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Devil's Den: Waiting for Godots - Baby and Vicky (Page 2)

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Hey everyone!
I had to write.
got some things to say.

Here is a detailed take..but do read :P

1. Dadi gets HUGGIES
yeah..okay..She looked SOO happy hugging Maan..hmph..
Maan is wondering how he can be happy with such a huge burden in his heart.

Who's up for some symbolism?
Coming up..there or not..I don't know..but  I feel like itLOL
hint- "seene pe itna bada BOJH le ke"

Arjun pe Annie ka dupatta..was DA SECOND BEST
BEst was Romeo's MAAHILOL

Jiska bhi yeh tha idea...*jhapkisses* i still can't stop ROFL-ing

what I liked- Geet trying to find that shared moment of happiness with Maan...who was tormented inside.

The parody of Maneet moment- Yes, It was exactly that and yet...made me appreciate how beautiful their journey has been..funny, senty,angry,passionate and beautiful

I liked this scene

Manisha blew another kiss!

Annie snubbed...Snubs using Romeo..who's interested in dancing with Tashu

Good Dance sequence.

Arjun walks away.
MAan walks away as all that he can hear is the echo that tortures his soul.

Geet troubled.

Dadi-GEET scene
Imp dialogues

Dadi points to the importance of Geet talking to Maan.
Not allowing anyone else to come in.
"safar ki shuruwaat mein hi agar kisi teesre ki madad lenge toh itna lamba saffer kaise tay karenge"

He told her he'll be her shadow..
her "saaya"
he told her he won't allow her past's Shadow to trouble her.

This points to a different saaya now- MAan's past.
His saaya that had enveloped him into darkness that Geet brought him out of.

"humsaaya aur aap mein kabhi itna faasla na aane do ki kisi teesre ka kadam aa jaye"

Barry awesome!!
It's a very nicely written set of dialogues by Dadi

The unity of their relation now- the bond between them has to be so strong that they don't need any one else to solve their problems.

Dadi says maan is like a kid from the inside.

Geet's dialogue "yeh bachha mere liye sabse ehhem hai"
the connectivity here - hopefully MAan will be  a bachha too with their baby..aww

MAAN-GEET- the lightening of burden

She reminds him of his vaada.
she gives him his and her pyaar ka vaasta

"main aapko yu tadapte hue nahi dekh sakti"
and tears drop from his eyes

"dil pe itne bhaari bojh ke saath"

He kneels..under the weight of his guilt,
and apologizes to the baby.
The dialogues and the execution along with the acting was v v touching

"kyun ki tum mera ansh nahi ho na isliye toh main itna khud garz ho gaya"
hurting himself here...

the entire scene already had me in tears when

and then that heart wrenching tune i had heard and realized i loved in the dargah scene(dhaaga separation)- made me cry harder
expressed the torture and turmoil MSK went through

"pata nahi tum kabhi mujhe apna pita MAAN paaoge ya nahi"
kya tumhari mom kabhi mujhe maaf kar payegi ya nahi"

There was a certain poetry to this dialogueEmbarrassed

MAan today talked about him being paraya from Geet and the baby...but Geet brought him in with her dialogues into the family...where Maan is not paraya from Geet and the baby but a part of them. A family...and when they sat hugging..I saw the family they would be...playing with the child..Maan talking to the baby

Geet wiping his tears and gently talked to the man she loved..the man currently suffering to  huge degree

She says "baby ke papa ke baare mein toh main nahi jaanti"
Referring to MSK..and his need to forgive himself for this

"baby ko ek gila aap use abhi bhi begaana maante hain"

She rejects this explanation of Maan..about his decision coming out of the baby not being biologically 'his'
She says she knows she's the most important for MSK and he would have chosen her over even 'their' baby

MAan's guilt...
GEET raises his Face and his NAZAR to hers and LIFTS the burden that MAan is suffering under
she says " baby jaanta hai ki aapse achha papa aur koi nahi ho sakta"

GEet-MAAN ehem

mere liye mere bachhe se ehem koi nahi

The baby is part of her identity...the definer of her identity- why?
because she is a LIFE-GIVER. she is Creation and the Creator..she is EROS- and for her- nothing is more important than her creation.

