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Shree's parents go to her office, asks the watchman if he has seen her around today, and he says Shree didnt come to office today. He suggests them to call her husband to find out where she is, perhaps he will know. Parents deny she is married, but watchman insists she is, and that her husband comes to the office often. (kuttu broken to her parents at this point). Shreenath tries to describe her, but watchman knows clearly who she is. Watchman breaks the news that everyone in this stupid office must be married. Therefore Shree must be married. Anu's parents shocked, they return home. Shreenath raises his doubts about Shree- saying she might be married. They decide to look in her room for any letters she may have written (cant it be email?)
They find the marriage photo of Shree and Karthik. Shreenath wants to go to the police, but his father says they should go to RR's house first to clarify. Gayathri thinks this is a punishment for her for taking her away from her biological parents. Shreenath decides to seek Prem's advise.

Prem is awakened by his mother, Shreenath has come at this hour. Shreenath explains his sister is missing and they brainstorm on what can be done.Shreenath tells Prem that the watchman said Shree is already married. Prem doesnt believe it, but his father says it might be true. Shreenath says he also found a photo in her room, its the photo of Shree and Karthik in a wedding photo. Prem explains the photo is not real and explains it was for a purpose. Shreenath says the right thing to do is to go to Karthik's house to clarify instead of going to police station.
Shreenath goes home and the family discuss next steps. Gayathri is convinced Shree is married, so they decide to go to RR's house the next day (silly, what if Shree already died? Why are they not in a rush when the daughter disappeared)
Pallavi's house- RR leaving in the morning (as usual). RR about to get into his car for a batman type getaway, but before that sees Shree's family arriving in their car. RR invites them in, Pallavi does her jumping act to stop them coming in, RR stops her, and invites them in. Gayathri says Shree is missing, Pallavi asks them why they came here and not the police or aaru or kuLam (what a sensitive woman she is!). Shreenath says there could be a relationship between Shree's disappearance and Karthik. Pallavi says rubbish, Karthi has forgotten her, and that she is looking for another alliance for him. Pallavi says her son wont marry Shree ever. Shreenath says nonsense, they are already married...thodarum.

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Friday's update.

Today's episode was just to show what a boor this Palli is, and how henpecked RR is!  I really wanted to go in there and tell Palli to shut up!

Update for Friday, Jan 14, 2010:

Palli shouts that Karthi will never marry Shree, and Shreenath says there is no need for that, they are already married.  Since Palli says her son will never do anything like that, he produces the photo as proof, and of course, Palli says that it has been done with graphics, and she brings down the picture of Prem with Shree.  Shreenath explains that Prem is his friend and business partner, and it was taken at the opening ceremony of his new office, and he was also there at the time.  Anyway, Palli continues her screaming while RR stands by, silent (why don't you tell this boor to just shut up?  Scared of her?) and her parents are also silent as always.  They admit that Karthi also has not returned to the house since the previous day, and Shreenath says this proves his point and it looks like they have gone off together, which is totally unacceptable to the shrieking Palli.  Even Gayatri tells Palli that she is a very good person (huh>? after all this rude screaming?) but she is mistaken here.  Anyway, finally the Shreenivasan family leaves, and Palli doesn't even have the good grace to feel ashamed.  I can't wait for Palli to find out the truth about RR and that Shreenidhi is the girl whom she was good enough to lose at the bus stand long, long back, and she alone is the reason for Meenakshi to go off her balance.

A police inspector comes to Shree's house, and her parents give the information about Karthi's disappearance, as well as his parents' address, and the garland and neck (maalaiyum kazhuthum) photo of Karthi and Shree.  The Inspector goes to Karthi's house and gets the same screaming treatment from Palli (nee enna, un thathakkum naan mariyadhai thara maattaen!) and she produces the picture of Shree and Prem to prove her point that Shree has many lovers (yuck! how I hate that word and its misuse in these serials!) and the Inspector takes that photo with him.  He comes out and calls Shreenath and gets the info about Prem, his address, etc.,

Prem's father and the Dubai character are sitting and talking, and Prem's father finds out that the DC (Dubai character) has a painted mustache on him.  The Inspector comes, and the DC wants to know why the watchiman is coming inside.  The Inspector asks for Prem, then asks him about Shree's disappearance.  His dad keeps saying that there is no connection between Prem and this matter, Prem also says the same and says it has been four or five days since he talked to Shree.  In the meantime, the Inspector looks at this DC, and says he looks familiar.  DC also gives a good conduct and character certificate to Prem, and the Inspector says he will call if he needs more info.

