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NivRen - Silsila Yeh Na Rukey (Page 54)

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Okay my analysis for yesterday, since I scribbled something together....It's really jumbled today, sorry bout that jaanusEmbarrassed

Here goes:

YD with her non-human resembling face (slightly shadowed by her human resembling face as BS is in the room) sternly demanding: What are you doing Nivedita??? [She's trying to get Dadaji to waltz with her YD as Dadaji wishes to take you for a themed party  this Valentines and he asked Nivi to teach him how to. We hope the dance floor collapses just as you put your not so nimble foot on it and you sink a few fathoms below the earth.....At least Dadaji will be spared....And like he said, Nivi hai na.....take that you Orc-faced troll]

YD has her human resembling face on as she sweet talks BS: Har waqt aapki chinta yada yada yada. Well, admittedly, YD does care for BS.....(actually even writing the words YD and care so close to each other s giving the word "care" nightmares and the legal representative of the word "care" has just petitioned to ask me to increase the distance between the word "care" and "YD" to a minimum of 50 feet lengthwise:))))

And BS is telling YD that at this age she should get into the habit of living alone [Yesss, admit it dadaji, you are so fed up of Orc-faced (sometimes human and most times inhuman) troll, you just want her to leave you alone right*wink*] Well, it can be arranged....see, just for you, I am sticking this PIN into my YD voodoo doll....(Am rofling at YD rolling on the ground in pain, considering where I have just dug in the pin *evil smile*) And the legal representative of the word "doll" just filed another petition to ask me to increase the distance between the words YD and doll to 100 feet....Oh! God!!!! How can I write in the midst of all this passioned petitioning!!!!!:))

And BS actually sounds so disappointed: "Aap itni jaldi kaise wapas aa gayi?" [Seriously, he must have hoped she'd be away for a few weeks at least. As for us, I hope she gets stuck in a time warp or something and gets stuck somewhere in the brutal middle ages...] 

BS is surprised why YD had to rush back on receiving CC's call. And here I wonder how come YD doesn't tell him anything. Like Nivi gave you the wrong medicine etc? I know CC will not dare to open her mouth and say things against Nivi in front of BS but what stopped YD? Anyway, YD contented herself with slipping into non-human fierce reptile resembling face as she glared at Nivi for being the source of all problems before she switched her face back to the human-resembling one as she turned to smile at BS.

CC is standing there looking smug as a bloodthirsty cannibal who has just ravaged a village and eaten all the people there in one gulp. I take out my CC voodoo doll and poke it with my extra sharp and poisoned pin in various unmentionable areas. Ouch!!!![NOT]

Actually BS, speaking of your "alvida" I wonder how you did not say "alvida" long ago to YD...not the rhetorical one but a legal one...Honestly!!!!

When BS refers to Nivi as his daughter and tells YD how he is happy that he has his "beti" [actually grand-daughter, BS, but I'm not placing too fine a point on that one. It's cool that Nivi has such a strong place in your heart.] Nivedita to look after him. Both YD and CC look like they have been asked to consume poison by the barrel while walking on a tightrope....

CC cannot believe how "no akal no shakal" has made such deep inroads into BS's heart as well. Of course, she still believes that Nivi slipped Viren an extremely strong and irreversible love potion which explains Viren's "biwi-bhakti" and "pagalpan". And rumors are floating around that CC is trying to find a healer witch of the old religion to get Viren de-spelled. I'm planning to tell CC that this healer witch lives in a hole in the ground in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully, she gets eaten by a cannibal king, nothing but the best for CC....she will "make" a royal feast...literally:)))

CC has really been force-fed some poison I think. It has clogged her throat. Her usual snarl cum drawl has been replaced by a sickly saccharine sweet [excuse me while I find a bucket to puke in] voice which is fooling absolutely no-one. [No human beings I mean. BS, I am sure will have stored this sickly sweet voice for further analysis at a time in the near future if events happen. And YD is no "insaan". She's a mix of various genetic material resulting in something not quite human.] And CC, in that sickly sweet voice asks Nivi to go out with her. 

