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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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 Chapter: 16



Lawyer: this a paper tht will help u find ur way

Nupur looked through the paper carfully '.it was a huge legal paper 'vievk sharmas will..and the other document was mayank's will'she was extremely surprised to c a cluse in it''..n more thn tht she was hell shocked to have it in her hand

Laway: here u are'.if u can make mayank sign this 'vivek will have to give u all rights on mayank'as per mayank's will'.'n he himself will handle shilpa

Nupur: when he did this

Lawyer: whn is was moving to london

Nupur:  why r u helping me

Lawyer: so making mayank sign is nt even a question'nupur he is like a son to me 'n I know shilpa is acting stupid..she will regard later that I don't want her to do '.thts y '.n else details are not important for u'.u enjoy ur part ..let me do mine'



Holding  the paper in hand she was tracing it with her hand'..shud I do this' I have this right ' yeah thik hai'..per wht shud I do else'.if Shilpa anty will take him away '..he is so vulnerable'.he cant 'he wouldn't be able to tolerate it n if he went again in same condition as per doc said'.makeing him cum is near to impsoible '''

I have to'.but dad

She move to his room n set beside him on floor

Nupur: dad'I need ur permission'.saying so she handed over the document to him

ND: wht will happen by this

Nupur; vivek uncle will loss his right on him'as per his will

ND: see beta I have no objection'.if its for gud

Nupur: dad can 'shud I do this

ND: yes'do u have any other option'but kya mayank many ga

Nupur: us se pochy ga kaun ..ill just tell him to sign theses papers '.thts it '..

ND: bst of luckmay GOD help u'I know ur intensions are right'..but wht u r gonna tell him'why r u asking him to sign

Nupur: he wont question I know

ND:  nupur until he gets recovered'..forget tht u evr made him sign this'.

Nupur: jee


Nupur: mayank'I need a favor from u

Mayank: from me'..ur kidding

Nupur: shut up'n stop acting like devadas pls'.will u or nt

Mayank: whn u start asking my permission '.

Nupur: she smiled'sign this

Mayank: where '

Nupur: here'..

He signed n gave it to her

Nupur: u didn't even question me '.she looked at him with all the love

Mayank: do I have to'..conveying the same emotion'..wht u can take from me'.whn u a ready to give urself to me'.whnn right now I have no one to hold me'u r there..n I don't want to question u..n insult our relation

Nupur: buhat baatein agia hian tum ko'with moist eyes

Mayank: hmm..tumhary bina sari hindi films dekh dali mein ny'she laughed 'per kal kya mein ny kuch

Nupur: kuch'tumhain kamal kerdiya janb''soon u will me perfect n can handle ur self by ur own'n then u will nt need me to handle'

Mayank: dnt u dare say I don't need u ever 'samjhi'.

Nupur: she smiled' cuming I need to give a slap on sum1 face'..mjhy bol rahy thy ..i have no right on u ..mhjy


She left

Mayank: u owe me dear'..every bit of my being '


Nupur: uncle '.i want to talk to u

VS: no need to ..i know wht u want to say'.i know u must have made mayank signed the papers'.i will make shilpa understand'.she can't cum in ur way'its difficult

Nupur: I mean no harm

VS: I know'..but it hurts ..n u cant help it


Nupur: so mr.shram kya soch rahy hoo

Mayank: mjhy bahar jana hai'.pls'.thori dair k lyan

Nupur: will u able to wlk

Mayank: bs yaha window tak'.mjhy bhar dekhna hai'.sab kasa hai''if I can

Nupur: she cuped his face'u can do whtevr u want'just u need to trust

Maynk: I have lost it nupur'.pata nhi jasay sari  hope hi

Nupur: shhh'asa khabi maat kahana'tum thik hona hai'apny lyan nhi humeray lyan pls'..

Mayank: tum asa kyun chati hoo'..he looked straight in her eyes 'trying to find sumthing '..

Nupur: tum yeah sawal pocho gay ..mein ny socha nhi tha

Mayank: tum mjhy waps milo gi mein ny yeah khabhi nhi socha tha

Nupur: tum mjhy chor k jao gay'.yeah bhi nhi socha tha

Mayank: yeah thi problem  humari ' socha who kiya nhi'aur jo kiya'.sab bena sochy samjhy'.im sorry

Nupur: me too'.shyad mein tumhin nhi smhaj pai

Maynak: nhi mein khud ko samhj ni paya '

Nupur: chalna nhi hai'agay

Mayank: chlo gi'


.he fwd his hand for her support..she sliped hers without even thing for a mere second'.he clutch it tide n tried to stood was difficult but he managed'.she slowly put his hand around her shoulder'he kept looking at her with oozing out love'.he knew hw desperately he wants her near'inside him'.he soo want to hide himself in her'.he got a bit misbalanced n huged her to get support'.she closed her eyes''in pain n in helplessness'he is so close'mine 'but not mine'..i have no right but evry right on him'..wht r we ..where r we'so near tht if I fwd my hand u hold it'but I open my eyes I founf u far away'..why mayank ..why  '


The broke apart slowly'she lowered her eyes..deliberately it has always been difficult for her to face thm'.he didn't 'seem as he was finding anw to his questions'seems now he is admaent ..n want her to see wht he holds for her'.

It was the same feeling she was going through but his time she was able to see so much passion n pain in him'.this time not only his eyes for saying it loud but his gestures his words where also'..shrugging away her thought'.sum og them wch her stupid as per her'...she helped him n made him sit near twindow'.

