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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged


Nupur: per jana kaha hai

Mayank: date pr'..r u cuming with me or not..

Nupur: mayank

Mayank: ur don't

Nupur: stupid sharam'

Mayank: lets goooooooooooooo''.he smiled

N she joined him tooo


He was driving '.n she was extremely irritated

Nupur: where v r going 'y r u behaving like ths'

Mayank: it's a surprise'he said looking at her with so much love'.n thn burst in to love

Nupur: her anger rise more'..more she ws feeling a bit blushed at his gaze wch she was trying to hide in her anger''.are u telling me or not

Mayank: Nupur after colloge finishs'do CSS''n thn polic '..with ur question criminals wil just bow down n tell u the truth'..ary meri maa jan choor hum bata tay hain hum ny kya kiya'.


Nupur: nt so funny


He stoped the car with a high jerk

Nupur: aram se''''..beach

Mayank: tu tum ko kya laga hum candle light dinner k lyan arahy hain'..

Nupur: uff'


she left him n went to beach..thnking him in mind'.how he can do just wht she wants to'she never can estimate tht'she settle her self ..he was walking behind her'feeling her presence'strange how things change just like tht'..he smiled at his thought


Nupur: hum yaha kyun aay hai

Mayank: he looked at her with a "aah khuda mjhy baja lay"'..he put his head on her shoulder'.nhiiiiiiii'.an other question'.suicide kernay


Nupur: she glared at him

Mayank: u really wann know'she noded in yes'tht so cheesy but'u were low so I want u to feel u where not wiling to tell me whts going in ur mind'..


Nupur: she couldn't help but smile'


Silence was between them'


Mayank: Nupur 'ru angry with me for any reason'

Nupur: she loked at him he was still facing the sea'.she smiled knowing wht he wants know'.NO'y

Maynk: asay hi'y r u soo quite than

Nupur: y '.does it matters'.she plainly said

Mayak: so u think it doesn't '..gr8 'im so much impressed


Nupur: she giggle'''.after a pause''..mayank'do u regard anything in life

Now it was mayank's turn to loked at her who was facing sea'he very well know wht she want to he regards his feeling or not..he smile inside'


Mayank: no'I never regard anything, any effort..any feeling I have'..mayb at times I get surprised with myself..but I don't regret it''BTW y r u asking soo "( saying as if he doesn't knw)


Nupur: asay hi'matalb'she was smiling like stupid caught off guard'.the pleasure she was feeling after hearing those words was sumthing blissd'.these where the word wch she want to know'.is anything has changed in between the respect thy hold


Mayank: y ru smiling thn

Nupur: koi papandi hai

Mayank: nhi'ajeeb ho ......wasay biluk charily Chaplin jasi'.mute..aur pagalo jasi herkatein


Nupur: mayank'.he run ff knowing she will kill her'stupid shrama ill kill.u'.throwing nn splashing water 'thy enjoyed ther attched back'.he took her up in his arm n through her in water like always'.awwww..she was making face like child'n he was laughing n enjoying the site'


He fwd his hand to make her get up'she pulled him down to make him all wet


Nupur: tit for tat'.


Mayank: I don't mind'u do'so no tit for tat'

There attention was diverted at the caalll




Nupur: shoting

Mayank: array sharukh

She almost jump n tok hold of his shoulder to stood up'.

Nupur: kaha kaha


Mayank: there'he showed he the poster

Nupur:very funny '.i want too c shooting chalo

Mayank: Nupur'had no choice to follw her as she has already strt walking towards the place'


The scne of a frnd propsing the other'laughing inside he just cant belive one day the were making disgusting faces knowing how a frnd can love the other'.he turn to see her ..who was so excitedly lost in the shoot'.he prayed her presence through out his life beside him


Nupur: waoo..kitna difrnt ha yeah sab hain'.i love the way the do diffrnt thinks in studio'.jasay om shanty om mein tha'.


Mayank: he chukle at her''dekho shanti'.shal v leave now'.

Nupur: hmm'.ok


At her door


Mayank: Nupur ..we have of 2mrow na'.

Nupur: ya'so

Mayank: I had a plan'b ready at 12 I'll pick u ..bye


She was looking at his car getting disappeared frm her sight'..yeah ho kya raha hai'.she smiled at the positive changed at him


Next Day:


He put his hand on horn until she came out out of breath

Nupur: stupid shram yaha aur bhi loog rahty hai'.

Mayank: jab mein ny 12 k time diya than  tum ready kyun nhi hooo''

Nupur: marzi meri '.

She said while sellting down'..


Mayank: sara mood kharab kerdiay'ab ek sawal aur maat pochna'


He said deliberately just to irrate her more'.


Nupur: yeah hum kaha ja rahy hai..out of city '.goaaa

Mayank: nhi manali'

Nupur: kya sachi'tum pehly nhi bata sakty tha

Mayank: Nupur hum mumbai se manali by road ja aay ga'.woh bhi ek din k off per'.uff'..

Nupur: tu'where r we going '.

Mayank: here'.

Nupur: studio???

