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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devil's Den: Waiting for Godots - Baby and Vicky

Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Vicky Babu...hum kab seh tumhara intezar kar rahe hain...abh toh aaja...

Okay we all know why we are here- to celebrate a character whom we haven't even seen yet, but are crazy about.ROFL ROFL  Polki doesn't care what you all think but today Daaku's and Polki's opinion are paramount, so our opinions today are your opinions today.  Tomorrow you can go back to thinking for yourself... LOL

But those are the realities of life..Polki is super psyched to talk about all things Vicky...Polki's own VIRILE Vicky who is not SICKY but really LICKY ROFL ROFL ROFL (The last adjective was provided by my sister)

For once Polki has decided to have a really mature post about all actually fell for that.  ROFL ROFL

Well before you all read who my Vicky is?  We bring to you for your manoranjan some Anmol Motis created just for your viewing pleasure. Wink

Come on you really didn't think that with Daadku and Polki opening the den GEEKY wouldn't 
be mentioned...LOL LOL

And the story continues...

See Dulhan Vicky lejayega...ha woh lejayega...aur Maan dekhta rehjayega...ROFL ROFL ROFL

There maybe more posted, so keep on checking.

Told you all there was more coming your way...this Video is the fruit of my Poti's (Sigma's) hard work...Poti, you make Daadi proud everyday.Clap

In case you all are wondering who the winner is Aditya Redij

Now Polki's take.  Yes, I actually wrote a you better read it.  Varna Angry

Where is he? Shocked 

The sibling that everyone wants to see, (kaha ho tum Vicky meeri jaanErmm) he is the one who couldn't handle being home and decided to leave.Cry  He seems like an illusion at times, we wonder if we actually heard that there was another male Khurana sibling or were we exercising our over active imaginations and making him up.LOL  He was introduced to us through the plea of a Grandmother, who only wanted all her grandsons to be with her and nothing else.  We were never really told more about him, hell we don't even know what his real name is- is it Vikram, Vikrant, Vireen, Vikas or something completely out of this world.Confused  Initially it was believed that he was supposed to be the balance of the two extremes; Maan: angry, serious and aloof Sleepyand Dev:  Cassinova, irresponsible and spinelessPinch; but truth be told we never got to see this balance,Angry it would have brought a refreshing aspect to the show.Embarrassed


However, it seemed that the Creative minds behind the show were hell bound on bringing in a female character and decided to give Vicky a sex changeROFL ROFL ROFLand bring him as Annie, the non-existing sister. Dead You cannot expect the viewers to forget all about a character that was apparently being sought by Maan and his security guards to leave the viewer's memories. Angry We refuse to forget him and accept Annie.  It is time for him to enter and bring about some refreshing twists. Thumbs Up


This actually existing sibling will hopefully arrive soon with his smooth, suave and intelligent personaWink for people to forget all about Maan Singh Khurana and embrace Vicky Singh Khurana. Clap I am not saying that he is going to take Maan's place but Maneet need a family member who doesn't make us sickOuch, or is a revolting human beingSleepy or is so confused that they don't know right from wrongThumbs Down.  It is time for a sibling who will support Maneet instead of knowingly or unknowingly bringing them pain. Star


Although just a viewer, be it one with a strong opinion about Vicky,Tongue I hope that my Vicky is so endearing and dreamyDay Dreaming that you all will want to see him on screen before the wedding ends.Dancing  The reason for his absence, what he was doing while he was gone and why he returned needs to be explained and if done correctly will bring in the TRPs required. Big smile Remember for TRPs you need quality and quantity, a well created character will ensure these two Qs.Thumbs Up


Be prepared for Polki's Vicky to make an appearance now, I hope you all enjoy what I have envisioned him as.Embarrassed

Who is Vicky?  

