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--/MJHT Member Awards cont\-- pg.39, 57 [done] (Page 39)

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by yulZ

different hindi songs yarr ROFLokROFL man i am still wondering why u asked me that ROFLI thought u kept  DREAM sequence for u with GunjanStern SmileIts bcoz we behave like this. Can u believe on thinking abt samrat i start smiling to myself. So it is obviousStern Smile lolROFL my mom never catched me when i am blushing ovr gunji Stern Smile she only catches me when i am laughing to myself watching some comedy ROFL yesterday I was blushing over Pari di's siggies and I was caughtStern Smile my mom doubts me a lot when it comes to Samhit ErmmLOL Sid i m sure u will be dreaming too and yeah u laugh to urselfShocked we have a name for these kind of peopleROFLMe too even now i m suppose to study! Cool ROFL I guess I gonna have an early morning Sleepy same here ROFL they are not disturbing me thinking i am studying CoolROFL mine too but still i didnt study Cool ROFL
 ya coz i do the same to her nah ROFL i usually irritate her alot when she is in my computer toh ya revenge ROFLSid dont do that give her her privacyROFLits always tit for tat betw. us so ya i dont think this will ever happen Big smileROFLI knew it Big smile ROFLlol.. sometime i REALLI am studying but that applies ONLY during eggjam time ROFL i dont even sleep during those time Stern Smile Aww me too. I also end up crying Stern Smile crying ? Stern Smile why ? Shocked Well i end up studying at late night and my school is damn strict poor me! Cant even do daydreamingOuch So tears... Broken Heart ROFL

anyways Bie nishu Hug

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Ravjot: We're almost doneeeeeeeeeee!
Mimi: And Fanta thought we'd take forever. No faith *shakes head*
Fatima: Well it's all thanks to me we even got around to announcing most of em
Mimi: Uh-huh. Whatever you saySmile
Ravjot: This segment of awards will be known as the fan awardsBig smile
Mimi: Cuz all of em are a fan of somethingROFL
Ravjot: And since this is the MJHT awards for the MJHT forum which was for the show MJHT, why not start with biggest MJHT fan?
Fatima: How many times did you say MJHT in that sentenceStern Smile
Ravjot: Uh...4 times?
Mimi: 4 times=4 times the loveCool
Fatima: How'd you decide that?
Mimi: I just did *hmph*
Ravjot: And the biggest MJHT Fan is........nikki028Big smile
Fatima: Next up, why don't we start with the actors who made the show what it is?
Mimi: You mean MARS?Shocked
Fatima: YupBig smile
Mimi: Let's start with MBig smile
Ravjot: No R!
Mimi: M!
Ravjot: R!
Mimi: MAngryAngry
Fatima: Why isn't there an F?Unhappy Anyway lets just start with the M of MARS and go in order
Mimi: I winCool
Ravjot: *hmph*
Fatima: And as you all know, the M is Mohit so who's the biggest Mohit fan?
Mimi: It's someone who has her ID dedicated to him
Ravjot: -MohitzPari-
Fatima: Next is A, meaning ArjunBig smile
Ravjot: I love Arjun! *starts dreaming about SRK from Prades*Day Dreaming
Mimi: Didn't G make you a cool siggy and avi?Shocked
Ravjot: Yeah but we lost itUnhappy Plus it was through tinypic so it's probably goneAngry
Fatima: Uh....that's nice and all but you do realise this isn't that Arjun right?
Ravjot: Oh. Oops?
Mimi: Nope this is the real Arjun. So who's Arjun's biggest fan?
Fatima: It's nikki028Big smile
Mimi: And next is-
Ravjot: *cuts off Mimi* RCool Biggest Rati fanBig smile
Mimi: Which I think should've been me
Ravjot: Why? Cuz you plan on marrying her?
Mimi: YeahCool
Fatima: But are you as obsessed with her as her biggest fan? Do you know how many avis she's made of Rati?
Mimi: Well if it's who I think it is then I'm willing to give her this award
Ravjot: It's GagguBig smile
Mimi: Congratz Gagan diHug But just to let you know, she's mineAngrySmile
Fatima: Ok.... Anyway, moving on. It's time for the biggest Sanaya fan
Ravjot: And surprisingly it's not SidStern Smile
Mimi: No wayShocked There's a bigger fan out there?Shocked
Ravjot: YeahShocked I didn't think it was possible but it isStern Smile
Fatima: And the biggest Sanaya fan is sonali.19281
Mimi: Well since we went through it all individually, how about someone who loves MARS equally?
Fatima: Everyone has their own fav actor but there are those who love em all as a whole
Ravjot: And the one who loves them the most is nikki028

