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Originally posted by -Humaira-

Dont you dare forget me!
Haha ! I did not forget you, baba.
Now go and read the third Chappy and the sneak peek and gimme your views !
Oh and Humaira
Is this sentence right?
Whatever is going on between Piya and I, is our business, not yours"
Or is it Piya and me?
I am SO confused ! I think its Piya and I.

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Originally posted by luv_wacko

loved d chapieeeeeeeeee appyyyyyy..look dat rhymesROFL


Hello Leah! =D

Ah...i was waiting for Abhay-Piya-Aarav scenes! Embarrassed
Okay...Trishna looks scary! lol nt really :P ..waiting to know Aaravs past...!
Hes soooo A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Embarrassed
I too love Abhay-Aarav! I love how Abhay gives him all lame, sarcastic answers!  
I like Haseena better in ur Fic than on the show! Big smile
now that i am in your pm list...i dont need to keep checking this..! thank you! LOL

btw, did i tell you, i like the way u've written ur username! lol  Embarrassed

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Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0

Haha ! I did not forget you, baba. 

Thank you. Big smile 

Now go and read the third Chappy and the sneak peek and gimme your views !
Just read it..check the post above this! LOL Embarrassed

Oh and Humaira
Is this sentence right?
Whatever is going on between Piya and I, is our business, not yours"
Or is it Piya and me?
I am SO confused ! I think its Piya and I.

I think, both are correct, no? but Piya and I...sounds much better!! EmbarrassedBig smile

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Chapter 5: Abhay and Aarav

"What are you doing in my room?" growled a voice behind Aarav. Abhay was back from his hunt.

"Just admiring this lovely painting of yours, Abhay" Aarav replied going closer to the painting "The person in the painting looks exactly like Piya, don't you think? Or wait...Maybe it is Piya"

Abhay didn't say anything, just stood there glaring daggers at Aarav, as Aarav turned towards Abhay and smirked at him.

"What is going on between the both of you, Abhay?" Aarav asked his eyes gleaming, circling around Abhay " I couldn't help but notice the...electricity, for the lack of a better word, between the both of you. Staring at each other during classes, Piya blushing crimson whenever you stand next to her, creating your own dialogues when you were supposed to follow the script, etcetera, etcetera...Falling in love with a human, are you? My oh my! This is going to be disastrous! A lovestory between a human and a vampire! I thought it only happened in books like Twilight, but apparently stuff like this happens in the real world too!"

"I don't see how this is any of your business, Aarav" Abhay said fiercely "Whatever is going on between Piya and I, is our business, not yours"

"Oh! So there is something going on!" Aarav exclaimed, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"No there is nothing going on!" Abhay said looking away.

"Then why the heck do you have Piya's painting in your room, hmm?" Aarav asked looking back at the beautiful painting.

"The person in the painting is not Piya. It is Maithili" Abhay bit his tongue as he realized he had revealed too much.

Aarav head jerked back to him in shock "Who is Maithili?"

"Why is it that you cannot keep your nose out of stuff that does not pertain to you?" Abhay asked his blue eyes narrowing

"Well since you screwed up my life so badly, I just keep waiting for chances to mess up yours" Aarav said coming to stand closer to Abhay and giving him a threatening glare.

"Screwed your life up?" Abhay laughed sarcastically "I don't think I 'screwed it up', infact if I remember correctly I was the one who saved your sorry life"

"Saved me? Saved me?" Aarav asked his eyes slowly turning red "If you hadn't 'saved' me that day,  Abhay, my mother would still have been alive!"

 Abhay's eyes softened at that "I am sorry about your mother Aarav, I know how hard her death must have hit you, but there was no way I was going to let you go into the fire to rescue your mother, you would have died had I let you go"

"I am a supernatural, Abhay, in case you hadn't noticed; the fire wouldn't have affected me!" Aarav snapped.

"You might be a supernatural, but you forget were only fifteen back then, you didn't know how to control your powers and you definitely didn't know how to use them!" Abhay snapped back "This is a silly argument, Aarav. Why are you so hell bent on blaming me for your mother's death?"