Vicky is Daadi's daughter's son; his mother passed away during child birthCry and he grows up in the Khurana house as a Khurana.  He dropped his father's name when he turned 18 as his father had never been in his lifeThumbs Up.  He considers Maan, Dev and Annie his brothers and sister. Smile He is older than Dev (not by much, maybe a few days) and younger than Maan. Since he had lost both his parents he was always pampered.Tongue  Hence people may mistake him to be the youngest Khurana brother. Since the brothers are all close in age and very much older than Annie, I am not going to write about his interaction with her.  All you need to know is he loves her and cares for her.  (Yes, I can't believe I am writing that he loves SICKYDead, but now that she is here, we have to deal with her) His role was that of peace maker while growing up and that role stuck with him even when they all got older.Clap  He is the one who always get in between Maan and Dev when anything major needs to be resolved. He is a great dresser and as a good looking guy, girls are always after him (Koi Shak?ROFLROFLROFL), however he is not a womanizer.  He is a one woman man ("one woman at a time" Man), he knows his priorities and knows when it is time for fun and when it is time to get to business.


Why did Vicky leave?

Why must we always assume that Vicky left due to the fight between Maan and Dev.? Ouch Polki's Vicky left because he wanted to create his own destiny and not let his life be dictated by the Khurana name. Big smile His family was not happy that he wanted to leave and did not support his decisionThumbs Down, which is why he left without actually letting anyone know where he was headed. He was determined to only return when he had succeededClap. He wasn't sure if he wanted financial success or spiritual success so he decided to explore both.Big smile


Where is he today? 

Vicky first backpacked through India visiting spiritual places and meeting people from everywhere, he was a nomad, and he never stayed in one place more than a night, he was impossible to track as he himself never knew where he was heading.  (See there seems to be someone smarter than Munda ROFL ROFL ROFL) He was a little paranoid (seems to have something is common with Munda Shocked ROFL) that his brother was probably looking for him, but after months of living in fear of being dragged back home and realizing that nothing had happened, Vicky relaxed and started to find himself in earnest.  He figured he was not that interested in money which he decided was probably due to the fact that he never had to struggle for it, so he decided to work for his money and live only with what he earned.Star  After struggling for almost a year in different jobs today he has managed to get a position as a Head Lawyer in the legal department of an international company in Bangalore.  (I forgot to mention earlier that he as a lawyer by profession)  He is proud of his success and has no interest in going back home.  


What is going to make Vicky come back?

As he sits reading the early papers, his attention is caught by the headline, "Khurana Marries his love." Knowing that Dev is already married, he is certain that Maan is finally marrying and continues reading the article. Big smile He finds out about Dev and his crimes.  ShockedHe finds out that Dev's ex-wife has been going to the newspapers blaming Maan for her and Dev's crimes, saying that if Maan had only financially supported his brother when he needed the money they wouldn't have had to cheat an innocent girl.Confused  Angered by NT's accusationsAngry and also guilt ridden he decides to return to Delhi.Disapprove  Guilty, but why?  Well because Vicky left before Maan kicked our Dev and Vicky feels that if he had been there he would have brought peace between the brothers and Dev would have never fallen so low.  He also knows that if he had been there Dev would have come to him for help instead of Maan, and he would have helped Dev out, once again not giving NT a chance to influence Dev to cheat an innocent. Sleepy

Not wanting to take away from the festivities, he arrives the day before the wedding, only wanting to witness his brother happy.Big smile


What will Vicky do in the future?

Vicky will be the one whom Maan will be able to count on,Thumbs Up he will become Maan and Geet's right hand, he will be the one who will stand between them and the world, he will be the one who will actually notice what is going on between Annie and Arjun, Shockedhe will be the one who will try to get justice for Geet.Dancing  He will be the one who will encourage Daadi to be strong and not force Geet to give up the case against Dev and NT.  He is the legal brains of the family and he will be the one who will use his brains to fight the battles unlike Maan who uses his brawn. ROFL He will be the person who will make it impossible for Dev to lay claim on Geet's child; you can imagine him as the Lakshman to Maaneet's Ram and Sita.Big smile



What will Vicky bring to the show?

A handsome face, a smoking body, eventually a beautiful woman in the role of his love interest, you can't have any woman of the street playing his love.  She will be beautiful and unknown to him will be the next Vamp of the show, she is there to take revenge, makes me wonder for what or whom she is related to?  

Use your imaginations people; I know you all have the talent.  Let the CVs know that there are other ways for this story to stay interesting, other than the repetitive Maan and Geet Hugging scenes.