Mimi: We also have different onscreen pairings and from that emerged arti and monayaBig smile
Fatima: And since last time we started with M lets start with A now so artiLOL
Ravjot: Yes! Ha! In your face! *laughs at Mimi*
Mimi: Whatever *hmph* M is cool
Ravjot: Says youSmile
Fatima: *clears throat* As I was saying, there are a lot of arti fans on the forum, but who's the biggest arti fan?
Mimi: It's MayuartiBig smile And the ID starts with an MCool
Ravjot: =/
Fatima: And for biggest Monaya fan, any guesses on this person?
Mimi: Well here's a hint, she has a Monaya siggy in her dabba
Ravjot: And guess what! Her name starts with R!Cool Take that Cookie!CoolROFL
Fatima: And the winner is
Ravjot: -Ragini-Big smile

Mimi: Since we're on pairs, lets do Mayur nextBig smile
Fatima: Sure why notLOL
Ravjot: Biggest Mayur fan is... *sees all the MN fans looking at her, waiting to grab the award* Uh... *gives Fanta the award* You announceBig smile
Mimi: Stop being a scaredy catAngry The Macaroni I know wouldn't have been scared
Ravjot: *sighs* Fine. The biggest Mayur fan is.... myownareaBig smile
Mimi: See you did itBig smile
Fatima: And now for the biggest Sajan fan awardBig smile Mimz you're upBig smile
Mimi: *is surrounded by a crowd of SG fans* Help?Stern Smile
Ravjot: And you were telling me to be braveErmm
Mimi: Biggest SG fan is aahana86 *quickly gives Aahana the award and runs away*
Fatima: SmoothLOL And now for the charactersBig smile Lets start with bigget Gunjan fan
Mimi: And the winner is
Ravjot: It's
Mimi: Her!
Ravjot: That person over there!
Fatima: You idiots! Say the nameAngry
Mimi: WellStern Smile If you're gonna be mean then no *hmhp*
Fatima: Angry Fine! I'll announce it myself it's -
Ravjot: *cutz of Fanta for the billionth time* CandYlicious_SGBig smile
Mimi: And next up is biggest Samrat fanBig smile
Ravjot: But you already know who that is since she also won biggest Mohit Fan and Samrat of the forum
Mimi: Yup it's -MohitzPari-Big smile
Fatima: How come you guys aren't letting me talkStern Smile
Ravjot: You told us to shut up so we're mad at you *hmhp*
Mimi: Yeah *hmph*
Fatima: Fine! Lets see how long you guys can keep this up *hmph*
Mimi: We will!Angry
Ravjot: And on that note, biggest Nupur fanBig smile
Mimi: Oh oh oh! I know this one! *jumps up and down*
Ravjot: No wayShocked
Mimi: Yes wayShocked
Ravjot: Shocked Who is it? Shocked
Mimi: How can you not know?!Shocked It's Senny!
Ravjot: Guess what the next award isBig smile
Mimi: M!!!!! MayankCool
Ravjot: Well It's pretty obvious who this is. I mean, she just won biggest Arjun fanLOL
Mimi: nikki028Big smile

Ravjot: What should we announce nextShocked
Mimi: I dunnoShocked Should we go in alphabetical order?Shocked
Ravjot: SureShocked But lets do biggest Benji fan firstBig smile
Mimi: Well this member also won biggest Dia fan
Ravjot: And biggest BenIa fan...
Mimi: I don't think we need to say who the winner of these 3 awards are . I mean it's pretty obvious who it isROFL But if you don't know, it's shruti.nil
Ravjot: Goodluck trying to fit all 3 in your dabbaROFL
Mimi: So since we're going in alphabetical order, lets start with ABig smile
Ravjot: Which means biggest Adiraj fanBig smile
Mimi: I never knew she was an Adiraj fanShockedStern Smile It's *drumroll*
Ravjot: -MohitzPari-. And I made her make her own siggy againROFL
Mimi: MacaroniROFL
Ravjot: I didn't mean toROFL
Mimi: ROFL Well since we announced Adiraj, why not Suhaani next?
Ravjot: SureBig smile Any guesses on who it is? Yes? No?
Mimi: It's.........VioletScarfBig smile
Ravjot: And next one is?
Mimi: Lets do biggest Ash fanBig smile
Ravjot: It's meBig smile No seriously ROFL