I again take out my CC voodoo doll and stick several pins into it at once. My smug grin has come out....and is sunning itself as CC squeaks and squeals in pain and terror:))

Keshav, as Faiza says, really looks like he's had several kilograms of botox injected into his face. He is just so wooden faced. no expression at all. 

And for the quickest voice reversal in history....that took all of one long second....Psycho Alligator CC has regained her snarl. Thank heaven. I was running out of buckets to puke in. Couldn't take the sickly sweet voice.

And CC has now again started with her manhandling (or womanhandling) skills, the evil psycopath. I just hated the way she dragged Nivi to NivRen's room (even writing NivRen brings a smile to my face:)) and pushed her in, Nivi falling to the floor. Disgusting behaviour from CC but what can one expect from a blood thirsty neurotic psychotic reptile. And Nivi, why does she even try with CC, "Ma, listen to me, Ma, mera yakeen karo....etc" Nivi, jaan, this is not a human being so stop trying to find a good side here. She's scaly and poisonous all over. Stay away from her.

I take out my CC Voodoo doll for the nth time and start poking it ferociously. My animal instincts have been awakened by this disgusting reptile.

Nivi is looking so beautiful, even as she's being tortured. She looks absolutely lovely in that blue saree and ivory/cream sweater. 

Poor NT. Expressionless Keshav has his mouth (and soul) filled with the apple of bitterness (and other complex stuff as well, but we shan't get into that) and the bitterness is just pouring out like lava from a freshly exploding volcano. He considers his daughter dead. I take out my Keshav voodoo doll and prick it a few times. Come on keshav, I agree that you have every right to be bitter and angry and hateful against JAAL but come on, you haven't even let your daughter explain why she married Viren. Even though it was okay that you refused to let her talk then cause you were furious and disbelieving and in shock, you could have spoken to her or at least to your Mamma about the whole NivRen situation. What is the difference between JAAL and you when it comes to how they behave with their DIL (your daughter) They hate her and are leaving no stone unturned to cause her the utmost harm. You have already written her off as dead. Poor NT. How come keshav doesn't realise that saying all this to his Mamma might trigger a relapse or something even from his Mamma. She has only just recovered after all.

Actually Keshav looks more like PB's father, both are equally expressionless while emoting.....Look at Keshav, NT has just told him she will break relations with him if he tries to put a stopper in her efforts for Nivi and K still has the same bloodless, expressionless wooden face. Wow, what would it take to have an expression from him????? [No wonder Nirmala is content to be an aatma. At least she gets to be with Bhuvan's aatma....JK]

I am just ignoring the whole CC torturing Nivi with words scene. Honestly, that was a bit much, I think. I'm just going to feel smug and content by sticking even more pins into my CC voodoo doll. Just imagining CC writhing in pain on the floor like the reptile she is gives me solace to even watch this.

So, CC lets Nivi know that Nirmala used to have hallucinations, used to hear voices [I bet JAAL were trying to torture Nirmala even back then. They might have slipped some pills that cause hallucinations into a laddoo or something and given Nirmala. And they must have tried to make Nirmala feel she is mad just like they are trying with Nivi now.] I like that Nivi gives her that back on her face..."Splat" Take that you noxious reptile CC!!!!

CC is taken aback (only for a second, after all she is evil supremo) that Nivi is saying stuff back to her....but she quickly recovers and tries another mode of attack...."Oh! console yourself with lies if that makes you happy...that sort of thing, evil evil CC...A round of Crucios followed by multi-pin pricking into CC voodoo doll.

Poor Nivi, she tries to ward off CC's evil cruel words by shutting her ears and CC looks pleased. The way she glances at Nivi at that nothing would give her more satisfaction than to somehow just throttle this girl and just stuff her body into one of the walls or something.

So, did the same sort of thing happen to Nirmala as well????? I wonder??? And the whole city knows about it is it????? Well kept secret, considering it was the confrontation that first brought this out. Anyway, Nivi has had enough and she asks CC to get out. Nivi, you are too polite. I would have hit her on the back of her thick reptilian skull with a sandbag and then kicked her out with spiked boots.