Also Maneet is so 2010 Confused

Geeky is so 2011!  Party

If you all want Maneet to stay together, then you all better campaign for Vicky to enter the show soon and have a love interest whose name can be used in Geeky; else Maan is out the picture and Geet is with Vicky. ROFL ROFL

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Taiyo IF-Stunnerz

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The Perfect Storm: Vicky

"A mighty storm is coming," a boy man screamed in an era unknown to us. An old man calmly said while splashing cold water on his wrinkled face, "destruction it'll cause, leaving many with no home and relations." A newly wed girl ran, frantically, barefoot in the market searching for her trader husband. A little girl looked-up in the sky and said a silent prayer and wished the storm to transform into a zephyr. The storm arrived riding the white horse to claim what it thought belonged to it.

There are possibilities galore when the storm is in sight. It may unleash a destruction never seen before or just kiss and pass. Most of the television shows are nothing without its storms -- shady characters, adverse circumstances, misunderstandings, and more. The storms dictate the progress of most of these shows. And if Vicky has to arrive in this show, he has to arrive atop the white horse to take the story forward, but he may transform into a zephyr and woo a lady precious.

Once upon a time he was mentioned in the show and then swept under the carpet as if it was a mistake that should never be repeated. Some mistakes are difficult to erase. Vicky has to be given a bodily form soon to open the chapter on Khurana family-tree and to write a future confrontation between the brothers not born to the same mothers. Dev has chickened out and is all set to attain sainthood but Vicky will be the perfect storm that will force MSK to start again from the scratch.

Dakku Penguin finally spots Vicky:

Little raindrops are forming a muddy puddle while a man waits for the traffic light to turn green. Someone asks him the time but he no longer wears the watch to avoid time-tied anxiety. Clad in blue jeans and a white T'shirt, and wearing worn-out sneakers, he is staring at the traffic light, oblivious to the commotion around. He may be standing at the crossroads but he certainly knows his way back as well as the way forward. But at the moment, the man is raring to sprint forward, planning to return and reclaim his part of the family treasure when the time is right to strike.

The light turns green, and he sprints forward, holding tightly the backpack and stops at the bookstall on the other side. The eyes turn cold and the chiselled countenance stiffens seeing the cover of the business magazine which is announcing, "Delhi's Business Tycoon Marries Small Town Girl."

Dakku Penguin Follows Vicky:

He disappears in a dingy lane and appears in front of his dwelling. That one room is his home for a year now. He enters and dumps the backpack on the bed and starts reading about the wedding. Filled with rage, he tears-apart the magazine and then breakdowns. There is complete silence for a long while and darkness pervades. Next morning, he calls-up someone and tells the person he is ready to get back what belongs to him by hook or crook.

Dakku Penguin Reads the Mind of Vicky:

"I am dead for them. It's time to come out of the hiding and show them that I exist. MSK thinks he is the King but I am also one of the heirs, and will fight for my due and more. He has to pay for kicking-out Dev and for shattering my self-respect and making me feel like an unwanted guest in my own home. I may not be the legal child but I was brought-up like one and promised a Khurana life. He snatched away my innocence because I did not blow whistle on Dev's doings."

Dakku Penguin Sees in the Flashback Crystal Ball:

A heated argument -- Hurt-full words spoken. -- A slap -- A walk-out -- A kick-out -- A too-late regret and search.

Dakku Penguin Digs Up Some Details:

Vicky's MBA education got truncated due to his fleeing away from home. He does odd jobs to survive but has the sharpest mind and is working on a plan to get back his rightful status. He is passionate about numbers and can swindle without anyone doubting him. He is not the legal child and a remorseful elder Khurana brought him home after his mother passed-away, and others accepted and pampered him like their own.

Dakku Penguin Sees Future:

He will rule for a while and then will become part of a happy family. 


The rider atop the white-horse sees the newly wed in the market and falls in love with her, and croons a song of pain and love. The impressed lady falls back in love with the storm and completely surrenders herself to it, and beseeches it to carry her to its land where she can live in freedom and without any marital bond. The trader returns once the storm has passed to see his home without the smile, and ends-up losing his marbles. Some storms give us unexpected endings.



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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 


Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT

Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash








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Ms. Taveez shall be speaking here...she has to still gather her thoughts.

Although at the moment she has no problem sharing this space for Indexing...
Geet's poem- Page 51
Shreya's beautiful lines- Page 54 and Page 45

Anyone else want to be added to the index, let me know..

