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komal991 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2011 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
ooy ballay ballay shawa shawa!!!!! kya update maree hay fizza! tussi chah gay ho thaa ker kay!!!!! maza keep up the good work girl!!! n i thinkkk k tum nay shilpa aunty ya samraat ko villan banay hoga! well its assumption dekhtay hain haqeqat kya hay? till then love u!

komal Heart

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by komal991

ooy ballay ballay shawa shawa!!!!! kya update maree hay fizza! tussi chah gay ho thaa ker kay!!!!! maza keep up the good work girl!!! n i thinkkk k tum nay shilpa aunty ya samraat ko villan banay hoga! well its assumption dekhtay hain haqeqat kya hay? till then love u!

komal Heart
thnks dear thnks aloot
i hope u will get ur answer soon
Originally posted by Bhawna_arti

thnks dear
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged

Helo guys

As promised im her with u all guys…

Chapter 20 has three parts…one is here….the other today or 2morow…inshallah by Sunday evening or Monday evening ..the whole truyh will be reveal…as it so many things n if I update this whole chapter in a go u will get bored…possibly I'll try n update 20 b n 20 c together ..if I'll write it …..

Here u go…don't get mad….u will get to know the person …tody for sure ….

Rplyd to u all

Love fiza


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 6:31am | IP Logged


He said good bye to evry1 nnn hugged her n took blessing from uncle'.she left the place 'saying her cell is rining'he knew she cant see him going away 'so didn't question'..

ND: mayank'yeah tumhary liyan

Mayank: yeah kiya hai'

ND: haqeeqat'reality 'I want u to read it 'but do it whn ur alone'.now its time u get to know many things u don't know'

Mayank: he looked at him in surprise ..bye uncle'.

He went out of the house n turn back to c her room'..he knew she is there'.silently walking away with a smile in sit in the cap'n wave ND''

Mayank: wht this'..the parcel seems like a book or sumthing'.he opened it'ahs no patient to wait til reaching delhi'..a tag make him bit his lip

"mayank not before u reah ur home'settle down ..thn have a with u na"


He smiled'how much the bhushans know him'a family tht he owe n a family who owe him'.

She was still there near the window but nt of her room of his room'..clutching the curtains she closed her eyes whn his cap disappear in the way'.story ended agin n agin he left her '..wht ever she was feeling the hopes she had 'agin thy were just a mere dream'.she smile at her self'.but atleas I have him mayb only as frnd'..but thn'.there is a reality he did nt knew'.she isn't just her friend

ND: nupur'he put his hand on her shoulder'.

She turn n look helplessly to her father 'she hugged him n cryed again'.he cant anything just stroked her hairs'.

Nupur: dad I know who has done to him all this'..she broke n spoked in between her sobs..

ND: wht'.whom'.

Wiping her tears 'she put the dvd n played it'..the shock tht appers on his face was more of fear'.

ND: why she

Nupur: she is not the one'..she is doing all this for sum1 else'.

ND: why u didn't told mayank thn

Nupur: woh mar jay ga'..yeah jan ker'.woh jitna pyar in se kerta hai..khud se bhi nhi kerta'..i need to talk to her '..

ND: be very careful'

Nupur: I have nthing to loss'

ND: but I have dear'.he hugeed her '..jao'


Nupur: chalo aj k movie dekh tay hain..she said rage full in her eyes'

Girl: kaun se '

Nupur: let me play it '.

She played it n the girls was numb her face become paled n she was sweating like hell

Girl: yeah sab mein ny nhi kiya

Nupur: ach 'tu tumhari hum shakaql hai yeah'.sach sach bolo'.warna I'll call plice right now'.thn jis k lyan tu ny yeah sab kiya 'woh bhi nhi bacha pay gat u ko'..

Girl: u know evry thing thn y r u asking''mein majboor thi'..mein kiya kerti '..i was not left with any choice'.

