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Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 16)

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Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0

Next update should be up by 12-ish today.
Whack me if I dont put it up.LOL

Where are you? When will it be 12ish?

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appy fast!!!
ur taking too long now....
and for gods sake!!
we want a BADDA part!Angry
just coz u made us wait for so longOuch
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How does tomorrow sound to both of you?Embarrassed
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Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0


How does tomorrow sound to both of you?Embarrassed

Where is the dislike button?

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Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0


How does tomorrow sound to both of you?Embarrassed

and u still have the guts to stay online??Ouch
ur green batti tht i can see is gonna be purple if i dnt get an update now!

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This is the crapiest chapter I have EVER written. I was DEAD sleepy when I was writing with, and I just wanted to get it over with. So it came out REAL bad. I am so sorry.
'Where did she go?' Abhay wondered to himself as he fanatically searched the corridors for Piya.

'You are such an IDIOT Abhay, It was so stupid of you to take your frustration out on Piya. Its not her fault that she looks like Maithili. Damn you!'

Suddenly he caught a whiff of her scent. 'Got you!'

And the scent lead him right in to the…

"Girls washroom?!" Abhay exclaimed "No,  no, no, no! I cannot believe I am going to do this…"

He opened the door slowly and stepped in. He looked around carefully. The bathroom was painted blue, with a huge mirror on one side.

Abhay heard soft sobs coming from the last cubicle.

Careful not to touch anything (fearing it might 'infect' him) he made his way towards the cubicle.

"Piya?" He knocked softly on the door.

"Abhay?" Piya gasped from behind the door


"What are you doing here? It's a GIRLS washroom!"

"Thank you for the information, Piya. I wasn't aware" Abhay said sarcastically. "Now open this door!"

"No!" came Piya's defiant voice "Go away!"

"You are being silly, Piya. This is stupid!" Abhay said

"Stupid?" Piya retorted angrily "Stupid? You say the most hurtful things to me, and now you call me stupid?"

"Look, I am sorry, okay?" Abhay sighed "I know I shouldn't have said those things. But I was just so frustrated. And I took the anger out on you. I am sorry."

"Wow!" Piya exclaimed sarcastically "What am I?  Your punch bag or something?  Someone to take your anger on? Go away!"

"What more do you want? I told you sorry, didn't I?"

"Well sorry doesn't take the sting out of it" Piya said bitterly "Now go!"

"I am not going anywhere, till you open the door!" Abhay said defiantly

"Yeah Riiiiiight"

"I mean it! I am going to stay here till you open the door and talk to me!"

"Then keep waiting!" Piya yelled "Cause I am not going to open the door till you leave!"

"Fine" Abhay yelled back. He sat down in front of the cubicle. Crossing his arms over his chest.

Few minutes of silence passes. With both the sides determined not to give in.

"Do you hate me?" Piya asked softly, not able to take the silence.

Abhay sighed "No, I don't, Piya"

"Then why did you say it?"

"I was out of mind, don't take it seriously"

"It still hurt though"

"I know" Abhay sighed, leaning his head against the wall and closing his eyes "I am sorry for that"

"And do you really think I look hideous?" Piya asked, her tears threatening to fall.

"No Piya" Abhay said gently

"Then what do you think?" Piya asked, desperation clearly heard in her voice

"I think you are beautiful"  Abhay whispered, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips "You may not stand out like T, but there is something about you, that draws people to you. Maybe it's your soft smile, or how your eyes light up when you are happy, or how curls so gently flow down your back, I don't know. But you are beautiful."

"You are not saying that just to get me out, are you?" Piya asked playfully.

"No" Abhay chuckled, as he stood up"But I would like it better if you did"

A few minutes of silence passes. Abhay tapped his foot impatiently.

"Fine" came Piya's voice, as the click of the lock was heard, as she opened the door. "But you do stuff like that again, and you are a dead man, Mr. Abhay Sadu Raichand!"

"As you say M'lady" Abhay said, as wiped tears off her cheeks "Can we go now? Its kinda embarrassing to be standing in a girl's washroom"

Piya gave a small chuckle at that, held Abhay by the arm, and let him out of the girl washroom, much towards the amazement of the students standing outside.


"We need to talk" Trishna said, as she stood in front of Aarav with her hands on her hips.

"That we need to" Aarav said, as his eyes flashing mischievously "There are loads of things to talk about. Which one are you referring to"

Trishna looked around to see whether they were being overheard. No they were not. They were alone in the drama room.

"I can sense it" Trishna said, her eyes showing fear.

"Sense what?" Aarav asked, as he ran a hand over a roman dress.

Trishna rolled her eyes in frustration and pinned Aarav to the wall, angrily. "You know what"

"The electricity between us?" Aarav asked mischievously, as he looked down upon Trishna's hand on his chest "Oh, I can sense it alright!"

Trishna immediately removed her hands from his chest as Aarav amusedly raised his eyesbrows at her.

"N-Not that" Trishna said as colour made its way upto her cheeks "Then what is it?" Aarav said, his hypnotizing green eyes boring right into her brown ones, disarming her a bit, as he leaned forward towards her.