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Taiyo IF-Stunnerz

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Smile a little,

Dance a little,

You are marrying my mom,

Act like her handsome groom.

I am your child,

Only your child,

When I am born,

I want you to hold me tight,

Without giving my mom a fright,

I know and my Mom knows,

You are the warmth when it snows,

You are the protector when the evils chase,

You are going to be with us at every phase.

I Love You Dad!



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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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 Shocked Whooping Willow n PoLkiiii....

MSK is definitely writing tonight..Approve. Exm jaaye phaad mein!! HAAN!!ROFL


Ms.. Willows  Shining Knight in the Armour..
who wants to take away my Geet...lik Forever! Angry

n manaaao Geeky livein..Stern Smile  duh:
Dream on kudiyooooo!! Dream on!!! huh: ROFL

Yup! Polka's VIRLIE VIcky - The Licky,
Daaku's simply The Vicky !
and My Long Lost *dot* *dot* *DOT* BROTHER,
is todays PREY to The Den Scanner!


Whoa.. Polks...  waise i expected nothing less... so i am not surprised.. !HAAN!LOL

still waiting for Daaku the Pengu.. to *whoop her willow* i mean to say to *swish her swords*.. ROFL


in Reply to

The Real Vicky
who went  Sticky... n wants Geeky??!!

( aiwi i loved his big Mouth... hmmmm... Lip-a-licious ) -------- tats just Ress borrowing Lips virtual name.. so dont freak out with *Maan giving dostana eye types to Vicky*Stern Smile... tats not happening!! HAAN!!ROFL *Ress switches to MAaN mode*

Huh! My Stalker Eyes are dizzy
Antennas are naked and fuzzy
ever since Geet i saw u WET!
yumm-a-licious, The best Stalker BET!

Lost i was, Lost i am...
in search of Vicky - my lost cam
he wud alwys see wht i nvr saw
why i nva found him in the draw!

And there there... i seee
Utube, u hav a faster stream n no feee!
and i am 'J', a big fat J!!
U beat my eyes everyDay!

And there is Polka with Willow
whom Vicky visits under her pillow
Tey found him or he found them
all i know is Nakool  u are at the Hem

Adultery with Mawali , how lame!
just coz Geet is my dame??
And who calls me Insane!
just coz i hav a dashing Mane??

Peeking Tomy is just Cam,
he shud know his  own RAM!
Me - The Stalker must hav lost him,
but forevr b4 me ill stay my GEM!

You Cal her DEMENTED
n u want her tent-ed
To Live-in with no chants
if u dont know forever is wht she  wants!!

find sweety candy for thee'
who has a lot of Ghee
you can with her not Hitch
and call urself Gheeky with a "H"


Daaku Penguin
aka My Whooping Willow... 

you swish, you whoop or do what-so-ever,
with words in hand flowing like river!
you have me stumped! yet again,
with those words for eternity i gain!
i say Thank you
in a wait that will never end, for more from you!

with Love,

Purple Raspberry.


On a serious note...  in reply to

 Polka's  Dashing Sensible LakshMan!
                         and Daaku's 
Dark Knight on the White Horse! Evil Smile

Vicky - the Witty and The Wicked

He who is My brother, they say i lost
with whom i always had the toast
i searched him jungle to temple
when as you say he ran like a humble
He who is My brother, they say i lost
with whom i always had the toast!

He was Young, with a direction though lame!
but Thankfully nothing like Dev, The Shame!
He was sharp with the laws, his carrier we chose..
but a passion he had, i thought for his loss!
He was Young, with a direction though lame!
but Thankfully nothing like Dev, The Shame!

He sang, like he was born with the strings
He moved, like the green in the springs
i too had my foot in rhythmic pleasure
but never failed to land after my leisure
He sang, like he was born with the strings
He moved, like the green in the springs

He for whom i prayed, cared for himself
and left me with my worried self!
With the youngest who was confused soul
yes i had needed him, a support to my goal
He for whom i prayed, cared for himself
and left me with my worried self

Today he returns, always himself the clever
with joy of having lived his passion, the achiever
He as i thought and noticed had changed little
in my eyes he had and forever have the same title

Today he returns, always himself the clever
with joy of having lived his passion, the achiever

He rejoiced in my Joy too, with his own
promised to stand by me and never let down
but there exists, beyond what eyes see
before i realized what had hit me
He had rejoiced in my Joy too, with his own
but had he promised to stand by me and never let down

Maan Singh Khurana!


epi analysis... i so wanna write... but...D'oh

with a bit.. ehehmmm.. lot of inspiration from my WW...

