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Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 9)

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woh leah. .amajng part Clap add me 2 ur pm list. .m waitng 4 abhiya romance

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Arre, Why are you not happy with this chapter? 
Its sucha nice one!! Embarrassed
I like it! Big smile
Aaravs story is painful..but i dont think its Abhay who is to be blamed..for his moms death...
Aarav wont stop irritating Abhay with his questions, will he? LOL

Waiting for -- Trishna and Piya meeting 
               AbhIya scenes 
and of course,Abhay saving Piya, (This scene happens like almost every week in the show and we still love watching it) LOL

Other words for anger...umm...

LOL. Some complicated ones...see if you need them.. Big smile

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wow interesting one add me 2 ur pm list
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@ Moully - Big smile
@ Ritz93 - Sorry about that. But I wanted to clear the Aarav story first, before some Abhay-Piya action.
@ Antara - Thank you!
@ Trishap- Sure !
@ Swathi - Aww...Thank you jaani !Hug
@ Lekha - You think so? Thats a wonderul compliment for me then, I wanted to make it as real as possible.
@Edward01 - Thank you so much!Big smile
@ Nupur - Thank you ! An yes, I shall send you a PM. I love what you have written in your signature box btw, very true.
@ Pratibha - Thank you!
@ Humaira - Thank you! You are a life saver, seriously.
And yeah, you cannot blame Abhay. But Aarav wants to blame somebody for all that happened to him, so he blames Abhay. Aarav is just like a lil kid.
@Mayur.rock - Thank you! I will.
Next chappy right down below ! Enzoi !LOL

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Chapter 6 : Red Eyes

Piya groaned and tried to open her eyes. Her head throbbed like crazy, she was soaking wet, and she couldn't feel her left arm.

She opened her eyes slowly, she seemed to be lying on the forest ground. She could hear the crickets chirping, and she could see trees all around her.

With considerable effort, she pushed herself by using her right hand into a sitting position.

"Its best that you lay down for a while, you seem to be badly injured" A voice said, startling Piya.

Piya looked towards the source of the sound. A figure seemed to be leaning against a tree. She narrowed her eyes to try and see who it was. It was a woman, and she was wearing a white chudidar. Piya couldn't see her face, as the woman had used her dupatta to cover her face like a hood, all she could see were the woman red eyes.

"W-Who are you?" Spluttered Piya, looking at the hooded figure in shock, as she backed away from it "What are you?"

"You wouldn't want to know" The hooded figure whispered, he red eyes flashing dangerously, as she stepped out of the darkness.

Piya gasped, scared. She tried  to get up and run, but her legs just wouldn't cooperate.

"Don't be afraid" The woman said gently , noticing Piya's scared face"I am not going to hurt you"

And saying so the woman closed her eyes, and opened them again. Her eyes were now a warm shade of dark brown. "There, that's better now isn't it?"

Piya said nothing. She continued staring up at the woman in shock an awe. Was this for real? Was she imagining things?

"Who are you?" Piya asked again shivering, as cold wind blew past her.

"Why are you so hell bent on knowing who I am?" The woman asked rolling her eyes, bending down to reach Piya's level "Oh alright! I am Sasha" The woman said extending her hand out for Piya to shake.

Piya looked at the hand wearily, her brain was screaming at her not to shake it, but she decided to take the risk anyway and took the woman's left hand in her right, gave it a nervous shake, and let go immediately.

For some very odd reason, Piya couldn't help but feel secure in the woman's presence; even though she had just met her, Piya felt as if she knew her and she could trust her.

'Odd' Piya thought looking at the woman's eyes, trying to remember if she had ever seen those eyes before, and wishing the woman, Sasha, would reveal her face.

Then almost as if she read Piya's wish, the woman slowly raised her right hand, and took the dupatta off her face.

Piya gasped. Kneeling down in front of her, was the most beautiful woman Piya had ever seen. The woman had jet black hair that flowed down in beautiful waves till halfway of her waist, long beautiful eyelashes, big round eyes, and a dusky complexion.

The only thing marring her perfect beauty was a long scar on the base of her neck. Sasha who had seen Piya looking at her scar immediately covered it with her dupatta.

Piya suddenly felt very conscious of her appearance.

