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Devil's Den: Waiting for Godots - Baby and Vicky (Page 3)

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Beautiful baby of Geet & Maan
You must feel their love for you all around
Does it keep you warm inside
Knowing they'll keep you safe and sound?

When Geet learned you were coming
She fought for your right to be alive
She left behind her own family
To give you a chance at living

After a long time, I loved a scene today. A couple of days ago, I was saying how the writers giving Maan the choice of the child or Geet was good for one thing only...making clear how his character felt about Geet carrying his brother's child the circumstances of that pregnancy notwithstanding. This deserved screenplay time eons ago but better late than never. I loved how the writers addressed this so simply and beautifully today. From Maan's showing self-doubt about whether his choice would have been different had the child been his to Geet's confidence in Maan to her forgiveness of his was wonderfully scripted. Star

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-RD- Moderator

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It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom.
Wallace Stevens

Vicky - The Known Unknown

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.

Episode Analysis

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love."

Every tear of mine
Is an apology in time
Hope u will realize
That how difficult is the choice between the your reason to live
And your life itself in disguise
Hope my child I am forgiven
As my arms wait for you
to hold and cuddle u within

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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The Redemption of Naintara Rathore Circa AD 2011

"You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make a horse drink the water" ~ Common Idiom

~ Before the rain ~
They say betting is wrong but on most days we find that from Mahalaxmi Race Course, to Pune, Bangalore, Mysore or London, we find many a fool willing to sell his soul, sister, or his savings on that one bet that can fetch him the JACKPOT. Now what is wrong, if I had the same wish or same vision. ~ Before the rain

~ While the clouds were forming ~
Savitri bargained with Yama for her husband's life. I had bargained with the devil for my husband's freedom from debts. The method I chose may have been wrong but the purpose was similar ~ protect the one I loved or purported to love or claimed as my own to love or live with. ~ While the clouds were forming

~ Overcast Skies ~
I bet on a horse that is set for the course I was thinking or for the Champions Cup or the Breeders Cup, I never realized that the horse I bet was lame nor that the first temptation would prove its downfall. Windfall gains galled ~ Overcast Skies

~ While it was raining/During the rains ~
I was only thinking of financial fraud, I only believed that I was setting up someone for financial fraud, I trusted in the limits or in my capacity to bind one to my own scope of morality. I did not realize that EVEN I have set limits and that my scope is not bio-scope. I fell in my estimates of what all even pawns can do or how the plans of mice and men go haywire because of not understanding the basic nature of men and mice to always crash the fences and break the set bounds. This miscalculation has lead to the fraud spreading its tentacles to spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, psychological levels and I could not contain it as the general that planned this exercise. The battle was lost before I had begun to counterattack - it was lost in technicalities ~ While it was raining/During the rains

~ After the rain ~
I am a woman, a barren woman and I too wanted to be a mother but it was not in my destiny till now. Why was that so? Why is it so? I despised that what rightfully I could have been conceptualized now in fraud is another woman's destiny. It was like a mockery of my womanhood ~ After the rain

~ Wishing for the rains to return ~
Q: Why did I hate her so?
A: Because she was the measure of all my failures and a living PROOF of ALL MY FAILURES

~ A first person account of the wails of Naintara Rathore


PS: This is not the theme but I could not stop myself from writing this prior to the episode ~ so here it is my friends

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Waiting for Godot....