Okay now for some fun. We have some dumb dodos who have escaped from a prehistoric zoo. We can clearly hear Nivi saying "Chale jayiye yahase. Mujhe akela chod dijiye." and S, the spineless nincompoop is wondering what noises these are....[Ummm, S, actually, some characters from LOTR and HP have escaped from their worlds and are having a full fledged magical war in Hindi in the upper floor of your House. They are looking for someone to clean their dungeons when they go back. I volunteered you. Hope that's alright. It needs just half a brain cell, which you share with your awful Pea Brain and the work's easy. You just have to clean dung from the floors and ceilings. All day long and all night long. Maybe you can both work shifts.]

And YD is wondering what is happening in the House????? House????House???? I ask YD with an amazed expression. You call this a House. It is a Horror filled WarZone filled with a savage psychotic lunatic reptile and her evil egg plot hatcher, a clueless spineless nincompoop and a pea brain sharing half a brain cell, a seemingly good natured but helpless shadow, a gigantic abominable monster shark who is undecided about her human origins. The only saving graces are Nivedita, the angel, Viren, the protector and BS, the good but tired soul.

And what do you mean "yeh kya ho raha hai es ghar mein? YD????? We have been asking this question for the last few months!!!!! Looks like a never ending horror saga.....

And dear VD come up with the answer, This is Nivi screaming. Well done VD!!!! And they least VD and S. YD goes as fast as she can....:))

CC trying more mind games...and some more Nivi-mishandling *Crucio CC* *Sticks more pins into CC Voodoo doll* And the vase falls down and shatters.....

And nivi asks her why she is doing all this (does she mean the stalking or just today's torture?) and CC looks like she might say something.....but VD knocks on the door.

And the triplet dodo expressions are back. They are shocked seeing Nivi crying and the vase broken. One can infer from their expressions that they think Nivi has done some form of lambada by jumping on the vase and has crushed it to pieces. Because a vase falling and breaking is a totally unnatural event. Only heard of in houses which have wannabe insane people:))

And OMG!!!!! I need to find the bucket again to puke. Saccharine sickly sweet voice is back asking Nivi to take rest. Unbelievable how this one's mind is working non-stop 24/7 and the rest of them are collectively now using Spineless Nincompoop's quarter brain cell (because the other quarter is with his PB). CC convinces the others to leave Nivi alone to rest and takes them out. I mean come on, can they really be as stupid as they look. YES, OF COURSE!!!!!

Okay YD looks human here as she tries to find out what's happening but she lets her loved bahu convince her as well...!!!!

It was so sad how Nivi's eyes jumped from S to VD to even YD seeking some support, a kind voice, something and they all just walked away. Disturbing!!!!! *Sob*

CC's evil evil smirk as she closes the door on Nivi, oh! if there was ever a person who deserved to be hacked to death very very slowly it is CC today.

NT gets the pooja done. Pandit assures her all will be well. Just that the diya should be lit for 24 hrs. Hope that will be okay. And gives her laddoos as prasad for everyone in the family. (I'm hungry:))

Seeing CC's fake tears (did Millee mention croc tears, how awesome:)) made me laugh....Honestly, she provides some comic relief even when she's being super evil....YD and VD look shocked. Probably the first time they have seen her cry.....faker....

And then her dialogues which make you want to rofl: Apne muh se apni bahu ki badnaami kaise karoon? Honestly CC!!!! Who is buying that???? Except for these three Dodos currently thriving on half a brain cell.

And oh! Lookie!!!! Pea Brain has also joined the dodos. Wow, they are doing a victory dance. Now they have a complete half brain cell to share between them. Yay!!!!!!

CC continues her sob story which has as much to do with reality as pigs have with flying machines. And of course, the dodo quartet are paying close attention. "Mera beta Viren, fake sobs CC, kya kismat paayi hai" Honestly CC, I agree, what did that amazing kid ever do to get landed with you two as parents, I will never know. Bechaara Viren. Uski kismat is horrible that he has you as parents. Now his kismat is good that he has Nivi in his life, understand. 

