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Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Hey it was a beautiful update & d previous 1 also!i read bth d parts ritenow & luved it.....plz update sooooooonnnn Smile

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komal991 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
hoowwayyy kya update maree hay fizza bygod maza agaya! apni sister in law k lt per teri update perhe jalde jalde but maza agaya!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going sis!

love uu
komal Heart

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged















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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
sorry for errors havent chk them





She entered the house humming in joy'.finding a smiling father n a smirking frnd waiting ''..



Nypur: oye tu mera baap hai'

ND: I never question my daughter'encircling his hands around her'.n u guys sit ..i'll send coffee'

Smrat: hmm'tu kaha thi ap

Nupur: asay hi  thi tu vr chilling out'.y u didn't joined us'

Samrat: lo'I thought ur on date.. n my bro is nt as generous as my bros' love na

Nupur: she hit him'.shut up


Smarat: seeing her lost 'wht nt again '.why u think so much

Nupur: sami kal bhi woh pict k scne dekh ker kuch ajeeb se expression day raha tha'.smiling but very diffrntly'jasy mazak ur raha hoo'.mjhy nhi lagta wo aj bhi is rishty ko kuch aur smhjta hai'.phir khabi lagta hai k nhi asa nhi hai'hum agay nikal chuky hai'phir 'he has been doing ths for me alwys'.making me smile feeling me special'errrrrrrrr'.mein pagal hojao gi'


.she said being helpless from her own mind and heart


Smrat: I don't know abt u but I'll for sure'.nuppur im telling u ths is a high time a very high time u stopp behaving like ths'.end mein agr u'll loss evrythng so tht wont be my  fault 'it will b urs'.


Nupur: sami'rook'.


He left the place in anger


Few days later:



The national  tennis champion ship was going on n mayank went through all the premilanary rounds to reach the final'.


He was too excited a bit nervous'.


In dressing room


Mayank: mjhy daar lag raha hai..

Nupur: she take a hold to his hand'..just rember why r u playing 'u wont loss'.just be focused at ur target'ur the bst mayank'u 'll made it

Mayank: I know y im playin'.because of tht I feeling more nervous 'I cant afford to looss'

Nupur: just conc. mayank'just con'u will win..haina

Mayank: hmm

Nupur: say it 'I want to hear

Mayank: he looked in her eys..n trust n the faith she has'made him belive himself'I'll win for sure''


Nupur: tht like my stupid sharam'.go win 'tc


He left'n he went to the field to win'just win in his mind''


It was extremely hot day..he was playing very well'it was last set ..n bth player has won two sets each this was decisive


He was playing very good'.a shot at corner he was trying to pick whn he pulled his muscles'..


He screm in pain 'she stood up frm her chair'..all hell worried..she rushed towards his physician


Doc: mayank ur  muscle is really pulled hard

Mayank: it's a mtter of few games..pls doc do ka bad mein ek mth bhi n chal paoo no prbl'.

Doc: but it will hurt playing

Mayank: it ok'..

Nupur: maynk r u nuts

Mayank: nups pls'.doc do whtevr u can

Doc: I can just put this strip to stretch the muscle back ''u cant take medicicne'


He did the frst aid'n he tried to stand ..the pain was so visble at his face ..n her heart was aching at tht '.


He went n played a game..lost it he wasn't able to run to much'.knowing he is injured the player was throwing the ball at far ends..n he was struggling'.


Ahh'he screamed n ly down on floor


Doc n nupur bth rushed to him'.


Doc: u cant play mayank'u cant '..try understand it

She went to referee   n tell him to abandon the match '.


Mayank stood up all disappointed '.injecting a painkiller he was leaving whn she hold his hand


Nuur: tum hostel nhi jao gay'tum meray sath chal rahy hoo

Mayank: im fine'

Nupur: I don't care'n I don't want to argue'.ur cuming thts it '.her voice was extrmly admen''


He didn't have strength to argue so he silently walked with her'.


Nupur's dad opened the door'as she has already msg him so he didn't question a thing


ND: common in son''Nupur is ko room mein lay jao'..arm kero a akhir competition nhi hai yeah mayank''there will b loads more'


Mayank: I lost one''he said extremely disappointed

ND: its ok'mayank I don't expect such words from ur mouth'u have always lived life no matter wht'so its another bad day bs'....dnt stress ur self'go take rest 'v'll talk in morning


She was walking behind him as he dint like any1 to support him'..


Nupur: u sit ' just cuming back'..


She went to kitchen to bring sumthing to drink n  eat for him


When she entered the room she found him siting on the window'completely lost'..heart ache at ths sight 'she silently put the tray a side n started to move towards himm'..he might nt find it good or bad'but she did wht she felt like'.