"Because you are the one to be blamed" Aarav said, his eyes turning a dangerous red, the mirror in Abhay's room breaks into pieces due to the power that was radiating off Aarav.

"Control yourself Aarav, Get a grip!" Abhay said holding Aarav by the shoulders and shaking him.

Aarav who then seemed to have realized what was happening, closed his eyes for a minute and opened them. The hypnotizing green eyes made an appearance again.

"I better get out of here, before I do something I regret" Aarav said, hurrying to the door, while Abhay looked on.

"Oh, and Abhay?" Aarav turned at to face Abhay at the doorway "I still hate you" and saying so he banged Abhay's room door close behind him

Abhay sighed. Maithili and Piya weren't enough that God decided to bring in Aarav too. Damn!

He fell back on the bed,  and closed his eyes remembering that unfortunate day that had made Aarav the vengeful man that he is now.

2 years earlier

The doorbell rang, Abhay rushed to answer it. Standing at the door was a young boy around fifteen years of age with incredibly messy hair. He seemed to have come running, as he was panting and gasping for breath.

"You have to leave" He gasped out as Abhay let him in "They found out who you are"

"What do you mean?" Asked Chand who was standing behind the sofa "What do you mean found out?"

"A village man saw you drinking the blood of a deer in the jungle last night, he raised an alarm, and the whole town is coming to your house holding fire torches! You have to leave, now!" The boy said panicking.

"Waait a minute" Abhay said, holding a hand up "Why do we trust you? What if you are trying to set us up? Why are you helping us?"

"You have to trust me, you have no other choice" the boy's emerald green eyes rising up to meet Abhay's "And to answer why I am helping you, I am supernatural too, and I never saw any of you hurt humans, so I thought I should warn you"

And to prove that he really was a supernatural, the boy pointed his hand towards the couch, it burst up in flames immediately.

Haseena gasped "We must leave as quickly as possible Chand, I can hear the townsfolk coming"

"Go! Now!" The boy urged "I shall try and hold them off! Go!"

Abhay looked at the boy helplessly, he didn't want the boy to face the wrath of the townsfolk for letting them escape, but before he could do or say anything, Chand caught hold of his arm and dragged him out of the back door.

Abhay, Chand and Haseena ran as far from the town as possible. They took shelter in a nearby cave.

"We are a good ten kilometers away from the town" Chand said sitting down next to his wife, and putting his arms around her "We should be safe here"

They spent the next five minutes in silence, Abhay couldn't help but worry for that green eyed boy.

"I am going to check on that boy" Abhay said getting up from the rock he was sitting on "If I am not back in half an hour, leave without me"

And before Chand and Haseena could protest, Abhay ran towards the town, leaving a gust of wind behind him.


"You let down the whole town, Aarav!" a man yelled at the boy "I feel ashamed to call you my son, Why did you let them escape?"

"They never hurt anyone!" Aarav yelled back "I couldn't let you kill innocent people!"

Abhay crouched low behind a rock and waited for the right moment.

"They are not INNOCENT. They are vampires!" A bearded man said angrily as he shook Aarav by the shoulder. Aarav winced in pain, and Abhay growled in anger.

Before Aarav could open his mouth to defend himself a woman came running towards them.

"A house in the Chowk is engulfed in fire!" The woman said panting "You have to come! Someone left their fire torch near the house and now its up in flames. A woman is trapped inside! Somebody save her!"

The men gathered around Aarav gasped in shock and ran towards the chowk. Aarav stood where he was, holding his head down.

Abhay knowing this was the right moment ran in superhuman speed towards the boy, Aarav.

"What are you doing here?" Aarav whispered angrily "I told you to run, didn't I? Why didn't you listen to me?"

Abhay looked disbelievingly at Aarav "Here I am, risking my life to come and rescue you, and you are calmly standing there and giving lectures to a vampire?"

"Anyway, we don't have much time, come with me" Abhay said, and caught Aarav's wrist.

"Where are we going?" Aarav asked as he walked with Abhay

"To the Galhari cave" Abhay said using his free arm to push tree branches out of the way. " We shall walk the first 2 kms, till we cross the village safetly, and then I shall pick you up and take you to the cave"

"But to reach the cave, we need to cross the chowk, and that's where all the towns people are, what if they see us?"

