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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mayur_eternal

Read d updates..quite diff frm the other FFs i read..Tongue

Keep updating...Smile
thanks fro liking it dear

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Hello all u Beautiful People'


Im soooooooooo touched with all ur love u showered at BYLM'..i m  reading those comments again n again


Back to ths'thanku so much for loving it'.im soory tht I making u all too emotional..but kay kero'story is like it'.but im trying to balance it with a bit fun..dont want u all to be depressed'


Have rplyd to u all

Thanks for loving me'n keep doing so

n as im scared of a little fellow here...whom i chk is born just last yearLOL...faria tusi gr8 guys its a bit longer..hope so
Luv ya



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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged










Walking towards the doctors cabin what I heard made me go completely mad


Dr.Mehra: he is going complete out of control''.increasing dose is all wht we can do but tht can make him more violent'because of tht I think we should shift him to sever mental patients ward


Dr.Kapur:  but he is'nt a mental patient' know tht

Dr.Mehra: I know'. We don't have any other choice left'we should


Nupur: if you did dare to do that should start searching for other job Dr.Mehra'mind it


He stood up


Dr.Mehra:'am plz have a seat ..plz cum

Nupur: I'll Dr.Mehra'u don't need to say that..i own ths place'where u work' she said tht as rudely as she can be'I want full details of mayank sharma case'today'within an hour.. u hear tht


Dr.Mehra: sure ma'am..i'll bring it..just wait..i take ur leave'

He rushed out of the cabin'weird'I was watching his body language'he was scared'.maybe I sacred him,'.





Haha..i scared him like tht day I scared'.


Tht day wht we did'..sigh..ahh..teenage'I still cant believe we actually did THAT'


Mayank: Nupur'.beta aj tu mein pakka fail'..i haven't read a thing'a thing '


Nupur: ya if I have done whole syllabus'its on my finger tips right'.said sarcastically'.its all ur fault


Mayank: he hey'.hello'its my fault'wht ur a liitle kid'I just told  u  ..u were the one who was getting mad to go..n force me tooo'


Nupur: mayank ..u told me its Bryan adams concert'it doesn't happen always'how I can jut nt b there'.it BRAYAN ADAMS man'exaggerating

Mayank: n today is examination women

Nupur: so wht shud I do'

Mayank: matlab kya..pora  fail honay ka plan hai'u know I cant afford'I cant pay the fees again u know tht


Nupur: leave tht tension yaar'im there na

Mayank: array tu meri maa'kuch ker phir

Nupur who was trying to go through the book..close it getting extremely irritated


Nupur: kya kero'kya kero..wht exactly do u want me to do'.Mrs.Gupta ko kidnap kerlo'..ya'colloge mein bomb hai news phala doon'ya vampire ban k sab ko daar


Mayank: nups'..silent'actually not a bad idea

Nupur: wht..bomb wala

Mayank: no idiot'vampire wal

Nupur: mayank tumhari raat ke utri nhi hai abhi taak'u have lost it completely..bechar fail hony k daar se pagal hogaya'


Mayank: nups I am serious'listen u know n Mrs.Gupta is called as courage

Nupur: ya the cowardly dog

Mayank: n u rember her story of tht girl'..u just neeed to dress up like her n scare her out of college 'paper cancel

Nupur: mayank..she 'll  have an heart attack'

Mayank: than it will be brilliant..un ke yaad mein saray paper cancel'.

Nupur: behave mayank

Mayank: ok baba sorry'just joking'bt nt abt the plan..kuch nhi hoga just trust me

Nupur: tust u???....//// wao

Mayank: nupssssss'common don't be a spoil sport'..plz..plz'plzzzzzzzzzz

Nupur: ok..ok'.jaldi chalo'we half exactly half n hr'.


In class evry one was siting at there respective roll no'mayank enter'n went towds the teacher

Mayank: gud morning ma'am

Mrs.Gupta: Gud morning mayank'so good to cya.