Sliding her hands around his shoulder'.she puted her head near his neck''he closed his eyes t feel her touch n next he turn around to hide himself in her'.he hugged her tight 'hiding his face in her neck'.she grip him more to relief the pain he was going through


His inhibitions start to broke n she felt sum tears falling on her'.


Nupur; mayank'


Mayank: I lost it Nupur '.i lost a chnce to b closer to Mukti'.

Nupur: its ok

Maynk: no its nt..u know wht Mukti means to maa'I want to have it on my own 'u know wht this victory means to me '.


She broke upart n cupped his face'

Nupur: dekh mayank'ths was nt ur last chance ..i know wht MUkti mean to u'it ur only dream tht u wanna fill for ur mom'.the only request she has made'..but u ;ll do it'.teri pori life pari hai'mana k aj k match ke price money aur phir tu is match ko jitney ka bad 'davis cup k liyan qualify kerlay taa'.aur us k price money is se bhi zayada thi'but it doesn't mean k next year tu asa nhi ker sakta '


Mayank: mein khabi kuch nhi ker paoo ga'.pata nhi mera conc kaha tha'.fasool ki batoo mein lago ga tu practice kasay kero ga''..he hit his fist on walll


Nupur mjhy se ek kam nhi ho khud se'..mein ek cheez nhi ker sakta '.mjhy apny father name se bahar kuch kerna tha ..mein teen saal se try ker raha hoon ab ja ker mjhy entrance mili thi..aur mein finall mein'..


Nupur: mayank'.tum aur buhat tareeko se un k yeah sapna pora ker saktay hooo'tum ny shares mein bhi tu invest kiya hai..wah se bhi kuch


Mayank: common yaar yeah tjhy bi pata hai 'wah kab hoga yeah sab kuch''nups im disappointed with myself'he looked in her eyes sadly 'holplessness was so clear in his eyes'.


She hugged him back

Nupur: don't u dare'u need to get up n fight again complete ker aur phir business start ker'dkh kaha se kaha pohach jay ga


He remain like tht a for bit time''..he was finding peace '.a support he always want in his life'throughout his life he has fought alone all alone'.but she gave him peace, strength, believes,'.a shoulder to cry'smile to cherish'.moments to live'.n a feeling'tht will soon change his whole life upside down..



Im fine..u go take rest..

Nupurr: r u sure

Mayank: ya ya'.im nt planning to spend night with u

She hit him playfull..wiping his tears off'..good night..pakka don't get emotional

Mayank: hmm'..


He was sum where very angry on himself ..he loss n opportunity ..being in youth his irrationality took over him'.seem he lost evry thing ..though he just has lost a chance'his whole trust on himself as a person droped in a second '


Im nt capable of anything '.im just nt'mein ek itna sa competition per conc nhi ker saka'tu kiya kis relation ko sambhaly ga''


She hit her self on head'


Freak dinner rek ker aai thi bata na hi bhool gai'she went inside agin n remain frozen on the dorr'her biggest fear was standing alive right in front of her eyes


Dekha mayank dekha'.just once u complicated the relation n u get this'u where always right'no more mixing of rishto mein milawat'.n sapnao mein'just con on ur dream only dream'.itna idhorr udhar n ghoomta tu yeah na hota'.us din bhi colloge off tha'' n u offed practice tooo..waste of time'..


Tht was it she didn't have courage to listen more n she rushed towards her room


Mayank: ek din rukh jata'us k lyan kuch special kerna than a..tu champion ship k bad bhi hojata '.bara us se bool raha tha'ur evry wish will b granted..whn u just cant gave ur mom a gift how cum u can do this for ur love'..u spoil ur self..u lost evrytng'


.pls mom forgive me'I'll try agin..pakka I'll fulfill ur dream 'sachi '


He touch his throught like a child'.he was watching start ..beliving he'll find his mom saying its ok'I trust u'he looked back at the door in urge mayb she is back'.


Though he asked her to go away but he really didn't want her to leave his side'.he feel insecure whn parted frm her

'.he set on floor cursing himself again n agin..un aware of wht he has done 'whn actually he has done nthing '..