Love was an emotion that proceeded her "mamta". That was the primal emotion in her before she fell for Maan.
She loves Maan and that love is Fertile- life giving and creative.
but there is life growing in her right now and that is a priority because it was primary

She asks him to save their child if something like this happens again
He is hesitant- but since she is most ehem to him,he won't deny her anything and particularly not something which is the most ehem thing for her- her BABY's protection- her Creation's protection.

I am reminded of something which yes, applies to all nature.
There is an interpretation( NO connection other than the one I make here)
that Draupadi was Shri-the Mother Nature, the Creation and when she was in trouble, the Lord as Krishna protected her...Creation is not to be destroyed.
And that is perhaps why- next time something happens, even at personal cost of losing something GREAt..MAan will choose the baby


Annie-Arjun convo
I liked their dialogues
she is so frank and this freshness I love.
HE is honest as well- he tells her to believe in her heart but he is conflicted between his heart and brain and that it's complicated

except the MSK bhangra ..KYUN?LOL

MY check list

1.geet's char analysis- baby most ehem. 

 2. maan's tears..BOTH eyes. Check.

 3. Kneeling and talking to BAby. Check. 

 4. no anger etc. Check.

 5. Back hug in precap. FINALLy. CHEck

6. Dialogues-Check

Great ones!
and yes, "bachha mere liye sabse ehem hai "is perfectly suited with her character.

negativity regarding AA 

Their track is fresh. Yes, They aren't the best actors, but they are learning, the characters are good.
I would have preferred a gray arjun but seems like he's gonna be "arjun"
so be it.
their dialogues were good. and the acting is improving.

Execution of the maneet sc- great job!
things were clarified.gc dd were AWESOME. was good.

I liked the epi.
it made me cry and it made me laugh. 
Well executed Maneet scene- was it Nissar's touch there?
Definitely seemed so!

The dialogues and situation very interesting still
Open possibilites for the future-
1. annie-Arjun 'complicated love track'

2. MSK needs to nibhao the vaada. Both. How would he smile in a dramatic wedding remains to be will he choose the baby the next time ANYTHING happEns Remains to be seen

3. "saaya" " koi teesra" Sammy, or others.
Sammy and others in MSK's past

1. a fist fight between brij and maan.
2. im assuming Wedding is definitely happening in an awesome way.
3. PinkY Adi love track start soon..plzzzz!!
4. Geet's family COMINg back to create further problems.
5. Sammy ke saath saath MSK ke past ki chaabi that leads to the DARK RoOM
6. Maan baby track...
7. Some interesting Maneet romance-pre wedding...and post too of course- a different mushiness but witty..and yet v romanticEmbarrassed
8. Nikunj getting better in acting - yes I earnestly hope
9.MEERA-YASH track

And this brings me to a wished for character

there are our lovely den-openers who WANT the guy to come .The third Khurana bro..for me..I have always wanted him to be a witty, thoda naughty, with a heart of gold, not a casanova but  a NORMAL guy, HOT of course..but stubborn.
Exactly like in my Fan Fic in other words..LOL

I wished he came as Geet's dewar and she got some nice guy friend to talk to.
I wish to see Annie and Vicky arguing and Geet being the arbiter
I wish we get him as a sweet, positive, HOT male actor who can ACT well!

I'm sure others have further to say on Vicky..
For me..I want him to be the 'normal' one in MSK's khandan and therefore standing out in that way

That's all for today!
Great job in acting,execution..editing thoda sa panga but im sure it will be resolved.
dialogues- Jhapkisses
Gc,DD and the TEAM- thank you for working so shows through the AWESOME acting and your effors come through!

Ab bas..LOL

I'll be back from 12th!
Love to all!