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

unreserve unreserve...wanted to write a stalker diary but i feel bad Dead ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. sudden migrain attack Dead ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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Today one Maaneet scene has made the entire episode simply magicalClapClapClapClap..The scene not only touches one's heart but will also make one emotional with the way its executed...directed and enacted by the actors..simply outstandingStarStarStarStarStar.....Both GC and DD were at par in this particular sceneClapClap...
I liked the skit in the beginning since it was done with a humourous touch to it especially Romeo doing that MahiiiiLOL and then trying to adjust the dupatta on Arjun's faceLOL and then Adi using the blower for the wind effect when Annie falls in Arjun's armsROFLROFLROFL;I think CVs hv applied a clever strategy here by not making the skit look too serious because they knew noone can do justice to Maaneet's characters other than GC-DD and so they sort of did a spoof on Maaneet scene with the help of Arjun-Annie which was enjoyable to watchThumbs Up...
Arjun-Annie dance chooreography was not at all impressiveThumbs Down..but their costumes were goodSmile...
Dadi-Geet scene was quite impressive and the dialogues here sort of indicated whats coming in the future especially when Dadi keeps talking about a third person in each of the dialogues here...I noticed Dadi was again and again stressing on this "third person" issue...first I thought she was talking about herself as third person..but nope..she said in general that "in a relationship u should not keep so much distance that u end up giving space and freedom to some third angle interfering in your relationship"...It clearly indicated Sam's entryEvil Smile ...Dunno why but I get a feeling somewhere down the line Dadi was indirectly responsible for MSK-Sam break-upErmm and thats one reason that whenever she sees some problem between Maan and Geet she always asks them to solve it out themselves by talking to each otherErmm;During Maaneet separation phase also we saw Dadi asking Geet in the diwali episode to go and speak to MSK and today again Dadi asked Geet to go and talk to him since he is like a baby who will blurt out his emotions easily after a bit of pamperingWinkLOL Embarrassed...
Maan-Geet scene in the room is one of the best scenes of the episode today..both GC and DD were excellent in this whole sceneClapClapClapClap;I hv hardly seen male actors on TV showing out their emotions so flawlessly like GC did todayEmbarrassed...its easy for an actress to do such emotional scenes because emotions come very easily to ladies but when it comes to men ,they find it hard to bring tears in their eyes and make it look real but today GC was splendid in that department and u can't help but cry with him in this sceneCryClapClapClapClap;I hv seen many TV actors doing emotional scenes in my 12yrs of serial experience ,so I can say that after Ronit Roy,if someone can show flawless emotions through his eyes or voice modulations in a emotional has to b GC ClapClapClapClap;He might falter a bit if given a bit of  complicated dialogues in between the emotional scenes but otherwise if given plain and simple dialogues,he can bring out the pain in that scene exceptionally well with a perfect voice modulation and expressive eyes speaking volumesThumbs Up;Coming to DD,what can I say.she was flawless tooClap;Her voice modulation and expressions were perfect in each and every frame of the sceneClapClap;Just give this same scene to any random TV actors today and then watch it..the same scene might look below mediocre...its the actors who can bring the quality in a particular scene provided they r given good direction and today GC-DD did exactly the same,..they got a well directed and executed scene to perform with some splendid dialogues and they did it flawlesslySmile...So standing ovation to both the actors today for complimenting each other with such perfectionClapClapClapClap
Now coming to the real essense of the scene..this is one reason I keep saying Geet is different from other there is lot of understanding,maturity and trust in their relationshipEmbarrassed;Here the female character has a brain which she uses properly before jumping to conclusionsLOL ;Here the male character shares his pain and emotions with his life-partner in a private space rather than doing a public displayLOL;The way MSK sits down on his knees and touches her tummy and then starts talking to the baby just touched my heart..the emotions looked so real that u can't help but cry with him especially when he says that "I wanted to kill u to save your mother..I m guilty of this sin...mayb because I m not your biological father"Cry
;U really need lot of courage to do such sort of confession in front of your ladyloveClapClap and here I m glad that Geet showed the correct maturity and understanding because she could feel that MSK equally loves the baby which his words that point of time might not reflect the same but the pain in his eyes and voice clearly indicates that his guilt is mainly because he is equally attached to the baby but when he was given a choice,he opted for her since she came in his life first and so it was fair enough from his POV to opt for Geet's life but that doesn't make his love for the baby any lessEmbarrassed;
I loved the Maan-Geet hug was divine,pure and one can feel the warmth of their love the way they found so much peace in each other's arms after MSK's confession and Geet's forgiveness as a motherEmbarrassed;Geet was right from her POV as a mother when she told MSK that her feelings of motherhood came before her feelings of love for him and so in the future,if such choice comes before him again.he should opt for the babySmile;Its just that Geet's  sentiments as a mother r attached more towards the baby which is natural because she even went to the extent of risking her life and revolting against her own family to save her baby even before MSK entered her life....Geet in the hospital too said that its her Mamta which can go to any extent to protect her baby....Even in real life,a woman as a mother don't really think from her brain when it comes to the baby and so Geet expects  MSK to always choose their baby above her nowEmbarrassed..but yes if its a role reversal and Geet is asked to choose or will b interesting to see what Geet doesErmm ..Mayb its one of the loops which is opened today and Nissar might close it someday with a similar choice given to GeetErmm
When Geet was talking about the promise..I thought MSK gave a very easy look and not a very dramatic look mayb because he din't realise the weight of that promise in their futureErmm...for him it was enough that Geet has forgiven him that momentEmbarrassed.... when she said "I forgive u"..he has a huge sigh of relief on his face and he was going through that motion only when she told him about the promise....he din't give much ear to the promise and was just giving a very soothing look of relaxationErmm...he din't realise that moment what Geet has actually asked from him..mayb the realisation of this promise will come in the future when again he will b given a choice..and thats why we din't see much dramatic reaction from MSK in that promise scene...
Now There r some things to ponder though in this whole scene...
  • MSK on one of the earlier episode said that he can break any promises when it comes to Geet's life
  •  Today Geet made him do a promise that in the future if he had to again choose between her and the baby ,he will opt for the baby and MSK promised her to do so without realising the impact of the promise on GeetOuch...
  •  So does that mean if in the future during delivery time,the choice factor comes again we will see MSK breaking this promise for Geet and let go off the baby for Geet's life??Ermm
  •  But hving said that ,I don't think baby will go..the baby might take birth out of miracleLOL but when Geet will come to know that MSK broke the promise and again opted for her,we might see friction between the two and thats when MSK will hv to pass the test of a fatherSmile..
  • Why I feel inspite of the choice factor in the future,baby will still take birth is because today MSK raised the issue of step-father but at the same time poured out his love and emotions for the in the future he needs to prove a point that inspite of being the step-father his love for the baby is pure and realEmbarrassed..and for this the baby needs to take birthTongue
  • Also MSK in this show has dropped a tear from his eyes thrice only for the babyEmbarrassed..First when MSK comes to know about the baby's existence,he dropped a tear,then in the sonography scene he dropped a tear and today we saw him in complete tears again related to the babyEmbarrassed;So if the baby can make Maan Singh Khurana cry,its proof enough how much he loves the babyEmbarrassed