'I must be looking hideous' Piya thought, looking down at her clothes 'With my hair covered with leaves and twigs, and my clothes soaking wet'

"Oh! Your clothes are all wet!" Sasha exclaimed, almost as if she read Piya's mind "I dried myself up, let me do the same with you"

And before Piya could even comprehend what she just said, Sasha waved her hand at Piya.

Piya looked down at her clothes in shock, they were dry.

"H-How?" Piya spluttered running her hands over her now dry shirt.

"Ask me no questions, and I tell you no lies" Sasha said, grinning at Piya's expression. "I think its best that you go back to your house now, your arm is bleeding"

Piya who hadn't paid much attention to her arm, brought it closer to her eyes, to observe it closely.

"I wish I could heal it" Sasha said, taking Piya's injured arm in her hands . Piya flinched, afraid at what Sasha might do to her arm, but one look at those dark brown eyes banished all her fears

"But I cannot take the risk" Sasha said looking up at Piya "My powers are going out of my control, and I cannot risk injuring you. But I can tie my dupatta around it to help in the clotting process"

Piya opened her mouth to protest, but Sasha had already tied her beautiful white dupatta over Piya's wound.

"There, that should help for a while" Sasha smiled, getting up. "I really should get going now. I wish I could help you get to house. But I am afraid, I cannot stay. We are just 200 meters away from the main road, so I am sure someone would find you and take you home safely"

"But how do I return your dupatta back to you?" Piya asked. For some very odd reason, she didn't want Sasha to leave "Where do I, like, find you?"

Sasha turned towards Piya. Her eyes had turned red again. Dangerous red.

"You need remember me before actually searching for me, don't you think?" Sasha said, the corners of her mouth turning up, forming an evil smile.

And before Piya could ask what she meant by that sentence, a red light hit Piya square on her face, and Piya fell back onto the ground, unconscious.


Blood. Human blood. It was calling out to him. His fangs grew longer, and his eyes glowed blue. The vampire in him was itching to get closer to the source.

His feet automatically moved towards the smell of the blood. He tried to stop himself, but the human blood was practically singing to him.

A girl was lying on the forest ground. She appeared to be unconscious. Her left arm was covered in a white cloth and was bleeding profusely.

The vampire in him urged him to take a step closer. The girl was wearing a black cardigan and a white skirt. She had incredibly messy curls.

"Piya!" Abhay exclaimed, the thirst which had brought him here being replaced by concern. His fangs disappeared, and his eyes turned to their moonlight blue shade.

He quickly knelt down beside her and took her head in his lap.

"Piya! Open your eyes, Piya!" Abhay lightly tapped Piya on the cheeks. "Open your eyes please" he added desperation taking over his senses.

'Clam down!' Abhay told himself 'You are a vampire! Use your powers!'

Abhay took Piya's right hand in his and closed his eyes.

Piya groaned, opening her eyes. And the first thing she saw was Abhay's tense face looking down at her. She screamed and pushed herself out of his lap, holding a hand to her chest.

"God! You scared me!" Piya exclaimed her hand still at her cheat, trying to control her rapidly beating heart.

"Not as much as you scared me" Abhay said tucking a loose strand of Piya's hair behind her ear "What are you doing in the middle of the forest at this time, anyway?"

Piya who had closed her eyes at Abhay's touch opened them in shock again.

"Oh hell! Where am I?" Piya asked, looking around, at her surroundings fanatically "How the hell did I get here...I was near the lake...Rock...Tumbled...bruised?"

"Piya, calm down!" Abhay urged, putting his hand on Piya's shoulder "I didn't understand a word of what you just said. Take a deep breath and talk in coherent sentences, please?"

Piya closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down "See, I was taking a walk, and I decided to head to head towards the hill that overlooked the lake. I sat down on a rock to observe the view and a strong wind blew my scarf away, and in an effort to grab my scarf, I ended up tumbling down the hill, and into the lake. I remember struggling in the water for a while, but I don't know what happened after that!"

Piya looked at Abhay to see his reaction. He was staring at her.

"What?" Piya asked feeling self conscious.

"Did you just say all that in one breath?" Abhay asked in amazement

Piya rolled her eyes and hit him on the shoulder (Not that it hurt him or anything) "Abhay! Focus! I am deep trouble here! I was supposed to be near the lake, instead I end up here...I have no idea who rescued me and who tied this dupatta around my wound, and I certainly do not have any idea, why my clothes are dry when they are supposed to be soaking wet! Ugh! What is happening to me?" Piya held her head in her hands, frustrated.

