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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 18)

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
hey leah... just read the whole of it... loved it...

can you add me in pm list?

btw love the aarav-mish jodi! hey is kabir entering?


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Very Nice... Think so more suspense cuming.. Plz update d next part soon...
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CHAPTER : ? (Damn! I forgot!)

"Ugh! I hate this!" Aarav said, as he wiped his stained cheek with his shirt sleeve and dipped his brush into the paint bucket "Why does Pannchi insist on torturing me like this?"

Piya giggled, as she swept her paintbrush over the wooden plank, turning it a heavenly blue.

"Because she thinks you are lazy and need to be disciplined" Piya said, swishing the brush across the plank happily "And I agree with her. And besides, Isnt helping her in finishing the props for the drama, nice? Its so much fun!"

"Fun?" Aarav snorted "This is torture! Gah! And to top it all off, I have to paint this plank, PINK! BABY PINK!"

"Stop being so dramatic, Aarav" Piya said rolling her eyes. "Atleast act like you are enjoying this"

"Oh yes! Painting wooden planks, pink, when I could be catching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries!"

"You watch Vampire Diaries?!" Piya asked, her eyes lighting up in excitement.

"NO! I was being sarcastic!" Aarav said, rolling his eyes "You are so dumb!"

"You are so rude"  Piya said, jabbing her brush at him.

Aarav hit her brush with his, hard. Piya 'hawwed' and hit one back.

Thus erupting a pain brush fight.

Tiny paint drops which were dangling on the end of the paint brush, splashed on their faces.

"AARAV!" Piya exclaimed, as pink paint splashed on her face.  She tried to wipe it off, using the end of her scarf, but only ended up spreading it more. The pink paint was now all over her nose and her left cheek.

Aarav, by this time, was howling on the floor, laughing like a hyena.

Piya glared at him and gave him a small angry kick, which only resulted in Aarav laughing harder.

"I cannot believe you!" Piya said "Here I am, covered in pink paint, and you are laughing?"

"What else do you want me to do?" Aarav asked, momentarily stopping himself "I am not Abhay. So don't expect me to wipe that paint off your face, Dill Mill Gayye style. Cause that would be incredibly weird and not to mention, funny!"

Piya 'hmped' and sat down on a chair.

"You are nothing like your brother" She said, sulking, her pink nose scrunched up "You are just plain rude."

Aarav got up and kneeled down in front of her.

"Trust me, you should be glad I am nothing like my brother" He said bitterly.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing nothing" Aarav said, waving his hand, dismissing it off. "Anyway, Close your eyes"

"Why?" Piya asked, confused.

"Just do it" Aarav urged.

Piya looked hesitant but never the less closed her eyes.

"If you are going to pull a prank on me or something, I swear Aarav, I will…" Piya said her eyes closed.

"Now open them" Aarav said.

Piya opened her eyes, and looked at her reflection in the mirror opposite her.

"My God!" Piya exclaimed, touching her now clean cheek "How did you do that?"

"Magic!" Aarav said, his eyes twinkling in amusement "I am a wizard and I actually, am a 7th year student at Hogwarts!"

"Did anyone tell you that you crack horrible jokes?" Piya asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Hmm" Aarav made a great show of thinking over it "Abhay did. But both of you are just two boring individuals. So I don't take them to heart"

"You need to have a heart first, don't you think?" Piya asked slyly.

"Ouch!" Aarav exclaimed, a hand over his chest "That hurt!"

Piya stuck her tongue out at him.

"How mature" Aarav teased, as Piya gave him a whack.

Aarav opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, a loud scream echoed from the doorway.

"What did you do to my drama room?" exclaimed a horrified Pancchi, as she looked around at the paint stained room.

Piya and Aarav looked at her guiltily.

"You both!" Pancchi yelled, pointing a finger at them "You are not going anywhere till you clean AND paint all the props in this room!"