Mayank: ya thanks'.seem nervous

Mrs. Gupta: are u scared of paper dear

Mayank: "dear"'gosh ths teacher..anyways kam ker kam'no ma'am u don't remember 'today is the death anniversary of tht girl'. remember who did suicide in this clas'.n u know wht can happen


He laughed inside ..wao his plan was working gr8'.her face was paled as white sheet..he took the paper n set down'



Lights got shut'.a girl in white dress appears at the door..her face was covered with hairs'she was looking deadly horrifying'.

Girl: ahhh

Mrs Gupta: girls stop chating light will be on soon


Nupur: came up to Mrs Gupta n said in manly voice'teacher can I have the paper plz'.

Mrs Gupta: she turnes around n SCREAM'as loud as she can'she at the spot fainted


Mayak scream out loud'.run to save ur the time Nupur run away n get hided so tht nobody caughts her red handed..


Mayank went to there activity room'.she was hiding behind the he enter she jumped out


Nupr: ahhhh


Mayank: bohooooooot'..bth shared a high five'. By God Nupur..aj tum ny kamal kerdiya'.tusi gr8 ho'.hands down to u'too gud'


Nupur: thanku thnk'kahbi guroor nhi kiya'.wasay u were also gud stupid sharma'aj us ke death anversary'

Mayank: oye don't call me tht

Nupur: yaar 'wasy we shud go n she fine or nt

Mayank: chora na'chill'

Nupur: plz mayank unhoy kcuh hogaya tu'.v shud..chal'

Mayank:a ray chill lady caretaker'.i checked her she is fine..a bit scared..but she'll be ok'.i made her wakeup'n assorted her to staff  her bst student


Nupur: god mayank..actually v r too gud right

Mayank: right '


Shaed a high five


Nupur: aur u..killed me'my dead anniversary

Mayank: obviously booohoot zinda bhi hotay hai

Nupur: kitny boray ho na tum'doesn't makes any difference to u

Mayank: oye hoay meray janu ji'encicrcling his arm around her..taking her in to tight grip..ap per tu hum maraty hain'ap ko kasay maray gay


Nupur: struggling'.choro mjhy..n stop these chessy talks with nt one of ur stupid girl frns..Mr.stupid shrama


Mayank; soch lo'aur tu koi tum ko milay ga nhi'way ur almost perfect'grap her face'turning it here n there'shakal bhi thik hia'.measuring'.height bhi mjh se choti hai'arams se meri bahaoon mein sama jao gi'sayin huskily


Nupur: ha yeah tu hai..

Mayank: aur hamesha mjhy se neechy bhi raho gi..hahah

Nupur: haan aur mein jab bhi baat kero gi sir utha ker kero gi aur tum jab bhi baat kero gay sir jhuka kay kero gay..Mr stupid shrama

Mayank: matlab

Nupur: kuch nhi


Mayank: hey baba'yeah ap ky lyan rkh lay plz'thanku for ur help' placing 1000 Rs in P-on's  hand he said that


Nupur: yeah khub hai..kam kerwany k liyan'ur fathers mony'but when it cums to u 'u never use it

Mayank: simple hai'.galat kam k lyan father's black money'.but I don't want my future to stand on ths money '.ut tum tension mat lo mein tumhain apni mehnanat "(hardwork) je kami se khilao ga'janu ji

Nupur: mayankkk.stop tht



Teasing each other thy proceed to in there total care free world




As dr.mehra left the cabin..i talked to Dr.Kapur


Nupur: what has actually happen to mayank..why he is reacting like this'

K: ms. Bhuhsan'he is a drug addict


Nupur: whttttttt'.it cant just cant be'I know him so well'.