Thodarum ...


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Monday 17 / 1/11 Archives ' Copy

The inspector questions Prem and Co. Shows THE photograph and asks -
" when was this taken?? And why did u send this to Pallu?" Prem says
 that it was taken during the office inauguration but " to Pallu?? Me?? no
way " Inspector as usual says " Please do keep me in the loop if you get
any news of Shree, ok??" As a  parting shot says that the police are next
to God Almighty- "photo anuppinathu yaaru, Shree enge nnu kandu
pidichuduvOm le " Prem's dad is SBT .

Gayathri and Srinivasan visit Nivedha 's house. Anu consoles them - looks
like Anu has never met them !!! Well, the initial "all will go well, Shree is an
excellent catch, I will talk to Pallu " from Anu, the latest developments are
made public. Time for Nivedha to spill " first encounter of Karthik - Shree was
a mOdhal.....later love... Karthik wanted to marry some one poor.....Shree faked....
.photo was taken for the job..Karthik agreed to lie..." blah blah. Not sure if it was
any consolation or more shock ..If Roja were Anu, she would have seen her
daughter "one hand " !!!! Enna pOi?? Evvalavu pOi??? Ner vazhi onnu irukku,
athu theriyaatha unakku? apdi nnu Margazhi maasa Mandakapadi thaan
nadanthu irukkum !!!

Last segment - Shre's two wheeler is found near POrur lake - inspector gets
 informed who in turn informs Shreenath. LabO DibO from Gayathri - the whole
 jing bang goes to see the two wheeler ...


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Wednesday and Thursday

I noticed nobody signed up to do Wednesday update, so I thought I will do a quick summary for Wednesday and then Thursday (its not like a lot happened).- 
Sorry if its cashewnut behavior and someone already is doing the update...Wednesday update is very brief  Embarrassed

Palli at temple, spots Prem who is praying for Shree and Karthi's return and union in marriage (turned over new leaf?). Palli fumes, confronts Prem and accuses him of having affair with Shree (its a wonder he didnt slap her). Prem tries to explain but no use.

Prem visits Shree's house, all of them are very sad, he tells Srinivasan and Gayathri what happened at temple with Palli.

Gopi calls the inspector and complains to him that MK knows where is Shree and Karthik. Accordingly, police summons MK to the station and he explains he doesnt know anything other than following Karthi to temple. MK returns home and Selva knows her father was the one who filed the complaint because she saw him hiding and watching the police take MK away. Gopi looks guilty.

Gayathri polambufying about her daughter to herself. She remembers the past, when she picked up a crying toddler Shree on the streets. (flashback time).Srinivasan tries to console the wife saying Shree is a smart girl so she wont kill herself. Gayathri feels Shree is in some big trouble hence she had to leave. Husband and son try to convince her to eat something. Srinivasan says nothing bad will happen but Gayathri feels they have done drogam to someone (Balu I assume).

Patti's house- Balu reading the papers, finds the article about Shree and Karthi gone missing, and tells Patti about it, saying they have gone missing. They speculate whether they would have got married and agree they are good people so they would not have run away. Patti asks Balu if she can go to Karthik's house (doesnt know its RR) and advise Karthik's mum how good Shree is. Balu says he doesnt know where is Karthik's house. They decide to go to Shrees house instead. 

Aadhi and Shreenath speculating where Shree and Karthik went. Shreenath thinks both of them have got into some kind of trouble so its unlikely they got married since no friends know about it. Shreenath thinks there is some enemy of theirs kidnapped them. Aadhi remembers early conversation with Prem about how he wants to marry Shree and kill Karthik. Aadhi leaves, saying he thinks he knows and therefore will find that enemy (Prem).
Srinivasan house- more Gayathri RKO with hubby and son. Sleepy

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Tuesday - 18th January 2011  Episode - 191

Meenakshi crying for  Selvi.  Balu comes and finds that Meenakshi lost the photograph of Selvi given to her.  She throws a tantrum and Balu searches all over the house in vain.  Paatti returns from the market to find the house in a mess and is updated by Balu.  She goes to search for the photo outside, doesnt find it.  Tells Balu the same, Meenakshi wails more loudly and is on her way out. Paatti asks Balu to go and get her.  Meenakshi meanwhile bangs on the door, gets hurt on the head, Balu goes to get an auto to take her to the hospital.  

