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NivRen - Silsila Yeh Na Rukey (Page 7)

FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
@Milee Diiiiiiiiiii!!
Oh My Soother And Healer.
Now The Whole Episode Seems SO Much More Calmer Now.
Come To  Think Of It, I Think It Was Good They Got This PAAGAL Thing Cleared Today. None Of Us Would Have Beared That For 2/3 More Episodes. So In A Way, Thanks Mille Dii For Saying That.
Oh The Incredible, Beautiful And Emotional Hug!!
I Didnt Even Notice The Music Change.
I Swear, You Guys Pick Up On The SMALLEST Of Things, Which Make The Hug EVEN More Stunning.
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH Milleee Diii!!!!!!!!!!
Now, Just Hope Next Week's PACKED With NivRen. And Love. Big smile

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Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Hey Milee, glad to see that you are feeling okay, otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to give such a brilliant analysis of today's maha episode. Thanks a ton, dear for watching it & giving us such an elaborate analysis. You have done the perfect justice to all the scenes of the maha episode. I only, of course, saw & commented only on the 2 NivRen scenes but after reading your analysis, I feel which is much better than watching the whole episode, I am as well, kind of glad that all this was depicted today in this episode as it clearly marks the end of this MP torture (well, let's hope so)!! Thanks once again for another brilliant analysis.

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Milee how r u feeling now? thanks dear for doing analysis today. I loved how you have described each and every scene. you are right finally Nivi's mind and heart was in sync today. And I just want her to be like that. Well I was LOL when you said even crocodile will be ashamed looking at CC. What a contrast between mother and son, NT dadi - Keshav: mother is strong and kind hearted don't even behave rudely with her enemies, son is cold hearted and doesn't even care for his own daughter and CC - Viren: mother is pure evil and doesn't think beyond herself and only agenda she has is to make everyone's life miserable around her, son is pure heart and even though doesn't get love back from anyone still tries to make everyone around him happy.

I don't understand all this dragging business, CC always dragging Nivi and whole house just following her like puppets. And you are right Milee why none of them thinks that CC always gets conjure up a plan against Nivi only when Viren is not there. Hope that she gets it good on Monday. I was watching SBB segment again and I saw after yelling at them they both went and stand close to them. So Monday hopefully we get to see angry Viren that we were waiting for a long.

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kolv Groupbie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Sometimes I am surprised by some of Nivi's dialogues. Today when CC was torturing her in the bedroom, she asks CC "ma aap ye sab kyu kar rahe ho"? Doesn't this girl know already why CC is doing this? How much direct torture does CC need to give to open Nivi's eyes. Nivi knows somebody is behind this saazish and the only person she can think of Sid? OMG is she blind or something?

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

Hey Navi, beautiful introduction dear and thanks for opening a new thread its been a while you started one right?
Zarmeen, beautiful name dear.
Thanks Milee. And jaani simply loved ur analysis and I too said earlier that thank god we r done with the main torture and on Monday it will be Nivren and confrontation. I also noticed the change in the music when Nivi felt presence of Viren and how eyes got lightened up when she felt his presence and when she ran to hug him NT daadi had a huge smile on her face.

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
Hey everyoneHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
Another awesome thread my jaanusHugHugHugHug to celebrate our awesome NivrenEmbarrassed

@Navi: Thanks jaanu for this lovely thread and beautiful introduction. It's so wonderful.

And Navi, what an amazing analysis you have given us today. I still have tears in my eyes from reading how beautifully you have written your thoughts out. Thanks jaan. 

@Zarmee: HugHugHugHugHugHugHugLovely name for this thread jaanu. You are so coolCool

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FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Yeaah, @Ketty Di.
WHY Is It That In Viren's Abscense, The Only Thing That Happens Is Nivi Being CHUCKED Outta The House, And The Whole Sood Khaandaan Is Watching The Tamaasha? Like, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!
And EVERYTIME, Viren Come's To Save Her.
I Mean, It's Kinda ... Urm, Normal Now. That Whenever, Viren Will Be Absent, CC Is Gonna Get Nivi Chucked Outta The House And Viren Will Come Back And Save Her Again.
They've Made It SO Predictable.
I'm Really Not Liking This Whole Viren Going Nivi Chucking Viren Saving Business.
Like, GET A MOVE ON With The Story, And Show Something Intrestingly Different. And That Does NOT Mean FREAKING Nivi's Life Out With An MP/Proving Her Insane .. [:@]

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

Hey guys, I am back with my thoughts on today's episode. Yes, I did watch complete episode and what an emotional ride it was. But first and foremost I have to say this, mark today's date January 8, 2011 our Sweet Nivi's mind and heart are in sync, yes her mind at last accepted what her heart was saying from the day they got married, that Nivi's heart beats only and only for Viren, her heart craves for his love, his touch, his smile, his laugh, his support, his hug and it also craves to give her love in return to him.