YD using the brain cell sharing arrangement has arrived at the speedy solution of a shrink. Now, that's a good solution YD. cause you, JAAL and Pea Brain definitely need a shrink. For ever. Lock you all into a loony cell, have a rat eat the key, then have a cat eat the rat, then have a snake eat the cat, then have a mongoose eat the snake. Then have a polar bear eat the mongoose. And have an extra terrestrial spaceship come and collect Polar Bear with key in digestive system for their research on a very far off galaxy.

Oho!!!! Yippeee Do day!!!! CC is totally scared of her sunshine boy. Our cutie. But silly CC, use your nonstop brain, how can this be kept away from Viren? or were you planning on carrying Nivi off to an asylum, leaving her there and then coming back with an amazing believable story like the fairies carried Nivi off because she was so sweet or something???????? or did you want to have Nivi heavily sedated and given electric shocks, so she wouldn't be able to speak at all. Come on CC!!!!! 

Okay S, at least protests. But come on Siddharth!!!!!! We live in a time when people across continents can be contacted in the blink of an eyelid. If you were so insistent, what stopped you from picking up the phone and calling Viren?

See, CC totally wants to avoid Viren coming so she won't call, nor will YD. But what about S and PB? Surely they should have called Viren.

Anyway, YD sends PB to talk S over into taking Nivi to the shrink. PB is delighted to get a job from YD and she dutifully walks off. Meanwhile her quarter brain cell is thrilled it can finally have a cosy coffee and chat with it's twin, the other quarter brain cell currently with S and eggs her on faster towards S.

The Nivren scene is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I can feel their love so strongly, it makes me want to weep. And that's one wonderful things the CTs have done. They did not rush the NivRen love story. The Nivren scenes are really so utterly beautiful, it gives me a tingly feeling in my heart everytime I look at it. And the emotions are so pure, so beautiful, Nivi trusts Viren so much. They yearning with which she looks at his picture (My traitorous heart does a backflip. That pic is so adorable..:)) just brings tears to my eyes. The utter faith she has in his coming back and everything getting better. She feels so safe and secure when he is with her, she's telling him, through her heart (cause her heart has a direct connection to his) that ever since he's gone, she's been in trouble and she waiting every second for him to come back, she's longing for his return with every breath she takes. And this is so obvious and Nivi portrays this so beautifully. The angst just makes my heart burn for them.

And I just love love love love the music when dream Viren opens the door and stands there looking as bright as the sunshine he brings into her life. And Nivi's relief and joy when she sees him standing there is so touching. I wept through this. It was just so beautiful. And I loved the music through this scene. When he opens his arms and she runs towards him, so happy to see him and just wanting nothing than to be in his arms, safe, secure and loved.

Since I have given up on PB, I have nothing to say about the idiotic drivel she was spouting. S tries to say something but PB is vociferous about the fact that Nivi's blaming S for everything itself is a clear indication of her madness. Well, PB, in that case, you should have been committed long back. Since you have been blaming everyone but yourself for everything that happens to you right from the time you were born. Actually I was told that the midwife who assisted in your birth dropped you on the head when you were a day old. No wonder then, your mental groW*H was stunted right then. That explains the quarter brain cell, I guess.

And S is worried about how Viren will feel when he knows they took Nivi to a shrink in his absence. So, dear S, easy solution was to pick up the phone and call him. Oh! God! Why do I bother with these two...*rolls eyes* 

Every word PB utters is like mental development in the reverse. Psyco Loony. Like, Viren has only gone to delhi, not on 14 years vanvaas. There is no need to rush her off right now. And PB is such an utterly useless sister. Even S reminds her of this. But how disgusting that PB never thought about going and talking to Nivi. Did she think Nivi was contagious or something evil evil PB. I take out my PB voodoo doll and get busy pricking her. 