Rashing to her room she got a support of the wall..sliding down she set lifelessly on floor'..wht she was thinking n wht he thinks' was two poles ..complete apart nevr to meet'.she cuddle herself holding her legs'sobbing more n more'..he is still adamant at his thought of nt mixing any relation with other'n she thought he was moving on..he didn't regret anything cause he didn't felt the way she thought he might have'..


they are still where thy were before'..she at the edge to fall'.looking with hope tht he'll hold'.he  pushing her to fall' in thought ' tht she loves adventure of jumping off frm height'.un aware tht ultimately he will stnd alone far away frm her ''




Next morning


Mayank: oki uncle'mein hostle chalta hoon'I 'll b fine'nupur soo rahi hai us k bata day na pls..i don't want to wake her up

ND: such a nice boy haa'.u didn't want to disturb her dreamful slepp..i got it'

Mayank: he felt shy..uncle'.u near leav a chance to tease me''


ND: no son'life is all about loving it to fullest' don't disappoint me oki'.

Mayank: I wont 'I hope se'




Smart: yaar mat pocho diya'yeah do no na'.r completely impossible'.bhai tu bhai'..nupur ko bhi itni muskil se manaya hai k'its not any sin to love ur frnd..she was so firm on the thought tht no'I frnd is only a frnd'he trust u soo much n u shud break tht'.i hope bhai can change tht'.even tht day whn college was off she came huming in n than agin started her raam khata'no its nt right'..rishto mein milawat nhi hoti'..God these peple na



Mayank was standing just behind samrat he'supported him self by holding wall'.she didn't find it right she dint'smi is forcing her to believe so'.she isn't'she 'he closed his eyes to drop a tear off'.n move back to his room'.lying on the bed he hided his face in his pillow n sob for a min'..


Mayank: I am a betrayal 'im a betrayal'..mein us k trust thor diya'.us ko pata chaly ga tu..sami ki baatein tu woh seriously nhi lati ..sab kahtay hai islya she doesn't give a dam to it'.but wht will happen whn she '..i just can se hatred in her eyes'her trust shattering in front of me'.oh God'..wht I have done '.


Mein kuch nhi kersakta kuch bhi nhi'neither I can fulfill my moms wishes nor I was able to hold trust of my beloved'.but I really love her'.per'tht day she said'.


I need to ask her ..i'll ask her''.




She came upto c him'n found him again lost..ths time the fear of losing the only person around u was making difcult for him even to breath '.


Nupur: hey mayank


He looked towards her with an urge to plead her not to leave him ..never pls'.

She was sum how surprise n scared to see so many questions in his eyes'fearing he might get to know wht she felt for him'.n mayb he'll ask y she betrayed him


Mayank: hey'coldly

Nupur: kya hoa

Mayank: kuch nhi bs thora tierd hoon'.bs'.ur ok

Nupur: han mjhy kya hona hai '.im fit n fine


After a few moments of dreadful silence 'he collected himself to question her'.praying inside tht wht he is thinking is wrong


Mayank: Nupur'do u find relations difficult to understand


She was surprised at his sudden serious question

Nupur: matalb

Mayank: I mean can v mistake a relation with other

Nupur: hm'can be'.

Mayank: n whn we did wht shud v to'.or rather wht shud we do'.. nt to complicate them

Nupur: v shud maintain ther purity

Mayank: he looked at her 'asking his final question' relations shud nt be misunderstand with other '.right na


She hold her heart inside'.n looked at him'.he was finding answeres in his eyes n she was helplessly lokking in his'.he was praying tht she say no'.thy can grow as another'.she was in delima if said yes'she will loss him forever


Nupur: han'ek rishta ek hi rehta hai'.us mein koi milawat nhi honi chaiy '.


He looked away 'as he can feel tears in his eyes n tht he knew cant hide from her'.his heart stoped right there'.he lost the battle'.he lost himself'.


Mayank: Nupur im going to doc..cya

Nupur: hay I'll join u

Mayank: no'.he said in stern voice


He went off as fast as he could'n went to the roof top to hide himself from her


She kept siting her watching the door been closed...feeling the slap of fate on her face'.


He set down n hugged himself tight'..moving to n for..n trying to scream loud ..but his voice evn didn't low him to get out his pain'..he breath deeply 'he could'nt find air'.he closed his eyes'tears cant cum out'.his whole body was numb to react'to numb to react'..his pain was above scream sob aur cry'.he lost evryhing 'including himself'


Ring ring


He didn't want to speak but whn saw the caller id'



M: haan mayank'.tu thik hai

Mayank: mjhy yaha se jana hai..kahin door bus jana hai'koi sawal nhi poch na pls'.aur kisi ko nhi batna 'sami ko bhi nhi

M: mayank kya hua'bol beta pls'

Mayank: maa'kaha na koi sawal nhi bs pls'..mera yeah kam kerdo'per baba se

M: han'pata hai ..teri maa ka pass itnay pasay hai'..per'.acha thik hai'per tu mjhy se tu mil lay '


Mayank: maa..abhi jany do phir mil lo ga'jab khud mein wapas ajao ga tu

M: mayank tujhy kiya hoa jan'.asay kyun bool raha hai

Mayank: maa'I beg u '

M: thik hai'.mein kerti hoon kuch


Hunged up


mAyank: dhoka mein ny kiya hai tu saaza bhi mein hi ''.i deserve to live alone without u'..but I really loved u 'I really do'.but I cant lie to u'just cant hide anything from u'..agar tumharay samany raha tu 'tumhain bhi dard doo ga'.im sorry I didn't mean to do this'im sorry Nupur 'I didn't mean to 'but bs hogaya 'pata nahi kasay'per '..