"You cannot do that!" Aarav exclaimed, giving his best puppy dog look

"Don't try that on me, mister!" Panchhi said, warningly "Both of you are going to clean this mess up. NOW!"

And saying so she walked out the room, and banged the door shut behind her.

"I think its her time-of-the-month" Aarav said seriously, as Piya gasped "A bad case of PMS. Definitely"

Piy whacked him on the arm "Ugh! You don't talk stuff like that in front of a girl! Have you no manners? Anyway, lets start cleaning up! We have a loooooong day in front of us"

Aarav sighed and picked up a mop.


Misha kicked her red bike angrily.

"Stupid good for nothing piece of crap!" Misha muttered as she bent down to take a look at the back tire.

"Damn! A puncture!" She got up and brushed the dirt off her jeans. "What do I do, now?"

She paced around for a few seconds, chewing her bottom lip.

"Aha! Brainwave!" she exclaimed "Dad. He will be able to pick me up!"

She whipped out her cell phone and punched the number. A bored prerecorded woman's voice greeted her.

Misha gave an anguished cry."No network! Gah!"

"Why are you doing this to me God" She yelled dramatically, as she raised her hands and looked up at the skies "How am I supposed to go home now?"

God seemed to have answered her question as, Misha could see a pair of headlights coming towards her.

'I can ask that person for a lift!' Misha thought excitedly as she waved her arms around like a maniac, pleading for the driver to stop.

The car whizzed right past her.

"Screw you , loser!" Misha yelled back at the car, waving her fist in the air.

"I swear, there is no such thing as humanity these days!" she muttered to herself.

She saw an other car approaching, this car too, whizzed right past her.

Misha let out a frustrated wail.

"This cannot be happening!" Misha muttered to herself "Its getting dark, and now I am getting scared! What do I do? What do I do?"

She heard the rumble of a car approaching.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose"

Misha ran out to the middle of the road and plopped herself into a sleeping position. The red car, zoomed towards her in a disastrous speed. Misha was alarmed.

The driver hadn't seen her! Misha's heart beat thudded in her head. He arms and legs were frozen in shock.

Misha plopped her eyes closed waiting for death to come to her. A screech echoed in the lonely road.

And then silence. Deathly silence.

Misha kept her eyes closed. She didn't have the guts to open them. Was she dead? Was this heaven? Why didn't she feel any pain?

"OYE!" A man's voice bellowed, breaking her out of her reverie.

'God?' Misha wondered confused 'God saying 'Oye'? That's Surprising'

Misha fluttered her eyes open slowly, and the first thing she saw was a car's bonnet, just an inch away from her face.

"I am alive" Misha exclaimed happily.

"Unfortunately, Yes you are!" The same voice bellowed "Now get up, before I kill you myself!"

Misha narrowed her eyes in anger and turned her head to see who it was.  From her position on the ground, he could only see a pair of blue converse sneakers getting out of the car.

With a grunt, she pushed herself off the grunt, and whipped her head around to see who dared to insult the Misha Dobriyal.

 (Note: You can imagine whoever you want this guy to be. Raj Singh Arora or our very own Gautam Gulati. I am sticking with the earring, the dimple and the name Shaurya, but his attitude is going to be total badass)

It was a guy. Around 18-ish. He wore a white shirt, with the top few buttons left open, light blue jeans, blue converse and had a pierced ear.

His dressing seemed to be casual, yet in an odd way elegant.

'Odd dressing sense' Misha thought inwardly, as the guy frowned at her.

"Are you done checking me out?" The guy asked , a smirk making a way up his face.

Misha made a disgusted expression. There was something about this guy that made Misha want to hate him. 

"Check you out?" Misha snorted "You wish, buddy! You look like you just lost your way from the dump. And by the way, why in the world were you driving so fast? You almost got me crushed. Are you blind or something? Insane maybe?"