And here also, PB tries to get in a barb about Nivi across to S, like what is so special about Nivi....I feel like slapping her but shall content myself with sticking pins into her voodoo doll. S, at least gets irritated here. Yay, new expression from S!!!!!

I really have to hand it to PB for convincing S that taking Nivi to the shrink is completely for Nivi's benefit. And that Viren will understand perfectly. yeah right PB!!!!! Viren will understand you are a psycho and then wait and watch hoe miserable your life is going to become psycho pathetic excuse for a sister.

S reverts back to his patented helpless expression. Well done PB!!!! You are so made for each other.

YD is acting all self important, like see I leave the house for two days (Liar Liar, saree on fire, how two days, pray tell. YD you have an overblown sense of self importance. get over it.) and so much happens. [Like when have things not happened in this house. For the last three months we have been seeing twists and twists and nastiness happening day in and day out. You were very much here. So, it's not your presence or absence, understand. Although we would not say no if you wanted to go on a long holiday, say twenty years or so...:)

YD is insistent on taking Nivi to the shrink. CC takes responsibility for Viren. I have an evil smirk on my face as she does this. Oh! CC, wait, until your son turns psychotic against you. 

And the neighbouring resident evil has come along and is witness to the "shrink" statement. yay, now the house of horrors has all its DEMENTORS. Seriously CC, JW, YD, PB, HL, they just suck everyone's happiness out. JW of course is missing as he has loads of work to finish in his new egg hatching job:))

And PB marches in triumphantly like a victorious monarch who has to her credit a job well done, S in tow, helpless expression firmly in place. CC is impressed with PB and hides a smile. I take the opportunity to again prick my CC voodoo doll and PB voodoo doll with sharp pins.

When PB opens the doors of Nivren's room, Nivi again turns hoping it would be Viren, I think but she is so happy to see her's so heartbreaking to much misplaced trust and affection for this soulless  pea Brain. 

Well, Nivi's eyes were so filled with hope and PB's words just wiped it away. I liked when Nivi shakes off PB's hand. And her statement, "Knowing Viren is not here, everyone else has gotten together on one side and have branded me as sick, Aww, Nivi has realised that there is only Viren here who will be on her side always. And hopefully, this has opened her eyes about PB. Of course, I know she will never hate anyone but at least she knows what is what.

Evil Evil PB, using her half brain cell cunningly and telling Nivi that unless she comes out and faces everyone, they will think she again going pagal. Voodoo PB doll gets stuck with sharp pins again and again.

Oh! yeah YD, you go ahead and try the "choti behen thing, daat and phatkaar" with Nivi and PB. But I am so sure that you don't dare use this technique on S and Viren ever:))

N the B gets the task of getting the car ready. Poor Nandu

All the Dementors are standing and watching their prey walk towards them assisted by another dementor.

Oh! This is so heartbreaking. Nivi approaches all the dementors one by one seeking their support but no one is willing to help. Oh! No!  Sharp pin pricks on all Voodoo dolls, YD, PB, CC, HL and S has one too.

Oh! VD, you are not a dementor, I agree but you totally let us down today. How could you bring up that "terrace thing" at this point. No, I really dislike you today. I do. Oh! Poor Nivi.

The Nivi-S entreaty is also heartbreaking. She appeals to him as a friend and he lets her down. And YD is so not the MP. She looks shocked at the allegation, or did I imagine that?

Oh! dear Poor NT and Yash. Poor Poor NT. Oh! what is the point of asking Expressionless Wonder????

Keshav of course was criminal today. How could he not go with NT today????? I would gladly AK him. Glad he got slapped. But he got off easy.

Oh! How Nivi says she won't step out of the house until Viren comes....My heart is weeping again. And cruel cruel CC, smirking as she walks towards Nivi to pull her out. She deserves to burn forever. She is so cruel. It's so heartwrenching that Nivi glances all about her for some help, any help as CC makes her evil advance towards her. *Sobs*

And PB, evil sister, trying to cajole Nivi. CC dragging Nivi out inspite of her protests, asking them to wait until Viren comes back, poor thing. My blood ran cold at all those dementors just walking after CC as she dragged Nivi out. Horrifying!!!!!