Mayank: cum on u want to see it na'

Nupur: han per'..tum'kasay'

Mayank: very good'.just v arrived at studio n u start acting '..yeah dil chahta nhi hai..oki


Nupur: very funny chaloo

 He took her inside it was an old studio having loads of old techniques used'.like a huge fan making wind'a car in front of screen'..changing backgrounds via projectors'.flowers fields'..a dance floor'.a balcony


She twirl around just couldn't figure out wht to see n how to absorb everything'.n way back he was just smiling seeing his princes smiling with joy'he thnk his mind for such an idea..else he wouldn't have felt this at his heart'.


He graped her hand n made her cum to the flowers field


Nupur: she entered a cottage n sneak outside frm thw window'.

Dekho mein ny dekha hai yeah ek spana'

Phoolo k shair mein hoo ghar apna'.


He laughed n joined her


Mayank'Pyar jawa hai

Tu kaha


Nupur: she went outside the cottage 'mein aai aiai aai

Mayank: aja'he did in rajesh khana style


She laughed n went to him


Mayank: thnks mat kaho ..i know im the bst

Nupur: ur the greatest'..but how u did tht'

Mayank: vivek sharam my father'.i can do anything'dear..kabhi tu baap kam aay


She hugged him tight n run to the other side'..

He patted his hairs with his hand'.


He switched on the fan'changing the background to night n ball room..she was mesmerized with that'


She offered him her hand 'n gestured him to dance


He smiled n run to do the honurs'..




Griping her hand..he pulled her towards him'they were dancing n enjoying the whole atmosphere'.he through her back n pull her close'.again did the same'.mayank'she scream as she was giggle at to much changing of her positions'..n he was enjoying make her feel so joyful


In field the return whn she put on a white dupatta n put a cap on his head'


Nupur: humain yaha se bhagna hoga raj humain yah se bhag na hoga


 bth laughed'.


Mayank: holding her from shoulder'.mein tumhain yaha se baghany nhi aaya hoo'mein tumhain tab liky jao ga jab bauji khud tumhara hath meray hath mein rekhy gay'..


Nupur: asa khabi nhi hoga

Mayank: nhi uski tension mat lo uncle ko mein mana loo ga'.tumhara masala hai'.


He said as a mtter of fact


She was frst shocked n than  hited him playfully '..


He rushed to a train compartment n sat on top'


Mayank: hum dono do premi duniya chor chaly'.jeevan ki hum sarai rasmy thor chaly


Nupur: she put the dupata on head'n star twisting in hand,,,,babool gi aay mjhy yaad '.jany kya hoga is k baad


Mayank: taram paam'remix kerdiya mein '..


She was busy playing with the snow'.whn she heard'but didn't have courage to turn around n face him


Mayank: tum ko paya hai tu jasay khoya hoo

Kahna chaho bhi tu tum se kiya kaho'.

Kisi zaban mein bhi wo lafaz hi nhi '.

K jin mein tum ho kay tumhain bata sakooo'.


He sang tht so seriously n lovingly tht she can feel her rite touching her heart'.she slowly turn around to find him standing crossing his leg at the edge'.h with a faint smile sing fro her..tht she sum how knew'..


He stoped ther as he was was making her feel a bit not to much'.


He raise his eyebrow in wht'she nooded head in nthing '


Turing back '.


Nupur: aj yah koi kyun nhi


Mayank: aj ek tu holiday hai'phir yeah buhat porana shooting now '..

Nupur: hmm


Nupur: hmm'..


He was about to leave

Nupur: mayank 'thnks'I just loved it mjhy nhi pata tha meri yeah wish pori hojay gi

Mayank: ur no wish wil remain  ungranted 'bye'touching her nose he left'..


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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged


Fiza so Nice and Beautiful Part...
and they are World's cutest Friends and soon to be LoversEmbarrassed
These feelings are Just Amazing..
and the Story going very Well....
Again Good Job Fiza
Loved it
and i just Love ur comic Timing...

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
loved itEmbarrassed

thnx for de pm

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drmaha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
kaan pakarr k sorry......Embarrassed

ths update was really a very cute and full of emotionns...........Hug

loved the part where nupur and maynk spent time together and go throgh different phases.......Day Dreaming

In field the return whn she put on a white dupatta n put a cap on his head…


Nupur: humain yaha se bhagna hoga raj humain yah se bhag na hoga


 bth laughed….


Mayank: holding her from shoulder….mein tumhain yaha se baghany nhi aaya hoo…mein tumhain tab liky jao ga jab bauji khud tumhara hath meray hath mein rekhy gay…..


Nupur: asa khabi nhi hoga

Mayank: nhi uski tension mat lo uncle ko mein mana loo ga….tumhara masala hai….


He said as a mtter of fact


She was frst shocked n than  hited him playfully …..

thts my fav part.........ROFLROFL

i truly enjoyed ths part.........Day Dreaming

awsome, mindblowing............Clap

love ya.........Heart

Edited by drmaha - 26 March 2011 at 9:36am

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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged

the cutest update till date.......

what an update yaar?? mayu is a sweeteheart......
i dont know y am so related to this story....
it makes me remind so many things....
loved it sooo much dear..telling it from my heart...
love yaa tc..
and the second to comment.....

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
osom loved it but why they seperated?

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged

beautiful update dear
awwwwwwwwwwwww mayu took nups to the beach
and they enjoyed it a lot
wow mayu arranged another surprise for nups
hey finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it reminds me the first date of my mayur
ahhhhhhhhh i miss them each n every single day
fantabulous update fizuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice
keep it up

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
both of them are mad! but i love mad people!

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