Whatever I am going to write today most of the stuff you girls are not going to like it but still I want to put forward my thoughts. Please don't throw chappals at me and read my entire post patiently. And thanks for CT's for finishing off with this torture with the mahaepisode at least we won't be tortured on weekdays and have to wait for other day for one more torturing episode. So Yes, I am thanking you for finishing this crap of torture with one mahaepisode at least we will enjoy the coming up episodes.

Thank you CT's for creating such beautiful characters some we love them to the core and some we hate them to the core. And thank you for such brilliant ensemble of actors who always perform brilliantly and just make us love them and hate them.

I want to say hats off to brilliant performance done by Neha (Nivi), Sarita Joshi(Naintara dadi), Payal (Chanchal) excellent performance, you guys out done yourselves, you rocked the complete episode today.

Coming to the episode:

1.    YD stops Nivi for giving medicine and dadaji was surprised seeing her there and asks the same. She replies that CC said what happened and she could not stay back anylonger. (I have to say here Evil Witch is fully utilizing her son's absence, Sood family love for dadaji and Sid,VD,DD concern for Nivi) so she slows comes and takes Nivi away but look at her evil smirk. In this scene I liked dadaji's dialogue that at this age we need to make a habbit of living alone who knows when I will die. Isn't it true, that is what Lord Krishna said in Geeta "We should not get attached to anyone or anything too much" Sorry I crossed my limit and took you guys to spirituality.

2.       Dadi and Yash are getting ready for pooja. Panditji says if elderly does the pooja it will be good so dadi goes to call Keshav. But he rudely says No to her and tells her that his daughter is dead. In this scene I liked dadi's dialogue "You are so heartless, how can you be my son" (I was thinking the same how can Viren be son of CC who is heartless) and she goes away with determination and asks paditji to start pooja and her grandson will perform rituals. (I am happy that heartless father of Nivi did not do pooja, Nivi's brother who is innocent and pure soul with all his love did pooja for his sister along with his dadi whose prayers will never ever go in vain)

3.       CC-Nivi: This scene was a torture but I am really happy that Nivi did not breakdown how that Evil Witch wanted her to. Yes, she fell for her words and started screaming and all that is what CC wanted so that everyone in the household should listen to it but I am proud of Nivi for not breaking down and believing what CC was saying that she inherited her mom's weakness. Brilliant performance by both Nivi & CC here.

4.       Sood clan: In this scene at least we got to see that cold hearted YD has a heart too; she for a second got worried for Nivi. I had only one question in this scene how come Sid did not feel Nivi's scream. Yes, right now their relation changed but previously she was his love, his friend but it was Vandana a mom's heart which recognized Nivi's call of helplessness. And they all ran towards Nivi's room. That is what CC wanted and she got that and if you watched the scene you could have seen the concern on all three faces and they looked at CC as if asking what you are doing here. But the Evil Witch just takes them outside. (Girls I know Nivi is all worried right now but she should think this over later and her mind will definitely point her towards the real culprit that is her MIL, this scene gives us complete proof that CC is the real culprit and its all her plan. I really hope Nivi talks with Viren regards with this matter and they look into this)

5.       Sood Clan in living room: CC with her crocodile tears (even crocodile will be ashamed looking at her) tells everyone that Nivi is losing it completely. I can understand YD & DD falling for CC but I don't understand VD & Sid falling for CC's tears but I can say she acts really well. And mostly she did show all of them that she really accepted Nivi as her bahu after Viren talking to her. Then CC tells them let's not discuss all this with Viren, poor my son will be heartbroken. She again used their love and concern for Viren for her own benefit but still Sid says only and only Viren has the authority to take any decisions regards with Nivi and leaves from there. So again CC fears that she is losing and she shows with her expression that's when YD tells Divya to go talk to Sid. Evil Witch gives a smirk because she knows Sid is kind of person who cannot say no to anyone and right now its Divya his wife and Nivi's sister talking and she already had Divya in her basket. YD says we need to take her to a good psychiatrist and evil smirks and Hema listens to it and gets worried (Even Hema is worried today for her niece, I have to tell ya in this whole serial one person who does not have heart and soul is the Evil Witch)