Mimi: CongratzROFL
Ravjot: ThanksROFL
Mimi: Wanna know who Rohan's biggest fan is?
Ravjot: I think this is the first time on any forum where we have a FOUR WAY TIEStern SmileStern Smile
Mimi: Anything can happen hereROFL
Ravjot: I doubt any can guess who these 4 people are so how about we just tell you?LOL
Mimi: It's -Preeti-
Ravjot: -Ragini-
Mimi: Ritu.mjhtv
Ravjot: And nikki028Big smile

Mimi: I say you all fight to see who the biggest fan isCoolROFL
Ravjot: And while you do that, lets announce biggest Ranvijay fanBig smile
Mimi: He was hotBlushing
Ravjot: Well unfortunately you didn't win this one
Mimi: It's ok I'm willing to give it to this person. Biggest RV fan is VioletScarfCool
Ravjot: You know Sidoo calls me RV? Cool
Mimi: Yeah but that doesn't mean she's your biggest fanSmile
Ravjot: Well maybe she is *hmph*
Mimi: And next up is Sheena fanCool
Ravjot: The winner for this award even made a VM on Sheena to show her appreciationBig smile
Mimi: And that person is -MohitzPari-
Ravjot: And now it's time for the last fan award. Biggest Shilpa Auntie fan award
Mimi: I love Shilpa AuntieShocked
Ravjot: Same hereBig smile But unfortunately we didn't winUnhappy
Mimi: YeahUnhappy Cuz someone loves Shilpa Auntie more then we do. And that person has a cool IDBig smile
Ravjot: And that person is a little faithBig smile
Mimi: Time for a coffee break *backs breifcase and leaves* 

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Do I have to give a speech?ROFL

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a little faithXSilentWishesXyulZ.MohitzPari...-Jia-..QueSeraSera

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Do I have to give a speech?ROFL

aww plz ROFL

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a little faithyulZ

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
WOW all r deserving people! I really love this update and the awards Day Dreaming ROFL

Congo Nikki di, Pari di, gagan, Sonali, Sumi, Mayurarti, Ragz di, Myownrea, Aani di, Shruti Violetscarf, Ravz, Preeti, Ritu.mjhtv and sabah Embarrassed Hug Hug Hug

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a little faithcool_shwets.MohitzPari.yulZragzz.-Gaganjot-QueSeraSeraNikki_Titli

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awwwwwHug  thank u guys for nominating me!!! congo to everyone!!!

Biggest Mohit and Samrat Fan- Well I guess its not ONLY me who deserve these awards!!!! each and every girl who has Mohit in her id....and even the ones who haven'tROFL........all of us Love him like anything....I am really happy and proud that Mohit has one of the biggest and craziest group of fans who love him like anything....WE ROCK GIRLS!!!!Cool
The only diff is that....some show their love and some dont!! I m telling this from my heart.......My each and every SGain friend deserves this award of being a biggest Samhit fan!! So these two are dedicated to my all sweethearts!! I love u all and ofcourse I love baby......more than anyone can think of!!Heart

Sheena and aadhu- NOW u dont expect me to share those tooROFL...THATs ONLY mineCool I m a PROUD aunty- aadhu fan!!!! sorry sid for taking ur wife awayROFL.........YES I M THEIR BIGGGEESSST FANROFL.......they have given endless rofling sessions to me and my friends!! :D

once again, OUR COOL HOSTS ROCK!! 

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a little faithrads14Meera1101GulaabiAakhein.XSilentWishesXsamratrocks-nautankidollz-yulZ-Priii-QueSeraSeraZumSrK.relentless.

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
Congo Guruji, gagan, anu, sona, Ragi, divz, aani, senny, sabah, Ravz, shruti, candy, and all...sorry I missed someone!!

@ Ragi - My sweetheartHeart....u deserve these awards of being biggest MS fan the MOST!!!! I love u...really happy for u!!! 

@ aani- aww my ROCKSTAR!!!! yepieee....biggest SG fan..yeahh u r jana!!! well deserved!! I m missing SG and missing u!! love ya!!

@ guruji- humm u r on a roll hun....I love u so much!! i hope u liked that AB siggy!!! mwahhh

@ Candy- aww my gunji......we compliment eachother like anythingROFLCool congo!! mwahh

@ ravz- huh?? ...since when??:OOROFL.....congo shongo ya!

@ anu and sona- congo to u guys!!! I love u both and missing u guys!! 

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a little faithMeera1101CandYlicious_SyulZragzz.-Gaganjot-QueSeraSeraZumSrK.Nikki_Titli

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congo to all d winners gagan,sennyHug

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a little faithyulZ-Gaganjot-Nikki_Titli

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