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Theme of the Den - Vicky!!

Well written back stories An and Polki! on VickyClap
Lovely interview with Vicky from Devil's Den FM Thanks Jhan! for presenting vicky to the devilsLOL

Episode analysis will be delayed... Please check back tomorrow....
Still waiting LOL i hope not ....gals Tomorrow never is the update..I had some real life stuff that came up and I could not continue going back I may write something but the time to update this has expired for meLOL

Yeh udasi ki ghata dil par mere chayi

Anjaane hi tujhko mujhko degi ye rulai

Yeh tujhko main kaise bataon

Kahan khoya mere dil ka sukon

Sach jaana tumne to phir hogi pyaar ki rusvai

Yeh udasi ki ghata dil par mere chayi....

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Finally read the Vicky Takes: if there is Vicky there is Daaku and Polki. HAAN Cool Anonymous Den schedule Maker, awesome choice of openersThumbs Up ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Polki: Loved it! I especially loved the "Who is Vicky?" Part

Originally posted by Poli.Geek

He is a great dresser and as a good looking guy, girls are always after him (Koi Shak?ROFLROFLROFL), however he is not a womanizer.  He is a one woman man ("one woman at a time" Man

@Red: I don't appreciate you taking shots at my Dev Stern SmileHe can't keep it in his pants! So what? Stern SmileROFL

Daaku: Awesome ClapClap I love reading whatever you write LOL And Vicky makes you better ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


As for the episode, I loved the baby talk scene. Everything is cleared no chance for MUs. Thank you for not taking a cliched  path. You showed us that Maan and Geet's relationship is different. Geet understood why Maan made that decision and freed him from his guilt. She may not agree with it because for her the baby always comes first, but she knows how much Maan loves her. I'm not surprised Geet made Maan promise to choose the baby in future.  However, there will come a day that Geet will realize how much Maan means to her. She will then come to know that the baby and Maan both hold an equal place in her heart. I love the hidden message that promise holdsWink Thumbs Up You can't back out of a promise CVs! Embarrassed LOL The whole scene was so beautifully executed. It brought a tear to my eye watching them talk about their baby. Excellent acting from both GC and DD ClapStar One of my most favorite scenes ever, and it was not only because I have a soft spot for Baby Maneet Embarrassed

The rest of the episode:

I liked Dadi- Geet conversation, very mature and apt. Thumbs Up It's always great to see the office staff. I love Romeo EmbarrassedLOL
Did not like Geet's outfit. Although, she looks adorable, that is not suitable attire for a bride at her Sangeet. And NES-NEB Dance was Stern SmileROFLROFLROFL is that enough of a comment? ROFLROFL I can't wait for Monday and Mahi ve Embarrassed the good KHNH version not dying giraffe version ROFLROFLROFLROFL

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Just wanted to say hi!ROFLROFL  Don't believe Jo NO-Glow....Maan is marrying Manisha and Geet is running off with Nakool!


Yo! Its me, Professor Airport's straight A student, Zoolander. If you didn't get that, its me Ann.A. SmileAnyways, I am stealing Anj's reserve today. Here is my take.

Annie and Arjun's convo - Arjun is conflicted. Who should he listen to? Heart or mind? His heart is falling in love with Annie and his mind says he is here to seek revenge on the family that ruined his sister's life. Who will he listen to at the end? It will be his heart. He seems to be a man of morals. He will make the right choice at the end when he knows the entire truth. Even if Brij blackmails him, at the end he will choose his love.

Maan and Geet scene - WOW! Loved it! It is now one of my favorites. A brilliant scene, something I have not seen from Geet HSP in a while. Very emotional and heart breaking. I loved the emotions depicted in it, from both Maan and Geet. GC and DD were both in full form, fantastic performance.