 "Dont try to flirt me, R" Trishna said, fighting to maintain her clam, as her heart thudded away "Its not working" "Flirting is for womanizers!" Aarav said, as he plopped himself of a desk "I am not a womanizer, Trish. I have and always will love only one girl. And that girl is you, Trish."

 "Stop it!" Trishna exclaimed in frustation "Stop! Please! We cannot be together! Cannot!"

"Why not?" Aarav asked, as he jumped off the desk and took Trishna's hands in his

"Just cant!" Trishna said, not looking at him, opting to stare at the ground instead.

"Why not?" Aarav asked almost pleading, "I know, you feel something for me. I know you want this as much as I do."

"No, I don't!" Trishna said angrily, as she jerked her hands out of his "I don't, Aarav. We cannot be together. Its impossible. I am not the one for you"

"I think, I should be the one who decides 'who's best' for me. Don't you think?" Aarav asked, his green eyes glittering fiercely "Not you"

"Aarav! Stop!" Trishna said "We go through this a million times. You and I cannot be together!"

"But we love each other!" Aarav exclaimed.

"I don't love you" Trishna said, a lump forming in her throat "I never did. You imagined things! I don't love you!"

And saying so, Trishna ran out of the classroom, leaving a dejected Aarav behind.


Abhay loved taking the long route through the woods, when he drived home from college. The woods portrayed serene and calm, which he so desperately needed in his life. His attraction to Piya, was turning his world topsy-turvy.

'Piya, what are you doing to me' Abhay thought, gripping th steering wheel tighter 'You have turned me into a lunatic'

'You are always in my thoughts. Your face is haunting me! You look exactly like her. I cannot take this anymore'

Abhay ran a nervous hand through his hair.

'This is not good Abhay' He told himself 'You cannot fall in love with Piya just because she looks like Maithili. It will be unfair to Piya. It will be unfair to her.'

Abhay sighed and took a sharp left turn. Abhay narrowed his eyes.

There was someone standing in the middle of the road.

"Trishna?" Abhay wondered. He parked the car and got out of it.

"Trishna? Are you okay?" Abhay asked, as he approached her. She seemed weak. Her skin her turned frightening pale.

She wobbled on her feet, Abhay caught her before she could fall.

"I had a power burst" Trishna gasped out "Nothing to worry about"

Abhay looked concerned, but nevertheless nodded his head, as he helped Trishna back onto her feet.

"Will you at least, let me drop you back to your hostel?" Abhay asked

"I would like that Trishna said, smiling "Thank you!"

"Don't mention it" Abhay said politely, as he held the car door open for Trishna to get in.

"Nice car!" Trishna said, running her hands over the smooth dashboard, as Abhay slipped into the driver's seat "Neat"

"Thank you, my dad's choice" Abhay said, turning the key.

"Never thought of you as a 'flower guy' though" Trishna said her eyes twinkling, as she admired a lily placed on the dashboard.

"Well…I surprise people" Abhay said, smiling, as he took a sharp right turn "I like lilies. White ones. They are beautiful."

"Oh my God!" Trishna exclaimed dramatically "You like WHITE lilies, are you the same Abhay Raichand who always wears black?"

"You are such a drama queen!" Abhay said "Yes. I do like white lilies. Which is rather ironic, considering how I am vampire and all"

 "I don't think its ironic" Trishna said, as she took the lily in her hands "I think its nice. Being a vampire does not cut you off from the world does it? I mean, you fell in love with Piya didn't you?"

Abhay's eyes widened "No, I am not in love with her"

Trishna narrowed her eyebrows in confusion "But I can sense it. Maybe not love, but attraction at least. You both would make a cute couple"

Abhay's grip on the steering wheel tightened.

"No, we can never become a couple" Abhay snarled.

Trishna was taken aback at the sudden change in Abhay. Her brain told her not to probe any further, but she couldn't control herself.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because she human" Abhay spat out "And I am a vampire. A monster"

Trishna didn't say anything, just stared at Abhay, silently asking him to continue.

"Its impossible" Abhay sighed "I shall put her life in danger"

Trishna touched Abhay's arm gently, and gave it a small reassuring squeeze.

"I know what you mean" Trishna said, as she looked out of the window, seeming far away in thoughts.

"Its Aarav isn't it?" Abhay asked, looking at her "You love him, right?"

"I don't know" Trishna sighed "But what I do know is that I cannot be with him, not matter how much I want to"

"Why not?" Abhay asked, confused "What's the problem?"

"The problem is…" Trishna took a deep breath "I have a at the most a few more weeks or maybe days left to live. I am dying."

Abhay almost crashed the car against a tree
Next Chappie : Someone's gonna enter! Ooooh ! You guys are familar with him.
Like always, please ignore all the errors.
Oh, Trishna wanted to tell Aarav about the werewolf thingy, in case you are wondering.

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CryPMs will be VERY late.
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finally appy..
it has been weeks now.. nvm.. loved abhay and trish's part..
trish is dying? hawww??? kaise? werewolves r entering.. shaw!!Embarrassed
but appy.. i still want arav mish to happen! am sure we all do!! 
previous part.. nt commenting coz i read it b4 any1 else did!Embarrassed and u knw, i told u to cont, coz tht was beautiful!!Day Dreaming
the later half was also amazingly written.. now, am more concerned of arav mish.. and y didnt we have any part of mish today??Confused

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