Nupur: us ko bata do k I knew evry thng'.n im cuming to him'mein bhi tu jano 'akhir us ny yeah kiya kyun


Girl: unhain sab pata chal gay hai'.she is cuming to u

Man: wht'.laughed../no problem'she cant do anything'.she loves him too much'.she cant disclose it to him'aur tum ek kam bhi dhang se nhi hota tum se'such a useless person ur ''go to hell'.im sending u tickets..get out f the city ..idiot

Girl: pls God help her'.mein sirf itni he madat ker sakti thi'



Maynk reach the huge shrama mansion'it has been years he hasn't been home'.even today he did nt want to'..but have to'he wants to tell sumthng to his mom'take her permission before proceeding to words his biggest desire'..cuming out of the car he found a red carpet'.he laughed

Mayank: maa'.mein kya celebrity hon'yeah zaroor thi' tumhary betay ny kiya higa

Shilpa: han ..tum mera beta kisi celebrity se kam hai kiya'..

She did the prayers..n he bent tn took her blessing n huged her tight'..she strt sobbing

Mayank: maa'.ab tu mein thik hon'tumhary pass hoon'phir kyun roo rahi hai'..he wiped her tears'.bahr he rekho gi kiya'.chalo andar chalein'..he put his hand around her shoulder n went inside'

Evry thing was same'.the grand villa'.the claasy furtuners'the huge pictures of the family'.his father him n samrat 's'.the picture of his father again increase his anger inside'

SA: aj nhi beta'..just for me'.dont do it tday'he himself was very worried for u'.was always there with u in hospital..if u don't trust me ask nupur'ur father use to take each n evry information from her'.


He looked at her in surprise'nupur didn't told him'ohh so even she strt hiding things from me'.

Spending sum joyous moment with his mother//lying in her lap n dicusing the past years'he was laughing n enjoying''the warmth n peace tht was so missing in his life has finally came back'thnks to his love , his life'he smiled'tht was not ignored by his mther

SA: oohhooo..yeah koi kis ki soch mein muskara rah hai'hmm

He got embarssed as he was caught

Mayank: mein kaha smile ker raha hoon'mein tu tumhari baatien soch raha tha

SA: sab pata hai mjhy samhjy'..abhi tu maaf ker rahin hoon'subha kan pkro gi tumhary samhj'.mjh se apny dil k baat chup'

He looke at her In surprise n thn lower his head n smiled'.

SA: sh ruffled his hair'ja arm ker'..warna teri dost 'phir se tujhy wapas bola lay gi

Mayank: hitler hai'the bth laughd he left for his room'..

The time he was waiting for s long has arrived 'he rushed to his bag n put out tht parcel '.opeing the inner cover he was surprised

It was the same diary she snatch from his hand tht day'..he open it to find an other surprise with wch a huge smile appears on his face '.

Letters to mayank'

Mayank: oohh'tum ap ny humain letters bhi likhay'he hurdly turn the page to chk the frist leter'it ws from there cologe days '

Hello stupid Sharma,

Ohh tu ap ko laga ta hai mein larki nhi hoon'jab mein tiayr ho ker aao gi na tu hosh ur jay gay'..aur uper se yeah tumhara bhai'tumhain hi tu koi aqal nhi dayta..mjhy gayan bat ta phir ta hai''tumhari dosti doti nhi kuch au rhai' ko smjha lo warna is k guoon(murder) hogay meray hatho tu na boll na'..uff yeah tumhara hi phne hai'chain tu hai nh na tum ko'.



He laughed out loud'.uff itna irrite hoi thi woh smart ki baato se 'smart bhi tu na'hum dono k bechay hi parh gaya tha'.par yeah us ki ka ehassan hai 'k aj mein tumhary liyan itna feel kerta hoon'.he turns a the page '.


By god shrams aj tu ap k hosh hi ur gay'tumhain andaz bhi nhi hai tumahri is nazar ko dkeh ker mjhy kiya mahsoos hoa hai'.tumhar is tarha se mjhy dekhna meray andar kiya kerjata hai '..per us k bad jo hoa'.tumhain as nhi kerna chiay tha'.tumhain andaza bhi kitna dard hota hai tumhain asy dekh ker..mjh kuch nhi hota per'tumhain'stupid idiot'.ullu'..