The Mother,  The Unborn Love and Myself

take a bow.. u brought tears to me...

oops i am The Father.. well so u get it.. those tears were real!Cry

I Lov You..  the 3 of U.. Hug 

yup myself tooo!! HAAN!!!



GC n DD take a bow..
Barry, pls cont to sow..
n yet take tis bow
Nissar.. u hav the Dove!

DEB chopps off NE files..


Purple Raspberry signs off! for now....

n heads to her exm hall to spot the dot (MCQs duh:) i wish rhyming helped!D'ohROFL

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi everyone

This is Jhan from Devil's Den FM with another fantastic interview. Big smile

Today we have with us Vicky whom I know all of you are excited to hear from. He is joining us on the phone. Without much further ado let me start. Big smile

Jhan: So let us begin. Hi Mr. Vicky. Welcome to Devils Den FM. We are so glad that we finally have you on the show. We have been dying to get you here and all the devils have been waiting to hear from you.

Vicky: Thanks. It is a pleasure to be here. I love the devils they are my staunchest supporters and please drop the Mr. Just call me Vicky

Jhan: So Vicky what is your full name? What does Vicky stand for? Vikram? Vikrant? Vikas? Vikesh? Vikramaditya? Vikramjit? Vikranta or something else?

Vicky: BTW is this a game show and are we playing pick the right name ROFL ROFL ROFL

Jhan: Not really. We want to know your real name.

Vicky: I would tell you but then I would have to kill you. Laughs.

Jhan: Saaf hai ki saala Dev ka bhai hai ... flirting with me.

Jhan: Some people think you are a Victoria. Evil Smile

Vicky: Nice try but I am very much a man. I am not falling for that. LOL LOL LOL

Jhan: (We will see about that Evil Smile)

Next question. Where are you currently? Your fans desperately want to know

Vicky: Talking to you (*laughs*)

Jhan:  Good joke (sarcastic smile) and raises her eyebrows.

Vicky: Thanks

Jhan: Where were you all these days?

Vicky: That is for me to know and everyone else to find out. Wink

Jhan: Do you know your brother was looking for you?

Vicky: Which one? I got two -  the one who does not even want to look at a women or the one who cannot stop looking at them. Wink

Jhan: What? Shocked

Vicky: Which one??? The misogynist or the womanizer? ROFL ROFL

Jhan: That is kind of harsh. Ermm

Vicky: I tell it like it is. Take it or leave it.  Approve  If you want sugar coated lies go ask my womanizing brother, Dev Angry. But hey just a warning ' you will definitely get more than you were asking for ' you will get a broken heart and maybe a little addition to you life in say like 9 months. ROFL ROFL ROFL And yeah if you want to risk getting your head bitten off, then you are welcome to go ask my older brother who will tell you  the same thing I will but in a much ruder and abrasive way. ROFL ROFL No scratch that. You will not even get through the door. Shocked Shocked ShockedThat Sameera woman did a number on him and now he hates all women. Ouch

Jhan: Oh wow you don't mince words do you.  Big smile

Vicky: Never have never will.... Approve.....which is why I get into trouble soo much. Ouch

Jhan: Now that you brought Sam up can we talk about her please. We are dying to know about her. Big smile

Vicky: Then you will have to die not knowing because I ain't spilling family secrets on this show. Angry I have plans to go back home sometime you know. I may be away but my place in the family is still secure. Big smile

Jhan (to herself): Yeah we will see about that. Evil Smile

Jhan: What do you think about Dev's wife and soon to be ex-wife NT?

Vicky: So Dev finally came to his senses? Oh well.

Jhan: May I know your opinion about NT?

Vicky: Trust me you do not want to know. My opinion on her is %#%$&^Censored Censored Censored.

Jhan: OK can you tell me why you left home?

Vicky: No comments.

Jhan moves in for the kill Cool

Jhan: Vicky what are your thoughts on NES?

Vicky: Who the heck is NES? Confused Confused Confused

Jhan: Your sister? Tongue

Vicky: What sister. I do not have a sister.