"You ask too many questions for your own good, boy" Abhay said rolling his eyes, irritated "They shouldn't see us. That's why we have to be careful"

They reached the chowk. Safely hidden behind the trees and bushes, they could see the towns folk scampering here and there, with water buckets, trying to douse the fire.

Aarav looked guiltily at the scene, he wanted to help. Abhay gave Aarav's wrist a gentle squeeze urging him to resume walking.

Suddenly they heard a woman's scream, Abhay and Aarav looked around. It seemed to have come from the building that was on fire. Aarav gasped.

"That is my house!" Aarav said, his eyes widening in shock "And my mother is inside, I have to save her!"

And saying so Aarav shrugged Abhay's hand and tried to run towards his house, but Abhay had caught hold of his arm and pulled him back.

"No!" Abhay exclaimed "Are you insane? You are a fifteen year old boy! Don't be stupid, let the townsfolk handle this!"

"DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" Aarav yelled "My MOTHER is in there, I am a supernatural, I can save her. Let me GO!"

Aarav tried to pull his arm away, but Abhay held on tight.

"You barely know how to use your powers! If you go in there, you shall die. And if you don't die, the townsfolk who shall by then come to know of your powers shall kill you themselves. So don't act stupid!"

"Let me go!" Aarav pleaded his eyes watering.

Before Abhay could reply, a man loud voice rings out "I've got her!"

Aarav who was facing Abhay, turned around. A man comes out of Aarav's house, carrying a woman in his arms. The woman seemed to be badly bruised.

Aarav gasped "Mom!"

Abhay stretched his hand out to grab hold of Aarav's arm in case he decided to run towards the chowk. But Aarav just stood there, transfixed at the scene in front of him.

"Oh! How is she? Is she alright?" Aarav father said anxiously, as he battled the crowd to get close to his wife.

The man who rescued the woman, laid her down on the ground, and checked for a pulse.

Few minutes of silence passes, as Aarav, Abhay and townsfolk wait for the man to declare the result.

The man sighed. Abhay could feel Aarav tense up beside him, the man looked up at Aarav father tearfully and said "I am sorry, but she is no more"

Aarav slumped to the ground.


"Oh Abhay! Thank God you are back!" Haseena exclaimed as Abhay entered the cave with Aarav."I thought-"

She stopped in mid sentence as she noticed the Abhay and Aarav's grim faces.

"What happened?" She asked anxiously as Chand came up and stood next to her.

"Not now, mom" Abhay said raising up a hand to prevent her from asking any more questions "Aarav is tired and I think we should let him sleep"

Haseena thankfully, didn't ask any further questions. She just ran out of the cave, returned in a few seconds with banana leaves in her hands.

"I know, its not much Aarav" she said, as she spread the leaves on the ground "But this is the best I can do right now"

Aarav didn't say anything. He just wordlessly laid himself on the banana leaves, while Abhay and Haseena looked on worriedly.

"What happened?" Haseena asked, once she had dragged Abhay out of the cave.

Abhay took in a deep breath, and told her everything that had happened. Haseena closed her eyes, at the end of it.

"And the worst part, he hasn't shown a single emotion since the incident. He hasn't cried. He hasn't yelled. He hasn't done anything!" Abhay said, pacing.

"Give him some time, Abhay" Haseena said sighing "The poor boy has gone through so much today, and a part of me cannot help but feel guilty"

Abhay said nothing, he stared off into the distance, Haseena gave his arm a reassuring squeeze "Come, I think we should sleep, now. You look tired"

Abhay sighed one more time and followed Haseena into the cave.

The boy had disappeared the next morning.



Abhay opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Every since that day, Aarav blamed him for his mother's death. Abhay had tried to be as civil as possible with the messy haired boy, but now he was pushing him to the edge.

He turned his head and looked at Maithili's painting. The moonlight illuminated the painting, and Maithili looked beautiful. Alive.

'I need to get out of this house!' Abhay thought frustrated, and jumped out of the open window.


