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Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 5)

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Chapter Three : Forbidden Fruit
A dejected Aarav walked in the corridors of Mount collage. Damn!  He thought he had nailed it. All he would have to do was to go through those files and he would corner Piyali Dobriyal. How wrong he was.
'Was she in this college at all? Was she in Dehradun at all?' Aarav wondered, and immediately shook his head, dismissing that thought. His information could never be wrong. That girl was here, he had to find her, with a lil help from Miss Misha Dobriyal. A smirk made its way upto Aarav's face.
"Heeeyyy Aarav!" a random girl waved at him suggestively. He just rolled his eyes,  stupid annoying human girls. Didn't they understand that he wasn't interested? His heart had been stolen from him a long time ago. He loved only her, and couldn't even look at any other woman.
Aarav sighed sadly. And before he could ask anyone where the drama room was-It was his next class- a firm hand gripped his right elbow and pulled him inside an empty classroom.
"Ow Abhay!" Aarav exclaimed rubbing his bruised elbow gently "Could you be a lil softer next time please?"
"What did you do to that accountant?" Abhay growled grabbing Aarav by the collar.
"Jeez! What is it with people lunging at my collar today" Aarav said, taking Abhay's hands off his collar "Where did they find him?"
"In the washroom, shivering. And apparently his whole body had turned blue." Abhay said glaring.
"I went easy on him, he should be grateful." Aarav said shrugging.
"You don't get it, do you?" Abhay asked, his ice blue eyes darkening "You just used your powers on a human, what if he tells everyone about you and the monster that you are?"
"Oh, stop being so dramatic, bro!" Aarav casually leaned back against the wall "I erased his memory! He wont remember a thing"
"Why did you attack him anyway?" Abhay asked suspiciously.
"He wouldn't let me search for a file I wanted, now we are getting late for the drama class, lets go!" And saying so Aarav waltzed out of the door.
'What are you looking for Aarav' Abhay thought to himself as he walked beside Aarav 'I must keep an eye on you. Something bad is going to happen. I can just feel it.'


"Since our last play was such a hit" Pancchi was saying as the rest of the class giggled, remembering the disastrous Romeo and Juliet play "The college authorities wanted us to put up an another play, this time on the Helen of Troy"
The girls 'Oooohed' at that while the boys shouted their displeasure.
"Silence, Silence!" Panchhi raised her hand to silence the class "And since we do not have much time for the auditions, Piya and Abhay shall play the main characters again. Helen and Paris respectively"
Piya blushed prettily at that while Abhay looked up in shock. A romantic play with Piya again? Rehearsing with Piya for the Romeo-Juliet play took a toll on his emotions, he wasn't sure if he could do it again.
Aarav who was standing leaning against the wall bored, burst out laughing. The whole class stared at him, confused.
"Abhay as Paris?" Aarav chocked out amongst his laughter "Abhay as a romantic hero? You gotta be kidding me! Abhay cant act!"
Piya looked angry, Misha smiled in amusement, Abhay just rolled his eyes, and Pancchi smirked at him.
"Well, Mr Awesome, I f you think you are so good you shall play Menelaus, Helen's husband"
That stopped Aarav's laughter at once "What? I am sorry, come again?"
"Menelaus, Helen's husband. You shall play it" Pancchi said, writing something on her clipboard.
"No freaking way in hell! I don't act!" Aarav argued.
"I am the president of the Drama club, and unless you want me to fail you, you shall do as you are told" Panchhi said, not bothering to look at him.
Aarav opened his mouth in shock and muttered something in a low voice.
"What was that?" Pancchi asked
"Nothing, nothing, I shall do that stupid role" Aarav said.
"Good. Now everyone, take these sheets."Pachhi said handing out sheets to the class "This is the screenplay, I give you twenty minutes to by heart your lines of the first act. Go now"
"Oh, and Mr.Awesome?" Pancchi called out to Aarav who was flipping through the pages "Since you aren't in the first act, I suggest you go and help Abhay and Piya rehearse their lines behind the curtain over there"
Aarav said nothing, instead opted to glare at the elder Dobriyal sister and followed Abhay-Piya muttering under his breath.
"Okay, lets get this over with" Aarav said, sitting on a broken desk while Abhay-Piya faced each other "Both of you do whatever you have to do quickly, so that I can run away from this torture"
Piya waited for Abhay to say something, and when he didn't, she picked up her sheet and read.
"Oh Paris, what are we going to do? The Spartans are out to kill us!"
"*sighing* Maybe this is not a good idea afterall, my fair Helen, maybe we weren't meant to be together"
Aarav stared open mouthed at Abhay in shock. Was this the same Abhay Raichand, the sadu, he knew?
"But Paris!" Piya gasped dramatically "Why are you thinking like that? Do you not believe in our love?"
"I believe in our love. But I don't want our love to be the cause of your death, Helen. I don't care what happens to me, but I don't want anything to happen to you. I cannot let anything happen to you."
Aarav looked down at the screenplay. Where did that come from? The dialogue in the screenplay was just 5 words. Why was Abhay going off script?
"What if I said I was willing to take that risk for you?"
'Okaaaaay, that wasn't in the script either' Aarav thought, flipping fanatically through the pages.
"I wouldn't let you" Abhay said, looking deep into Piya's eyes.
"Why? Why is it that you are scared of loving me, Abhay? Why are you so scared?"
'ABHAY?!' Aarav thought surprised 'What the- ?'