Coming to the Annie-Arjun scene where we see Arjun in a dilemma since he is falling for Annie but he is not able to decide between his mind and heart is indeed a good sceneThumbs Up;I loved Piyush's acting here but the scene could not leave a impact only because Nikunj as Annie faltered againThumbs Down....
Precap Dance:Remember Geet said to Annie she has not done any rehearsals for Sangeet..neither MSK has done any rehearsal..thats why I get a feeling they hv been deliberately given lousy steps to show that the dance was not pre-planned ..its not well choerographed but two people happily dancing in I guess it was ok for meErmm..also MSK is not very good in Indian dancing and for Geet she can't jump much in the dance because of her pregnency ..thats what was said in last mayb based on all that,they hv choreographed the danceLOL
My Episode Rating:9.5/10..For me the episode flowed very well today..none of the scenes looked out of place or draggingThumbs Up..even Arjun-Annie scenes were not bad and of course Maaneet scene was a classic todayStarStarStarStar..I would hv given it a perfect 10 if Nikunj had not falteredStern Smile
Polki and An hv done wonderful job with itClap...Loved the Animation done by PolkiClap..loved An's take on Strong Vicky challenging MSK's kingdomClap

My Opinion is that first the CVs need to justify why Vicky was not remembered in this Maaneet marriage by anyone..then why he left the house ...and Vicky's character should resemble Karan of Mahabharat who  should be positive but still should b strong enough to challenge MSK for his own rights in the Khurana MansionApprove...

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starlite7 Goldie

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Helloo Nissar, Maan Singh, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, CVs, Barry, friends et al ' woohoooo ...what a fantastic way to end the week.  I'm still floating in Maaneet lok.


Maaneet walk into the Sangeet. Loved Dadi's hug to both.  Maan still weighed down by his guilt.