6.       NivRen scene: Oh this is beyond beautiful. As I said earlier today is the day when Nivi's heart and mind are in sync. Her heart was missing its soul and so her mind conjured up the full blown illusion which her heart desires her friend, her companion, her angel who is always there for her and who will protect her from everything and anyone. Her heart wanted to be in his arms where she will be always protected and that is what her mind showed it to her, he opened the door to their room and she was surprised seeing him there and said Viren and he said yes, she said you came and he said yes, you called me from your heart and here I am and spreads his arms for her to come to him to his protective hug which will be an armor from this cruel world and she for a second was taken aback thinking is it true, am I that lucky but still ran towards him to be in his arms but it was an illusion, a beautiful mirage in this cruel desert of Sood Koti. I was crying in this scene because Nivi recognized that minute itself that she belongs in his arms, she will be well protected in her husband's arms. Its really beautiful and brilliant performance specially by Neha.

7.       Div-Sid scene: I liked how Sid was so adamant about not taking Nivi to the doctor and the way he was saying that only Viren has the authority to do this was brilliant. (You know girls when I read the article I was thinking what will change Sid's mind to take Nivi to the doctor and I got my answer in this scene)  It was Divya's questioning him about Nivi which was completely deviating from the point Nivi is sick. She was again questioning him what is with Nivi that you always take her side even though she is blaming you and he answers her back saying you are deviating from the topic. I think this question has changed his decision of taking Nivi to doctor along with Divya saying what Viren will think that we can't take care of his wife in his absence. This cleared the last obstacle CC had in her plan.

8.       So the plan completion: Divya-Sid comes down and when Divya says that Sid agreed even VD was surprised. CC was all happy with her evil smirks. YD tells Divya to bring Nivi down asks Sid to talk to the doctor. Everyone leaves and Hema comes in front and gives the Prasad.

9.       Divya-Nivi scene: the moment Divya opens the door, oh dear Nivi was so happy I think for a second she thought her illusion once again came true that her husband is here to protect her. And then she saw it was her sister and she got up and came running towards her sister and was crying. I liked how Divya whatever she did before in regards with Sid but she is really worried for her sister. The way she was consoling her and telling dadi did pooja for you and sent Prasad. (I have to tell you all something here, these two kids Nivi & Divya lived all their lives in Shimla they did not see the outside world how cruel it is. They just think that everyone and everything in this world is just pure as the mountains and fresh air of Shimla.) The way Divya was saying I believe you but if Doctor tells everyone they will believe you right? (I was just thinking poor girl you don't know CC is using you as pawn and nothing else) but Nivi says no di I am fine and everyone is not even listening to me and just are accusing me. Why are they doing this when Viren is not here? Isn't it the right question, VD, DD, Sid should ask themselves and the Evil Witch but alas they became puppets in the hands of CC the Evil Witch. Divya ok, then let's go and talk to them at least you can put your point in front of them.

10.     Sood clan Living room: CC never ever leaves chance to harass Nivi, even then she wants to go and drag Nivi out from her room. Thank God YD sent Divya, if not Nivi would have been dragged down from her room.(just by thinking I am shaking with anger)

Sid says doctor is ready, Nivi comes down and tells dadi that there is no need for doctor I am fine, lets wait for Viren. (Girls did you all remember his dialogue "will you wait for me" I was just remembering that dialogue when she was saying lets wait for Viren, I am not going anywhere until he comes back) Even with all this hungama Nivi was so strong until CC started dragging her out. But before that she goes to each and every one of them asking for help. Hema says its better to check once right, then Vandana she said that maybe you don't know that you need help, atlast Sid, the way she was pleading him you know how can I harm dadaji someone is plotting against me please listen but he did not say anything either, one more time Sid let her down for not listening to her pleas. And then CC starts dragging her out here I was so mad at everyone in the family specially Sid, atleast VD asked to stop but YD yelled at her but Sid did not do anything. (I was thinking up until then I was ok Sid doing this out of concern for Nivi but not at that moment, when CC is dragging Nivi she is your best friend and not only that she is your brothers wife your family member and no one looks at that and keep silent. Yes, I know you don't want to cross the limits of Maryada but there is a limit to it Sid. Even Lord Krishna said that when situations go beyond reasonable in the fight of justice you need to step outside of Maryada, to protect dharma sometimes you need to crossover to adharma its not a sin. This did not happen once, it happened twice with Nivi the way CC drags her out of the house and Sid being the eldest son of the house he needs to step in, right now in the absence of Nivi's husband he is her brother, father, and have every right to protect her but alas he did not protect her and I cannot call it helplessness either, Sid you need to sometimes cross the line of Maryada and it is better for you to learn it as soon as possible)

