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BB4 - Daily Discussion - 8th Jan 2011

sarah1024 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged

StarWelcome to the Bigg Boss 4 forum Star

A new season with new host Salman Khan and new house mates. Lets hope to see good entertainment and fun.
This thread is for daily episode discussion wherein anyone who is watching the show can post the happenings/updates/incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.  All are free to add their own observations/opinions/ interpretations. If you find some part missing, you can add to it but there is no need to bicker with the post maker.
For those members who want to know in brief what transpired in the episode, the DT has thought of an option. We will compile all the updates/snippets posted by the members in the thread and summarize it in the main post itself. Members who wish to update please do so on the main page so that it doesnt get lost in the pages and those interested in reading comprehensive update can access easily.
Importantly take the show as a means of entertainment only do not get affected. To the fans of celebrities please do realise that the celebrities here are NOT playing your fav character from a show but they are here as their real selves.  Hence criticism will be directed towards the celebrity so no need to feel angry or fume over it. Criticism should be in civil manner and based on the show's premise. NO involvement of personal life will be tolerated. Its debatable whether the show is scripted or not Many a times you would find two celebrities fighting but still they are not becoming sworn enemies of each other and later on they would be friends again.
The recordings of a couple of days is edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth. Arguing with each other over the celebrity actions will not help either you or the celebrity. It will only causes bitterness within us. Its fine to comment/criticise the actions/reactions of the housemates but absolutely No personalised comments against housemates or against members will be tolerated.
Please remember that IF-COC applies on all posts made.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome. Have fun.

Moderator's Note: 

If you have query  related to closing or warning issued then pm to the DT  clearly citing the issue. There is NO need to be angry/furious over it and express your issue clearly. The DT wont entertain such posts on the forum.
Please report posts which are offensive or demeaning instead of retaliating with the post maker and give reasonable time to DT to take action.
If a topic is closed then there are sensible & valid reasons behind it, DT does NOT act on whims and fancies of ANY member or celebrity. Do remember "A topic wont be closed just becoz  its a different view or perspective than yours. "
Learn to Respect and Tolerate a different choice or opinion and stop turning any view against your own into a battleground. It defeats the basic purpose of being on a open forum.Tolerate and understand a differing view. 
IF has a taken a strict stand against use of invectives/ expletives including W*F/B*****/C*****/F***/A**H*** etc so members are informed not to use them. Absolutely NO obscenity will be tolerated. Such posts will be thrashed and WL increased. Repeated offence can result in permanent ban.
Zero tolerance policy towards derogatory/demeaning and obscene references.
BB4 Development Team

Its been noted that in Discussion thread, certain celebs are being talked about and joked on. The ardent fans are requested not to feel antagonised and take it as light hearted bantering, limiting it to the harmless fun only, but anything offensive or derogatory will NOT be tolerated. To the members joking, dont stretch it beyond the civil limits.

Thanks and seeking cooperation of All.

Please do NOT post till the episode begins. Thanks.

Those who want to give details please reserve. Thanks


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MsAnu Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 4

Salman enters looking dapper dancing to humka peeni peeni hai .
 I see Seema .Aanchal and sara and Veena
Big smileRahul is looking cute .
Ooh myy Hrishant has a goatee. Manoj is looking on.Sameer is there too.
They see the clippings of their entire journey in bigg boss. All are glowing glowing. Salman gives out special awards. Given by special jury. First performance is by Sara Khan who dances to Zor ka Jhatka
haii zoron se laga . She's looking cute with her long hair extensions. Salman gives Bigg boss Silencer award .
Nominees are Aanchal .and Rahul . . and the winner is Aanchal
Bigg boss chaabibaaz Award ,the nominees are Veena .Hrishant and Dolly and the winner is Hrishant .
Bigg boss chaabibaaz Award
Nominees are Veena .Hrishant and Dolly and the winner is Hrishant
Hrishant says that it is his First performance and he is happy for his first award.
Salman shows the clippings of all the fights. All get emotional .
Hrishant performs next.Wow what energy Hrishant has Clap. He dances to a medley of I hate love stories and bachna ae haseeno. Hrishant says people have appreciated him a lot.He says he wants Ashmit to win. He has no comments when asked to comment about Shweta. Tongue
Day 96
Day starts with Chalte chalte mere ye geet yaad rakhna .kabhi alvida na kehna .
As usual dolly and Ashmit dance . Ashmit and shweta are sitting in the garden and
ashmit tells her you are going to miss the house a lot .Next performance is by Aanchal  who dances to mil gayi aaj aasman se .Rahul looks on . Aanchal says she  wants shweta to win because no woman has won the show. She  says she is in touch with manoj and salman jokes and says
that you got to meet him in U.P.LOLShe says no he is very much in mumbai.
Salman shows clippings of andey ka funda. How Manoj hid his andas. How Rahul discussed how inequally they were getting andas. Manoj  says
he should be the Egg Minister. Manoj says he removed all his bhadaas first in front of Salman because he didnt like the idea
that he had to leave the show in comparison of Ashmit .He didnt like  Salman sahying that ab manoj tiwari
ke chehre se ab niklega asli naqaab.Salman says you said that mere naukron ki tankhwa in log se zyada hai . Manoj says its
difficult in living in Bigg Boss house and people overreact living in such circumstances. Manoj apologises publicly. Manoj dances to tinku jaiya . Next Award is Bigg boss Alsi Award
Khali ,Sameer are nominees. The winner is Sameer.