Maan breaks down from the moment Geet begins to question him. Tears begin to fall from his eyes. Which I think is apt for the situation because he is afraid he will lose the love of his life for his one "mistake". He talks to the baby and apologizes for his betrayal. He became selfish for his love and because the baby was not his own. He admits the guilt was killing him inside. Why did Maan say he became selfish because it was not his real anch? He is under the illusion that he made that choice because the baby was not his biologically. But it was Geet who understood that any man in his position regardless would have take the same decision. A man thinks of his wife and a mother thinks of the child. The mother feels the love for the baby before a father does because she carries it.  As I said, Geet did understand him. She had to. She knows how much she means to him. Geet is the only ray of happiness that he has. Whereas for Geet there is her baby.

Geet tells Maan, if the issue ever came up again he choose the baby. At first I wondered why Maan agreed right away. Is he really willing to give her up that easy? But it is because as the mother, Geet has the right to decide for her and her child. Maan cannot take that away. To him that would be another betrayal. Yes he would lose her, but Maan would never be able to live with himself for that deceit. Since Geet made him promise, I have a feeling this will come up in the future. Maan may have to make a choice again. Either he will do as he promised or he will choose Geet again. If he chooses the baby, then he loses Geet. But lets not forget the show is named after her so she stays. In that case both baby and mom live. However if he chooses Geet, she loses the baby there will be a rift between them. She will blame him for the loss of her child. And let me be honest and say I would hate that track because baby needs to stay.  Another option is that Geet and baby survives and Geet later finds out what choice Maan made that may lead to a misunderstanding.

For Geet her baby is most important, even before Maan. That is what she says to him. She felt mamta before she felt the love for him. But I have a feeling she may eat her words back up again, because she is wrong. She will never be able to live a day without Maan. She needs to realize that baby and Maan are EQUAL. For that she needs to be put in a position where she has to choose between baby and Maan. Maan promised to save the baby and that he will give his life for her. When he does, what will she do? Will she stand there and let him die for her? Of course not. She will risk it all for him. Then she will see that he means as much has her child. That loop needs to be closed. This one scene opened up a lot of potential scenarios. Important thing to note is BABY LIVES in all of them and that Maan and Geet come out with a stronger relationship and understanding.

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Thank u creatives, loved the scene between Maan and Geet...too emotional for words!

Glad Geet totally understood him, wise and smarter Geet, thanks for not contradicting her character!

Scene was a bit filmy and a bit OTT, but it left an impact on the viewers.  My heart shattered when he said sorry baby, i cant be a good dad, cause u not part of me!  I cried then and even while writing this! Those words were just too touching!  First he says sorry to baby then Geet, that was awesome! No question,  it is his baby, doesnt matter who fathered baby, MSK has given this baby life, baby is living and there because of him only!  Those words pierced this heart CryCryCry If it leaves an impact like this in this stone heart then it had to be powerful! ClapClapClapClapClapClapNever kill this baby or ur show is dead!

Now Geet tells Maan if he ever faces this situation again, he chooses baby and not her.  This loop shall close soon too, Geet might be in similar situation Maan's life or baby!  Just waiting to see how this dialogue is justifed!

Now on the wedding, understood there will lots of fiasco, lots of fight, but let this marriage take place and if separation we can deal with it later!

Again, Dev coming to make his claim???

Geet marrying someone no no!

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Polki and Pengu!!!!

What a deadly combo!!!ROFL ROFLROFL
Now about the episode....................................................................
Totally loved it...from start to finish....
The spoof was cute, ROMEO'S MAHI!!!!LOLLOLLOL 

I loved the daadi - Geet convo too. That was a very matured advise from her. I had like to see more development in their relationship in the future too...