Scene shifts to Porur lake.  Divers searching for clues, two constables wait and is joined by an inspector.  The Shrinivasan family arrives.  Gayathri starts crying and polambing.  Keeps repeating that Shreenidhi has left them and gone, that she was restless (Palli is the root causenu sollungaLEn, will let her count kambi for sometime) Divers dont find any body.  Inspector doubts if she could have been kidnapped, or must have gone with Karthik.  Sends the Shrinivasans back and tells he would  update them (indha serialukkaa, what days??) keeps the scooty with him.

Meenakshi is being admitted in the hospital.  Paatti asks the doctor if she can be made to understand that the child must be 23 now and not 3.  The doctor says Meenakshi can be made to understand.  His friend Dr.Gnyanadesikan is coming from the U.S (innoru accent partyaa) who will suggest new methods of treatment. (Actually this doctor is too confused, first he said let her be admitted for observation, then said will give shock treatment and thirdly this american doc!) Paatti offers to go home and bring the food and change of clothes for Meenakshi.  Balu goes to get an auto for her.

Palli polambing that she cant sleep without seeing her son. It has been three days since he hasnt turned up.  Sivakami and Viswanathan blame Palli for Karthik going amiss.  Palli says it is all Shreenidhi's work.  S & V try to put some sense into Palli's head - nadakkara vishayamaa?  They very patiently try to explain to her that she is the only one finding fault with Shreenidhi, Palli says the vision of the whole world is wrong.  S & V tell Palli it is her  front anger (munkObam) which is the root cause for everything, her abusing Shreenidhi in the middle of the road, and also her sky jumping during girl seeing. Palli says she is the root cause of all problems (ammaNi adhuthaangO uNmai) all of them will be in peace when she is gone (24ct truth).  RR comes and tells S & V not to advice Palli, she is missing her son, and in no mood to listen to them.  (listen paNNittaalum)  Viswanathan tells Palli RR is also feeling for Karthik absconding, Palli shouts that all of them only are worried about Karthik marrying Shreenidhi, if at all they come garland and neck (maalaiyum kazhuththum) either they stay or she.  Sivakami looks like she would give one big paLaar, but Palli scoots.

SR calls her mother gives some money which she would take the next day to deposit in the bank. Her mother warns her that if she brings money home Gopi may steal it.  SR promises never to bring office money home.  Gopi watches.  In comes MK who is very worried.  SR and her mother wants to know the reason.  MK updates SR and family.  Wonders what happened to both of them.  SR says may be they met and married, but MK feels they may have taken some drastic step, because Shreenidhi was mentioning about suicide and stuff.  They all decide to pray for Karthik and Shreenidhi's welfare.  Gopi telling to himself - vaadaa maaps, you have gotten yourself into a problem, will utilise this situation to see one hand of MK.


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Update for Friday, Jan 21, 2010:

Adhi accuses Prem of kidnapping Shree and Karthik, Prem tries to explain, Adhi gets angry and grabs Prem's shirt, Prem does likewise.  Luckily, one of the girls in the office comes in (whoever heard of knocking and getting permission before entering a room?  Not here in serial land!) and breaks up the imminent fight.  Prem insists that he now considers Shree his sister, but Adhi is not convinced and he leaves, swearing that he will find the couple and get them married.  (Incidentally, it looks like what used to be Shree's house is now Adhi's office, and Shree has moved into a new house, which I noticed on the girl seeing day - did anyone get an invite to the grihapravesam?)

Palli's parents are in the garden, the phone rings, it is for Palli.  One of her friends asks her if she has seen the paper, Karthi and Shree's photos are there, and she wants to know why Palli wouldn't let them get married, was it a question of different castes?  Palli is angry, rudely disconnects (what else do you expect from Palli?)  She goes to the garden, angrily confronts her parents and demands to know if they saw the papers and blames the police for giving out these reports, blames Karthi for insisting on marrying Shree, blames everyone and stomps back into the house.  Parents follow.

Palli is angry with everyone, including RR, because he is always busy with his business and doesn't seem to care that their kudumba maanam has gone flying.  Dad explains to her that RR has gone to the police station after seeing the news report to find out what he can about the progress in their search.  She has nothing to say for a change.  Mom keeps saying What did we do to anyone to hurt them that this is happening to us?  Has she forgotten getting her daughter married to RR even before confirming that Anu had died?