Jhan: Of course you do. You are Maan's brother, right?

Vicky: Right. I thought we had already established that.

Jhan: Then if Maan has a sister, you have a sister. Wink

Vicky: I do not have a sister. We do not have a sister. Angry

Jhan: OK you need to be more in tune with the events.


Jhan: Don't you know you have a sister called UN-wesha.

Vicky: Hell no. She is no sister of mine.

Jhan: People are saying that you entered the show in drag as her and that you are a cross-dresser and that you performed as Victoria hence the name Vicky. LOL

Vicky: W*H? I am very much me and have nothing to do with that NES as you call her and yes let me clarify I AM NOT A CROSS DRESSER...AND THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK SO....unki toh main.... Censored

Jhan: People are also saying that you had a sex-change operation and came back as her.

Vicky: W*F. I am going to kill all those people. I am so pissed right now. How dare they doubt me. I am going to kill all of them. Angry

Jhan: Calm down Vicky. There is no need to commit hara kiri. Would you want to go to prison like Dev and tarnish the family name?

Vicky: He belongs in jail. I don't Cool.

Jhan: Well then it is easy as this. Clarify then. Where did she come from? Did she drop out of the sky? Did she materialize out of thin air? Where did she come from? Why don't you just admit you have a sister and be done with it?

Vicky: THAT SICKY!!!!!!.  She is no sister of mine. This is all Maan bhai's fault. Angry Angry Angry Angry

Jhan: What? Now don't you go blaming him for all your problems Angry Angry Angry.....this boy is just like Dev. Ouch

Vicky: What don't you go comparing me to Dev Angry Angry Angry

Jhan: Well then explain. Big smile Wink

Vicky: You don't understand Unhappy. This is Maan Bhai's fault Ouch. She is a product's of Maan bhai's imagination when Sam dumped him. Shocked Shocked Shocked 

Jhan: What?Are you serious?  Shocked Shocked Shocked Nah you are just playing me. How can that be Wink

Vicky: You know when Sam dumped him bhai did not want to talk to anyone,  so he made up an imaginary sister that he told his woes to. Ouch Shocked

Jhan: OMG.Shocked Shocked Shocked Really. Shocked Shocked Shocked Interesting. Tell me what did he do with this imaginary sister? Big smile

Vicky: See he did all the things that he never does with other family members. They gossiped'.bhai and gossiping yeah right. Oh yeah he also bought her gifts supposedly. Ermm

Jhan: I am confused, were these real gifts or imaginary gifts. Confused Confused Confused

Vicky: I know bhai is maha kanjoos. I have no idea honestly if the gifts were real but if they were, they would be in the attic. So yeah if you wanna know, go look in the attic. But my money is on the gifts being imaginary too. LOL LOL LOL

Jhan: Wait ' imaginary sister, imaginary gifts - are you telling him your brother is a schizophrenic too in addition to all the pre-existing conditions. Shocked Shocked Shocked

Vicky: You did not know that? Shocked Shocked Shocked

Jhan: Hell no. Where is Sini? Sini'..Sini''..Paging Dr. Sini. Shocked Shocked Shocked

Vicky: Hey stop freaking out. You are scaring me now. Angry

Jhan: I am not scared, I am worried for poor Geet. She is marrying Maan you know. Cry

Vicky: Yeah we will see about that. But tell you what I gotta run and get to work on a little project of mine. Wink

Jhan: Hey when do we get to actually see you in the series? Confused Confused Confused

Vicky: Now that is another unsolved mystery.

Jhan: What are we supposed to do until then?

Vicky: Wait baby wait. Wink Good things come to those who wait. Wink

Jhan: Do you want to say something to your loyal fans?

Vicky: Thank you to all my fans. I hope you will continue to believe in me. Please keep the pressure on you know who so that we can meet in person soon. I love you guys. Catch you all later

Jhan: Vicky Vicky.