No words for the Maaneet scene. GC was totally into it!!! His tears just melted my heart...This was the best scene of the episode and one of the best of the series so far. Every expression, thought, dialogue, tear so subtle yet so real. I don't have enough words to express what I felt when I saw the scene. Have seen it several times already. GC surely stole the scen though DD was no less....
They cut the NE-Arjun dance...some steps shown in SBS/SBB were missing! Nothing new...editors always do that! But I thought their segment was good too. Arjun's dilemma over NE. They are not the best of actors and Piyush is certainly much better than Nikunj. Plus he looks good with hair pulled back. He knows the aim was different n now that he is falling for the girrl, he is losing focus. Let's see where the story goes....But I do think they r beginning to look better together. Nikunj and Piyush r not there yet but process has started....One is sure....they both look and dress up much better than many other actors I have seen on TVShocked Well, that's my opinion
Looking forward to Maaneet dance on Monday but looking at the precap...shouldn't those steps be more simple for Geet since she just went through a near death experience......Creative liberty??????Confused  Editors will surely do their best to mess up what we wanna see....LOLLOL

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I have said this before and I will say it again, It takes a lot to make me cry. I am not a very emotional person and it takes a lot to make me feel any emotion. And yet again, Maan has done it. He made me feel like it was inevitable, that crying was the only natural reaction in that situation. Nothing and I mean nothing can go wrong in their relationship. 

This show is apart from any other show by leaps and bounds. And we attribute its success to a great story line and good dialogues. But what makes it worth watching everyday is the splendid acting. This show would not be the same without Maan (GC) and Geet (DD). They carry the show on their shoulders and OMG, do their do justice or what. Splendid ! Clap

I find it almost impossible to not write about their relationship after watching today's episode. We have dedicated a Den theme to this topic sometime ago. But I have to mention it again. So please bare with me.

Maan and Geet, their relationship - 

We stand on the ground
upon a turning page 
brandishing like a banner in the wind.

Here in the branch of land 
and the debris of its flipping leaves 
and the page that in its lines absorbs the ink of our fate 

The book that from the green ink of our phase 
prints the unsettling song of its departures 
with the words that they seize hands to serenade

And to tune the golden grove of our chests when they burst in their love 
and the white flutter of our wings grafting in the dove of our hearts 

The graft like the rose's red sonnet of blooming! 
Like the sonnet of colors when they surrender to your eyes!
and the worship of leaves in temple of the stems !

Like the sonnet of sun ridge on the hackle of our hands 
Like the nest of lights on branches of our faith 

Like the sonnet of borderless regions and remote lands 
The sonnet of reborn paths 
and the womb of the passages that is brimming of the rays of sunshine 
Unknown Author


Sometimes what you want is not what you get, but what you get is so much better than what you wanted

Geet accepted it to be fate and married the man her family chose for her. She truly believed him and trusted her life and safety to him. She gave away herself to him and there could be no other definition of love and acceptance. But he broke her trust. She lost faith in everyone and lived only for her unborn child. Till she found someone, a knight who she knew would lead her through her life again. 

You were my strength when I was weak, you were my voice when I couldn't speak, you were my eyes when I couldn't see; you saw the best there was in me

She knew the whole world would question her about her choice, and it probably would be a loosing battle. She made a choice to stick with it nevertheless and knew it was right. She was willing to fight her war standing alone. But she is still a girl of 18, who was unaware of some of life's harsh realities. He became her strength, her voice and her eyes and guided her through, and will continue to do.


You can lose your pride to the one you love, rather than lose the one you love because of pride.

Maan has always been a selfish and egoistic person who has out himself and his needs before anything else.  But he has learnt it that it is alright to give up your pride for the one you love. He is growing to be more selfless each day.

I've never been so scared of losing something in my life, then again nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do!

I might make some wrong decisions because you are my life and I don;t know how to live without you. Please don;t abandon me and guide me through. Physically I can be your strength, but mentally, you are my support system. 

Maan and Geet

Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.


