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3 IDIOTZ- mehendi hai rachne wali (Page 12)

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Hello Shello Ji...

Just finished watching the episode.....And must say it was one of those episodes which definitely makes an IMPACT in a certain waySmile

Dialogue of the day was def Geet saying "Ladki hokar Mamta woh Pehla ehsaas hai jo maine mehsoos kiya, pyaar ka ehsaas ko baad mein mehsoos kiya"

I loved Romeo's adaptation of MAANEET love story...In short i loved the AA skit...the Highlight being "MAAHIIII"....what they intended to do was a SKIT and not a whatever they did was perfect in terms of A SKITSmile

I was quite excited for "Chal Pyaar Karegi" coz Arjun (Piyush) is a great dancer....and Nikunj is also so so....and the Bollywood number they chose is a track where there is loads of scope for dance, nautankiness and Nok-jhoks but i felt it was a complete assassination of the Song.....

Loved Dadi's piece of Advice to Geet each and every aspect of that scene....esp the dialogues with the star dialogue being "Humsafar Humsaya hotha hai"....Clap

Perfect reaction for a statement that was made
This is what Dadi Said-"Humare Maan sirf bahar se sakt hai, andhar se bilkul ek chote bache ki tarah hai"
And what Maan did in the Confession scene with the Baby was exactly the same....Must say GC looks really januable when he cries...What GC did as Maan was exactly what Nags Mentioned yesterday ki "he expects even MORE from himself" and according to him it was this inability of his to live up to what was expected of him that lead to what we got todaySmile

Maan-Geet-Baby Seq was tastefully done....the confession to the Baby, followed by Geet speaking up for herself and the baby in a very mature yet child like way was what was exactly expected of Geet and i am so happy that she proved most of us right today by understanding Maan's Plight and supporting and acknowledging that what he had done was right...The scene looked almost similar to the way i had mentioned it (2 days back)..Smile

I loved the scene but would have enjoyed it more if the first hug (out of the two hugs that happened when Maan and Geet were on the floor) happened the opposite way....that is Maan moving forward and hugging Geet (
in the Mom Child position) which happens most of the time when the Guy breaks down and the Girl consoles him....This was a perfect Seq to have showcased such a Hug....But aaisa nahi hua...Koi gal nahi...May be agli baarWink

The promise asked and made....looked like it was a hint ki aage bhi aisa kuch ho saktha hai..I really felt that this dialogue was for us the viewers....Smile

Ani Arjun scene were nice as well.....Piyush had nothing much to do but his expressions said it all....Nikunj is def improving but she has a long way to go....Loved the finality in her tone when she said "Main koi bejan cheez nahi hoon"

DD looked realy Cute in the Sharara and that Styling but i felt it was out of place when compared to the other costumes...Mujhe yeh bhi laga ki its Ani who was the bride...Her lehenga was Gorgeous something befiiting the Bride to be....but maybe they are saving the best costumes for the Future SeqWink

Barry Dhillon Yaar kya karthe ho aap are too Good......

Agar kuch aur bacha toh will be updating soonWink

Love Viji

Viju ...its totally brilliant and beautiful ... fresh tears brimming up ....Cry   .and yea i agree wid you on the hug ....Geet consoling Maan would have looked oh so right then .....

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Yo Jes ...Hug thankee ....

Originally posted by Jes75

Originally posted by -honeydew-

Here are some things i need ...

a hanky ..
a hug ....
a joke ...
a light-hearted convo ....

and loads of things i cant think of at the moment ....


tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin

tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin

meethi lagi, chakh ke dekhi abhi
mishri ki dali, zindagi ho chali
jahan hain teri baahein mera sahil wahin
tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin

mann ki gali tu phuharoon si aa
bheeg jaye mere khwabon ka kafila
jise tu gungunaye meri dhun hai wahin
tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin

My Take:

Heavy Heart !!
Emotions Galore ....!! 
I am going to talk to Maan, Geet,  DadiArjun and Annie today ...


i had no doubts about the fact that you valued the baby more than anything else and anyone else in this world, but today your honesty blew me off .. you could have told the man you love that he mattered the most to him as well, but you chose to tell him the truth .. hats off to you woman ...!! women like you are rare, and thats perhaps why Maan loves you so much, and i totally see why ...


My nani asked you yesterday, and i am kinda repeating myself today, but what are you made of? GC was brilliant today ... 

i am still crying at the thought ... 

hum tum itna pyar karenge
jo bhi sunega woh yeh kahega
koun raha hai koun rahega..
pyar raha hai .. pyar rahega..

chanda tare, sunle saare
teri yaado main hum
soye jagey, soye jage
saara aalam, kya hai janam
tere pyaar ke aagey...
ahan ..
ahan ...


Till the time you get into the water how will you know how deep it is.. and when you know how to swim, why would you not wanna go take a good swim? Dil aur Dimag ke beech ladna band karo ...  you have to let go sweetheart ... you are a nice man too .. and you really like her .. why should what you have come here for come in your way ??? your sister and your duty towards her stay ... but why should that stop you from being fair to your own life .... 

darling if its me whoz holding you back, dont worry, you could be with Annie.. i will watch you guys and feel happy ....Wink


Way to go girl !!Hug dont worry, you are not a be-jan cheez, and Arjun realises that ... he cares enough, hence doesn't wanna hurt you ....

but a another beautiful love story is on its way !!!