The guy raised his eyebrows amusedly "You were the one, lying on a road. And you have the nerve to ask me if I am insane? Jeez. Bad case of denial?"

"I-I" Misha stuttered, trying to come back with an appropriate reply. "My bike's tire got punctured. I wanted a lift! I was desperate, okay?"

"I can see that" The guy said pointedly, as he opened the car door, to get back in.

"Listen Mr. Attitude" Misha said, as she marched right upto him "I need a lift. Can you give me one?"

"What makes you think, that I would give you a lift?" The guy asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Look, its dark, I am a girl, its dark, and its going to rain. Isnt that good enough for you to give me one?"

"Err…No. You forgot the golden word. Haven't your parents taught you anything?"

Misha looked at the guy in front of her incredulously. Was this guys for real? She had half a mind to tell the guy to shove his lift up his face and stomp away. But her idiotic brain was against it and reminded her that she had to get home before it gets dark.

"Please?" Misha grit her teeth together "Can you please give me a lift?"

"Sorry? Didn't catch that? Can you repeat what you just said?"

Misha wanted to punch that guy silly. She could imagine throwing him on the ground and giving him the ol one two.

She forced herself to smile. "I said- Would you please give me a lift?"

"That's more like it!" The guy exclaimed "My name is Shaurya. What's yours, gorgeous?"

"Snow white" Misha muttered, annoyed, as she pulled open the passenger door "And call me 'gorgeous' one more time and I shall punch your face in"

Shaurya looked at the girl in front of him, disbelievingly.

'Shes something else isn't she?' He thought to himself, as he settled himself in the driver's seat and glanced at an annoyed looking Misha."I like that. I like that very much'


It was a chilly night. But the owner of the small dingy tea stall in the middle of nowhere, bared it all, and pulled his sweater tighter.

'No customers again, today' he thought, sadly 'Stupid weather! How am I going to feed my hungry kids now?'

He sighed and warmed his hands over the 'tava'. Admiring the patterns the heat wave created.

"Excuse me for bothering you, but I need help" A voice broke him out of his trance; he turned his head around to see who it was.

A handsome man with peircing dark black eyes stood in front of him. He wore a black shirt, with a coat over it. His hair was sweeped back neatly, and he wore a very ugly looking, blue stone ring.

There was something about him that commanded respect and attention.

"How can I help you?" The owner asked politely.

"I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find a bus to Dehradun?"

The stall owner scowled. Just an other person asking for routes, what did his shop look like? A kiosk?

"You will have to walk till the bus stop, you shall get a bus tomorrow morning" he muttered, annoyed.

"Thank you" the man said politely, and slowly started walking away.

The man had must walked a few step when he turned around. "Oh, I almost forgot"

A scream echoed in the lonely road. The stall owner was writhing on the floor, his hands clutching his throat, as if some invisible force was strangling him.

"That is for being rude" the man grinned evilly, as he walked away, ignoring the cries of the stall owner.

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I am SO sorry for not updating regularly. I know, that by not updating regularly, I am loosing the flow of the story.

But I have exams to prepare for, projects to sumbit, and I have reacently shifted to a new house, and that just add to my troubles.
I thank you all, for commenting to generously, and I REALLY appreciate it. Even though I dont reply to them. Thank you all so much, your comments put a smile on my face!

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Wow, that was nice update. No Abiya but still so interesting. I am liking this Shaurya. Aarav and Pia are so cute. There fights were like sibling fight and Panchi entering as a mom.LOL

Who is this new person? He seems a distant cousin of Aro of twilight - so evil. 

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awesome update...............................loved aarav and pia.....................misha and shaurya's interaction is abhay

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finally u found time to update.thanks 4 that..
nice update.pia n aarav behaving like kids.tat was nice.misha cud hav parked her bike in the middle instead of trying to get herself killed to stop a speeding car.ok.nice meeting of misha-shaurya.wish u get time soon to write the next update.

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cont soon

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