Well he hung up on us. He is more like Maan than he thinks Ermm. Anyways have a nice day Devils. Hug

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2008
Posts: 29856

Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
@An&Polks :Let me guess its abt VickyROFLROFLROFL
@Polks Loving your version of Vicky's existencee with the background storyLOL..awsomeeeStarClap
@Jhan Moi loved Your InterviewwClapClapClap 
OK  you will get mukti from my take for sum weeks...So party sharty for thatLOL
First Episode Update
Spoof Play: The dupatta I mean did err-jun have any clip in his hair how the heck did it get stuck?Confusedoh well like I care..did they meet like thtErmmroses ok tht scene was there., the fall ok..So the name they were giving Maaneet's love story skit went totally over my head..They culd have simply said this happens in every love story..Dupatta Flys,Girl Falls boy catches,roses etc..instead of insulting Maaneet's Love story..I agree there were infinity dupattas flying, eyelocks, falls catches and MAAAAAAAhhiis but Maaneet's love story was more than that always..No one can Portray that anywayBig smile
btw I was so excited to see Manisha doing the Silly Mes as Tashaa but GRRRRRRAngryOuch
Romeo's MAAAAAHII:LMAOOOOO tht was da only thing I liked about the play..ROFLROFL
Sangeet Manoranjan: Ay Le Pehle hi Despo ka Hath Aaage Aaa GayaSleepyRomeo was so concerned Maan sir meri vaat laga denge if he sees him dance wid NELOL
NES-NEB in black to audience in red
Chalo Humara Dance dekhoge
Na Ji Naa Ji
Hum Chale Jayenge
Haan ji Haan Ji
(NEB jumps in the wellROFLROFL)
Aree Aaap Log Haan Kare Yaah Naah Kare
Cvz apki Marzi nahin Sunenge
Hum tumko Torture Karte Rahenge
Hum apna Tv Bandh Kar denge
Yeh Atyachaar hum Nahin sahenge
Maano Humara Ehsaan ki Hum Hai
Warna Woh Mukhya Kalakaar Beemar Pad Jaate
Yeh Shaadi Cancel Ho Jaati
Manisha blew one more kiss but this time to GeetOuch
Daadi's Advice to Geet: "Never let the distance between you and your partener increase in such a way that a third person can easily step into it to destroy the relationship"
geet take this in point when Sam aunty entersBig smile
Breakdown:I am simply touched so I don't wanna say much accept thanku for makin me cry..You knw na I love sad stuffLOLI loved every moment of it *itni khushi* itni khushi*(bhaskar diwakar chaudary style)
As I said if geet didn't understand he didn't deserve her but she did toh lemme say both deserve each other equallyBig smile
last bit where Geet refers it as a future assumption gives me freaks tht this might happen..chalo jo hoga dekha jaayega coz Gith ko kuch nahin ho saktaBig smileThey will progress wid da baby like this I guess they ahve already told us to be prepared for it and I am not prepared to lose the baby or the motherOuch..Bhaggu Give me StrengthOuchLOL
@GC Me wanna give you paappies for makin me cryCry(my dil is a chota bacha jus lyk maan it is very easy to melt and you did itCryStarClap)as I always say you are best at emotional..Not all Male actors can cry like tht and leave an impact on the audience but you canClapStarClap
@Dhillon for da dilagouesHugHugHug
Unique TouchStarand I loved itEmbarrassedCry
Err-Jun Phisal Gaya:Its ComplicatedStern Smile
@GC&DD Star*standing ovation*ClapYou too were flawless and amazingggg moi loves ya too for makin me crazy behind maaneetHugit seems like I am a givin farewell jhappi to everyone so loads of you to you twooHugHugHugHugHug
@CVz You are testing everyone's patience by giving us NES-NEB..I mean its not like we don;t want a parellel character so tht the pressure on GC&DD is decreased..but there is a height to bear sumone..You knw ppl will not accept her until she improves her acting..nd viwers have given her a long time span but she is same as AS totally atleast AS culd do sum expression by taking his glasses outLOLLOLbut here all we see is
There are so may actresses to replace her..We have no personal grudge against Nikunj but if she doesn't decide to improve we have no choice but to hate NE..YOur Choice if u want ppl to leave then keep her or show her the door and look out for a better replacement..Big smile
Now Sum tareef ke Pool for you CVz..I think there was a scene like this in KZK but it was not like this totally different anway thanku for showing such a wonderful scene..I am gonna miss so many episodes and I guess this is gonna be the most memorable one...Thankyou for making it specialHug
@DD's CostumeThumbs DownTht was lyk every common gal around her..She is the bride, atleast make her look like one..

DD's Bday Sigs

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