Coming to the episode

Todays Ups

1. Maan and Geet conversation. There is no other word to explain it other than perfect. One of the most beautiful conversations I have seen in a long time. Kudos guys. Everyone involved, pat yourselves on your back. GC, DD, Nissar, Barry, everyone else. Clap
2. GC, ur depiction of guilt was out of the world. I cried silly when u said "Tum mere ansh nahi ho na, isi liye mein swarti ban gaya". Clap
3. Geet's reaction to the whole scenario was splendid. She is so understanding and knew exactly how he felt. 
4. Daadi and Geet conversation. I think it was apt that daadi is shown to guide Geet in her new journey. It was a very good advise and she acted her age when she told Geet she should check with Maan. She was supportive, encouraging, correct. Very nice scene.
5. Manisha, Romeo, Adi were good. Not too much of them unfortunately, but the little was good.

Todays Lows

1. Arjun's graph is going down too. I am beginning to not being able to stand him also.
2. Un-wesha. I am tired of complianing. I will just mention her name here.
3. I don;t know if it was a hint of things to come when Geet made Maan promise he would choose the baby as opposed to her. Hope not. But even if it is to happen, keep it for a later date. I want them to enjoy each others happiness for a while.
4. Arjun - Anne's scene was terrible at best. Neither one of them were good and I hated it. 

GC and DD are your bread winners at the moment. But you have other good actors too in your camp. NT, Brij, Meera. Please use them. 

Keep up the good job guys.

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The most tender tete-a-tete of a father with his baby....GC as MSK KUDOS!!!!!

OK...I cried ...I confess...I cried because I could feel Maan's pain....I cried because he was so remorseful....I cried because he felt that his decision was biased because the child was not his...I cried because he could not endure the fact that he had betrayed the trust the child's mom had put on him...I cried because he felt that he was not true to the phrase "Hamara Baccha"...

GC as MSK was awesome in his scene...His tears, his voice, his position( knelt down in front of Geet talking to the baby), his dialogue delivery....were all Bang on....I have never seen any actor other than maybe Aamir Khan who has enacted such a sensitive scene so beautifully....So GC for this scene you get....StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

Coming to DD as Geet, she complemented GC as MSK wonderfully....Her emotions on hearing his confession were very beautiful. I liked the fact that unlike other regular soap heroines she was not melodramatic abt his decision....She understood his dilemma and forgave him. Because she knew that for him she was everything...And her reassurance to him that the baby and the Mom both know that he will be the world's best father was written very well....I loved the way she held Maan's was very intimateEmbarrassed...The first hug was OK but the second hug gave me goosebumps....And the promise she took from Maan was apt too because a mother will always think abt her child's safety first....So DD rocked in this scene and for that she gets....StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

EmbarrassedI think due credit should go to the writers for etching such beautiful and heart-warming characters...and to the director for giving life to the writer's vision in such an enticing way that the viewers are spellbound....So for the CVs....StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

When watching such poignant scenes we are left speechless....and all the other negatives are forgotten...You enter this wonderful world called Maaneet which leaves you wanting more...Such is the magnetic appeal of this couple that we r attracted to them like iron filings...I have never seen any couple who has held viewer's attention for so long....The craze for Maaneet seems to increase day by day and doesn't seem to abate....I truly feel they are one of the best couples in tellydom Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

And now coming to the rest of the epi

1) I loved Daadima and Geet's convo...Daadima gave apt advice to Geet just like any mom will give her daughter before she gets married....So Daadima truly acted like Geet's family Thumbs Uptoday....And her dialogues also hinted at the arrival of certain someone from Maan's past...So let's see what the CVs have in store for us thereWink
2) I loved the idea of the skit on Maan and Geet but the people enacting it....Dead...he less said the better...LOLLOL
3) Romeo as sutradhar was too good ...especially his Maaahi Thumbs Up
4) The dance started off suddenly and ended suddenly....I couldn't understand what happened....Thumbs Down
5) Arjun's character was introduced with such flair and we were all left wondering about his motives but now he has been reduced to an infatuated moron and has become unwatchable...Thumbs Down...CVs why do u always turn all the parallel leads into saps??? Make some of them stronger...Its high time someone gave takkar to will be fun to watch some battle of wits...Smile

Overall the episode was fantabulous and can be watched again and again for that particular scene...And that's what I'm going to do now....LOLLOLLOL

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