The contrast between Maaneet is still evident ... Geet - full of life, Maan - stern.  Is this how their story began ?  I think the KC staff had a blast putting this skit together.  So it seems they didn't miss much when the nok-jhoks were going on especially  with the dupatta...LOL !


The skit begins with the dupatta.  Geet connecting with it immediately.  Dadi was enjoying.  Romeo is a perfect fit as the narrator ... him singing Maahiii....ROFL !  <applauding>  Even Maaneet got it...saw a hint of a smile on Maan :))


Next are the flowers ... eternal white and passion red.  Even Maaneet's sangeet costumes were in those colors !  ...Ant mein Geet hamesha Maan sir ki baahon mein hoti...Dadi had a good laugh.  Adi did a fine job bringing NE-Arjun back to their senses.


Arjun rejects NE for the dance.  NE hooks up with Romeo.  Loved to see Romeo's dilemma.  Even Geet got the joke !  NE can stand up for herself and give back to Arjun in equal measure...ha ha ha ! Arjun bitten by the green-eyed monster....sings Chal Pyaar Karegi...LOL !  If Maan was in  a better frame of mind,  he'd have caught the undercurrents between these two !


Hey, even Pandeyji is dancing ... Go figure !


Arjun and Maan walk away from the sangeet.  Geet tries to follow but Romeo stops her.  Dadi notices.  Finally Geet escapes.  Stops Dadi on the way and asks about Maan.


Geet-Dadi convo


Loved the advice given by Dadi.  Barry super job with the dialogues.


"Agar safar ki shuraat mein aapko kisi teesre ki zaroorat pade to itna lamba safar aap kaise tay karenge"

"Humsafar humsaaya hota hai.  Aur humsaaya aur aapke beech mein kabhi itna faasla na aane do ke kisi teesre ka kadam aa jaay"

I interpreted this in 2 ways ... one simplistically put, don't let the baby come between you.  Coz Dadi knows what's eating Maan.  Second interpretation could also mean  Maan's past ... don't let that come between you.  Hope Geet remembers this advice from Dadi when the time comes.


Humaare Maan baahar se kadak dikhte hai par andar se bilkul bachche ki tarah hai.  After marriage, in addition to the baby in her womb, seems like Maan will be Geet's bachcha too ... will need some hand-holding as his past is unraveled.




Best scene of the episode !!!


Geet finds Maan in his room, in contemplation.  Pehle to sirf baat chupa li, ab vaada bhi jhoota kar diya ?  Opening salvo from Geet to get to the root cause of Maan's unhappiness.  Maaneet are completely in sync with  their thoughts and emotions.  Any thing that makes one unhappy immediately affects the other.  Maan's unhappiness is eating up Geet.  Plus the fact that Maan hasn't told her the cause is adding to her unhappiness.  She cannot bear to see him in pain.  Just like Maan, she too wants to see him smiling...sangeet or no sangeet. 

Her statement "kyun ki aaj tak aisa nahin hua ke aapne mujhse koi vaada kiya ho aur isey nibhaaya na ho' brings the first tear to his eyes.  Breakdown coming up ! About time....coz for a man who worships truth cannot hide it for long....especially from the love of his life. 

"Agar vaada toda to baat bhi badi hogi...aakhri baar pooch rahi hoon...mein aapko  yun tadapte hue nahi dekh sakti" ... breaks the dam. 


Maan's goes down on bended knee, touches Geet abdomen and confesses ...directly to the baby.  This was one of the most moving, profound scene today.  Barry  - AWESOME dialogues.


Maan is brutally honest ...wo shaks jisne tumhari mom ko dhoke mein rakha, aur tumhari jaan lene ki koshish ki. Mein wo swarthy aadmi hoon, jisne apne pyaar ke swaarth ke liye tumhari parvaa nahin ki. Tumhari mom ke baare mein socha, par yeh bhi ek swaarth hai "  Perfect and effective way to tell Geet what's hurting him.  Maan's confessing that he cannot be a good father because he is not the biological father.  Maan's pain brought tears to my eyes.  Also, felt that there is more to his statement of 'not being a good father since he is not a biological dad'....something related to Maan's own past.  Maan also conveys how this act of his has been weighing down on him...the torture he's been going thru.  Mein kabse tadap rahaa hoon...pataa nahin tum kabhi mujhe apne pita maan paaoge ke nahi.  Kya tumhari mom mujhe kabhi maaf kar paayegi ya nahi.  Loved the sitar BG !