Abhay was apprehensive about Piya's story, but didn't let it show on his face.

"I think you have gone through a lot today" Abhay said, standing up and stretching out a hand towards Piya "I really think you should get some rest, you can solve this 'mystery' of yours tomorrow"

"You don't believe me, do you?" Piya asked looking at Abhay who just shrugged "I am telling you, there is something fishy going on!"

"Yes, yes, I believe you" Abhay said as he grabbed Piya's hands and pulled her up.

Piya winced in pain, as Abhay had used too much force, opening up the wound again.

"I am terribly sorry" Abhay apologized, while holding his breath so that he wouldn't be tempted by the blood that was now oozing out of Piya's wound.

Abhay took Piya's arm and tied the dupatta tighter.

Piya was wobbling on her feet "I don't feel very good, Abhay. I think I am going to faint"

Piya's face had turned deathly pale. Abhay caught her by the waist as Piya's eyes rolled back.

"You are going to be fine, Piya. I am going to take you to my house"

And saying so he picked up Piya in his arms, and ran towards the Raichand mansion as fast as he could.


Aarav flipped through the channels on the 110 inch" plasma television, sucking an orange flavored lollipop.

'Stupid Saas-Bahu dramas!' he thought 'Why do women like watching these stuff anyway? Weird!'

He looked at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. The clock hands were pointing at twelve fifteen.

Aarav sighed, Haseena and Chand had gone out for their nightly hunting trips(They could only hunt when it was dark, so that they could avoid being seen by humans)and wouldn't be back till the morning,  and Abhay had disappeared to God-knows-where.

'Good thing too' Aarav thought bitterly as he sucked harder on his lollipop 'I don't want to face him after that nice lil chat of ours. I hope he jumped in a well or something!'

Just then the doorbell rang.

'Who could it be at this hour?' Aarav wondered as he raised himself off the couch and walked towards the door and pulled it open.

"Aww man !" Aarav exclaimed scrunching his eyebrows together in disappointment "You didn't jump in a well!"

Abhay raised his eyebrows at that sentence and at the sight of Aarav sucking a lollipop.

"What. did. you. DO. to. her?" Aarav exclaimed, his mouth opened in shock, with the lollipop dangling at the end of it as he saw an unconscious and wounded Piya in Abhay's arms, his mind automatically assuming the worst.

"Nothing!" Abhay said pushing past Aarav, and laying Piya gently on the couch "I found her unconscious in the forest"

"Are you sure you didn't bite her or something?" Aarav said his green eyes flashing suspiciously. It would have been a very threatening sight had it not been for the orange lollipop.

"No I did not!" Abhay said, frustrated. "Stop looking at me like that, and help her!"

Aarav gave Abhay one last glare and walked over to the couch. His furrowed his eyebrows together.

"What happened to her?" Aarav asked, throwing the lollipop stick into the dustbin.

"She told me she tumbled off a hill and fell into the lake. She apparently doesn't remember who saved her and tied that white dupatta around her wound"

"Hmm...Dupatta? So obviously it's a girl who saved her then!"

"My Einstein!" Abhay exclaimed in fake excitement "You are so smart!"

Aarav ignored him, and leaned down beside the couch to examine the dupatta.

"Supernatural. Definitely" Aarav whispered, fingering the edge of the dupatta.

"What do you mean?" Abhay asked, confused

"The person who saved her, was a supernatural, I can sense it" Aarav said his eyes showing the fear that he felt "One of my kind. And by the looks of it, she erased Piya's memory, that's why Piya cannot remember who saved her."

"Your kind?!" Abhay exclaimed his eyes widening "In Dehradun? This cannot be good"

Aarav didn't reply to that, he remained crouched next to Piya. He seemed to be deep in though.

"Ugh!" Piya voice broke Aarav out of his reverie.  Abhay went rushing over and took one of her hands in his.

"Are you alright?" Abhay asked worriedly, as Aarav looked on.

"My head hurts like hell!" Piya said, sitting up on the sofa and clutching her head. "It feels like someone's pounding it from the inside!"

"Well that's what happens when someone erases your memory, it is --" Aarav stopped in mid sentence realizing he had said too much, as Abhay hit him on the head.