I really want Viren to go psycho on these evil dementors.

At least we have NT to count on. And what a powerhouse of strength she is. Even after what she's gone she fiercely rushes to the defence of her beloved child.

I really wish NT would have slapped CC. But CC is going to get so much more than just a slap very soon!!!!

And Nivi finally has two people who believe in her and they are here to stand up for her. And just then, the MOST AMAZING MOMENT EVER happened.

Nivi has her Viren radar so strongly tuned in. Her heart cried desperately for him and his heart answered the call right in the nick of time. AMAZING. The way they showed the change of expression on Nivi's face, the incredulity she felt when she realised that yes, her saathi, her yaara, her farishta khuda ka has answered her call and is here.....and he will make every evil go away and he will make feel safe and loved again. No matter how many times I see this, the utter wonder of this glorious moment just never fades, no even a teensiest bit. It is etched into my mind.

And how Viren's presence gives her the strength to break away from Evil Dementor's vile clutches, even NT is wondering why Nivi is struggling, 

all the others are of course thinking that lo, nivi to pagal jaise act kar rahi hai again...

And how Nivi breaks off and runs out into the driveway, where she sensed her Viren, his name on her lips, Gosh, I watch this a billion times (and counting) and every time, i feel like sobbing my heart out, this was such a brilliant scene. And how the rest run out after her, thinking she has really gone mad and is escaping (except NT and Yash of course) just in time to watch Nivi run into Viren's arms, rest her head on his shoulder and sob her heart out, in relief, he's finally here, she can't believe he's finally here and she is secure in the haven of his arms. She is not worried about anything now. After the torture she has been through, and her conjuring him up in their room, this time, it is indeed Viren and no evil can touch her while he is with her..

And that hug. Oh! My!!!!! Our lovely writers here have done justice to this hug(and Milee is gonna write something beautiful tomorrow as well), so I shan't say much. But they just fit together in each other's arms so perfectly. NivRen are TOTALLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER and made for each other's arms as well. perfect fit. When he puts his arms around her, that hug is just SO BEAUTIFUL, I cannot drag my eyes away from the screen. *Sigh*

When will the episode come? 12 and a half hours to go

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Originally posted by gmann2010

Ok let's get back to NivRen. What romantic scenes you want to see between NivRen. My knowledge of hindi drama is right now limited to CCBM only so don't know how far this can go.

I really want to see Nivi trying to fix something standing on stool (not the fansi rope this time) and lose balance and end up in Viren's arm.

Girls come on start dreaming and give me more romantic sequences.
Girls, I seriously want a kiss, but I don't think that wish is going to be granted at all. Unhappy Is that possible?? This is my first & only Hindi soap that I have been following & watching, so don't know, if that is at all possible?? Has that been shown in any other soaps?? But, oh well, realistically, I would like a real hug, and I mean a real one!! Nivi's confession and their sleeping on the same bed and all that I feel is going to still take a while, so for now, my immediate wish list, which I hope gets fulfilled in the near future, that is, next week it self, would the hug, or as I like of call it for my NivRen, "The Incredible Hug"Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by Excruciating

Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Shova thanks for liking the story do write the continuation as I love it and youwill not spoil it
SimiLOLROFL magnitude earthquake Jaan aaj tujhe kya hua funny posts kar rahi hai
Millie don't even try to compare me with SidAngry else I will haunt you in your dreams
Payalmeri Jaanu I loved your points totally you really rock man when you write something you cleanbowled me.
Hey, Rach, my sweets!! Thanks dear! I love you for this!! Hug But to be quite honest, with you, it is actually you who in a literal sense clean-bowl me, with your crazy eccentric theories and I mean, literally, as I fall off the chair laughing like crazy. And, you know what Rach, I was just thinking yesterday after reading your BH & NL ghost theory that I wonder what all other amazingly wonderful theories of yours have I missed from before? Since, I started following this thread only from like October-end of last year (but was only a silent reader) and then actively stared posting from December. So, clearly I must have missed some real crazy theories of yours and I bet there are ton of them, considering the rate at which you come up day after day..
Actually payal you haven't missed any of my eccentric theory. I never wrote theories before forget stories I never use to do any funny talk before. I wrote my first story about child swaping (Sid and Viren) on 27 Nov. after watching the Misbehavior of YD but that was serious story and after that it started but now it is regular so you haven't missed any of my fun theory.