"Because you are my forbidden fruit, Helen. I cannot have you, I am not supposed to have you."

Piya said nothing, just gazed into Abhay's eyes while, Aarav flipped through the pages of the play.
"Both of you are making me wanna...PUKE!" Aarav exclaimed in disgust as he watched Piya make goo-goo eyes at Abhay. "None of what you just said is in the screenplay!"
Piya and Abhay broke out of their trance. Abhay went back to his normal stony expression while Piya glared at Aarav. Trust him to ruin a wonderful moment.
"Now please, can we get back onto the script now and get this done with?" Aarav said in a bored tone "I really need to visit the washroom!"


"How was your first day at collage, Aarav?" Haseena asked kindly as she opened the door for her 'sons' to come in.

"Oh, it was fine, I suppose" Aarav shrugged "Not as bad as I thought it would be, Abhay here, really helped me a lot"
Abhay just rolled his eyes. He was used to Aarav trying to irritate him.
Haseena smiled "That's good. Why don't you freshen up? I shall ask the servant to serve dinner for you."
"Oh good, I am famished!" Aarav said throwing his backpack on the couch and dashing up the stairs to his room.
"Is is always this energetic?" Abhay asked in disbelief as he stared at the door Aarav had closed behind him. 
 "He's very...childish, I guess. " Haseena said smiling affectionately "He is just like a little excited kid."
"Oh great!" Abhay exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air "We have our very own energizer bunny in the house!"
Haseena laughed "He adds excitement to our house, but do you really know why I let him stay with us?"
"Why?" Abhay asked curiously.
"For you" Haseena said trying to smooth down a strand of Abhay's hair.
Abhay flinched at her touch, he wasn't comfortable with physical contact.
"For me?"
"Yes, I thought you desperately needed a friend, someone you could share your feelings with, ever since Maithili..." Haseena stopped in mid-sentence realizing her mistake.
Abhay's face turned stony "I don't need a friend mom, I don't want to share my feelings , and especially not with someone like Aarav. And now if you will excuse me, I need to go for a hunt"
And saying so, Abhay turned and ran out of the house, while Haseena looked on.


Aarav whistled a tune as he climbed up the marble staircase. His growling tummy was now well fed and taken care of.

Haseena aunty had asked the servants to cook a lavish dinner for him. His eyes had practically popped out of his sockets when he saw the dining table laden with delicious items.
Now that the hunger issue was taken care of, his mind turned towards the other problem in hand. Piyali Dobriyal.
Damn that girl! Where was she hiding? What if Danny got to her first?
Aarav's eyes widened.
No he couldn't let that happen. He simply had to get there before Danny.  
As he was pondering over these thoughts, he passed Abhay room. Abhay's room door which was always locked was slightly open.
'What a golden opportunity!'  Aarav thought happily 'Finally a chance to take at peek at Abhay's room!'
Aarav opened the door soundlessly and stepped in. What was in front of him had his mouth open in shock.
There was a beautiful large painting of a girl with silky long straight hair and round black eyes.
"Piya?" Aarav said disbelievingly "Why the hell does Abhay have a painting of Piya in his room?!"
Sneak Peek '

Aarav held Abhay back with his arm "I sense our college"

Okay so, I hope you guys are hapy with the chapter. I actually wanted to reveal the Aarav story in this chappie, but I just couldnt fit it in.
Oh, and I hope you guys liked the Haseena-Abhay interaction(though it was very short). I really think Haseena cares for Abhay deep down somewhere, and she wants him to be happy.
And Aarav's mystery woman. Who do you think it is? This girl/woman plays and important role in the story. I shall introduce her soon. She gives a whole new definition to the word evil. Shes bad. Very bad.LOL
I just love Abhay-Aarav. They are not enemies. They care for each other deep down. They have a history, maybe I shall reveal that in the next chapter !
And I have suddenly got a whole new idea for Misha. I am excited for that and I am sure you guys will love it !
Lastly, Thank you so much for reading and appreciating my FanFic, guys. Love you all.
Oh and one more thing(This is the last one, I promise!) whoever wants me to PM them whenever I update, can you please gimme your names and add me as a friend? I am making a PM list.
Thank you.

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oh wow. .awsum part!enjoyd readng it
Continue asap Clap
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its wonderful!!!!eagerly waiting for the next part!!!
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cool update! please add me to your pm list Smile
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nice update, Appy. The story is building up.
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Thank you for you wonderful comments guys, I shall reply to them, before my next update.Smile

Heres a sneak peek at Trishna/Sasha :
"Who a-are you?" Spluttered Piya looking at the hooded figure in shock, as she backed away from it "What are you?"
"You wouldnt want to know" The hooded figure whispered, her red eyes flashing dangerously, as she stepped out of the darkness.
Shes here ! Yay ! I was WAITING for this part.
I was actually going to introduce her much later, but I just couldnt resist !
Piya life is going to be altered dramatically with this entry !

VERY small precap, I know. But I didnt want to spoil the surprise!

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Do tell me your views !
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awesome part cont soon

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