Dolly tells everyone to clean everything . The kitchen is very dirty .All are lazing around. He
says aao saand mujhe maar . He says tu saand hai. they tell each other to keep on  bhaunking.(barking)
Shweta asks khali how come you'll are fighting so much .Bejan Daruwalla comes in and salman asks him what to call him and he says call me daruwaala.
He calls Salman Bulbul baba. Bejan says there is a strong competition between Shweta and Dolly and he says shweta has
an upper hand. He predicts next season also salman will host this show.
Bigg boss main hi main award .Nominees are Veena ,Manoj and Seema .Winner is Veena .Clippings of everyone's eviction are shown . Salman then enters the house and asks dolly where her
sindoor is .she says its behind my maang tikka . (jewellery) AShmit says this was the longest week . Salman comments on his gelled hair and says darr ke
maare toh nahi khadey hue aapke baal. SAlman asks khali if dolly was a guy what would you do .He says if dolly was
guy he wouldnt be so badtameez. Dolly says if khali ladki hoti toh . She says pata nahi kya hota. Salman asks khali
if he had to stay one more week with dolly what will you do. He says there is a limit of taking pressure. Salman then calls
Dolly outside ,who is the third runner up of the season .
Salman asks dolly .so near yet so far ,she says totey udd gaye .
She says she cant believe that she is controlling her temperament these days ,she cant control her volume though. Big smileDolly is shown her journey in the house. She gets emotional. Dolly says she feels shweta will win .
She says she has no words for khali who is not worth being called a brother .Salman makes dolly sit with manoj and says Nipto.Madhavan and kangana Ranaut perform to a song from their movie Tanu Weds Manu .Bigg boss Kaan Khau Award
Nominees SAra , Samir,.Winner is Sara

Veena performs next to chhalia chhalia and sheela ki javaani with a lot of pouting and cheap jhatkas.
She says she would like Shweta to win but her duas are with Ashmit.
SAlman asks ke dolly aur khali ke saath kya kya hai. She says they both are personalities in themselves. Salman asks her what if khali had dolly's gussa .
she says it would be khaufnaak. Bigg Boss Dramebaaz Award .
Nominees are Veena .Sara , Manoj And the winner is Manoj Tiwari .

Manoj says actor hun and thank you for the izzat. Salman says waise the rest are actors too .
Manoj goes off tangent.
Bigg Boss Dramebaaz Award .
Nominees are Veena .Sara , Manoj And the winner is Manoj Tiwari .

Manoj says actor hun and thank you for the izzat. Salman says waise the rest are actors too .
Manoj goes off tangent.
Salman asks shweta what will she do with the prize money  ,She says it will be all for my daughter .
2nd runner up is Ashmit . Cry Salman asks him if he feels bad for volunteering himself for nomination.Ashmit says he feels parmaatmas hand is over him.
 Salman asks Ashmit why he didnt choose Veena's Lollipop,he says that he picked it once then felt he would fight thats why
he chose others.Ashmit is shown his journey in the house. Salman asks him,who he feel will be the first runner up ,he says
the great khali.
Salman calls G.M.of general motors . to give chevrolet cruz most stylish housemate award. Sameer is the winner . Shocked
Salman performs to barso barso yaara barso re  .

Salman comes in the confession room and shweta comes to know. Shweta goes in and gets him out .
Salman asks khali if he is confident of winning and he says yes. He asks shweta that there no woman has won the show.
She says compared to khali who is an international star she has no chance of winning. SAlman then escorts khali and shweta
outside. He holds shweta's sari ka pallu while coming on the stage. EmbarrassedSalman asks the housemates to raise their hands if they think khali will win. Only Rahul raises his hands . ShockedRest raise their hands for Shweta.
Ashmit and Veena are so busy talking they dont hear. Salman says that you both were so busy in guftagoo you didnt hear my question.LOLAshmit says he wants both to win . Salman then is on stage with shweta and khali . He keeps shweta and khali .e tells Shweta ur dil is going dhak dhak and khali's dil is
going DHAK DHAK. He finally announces the winner - Shweta Tiwari

The first female winner to win the show ,she gets a bag full of money . Clap
Shweta introduces her daughter and all get emotional


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axeion IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the updates Gypsy Hug Will miss them from tmrow Ouch

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cutestar Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
thanks for update... last one Disapprove

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Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Thanks Sarah.. in all this excitement to known the winner and checking various threads I forgot to post DDT. Ouch just remember and saw you have done it.. Clap Thanks... Big smile

Guys this is this season last DDT.. EnJoY!!!!

Please no name calling or personal remarks on members or contestants.. Let Peace Prevail....

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mcm226 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by axeion

Thanks for the updates Gypsy Hug Will miss them from tmrow Ouch
exactlyOuchwill miss ur updatesUnhappyOuch............but thanks gypsyTongue...........a big thanks to.....Ishan,SAS,Ekta n all who were giving updates of this Big Bore fourTongue ......................will miss DDT,all old new pals hereUnhappyOuchOuchCry

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MsAnu Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
i heard shweta won

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axeion IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gypsy2525

i heard shweta won
We heard too Cry Just being hopelessly hopeful ki kuch magic ho jaye Embarrassed

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