Asa mat kiya kero buhat dard hota hai'khud ko takleef na doo'aur na hi mjh se narz ho'


He looked at this letter with surprise n restlessness'n agin read it'

Jo mein soch raha hoon..does these words means the same'woh mjhy se'..with his increasing heart beats he turn to read another'.

Asa kyun ker rahy ho'.

Na mjhy se thik se baat kertay hoo'na sath rehaty hoon'.mein ny tu asa kuch ni kiya'smarat ki baato ki saaz mjhy kyun day rahy ho'..mayank mjhy dard hota hai..kya tum dekh nhi sakty'..jasy tumhain hoa tha mjhy adhiraj k sath dekh ker''pls as mat kero'tumhara indifferent behviur meri jan lay lay ga'pls'pls'mjhy kuch nhi chiay ..bus meray sath raho'..chay kisi bhi rishty se'.


He closed his pain'n rested his head back on the wall'

Nupur..he only managed to speak tht much to himself''.

Mein janti hoon aj jo kuch bhi hoa woh galat tha tumhary liyan'..par meray liyan meri zindagi guzarany k lyan yeah k pal kafi tha'aj tum ny stage per kiya '..aj tum ny na sirf mjhy apan kaha per apna mana sab k samny'..aj tumahri baatein 'tumhara gesture'sab se bhar k tumhari ankein'.sach kaha tum ny'mjhy per sirf tumhar haq hai'.apna haq tu mein wasy hi withdraw ker chuki hoon'.shyad smarat thik kahata hai'.tum bhi mjhy se'..pata nhi'per aj tumhar itny kareeb khud ko ' loss my self in ur arms'the warmth ur touch gave to me'my hands are stil shivering'.im still blushing'.this a moment in wch I can life'.my whole life 'thnku..thnku ''''.


A lone tear droped from his eye'.he moved his hand in his hairs''

He has no words to say'she was in ''''..n 'wht I did'.in an urge not to make her hurt'.i almost detoryed her'..



Welcum welcum '..i was soo waitng for u dear'uff it has been years yaar'im my self was tired of playing all this'..thnks to u 'now im free to b wht I m

Nupur: tum itny gir jao gay many khabi socha bhi nhi tha,,'..jis insaan ny tumhain ita pyar diya tum us ki jan lay na chatya thy

Man: uff..plss yaar..yeah Hindi film k villain ki tarha mat sunao mjhy''aaur mein us ki jan khbai nhi layna chata tha yeah ilzama hai'.

Nupur: bs aur se saas hi tu liyna baqi reha gaya tha ki jan laynay mein

Man/: thts it 'yes'I didn't wan to make him dead'wht I wanted him to die each n evry min'..n u guys made it possible'lead charcter tu tum dodno thy mereay dramy k'..kitna asan tha tum dodno ko apni isharoo per nachana''.



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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged

me firstParty


i hate uAngry ...main tujhse bilkul baat nahi karungiAngry...aur na comment karungiAngry

aisa koi karta hai kya???? Broken Heartstory ko aise suspense nahi chorte meri jaan.Ermm

jaldi update kar...nahi to main comment nahi karnewaliThumbs Down

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Fiza Still Suspense, Who is that Man..
and Now Mayank came to know that Nupur Loves him too..
Loved Reveal the Suspense in the Nexp Part...Evil Smile

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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 7:43am | IP Logged
awesome update dear...
so mayank realized that nupur too loved him...
y keeping this suspense yaar? dont kil me with this suspense...
cant wait to

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
fiza agar tu ek ghante mein update nehi dega na toh tu dusri ff likhne ki kabil nehi rahegi...jaldi update toh last update se bhi jaida khatarnak hey...i think i  guess who is the man...lets it right or jaldi update kar...

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