Thankfully Piya didn't seem to have heard him, as she sat on the couch clutching her head and wincing in pain.

"I think you better you better take her back to the hostel, Abhay" Aarav said, as he put his hand on Piya forehead to check her temperature "She has fever. She needs some rest. She will back to normal by tomorrow morning"

"Don't be stupid! Look at her, how can I take her to the hostel when shes so ill? I think it will be better if she stays in our house tonight"

Aarav eyes widened in shock "Have you gone nuts?" He whispered, leaning closer to Abhay, so that Piya wouldn't overhear the conversation "You cannot let her stay, Vampires live in this house for God's sake! And Haseena and Chand would be back in the morning!"

"I know what I am doing, Aarav" Abhay whispered back "There is no way I am going to let her go back to the hostel, knowing that she has just been attacked by a supernatural!"

"She wasn't attacked! I think the supernatural, saved her. And besides, if you let her stay here, what do we tell Haseena and Chand? They will be able to smell her, remember?

"You have powers! Use them! That is not the problem right now, we have-"

"Can you both please stop talking in whispers when I am here?" Abhay was cut off in mid sentence by Piya who had been looking at their conversation with an irritated look on her face "Its not good manners, you know?"

"Right. Sorry" Aarav apologized scratching the back of his head, sheepishly.

"You better come with me" Abhay said, standing up and stretching a hand out to Piya. "I will show you where you can sleep tonight"

"Oh no, I cannot do that" Piya said, taking his hand and standing up, her face scrunched up in pain "I cannot bother you. Its better if I go back to the hostel"

"Exactly!" Aarav exclaimed loudly, causing Piya to jump a little "Listen to the beautiful lady, bro! She wants to go back to the hostel. Let her go"

"Don't be stupid, Piya!" Abhay said, completely ignoring Aarav "You are injured, and you seem to be in a lot of pain. And besides, its twelve thirty, you shall be thrown out of the hostel if end up in front of the hostel gates at this time. Sleep here tonight. Aarav and I shall sneak you into your hostel room in the morning. They wouldn't even know you were missing. "

Piys looked hesitant "Fine" She gave in "What about your parents? I think you mother hates me, imagine what she'll say when she comes to know let me stay for the night"

"She wont come to know, my parents have gone out for a very And we we'll have you out of here, before they come back in the morning"

"There is no we, only you, don't include me in this madness!" Aarav muttered angrily to Abhay

Abhay ignored him for the second time that night and gently put an arm around Piya, and led her up the marble staircase.

"Where am I going to sleep?" Piya asked clutching her throbbing forehead.

Abhay stopped in front of his room door."You can take my room I shall sleep somewhere else." 

Aarav was in front of them in a flash.

"You cant let her sleep in there!" Aarav said panicking slightly

"Why not?" Abhay asked as trying to push Aarav out of the way "Its my room!"

" your room is being painted!" Aarav exclaimed

"It is?" Abhay asked confused, while Piya looked at the scene in amusement.

"Oh God, you are such a dummy!" Aarav exclaimed throwing his hands up in frustration "PAINTING! Ring a bell?"

"Oh right!" Abhay said, leading Piya away from the door "You cannot sleep in there, Piya. You can sleep in Aarav's room instead!"


Not a very appropriate ending. I know. But I had to end it there. The chappy was getting too long.
Oh and ignore the Sasha/Trishna confusion for now. It shall all be explained later
Anway, coming up next -
1.Abhay-Piya moment in Aarav's room(Haha!)
2.Sasha pops in at the Raichand Mansion.
As always, thank you for reading and encouraging me with your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it.
Oh and one more thing, do point out errors, if any. And do crickets chirp? I am not really sure about that one.

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Nice Sinister plot you have  going there

abhay piya  werre Wow
Aarav .. well isin't  he  mean???

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Hi Appy

This is getting interesting now. Who is Sasha? What does she want from Pia? Was it actually just saving her (as Aarav mentioned) or there is some other purpose. I think she has some other purpose if she is coming back to Raichand Mansion. 

Abhay just kills monster inside him when he sees Pia in trouble awwwwHug. And he can go to any depth of trouble when it comes to saving Pia. I just loved it.

Aarav seems very special and after knowing his story, he seems to be a Jacob like character. Will he be a Pia friend?

Eagerly waiting for Abhiya moment. Please don't take too long.

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