Myank: he smiled'.its so beautiful'..moon'full moon'romantic hain na nupur

Nupur: she chuckled'how he always found it romantic n how she always say what so romantic staring at it'..its more whn u put ur head on his shoulder n close ur eyes '.feeling his aura around u '..


She was stuned at next wht she felt'.it was his head on her shoulder'.she looked at him all in a painful surprise'but .he looked straight into her eyes as if he wants to tell her ..he mean 'slowly without breaking his eye contact he leaned to make her breathless..n puted his head on her shoulder again'closing his eyes slowly 'feeling her aura around him'..

She kept looking at him'.she was still numb 'an expression tht she found after so long on his face'was of peace'why he is doing all this' not agin'she will not thing like tht'she looked away'.again she steal glance at diifult ..i cant help it 'I cant stop my self ..loving n praying his closness..but ..last time u did al this n see wht has happened''tht only thing right now tht maters is his presence 'so near so urs'..just enjoy the moent 'forgetting past n future'today is wht tht matters'.mayb it woulnt cum again

He encircle his hand around her arms'.she flushed  n closed her eys in anticipaton'it has been years feeling his touch n this time its nt the same 'it feels different way different '..he was snuggling close to her'.she closed her fist 'she so want to hug him titght'.but she knew she cant 'right now he cant handle it '..

Maynk: thnku

Nupur: kyun'.she only manged to say tht in all the confusions n his sudden change of attitude'.

Mayank: asy hi '

Nupur; urn t welcum

With a jerk he sit straight n scaringly looked at her

Mayank: y '.ur leaving

Nupur: she smiled at his innocence'mind it mr stupid Sharma '.im nt leaving u matter how hard u try ''pataal mein bhi pohach jao gi samjhy tum''

Mayank: god for me'n he agin shifted to his old postion'..with little smile on his face

She sign wht a role reversal life is''.

A knock on the door ..broke their sweet moment ''.

He sit straight n looked behind

ND: hello guys '..oh gr8 '.so ur walking 'shabash

Mayank: trying 'he said looking down

ND: good'nupur doc is calling u'

Nupur: oki'im cuming ..she jumped of the window panel'.

He turn his face agin to outside'..resting his head on side..wall

Mayannk: nupur'.cant doc talk in front of me'

Nupur: wht not'.i'll ask him to cum here

ND: wait I'll do it


Doc: gr8 mayank..i so glad ur taking steps by urself

Mayank: thnks

Doc: next is we'll low down ur tranquilizer too'u might feel insomnia(sleplesnes).. we want ur sleep clok to adjust it self'may be ur anxiety also increase'ur anger too'.

Mayank: matlab mein aur violent hojao ga

Doc:han but for 3-4 days'.only'thn as know ur where 1 time a day drug'.u'll remain on tht'.but thn u;ll shift to alternate days n than once wk'n thn once mth'.n thn no more

Mayank: uff'tu mein kya 4 saalo mein thik hoga

Nupur: stupid sharam'.ur already on alternate days'.aj tumhain drug di

Mayank: tu abhi kiya diya

Nupur: uff who tumhary symptoms control kerny ki medicine thi'samjhy

Mayank: tum mjhy kyun data rahi hoon

Nupur: tum baat hi asy kertay ho'.nafrat hai mjhy is helplessness se

Mayank: mjhy tum se baat hi nhi kerni''.mein ghar kab ajo ga'.mjhy yaha se bahar jana

Doc: anytime'jab tum window panel tak walk ker saktay ho tu bahr bhi ja saktay hoo'..just u need engery '.

Mayank: hmm..oki'tu kal 'mein bahr jao ga'.he said to nupur'.

Nupur: je hazoor''.. aur kuch

Maaynk: baad mein socho ga..thnku                               


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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged

yay!!!! me firstParty

and yayy!! Nupur has all rights on Mayank nowBig smile
awww..... that moment on the window slabDay Dreaming awww.....Day Dreaming
that was lovely fizaClap

and I know that you are going to pm now, thanks in advance for datWinkLOL


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_TheJoker- IF-Stunnerz

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yayayayayay i am second..DancingParty
kitne dino baat mujhe koi achi si place miliROFL

the update was superb....Big smileBig smile
aww that was romantic sa sweet sa momentEmbarrassed
yup..!! now nupur has every right on himTongue
par shadi nahi karana abhi pls
mayank ko jaldi se thik karo phir shadi aur phir romanceBlushing
maza ayega naEmbarrassed
mayank jaldi se thik hojayega ab EmbarrassedTongue
awesome update api...Hug
loved itHeart
continue soonSmile



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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update dear..thank nupur has full rites on mayank.....
window scene was touching.........
u wrote nupur's emotions soooo well............
loving this recovery track....
amzing update dear..
pls do continue sooon...........

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valliyah Goldie

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Awesome update dear.............every word of their convo held so much intensity..............the clear visible in their eyes..........they need not any words...........i soo loved the accidently hug n their emotion being so close yet so far...........their closeness on window panel n the feelings arouse in them is so touchy..............the way u portray their emotions of contentment being close n restlessness n fear of being parted away at the same time is mindblowing..............great work FizaThumbs Up................come with next update soon very soon please.................thnx for pm..........!!!

Its 11 times that i read it yet couldn't get over it.............phir se padhna back to read agn.............!!!

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dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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superb update Fiza!
continue soon
nd thnx for the pm Smile

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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 so they are not married! kinda expected that. but still, i'm happy that shilpa cant take mayank away from nupur.

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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superb update
luved the window scene....dat was soooo beautiful
the way u described the emotions were amazing...luved it
cont soon

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