K: I don't know how well u know him but ths is true'.when his family bring us to him'his blood samples where positive for it

Nupur: cant v do anything to help him


K: actually Dr.mehra is handling his case..wht he has told me is tht..he has tried but he never co-operates with us'he always become extremely violent ..doesn't allow any1 to gave him medicine'.so v need to give him a dose of drug or sedatives'

Nupur: is there anything v can do

K: only if he is ready for it '.i'll ask abt ths frm dr.mehra

Nupur: Dr.k '.its my request u take ths case under ur supervision silently'I want to know each every detail'but no body shud know tht I have ask u to do so'..plz


K: surly Ms.Bhushan I' the probem is tht his family has chosen Dr.mehra..but still I'll try n see wht I can do


Nupur: thanku


Saying ths I left his cabin' world has start brain is dead'I cant just thing'.Mayank a drug addict'.it cant just cant be'.he isn't tht weak tht anything in life can make him do so'than what'question..god these questions are making me go mad'.life has always like ths for him'lonely n hard'but even th he nevr ever even talked depressed or negative'..he always lived life at fullest


Mayank'yeah kya kerliya tum ny'.kuch tu bolo..shayad tum mjhy se bolo'.

Hoping to get answers I entered the room to see him..shouting hard after seeing the barbour'


A glass was in his hand and he was ready for the aatck'


Mayank: meray pass nhi ana'..cant u listen'just go away'.LEAVE ME ALONE

Nupur rashed in to the room n slided her hands on his hand hodling the class'with a refals he turned around'.after droping the class on floor


Mayank: Nupur ask them TO LEAVE

She signal the nurse to go away


Nupur: shhh'.aram se mayank'.calm down'she rubed his hand gently with her just to calm him down


Mayank: they all r liar'listen thy all r liar..dnt trust them'thy always lies about me 'u know tht'he said like a liitle child

Nupur: really..comon sit here'


she make him sit on the bed'.his head was down'.nt looking up to her'.she got on to the bed'n sat infront of him


Nupur: now tel me 'kya hua

Mayank: yeah sab chot kahtay hai Nupur'im nt mad'mein sach mein pagal nhi ho'

Nupur: kis ny kaha tu pagal ho han'Stupid sharma ho..per pagal nhi hoo

Mayank: per yeah log kahty hain'.khabhi khbhi mein sach mein asa behave kerta hoon..pata nhi kyun'he look inside her eyes'.nupur mein pagal nhi hoon na?


With his mosit eyes he asked a question wc even in my wildest dream didn't thought can be asked'.he was finding his hope'his unsaid waord inside me'


Nupur: cuped his pagal nhi ho'.bulkul nhi hoo'.

 With a reflax he hugged me tight'to tight'.i can feel his tears on my shoulder'.

Mayank: mjhy nhi pata '.wht happen to times I cant control myself'.nupur im dangerpus for u too'.go away frm me'.


He said tighting his grip on her'.


Nupur: Stupid '..mein kaha jao gi tumhain chor k'I broke apart'.mayank'mjhy pata hai tum pagal nhi ho'.aur yeah baat ab tum ko in sab ko proof kerni hai'samjhy 'he just lookd in my eyes liflesly'.mjhy se ek promoise kero


Mayank: kya

Nupur: jo mein kaho gi jasa mein kaho gi wasa kero gay'.. she fowrd her hand for assurance

N he simply gave into his in her




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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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hey api.....Hug.....
aww.........i am the first one......ya ya...
awesome part........too good......Clap
mayank drug addicted?......i cant believe yaar......
you know what i think this dr who is handling mayank's case....usme koi gadbad hai..i mean uo jan bujh kar mayank ko aisa karraha hai....i am again guessing............LOL
aww.......he listens nupur........nupur will marry him..and help him to cure him...........again guessing.ROFL
ok no more guessing.........LOLWink
amazingly awesome part

continue soon

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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i simply loved mayur relation at too gud yaar............awesome cont soon

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.SilentPrincess IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Interesting update Fiza... Can't wait to sew what happnes next...
Witht he story progressing the updates are getting interesting...
Can't wait for next update....Embarrassed

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chelsi Senior Member

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nice update...continue soooooooooooooooooooon

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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simply awsome yaarClap

love the way you describe it

thnks for de pm, plzz update soon

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