Piya was taking a walk. It was eleven pm, and it was a chilly night, but that didn't stop Piya from taking a walk in the woods.

She shivered when a gust of cold wind blew past her, ruffling her hair and her scarf. She pulled the black cardigan that she was wearing, tighter against her.

She was enjoying the walk, she felt free for the first time since ages. Studies were taking a toll on her. She had to make her mother proud, and she would

She looked up into the sky and saw the full moon glowing down at her.

For some very odd reason, the moon always reminded her of Abhay. It looks so perfect when you look at it, but when you observe closely, you can see its 'scars'.

Piya had been battling her growing feelings for Abhay since the day she first met him. Had been, being the important word here, as she has long given up on her battle, knowing it is useless.

She was drawn to him. She was attracted to him, fatally so.

Hell! She could even sense his presence these days and it was driving her crazy! His blue eyes seem to pull her right in. She could drown in those eyes.

'Get a grip on yourself, woman!' she scolded herself 'You are acting like Tracker!'

Piya finally reached her destination as she was mulling over these thoughts. She tucked her hair behind her ear to observe the beautiful scene in front of her.

She was currently standing on top a small hill that was right above a lake. Piya wished more than anything, to dip her feet into the lake, but she knew she couldn't, as it was a difficult task climbing down the hill, so she instead settled herself on a rock, looking down at the lake.

She sat in silence, observing the soft ripples that the wind was creating on the lake's surface. She gave a contended sight, enjoying the peace.

But suddenly, a strong wind blew past Piya, taking the scarf along with it.

Piya gasped. And it an effort to grab the scarf ended up tumbling down the hill, injuring her hand, and rolled straight into the lake's cold water.

The next thing Piya saw was, darkness.


Okay, so I am actually not very happy with this chapter. It didnt come out the way I expected it to. The emotions were not as intense I wanted them to be.
I actually wanted to include a Misha-Kabir, Piya-Abhay, and a Trishna scene in this chapter, but it is already too long, so I decided to end it there.
And I am sorry for the lack of Abhay-Piya scenes too. But if you have noticed, in the show, we get good AbhIya scenes whenever Piya is in trouble, and in my story Piya is going to fall into deep trouble from the next chappie onwards ! So AbhIya scenes galore !LOL
Dont go too hard on me guys, the coming chapters will be better. I give you my word.
Next up -
Trishna and Piya meeting (I cannot WAIT to start writing that!) Abhay saving Piya, and taking her with him to his house. (Ive got the whole thing planned out! Yay!)
Thank you all for reading, oh and please do point out errors, if any.
Oh! An one more thing, please gimme an another word to express anger other than 'growled' I am so sick of writing 'Abhay growled' everytime hes angry ! LOL.

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Oh, and I shall reply to all your comments tomorrow. I am really sleepy right now.

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Another wonderful chapter! =D
I'm loving the pace of this FF. Moreover, I'm loving the Abhay-Aarav convo's!
And, honey, the emotions came across just right!
Poor Aarav though, I guess I do understand where he's coming from! But, I still don't understand why he's looking for Piya. Also, he doesn't seem to know about Maithali. Hmm. Interesting!
So, the Trishna lady showin up soon, eh? Can't wait!
I'm guessing Abhay will come and save Piya, again. Sigh. LOL
I really do feel bad for Abhay. The guy needs a hug. Chuck that, he needs many hugs! And, loads of love!
..I hope Piya would't act all jasoos-like here. It's sad that Abhay's got a hoard of past memories still haunting him, and we don't need a Sherlock-Piya going about doing her research! But, one can't blame her completely...
Anyway, I deviate from the purpose of this post!
Honestly, I'm lOving this! =D
As for your question, about using something other than 'Abhay growled'. You could always say something like, "blah blah" replied Abhay irritably, anger rising in his voice.
Just a suggestion =]
I myself am a new writer. So, I am in your position as far as that goes. I just try and pick up stuff like that from the novels/books I read. So, as we continue to do that, I'm sure we'll start incorporating the same in our writing.
Once again, awesome stuff!

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Cn't wait 4 next.

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