11.     Dadi-Keshav scene: This scene just was awesome. Yes, dadi showed him she does not need anyone help to protect her chuimui. She gave him chance to be a good father but he lost one last chance. Yes, dadi was right EGO is really bad for us humans it will destroy the entire world. Due to his ego he is willfully sacrificing his daughter who gave him his life, who saved him from death and fought for him with all the people. If he has an inch of remorse he should just die of shame with that slap his mom gave him, he needs to learn what is Love, being responsible is, how to be a good father. He could not be a good husband and lost his wife but if he has any remorse left at least try to be a good father to his kids. I have to say Brilliant performance by Sarita Joshi

12.     Evil Psycho Witch in her full form  drags Nivi outside and the Sood Puppet clan following behind her and Nivi was saying let Viren come and CC says even if he comes he has to listen to us and almost at the end of the steps that's when dadi comes and yells Chanchal. Every one of them were surprised, they never expected Dadi coming there and Nivi just by seeing her dadi got some of her hope back. She knew in this whole world after Viren its only and only her dadi who fights for her and as soon as she saw her dadi she was relieved. If you have noticed CC was surprised, Vandana bent her head in shame as she promised dadi that she will protect Nivi, Sid was shameful, Hema and Divya exchanged looks and Yash my poor dear boy was crying seeing his sister's condition and looking at the situation of her sweet and innocent chuimui dadi is heartbroken and then

13.     The Incredible, beautiful, emotional hug: Yes, Nivi's heart recognized her other or rather better half as soon as it reached the main gate, Her heart recognized the presence of its better half, its soul mate and just jumped with ecstasy  (did you all notice the background music changed as soon as Nivi felt Viren's presence) it was beautiful and the way she turned her head, this time she knew its not her mind's illusion because Viren's heart always beats for Nivi, it always calls for her heart but until today even though her heart realized it her mind took over but today her heart and mind became one in sync and as soon as it felt Viren's presence it could not hold back and gave her the strength and signal to run towards your better half. The way Nivi broke thru CC's grip is incredible. And ran towards Viren with all her might as if there is no other moment. And she just ran into his arms it was a full on hug not like after the rope but it was full complete hug. I am not going into details as its not complete they will show this scene repeat because it did not show Viren's complete expression but have to just say this the complete hug tells us that he will protect her from every evil in this cruel world and that's what her mind conjured up in the room right complete protection in his arms. So girls I will wait till Monday to write about this "Incredible, Beautiful, Emotional Hug" when they show it from all perspectives. You just need to know that our Nivi's heart and mind are in sync from today and two pieces of one heart started beating together from today. The day is not far when our sweet Nivi will realize that it's not only Viren's protectiveness or support or trust she craves but it's his Love too. Only 8 more smiles to go and we will wait for that day along with our Sweetu.

Overall the episode was an emotional ride but it was good thing they finished this torture business with a whole episode rather 2 ' 3 episodes and making our weekdays torture. Don't think I am repetitive but with my whole heart I have to say Brilliant performance by Neha, Sarita Joshiji, Payal Nair.

Sorry for a long post but had to vent out my thoughts, now your comments.

Hey MileeHugHugHugHugHugHugHugJaanu, you have outdone yourself again..What a brilliant analysis jaan, I loved each and every word. How well you put things in their right perspectiveEmbarrassed Simply amazing jaan.

And I just love what you wrote (above in bold) I feel this is what Viren might do...not cross over but basically do everything he has to to protect his Nivi who is so pure and innocent and right.Embarrassed Thanks for a lovely analysis jaanHugHugHugHug

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