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Originally posted by simran728

ok..ketty, payal, rach, milee..hume kuch naaya sochna padega..

i was just thinking..that typing in hindi is so hard and so slow for me..that if i had to type Suchi's scene after scene..then you all will fall asleep and will come next year in 2012 and read it..ROFL

ok...think....Tomorrow kya hoga n what will Nivren talk when they reach the bedroom and you think tomorrow HL, DD, or NT will talk at all??? ..or will it be just CC, and YD and Viren talking..oh man..Viren..HUM TUMHARE SAATH HAI. Help chahiye?? soch lo....

madat karna hamara kaam hai..or agar tum chaho toh madat lena tumahra kaam ho sakta hai....soch lo..aage ka safar..akele jana chahoge or phir hamare saath??

oh man..i am laughing at my own typing. 

I don't want to predict what's going to happen tomorrow, they will show us totally opposite of what we are thinking and then I will just get mad.

And dear we are always with NivRen, doesn't matter if Viren asks us or not, and doesn't matter if he likes it or not. We are NivRen Psychotic fans, we are not going to leave them in any case.

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Originally posted by Excruciating

Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

OMG!!!! My Speedjet Nivrenian JaanusHug what awesome discussions are going on here

I was out all day (skiing) and I fell twice (nothing hurt but my dignity) because I was day dreaming about NivRen's snowball fight and kiss from Suchi's awesome retreatLOL

came back, tried to write my analysis, but it's awful because it's already so late and I still wanted to write...and oh! Most IMPORTANTLY, I cannot be near a laptop and go off to sleep without hugging my beloved jaanus on this thread...So, here goes...Hug
Yipeee, my Aashvee jaan, is here. DancingHi sweets, how are you? So, what does this mean? You are coming in online & now going too?? Hi & Bye??

hey Payal, how shweet you are jaanuHugHugHugHugHug I'm just gonna read as many posts as I can before I get deported to bedLOL
And hope you are having a lovely Sunday jaanEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

hey Payal, hey Kettee, Hey SimranHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
Lovely to see you all....

As usual rachu, my jaanupie is ignoring me....she will say hello after two hours*rolls eyes* jaanupieHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

Shoveeee, are you online jaanuHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

hey MileeHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
Who else is online?????
Shollysholly my Jaanupie Hello and big big huggiesHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugI missed you so so much but when you come I generally giving reply to other so missed ur posts so sholly kan pakad ke sholly

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
ok girls I need to leave my husband is saying to take rest or else he will bann this site. And can't let that happen so see you all tomorrow take good care and get ready for the big BANG. As Simi put it lets wait and see how the Viren Sood Tornado rocks the Sood Dragon Clan

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gmann2010

Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

OMG!!!! My Speedjet Nivrenian JaanusHug what awesome discussions are going on here

I was out all day (skiing) and I fell twice (nothing hurt but my dignity) because I was day dreaming about NivRen's snowball fight and kiss from Suchi's awesome retreatLOL

came back, tried to write my analysis, but it's awful because it's already so late and I still wanted to write...and oh! Most IMPORTANTLY, I cannot be near a laptop and go off to sleep without hugging my beloved jaanus on this thread...So, here goes...Hug

Aashvee how r u?  Hug Join the club sweetie, now a days everyone is day dreaming and doing something stupid because of NivRen. LOL

Ketteee, jaanuHugHugHugHugHugI loved your idea of writing out romantic scenes and I loved the scene you gave too...Embarrassed Can't wait for more jaanEmbarrassed

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