The way he hugs and kisses (?) the baby was just moving.  I tell you this baby after its born will be on Maan's side.  They have already bonded strongly together with this convo....dekhtey rahiyo.


Maan's confession not only showed the root cause to Geet but also conveyed his love for Geet and the baby.  Her mamta overflows.  She shows the maturity that was expected of her in this MU...THANK U CVs !!!


Khud apne aap ko gunhegaar maan liya aur khud apne aap ko yeh sazaa de di, chup chaap hi tadapte rahe.... And she wipes his tears...awwww....yes !


Barry dialogues that followed just floored me.  Have to quote them.


Baby ke papa (Maan) ke baare mein to jaanti nahin...magar baby ki mummy, usko aapse koi gila nahin.  That's when Maan raises his downcast eyes and looks at Geet.  Usne aapko maaf kiya.  Aur baby, use lagta hai aapne kuch galat nahin kiya.  Aap to bas baby ki mummy ko bachaana chahte the'magar haan, baby ko ek baat ka eitraaz hai ( a tear rolls down Geet's face) aap ab bhi use begaana maante hai ...Maan nods his head in a 'no' ... varna aap aise nahi kehte ke wo aapka nahin isliye aap swaarthi ho gaye.  Baby jaanta hai ke agar wo aapka ansh hota to bhi aapka faisla wahi hota aap mere mummy se pyaar jo itna karte  hai ...and then she lifts Maan's chin and says ...aur baby bhi jaanta hai ke aapse achcha papa aur koi nahin ho sakta hai.  Maan overcome with emotion kisses Geet's hand in all humility...tumhe nahin pataa tumne kitna badaa bojh halka kar diya...thank you.  The relief is evident in Maan's face as they hug. 


Mein jaanti hoon Maan, mujhse ehem aapke liye koi nahi, par mere liye mere bachche se ehem koi nahi.  Geet confesses to him that though she loves him a lot, mamta in the form of the baby was the first emotion she'd experienced, falling in love came later.


She asks him to promise, God forbid he has to make a similar choice in the future, that Maan chooses to save the baby.  Maan promises and also promises to fulfill his earlier promise of being happy at the wedding and continue smiling.  Super hug !


CVs - I've already said this before, and I'm shouting out loud today.  You have already used the baby card once....NO MORE !!  Nothing should happen to make either Maan or Geet choose between one or the other.  Maaneet and Baby are 'HUM'.  Without the 3 of them together , there is no HUM.  So keep the HUM together !!!


NE-Arjun confrontation


Liked both their POVs.  Must say both are improving in the performances...yeah Arjun is still better than NE.  So NIkunj....catch up, pronto !  Arjun asks NE to follow her heart.  He is caught in between his heart and mind.  A great opportunity for CVs to flesh out Arjun's character.


Geetu ... Lagta hai we may need you Brain vs Heart convo for Arjun...LOL !


Maaneet dance


Loved Maan hugging Geet from behind....awww.  Compared to NE, Arjun and the KC staff, Maaneet did not have the privilege of practicing their steps.  So I'm ok with Maaneet's dance steps.  What counts is the fact that Maan is now putting his heart n soul into the sangeet which is making Geet happy and t his collective happiness is showing in their dance.  I love it !

Gurmeet, Drashti - Standing ovation.  Fantabulous, mind blowing performances. !!

Nissar - Excellent execution !!

Barry - Today you rocked !!

A big applause to the entire Geet HSP team (don't want to exclude anyone) on a Super Saturday Sangeet epi !!!

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Maan wept openly for the first time and that too for the baby. Geet was right her baby cannot get a better father than him. In fact we have seen tears streaming from his eyes twice during the show, once in joy and once in repentance and on both occasions it was for the baby. They better not think of MC ever.

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