Wada Raha Wada Raha Wada Raha 

 Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka 
Ab Hum Na Honge Juda '

Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda 
Chahe Tumhe Kis Kadar Mera Dil 
Tumko Nahi Hai Pata 
Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sunraha Hai Khuda 
Wada Raha

Dono Jahan Ko Bhola Hun Main 
Aisi Lagi Hai Tujhse Lagan 
Chahe Kaho Ise Awargi 
Chahe Kaho Ise Deewanapan 
Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna 
Maine Tumhe Dilbar Chuna 
Ab Doriyan Na Rahi Darmiyan 
Kya Rang Layi Wafa 
Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda 
Wada Raha ' Hai Khuda

Dekha Tumhe To Aisa Laga 
Mujhko Mila Manzil Ka Pata 
Chalna Hai Humko Ab Sath Mein 
Tumse Juda Mera Rasta 
Maine To Li Hai Kasam 
Paon Tumhe Janmo Janam 
Sajde Kiye Maine Shamo Saher 
Manga Hai Tumko Sada 
Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda 
Wada Raha 'Hai Khuda

 Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha 
Pyar Se Pyar Ka Pyaar Se Pyar Ka
 Wada Raha Ye Wada Raha 
Pyar Se Pyar Ka '(2) 
Wada Raha Yeh Wada Raha

    Daadi ji:

    thanks for the lovely advice to Maaneet, on not wanting start their new life with the support of a third person ...!!! 

    Lovely choice of song ...
    Best was Romeo's Mahii ... it was the cutest ...Smile

    Heavy heart ... but the feeling of love has filled my heart !!!


    Nihu ...beautiful too needing a whole box of tissues today ....Hug Hug Hug  lots for you ....sniff sniff 

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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
    @ Nihu ...i so wanted Maaneet both to enjoy the wedding and i'm so excited about Monday
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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
    Smilethe wedding is going to happen on 13th , my moms bday ...Smile

    Originally posted by Jes75

    @ Nihu ...i so wanted Maaneet both to enjoy the wedding and i'm so excited about Monday
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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
    Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

    Aaj haina hamra tommy hum sab behen log.....neicy log....aur mommy log ko dekhe emotional ho gaya hai...
    u know tommy hates tears.....
    wow wow wow wow wow
    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it......Gurti gurti gurti....................
    GC was fullllll on Maan today........FULL ON.....full ON.....FULL on.....
    DD was brilliant today......amazing
    Gurti rocked the whole episode...
    and omg omg omg omg omg omg
    that mahi way danceeeeee
    Maan looked sooooooo flippin hott....especially the second to  last ajah mahi way when both looked into each other eyes.....was just damn brilliant....and u can tell how much GC and DD were enjoying their dance.....GC's head was bopping......and he was full on Maan mode in that dance...
    sooo sooo sooo sooo hot...
    and DD's dress was actually really cute.........i liked it...
    and and and....GC did kiss DD's hands.....he kissed her other hand.....his lips were on those hands like no joke...he did kiss her the SBB SBS.....w.e they showed.....they had only showed him hold one hand....but today he had two hands......and he kissed them...
    so chalo chalo chaloooooooooooooo stop suspecting my Gurti all the time

    LOL  LOL   oh Shivi ....u are a sweet heart ....mishti ......made me laugh ...ur tommy and yeah Maan did kiss her hands and not his own LOL  
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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
    Aaj...Vinu ki jaroorat hai...

    do you why...for he makes everyone of us..laugh and have fun...

    and there i admitted..i like his song singing..thingy..and they way he and Nihu..ensure that the whole idiotz..phamily goes..bonkers..

    anyway...our Vinu can..put in an appearance..??

    kKya woh MM ki...dil ki pukaar sunega???

    Vinu Pls come to the thread...WE need you!!

    and dher saaari baatein karni hai...and have fun with you...

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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
    u know guys i feel geet shud stop taking promises from maan every other day...she shud see by now that maan gives his promises so much importance that if he cannot keep them...he erodes from inside...
    and guys....i want to say something regarding the last promise....entirely my plz dont take it too harshly....
    geet is a mother first and then maan's lover and wife...i agree to that....
    but to make maan promise that he will choose the baby over her if similar situation arose again is too hard on maan....
    i admit that even widout that promise maan wud select the baby....after today he has learnt that he will never be able to live in peace if he lets the baby die...but to actually make him promise in words was just not done....
    imagine wat life maan wud hv if geet dies leaving behind the baby...
    maan no doubt will bring up the baby like his own....his love for the baby wud surpass all real fathers' love....
    but honestly speaking wat will he get in life...the love of his life is dead, knowing maan he will never fall in love with anyone else because he will never want a stepmom for the child....
    and the truth will remain that the child is not his....yes....he wont feel that way but i am talking about fact....maan will never hv the sweet memory of making love to geet wenever he will look at the child....
    he will devote his life in fulfilling his promise made to geet and giving all his love to the child...maan will make the ultimate sacrifice but he will always be empty handed....
    and if on any day anything happens to the child...i dont mean an accident or any other emotional mishap....maan will feel that he cudnt keep his promise...which will lead to another journey of anguish for maan and that time there will be no geet to wipe his tears...
    i just mean...geet shud hv felt after watching maan's remorse that in future maan wud surely save the baby...she shudnt hv asked for the promise...cant she trust maan widout binding him with promises....
    i repeat....just my POV....i hv nothing against is maneet magic that sticks me to the show...

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    Originally posted by aditi123_78

    today i am in an exhilarating mood...plz everyone lets break all records today and take this thread to 200 pages...

    Abey 150 se zyada nahin ja sakti hai, 200 hona mushkil nahin na mumkin hai....


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