MK comes out of a house and is looking for an auto.  RR comes that way, gives him a ride, and they start talking in the car.  MK says he feels that they have been kidnapped and that Karthi has not told his family everything.  The car comes to a halt, both RR and MK get out and talk (why do they have to get out of the car to talk?  I would think it more logical to talk inside the car, but then serials have no logic, either)  MK says someone tried to frame him for the kidnapping and he was taken to the police station, he feels that there is some plot behind all this.  He tells RR that Karthi was at the temple when RR called, and Karthi said he was at the hospital, explains the circumstances under which he came to the temple, saw them both decide to get married, and came there with Karthi the next day, but Shree didn't come.  He promises to help RR in his search, and they both get into the car again.

Wonder if Prem or his dad did the kidnapping?

Thodarum ...


Thanks, cool, for doing Wednesday's update, since I was going to watch it first and post it before doing today's post.  You saved me a lot of time.

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Weekly update for Jan 24 - 28, 2011:

RR and MK - MK feels Karthi and Shree have been kidnapped by someone who doesn't want them to be together.

Prem's father sees the newspaper item about Shree and Karthik's disappearance. 

Meenakshi is in the hospital and she seems to be recovering slowly.  She has begun to understand that her daughter is not 3 years old any more, but will return as a grown woman.

RR's mother and Balu go to Shree's house to see her parents.  There Shreenath tells them that Karthi's mother's name is Pallavi and she treated Shree very badly during the girl seeing ceremony.  Gomathy amma realizes that Pallavi is Karthi's mother, and she makes the connection that this is RR's second wife. 

When Balu and Gomathy amma reach home, she confronts Balu, gets him to admit that Karthi is indeed RR's son.  She is very angry with Balu for hiding this truth from her.  After he goes to the hospital, she sends for RR and Sundaram, tells Sundaram to tell RR that the wedding must take place between Karthi and Shree, regardless of Pallavi.  Sundu starts his usual dialog that Pallavi is sokka thangam, just short tempered, but she cuts him short and sends them both away.

RR goes to Pallavi's house, tells her parents that his mother knows that Karthi is his son.  Pallavi finds them talking upstairs and wonders if they are hiding something from her.

Pallavi sees Balu at a pharmacy, asks him what he is doing there, finds out that Meenakshi is in the hospital and insists on going with him to see her.  He is reluctant to take her, fearing that Gomathy amma will be there.  Luckily for him, Gomathy amma has escorted another patient to see the doctor when they reach there.  As is usual in serial land, Pallavi leaves and on the way, drops her purse on the ground.  Gomathy amma comes there, sees the purse lying on the ground, and returns it to Pallavi who comes in looking for it.  Later, as she is waiting for an auto, Pallavi gives her a ride home.  Adhu enna third rate hospitalaa?  I have always seen autos waiting outside hospitals and clinics, bringing patients and their families, so does this mean that hardly anyone comes to this place? 

Shree's mother spends her time in her daughter's room, looking through her clothes, refusing food and water.  She feels this is a punishment she is undergoing for the suffering she brought upon Shree's real parents.  Shreenath comes up to ask her to come down and eat something, she refuses to do so, but finally does so and faints. 

Shreenath and his dad get Gayathri admitted in a hospital, probably the same one where Meenakshi is admitted, if my knowledge of these serials is anything to go by!  When the doctor comes to examine Gayathri, she keeps saying that this is her punishment, he comes out and tells her husband that she was saying this, it is this that must be resolved first, as her fainting is mainly due to low blood pressure and this guilt feeling in her.  Shreenath tries to find out what the issue is, but his dad evades the issue and says he will find out what is bothering her when she regains consciousness.

Adhi and Nivedha talk on the phone, and Adhi tells Nivedha about his suspicion that someone who doesn't like the idea of Karthi and Shree wanting to get married is behind all this, says he knows someone who wants to marry Shree and is following that person to try and find out where Shree is being held. 

Pallavi drops off Gomathy amma at her house, gets invited in for coffee/tea, she declines, drinks water instead, asks about Gomathy amma staying alone, and finds out that she has a son living elsewhere.  She almost blurts out about her son but checks herself in time. After she leaves, Gomathy amma feels stupid because she didn't find out her name (and I kept telling her to do so from here, but she didn't hear me!).  I still don't understand how one can hold a conversation for so long, all through a car ride, and not ask this most basic question!

Thodarum ...

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