N finaly tears find there way out n the cryed until he was tierd


Nupur was already familiar with his point of view'so today again she found her heart broken into pieces'she has forgotten to cry as even her tears have dryed ..because of endless crying she had made






A week pass in ignorance ..avoidance n silnce'.at times she missed colloge saying she is nt well'at time he did tht saying he has sum work,'..samrat was hell worried at bth of thm behaviour as mayank was also most of them time wasn't found at hostil'


Un til a evening whn he followed his decion'a decision wch changed evry1 life forever'n never for good'.



Tht evening Nupur received a letter wch finally cause the death of her soul'.




I know im hurting u by nt even meeting u once before leaving'.im leaving for good'.by the time u'll find this letter I woud have complelted my half  journey'.


U came in mylife like a sunshine n rocked my world..u made me laugh, u made me live'u gave me everything wch I was even nt worthy of'.i own myself to u souly n complelty 'im n will always b ur stupid sharma'.


Im going away due to a reason 'one of wch is MUKTI ofcourse..i dint meet u because I don't have strength to leave u '.i don't have strength to live without u .i cant see tears in ur eyes..i cant see myself away from u'..


Im sorry 'pls don't cry 'just pray for me the way u always had'im sorry for even last time troubling u '.


Always urs

Stupid shrama



 She fell down on the bed'.she touched the letter again n agin..she dialed his no fanatically 'it was switched off'.he called samrat ..he confrmed the news'he was to numb'.she huanged up n stood like a rock'.he went away '.why'..


Why '.she screm loudly


Kyun'.kyunnnnn'..jab mein apna pyar bhi kuraban kerdiya tha  tu kyun cheena ap ny mjhy se us ko,'.kyunnn'..kya mein ap k lyan roti hoi kafi nhi thi jo us ko bhi akela kerdiya '..woh chala gaya'.mjhy se door'.mjhy se door'..mein ny kya kiya maynk'yeah tu bata dayty '.kyun kiya tum ny asa 'kyun '.


sHe put her head on the bed sitting beside it n cryed when she felt a hand on her shoulder 'she hurriedly looked up mayb its u..but found dad there'


She hugged him tight

Nupur: dad woh chala gay'..mjhy sab chor ker chaly jatay hai'mein jis se pyar kerti hoon sab chor ker chaly jatay hai'.woh chal gaya us ny bataya bhi nhi'..mein ny us ko dekha bhi nhi'.us ko'.

ND: shh'..nupur woh ajay ga'.nhi rah pay ga

Nupur: nhi dad u know him na woh nhi aay ga'

ND kept consoling her in till she was asleep'but stil was sobbing


Dear uncle:

I know I disappointed u..but she is still adamant on her way of thinking 'I tried but I failed'now im at tht point tht I cant consider her my friend'.an soon I will loss my inhibitions around her'.n thn how she is gonna react tht I cant face'..

Nevr tell her abt my feelins pls'.im gonna miss u very much n pls take care of her'.she is stupid n will hurt herself pls remain at her side pls'..


Sorry I broke ur trust n I think GOD has sum1 better for u as ur son in law'



 Ur stupid son'.wht did u did'.



He threw himself in a new world he has enter'was unpacking his things'makin himself busy in his work'whn he found the most precious thng '.there picture ..tracing her with his hand he  put her near his heart to feel her near him''

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
awesome update
luved mayank surprise....mayur r sooooo sweet
cont soon

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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
itna bada misunderstanding
Oh GOD - why did u do this with my mayur- why????????????/
it was such a hear wrenching update.
plzx plz dont do this with my mayur
They cant live W*Ht each other- see mayu is half mad.
tune meri mayu ko pagal bhi bana diya
fizuuuuuuuuuuuu its not fair...........
jaldi mila do in dono ko

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drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged

it was toooo sad doc.........i got teary........Cry

how can nupur be so stupid tht she didnt understds him......Angry
but how mayank addict....Question
really gud update doc......Hug

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
mindblowing update. i got tears in my eyesCry. plz update soon. der mat karna

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