep the transition going and keep it to the true RBO style?

So, in my opinion RBO's true story is done and over with. I learned that method long time back. Some shows are successful to keep the suspense and the essence of the true story going but others are not able to take it forward. I believe that revival of true RBO is not something that should be questioned anymore. I think we should question whether we can really keep the story going and still keep the essence of its true story? Do i make sense here? 

For me RBO is now just entertainment, no matter how much I demand a good logical plot but in the end it is entertainment. And that is the trick of the mind we all need to learn and accept. 

If I had written the same RBO story then I would go about different ways on how to keep the story long and still keep the true colors of RBO.

Haila I see so many people coming after me now!LOL Agar Anna hai guys toh thoda soft pillow ya phir kuch aur leka anna, hard cheez nahi!ROFL main nazuk hoon Shaan ki tarah!ROFL

Ok bad joke but hey needed to lighten the mood!

Again Saazy a good topic!


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