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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 13)

arhi-raizada Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
nice part dear

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dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
IT WAS AWESOME..........loved misha n aarav part

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natashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 2:16am | IP Logged
JUSt a shrt one ..........hmm so aarav likes trish i mean sasha..........n mish likin aarav.......a triangle nahi ............aarav is mineBlushingLOL........abhay n pia have their cozy moments..lovely..........plz update soon..wanna find abt aarav m pia n why he wanna find her........

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arhi.sarun Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged
its awsome i loved to read it
add me to ur pm list
and do pm me when you write the next part

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Ritzie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
I am getting glued to your storyline, Appy. 

And thanks for sending PMs for updates.
0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 3:13am | IP Logged

"Keep an eye on her" Aarav whispered to Abhay as they sat in the cafeteria, in the lunch break.

"Keep an eye on who?" Abhay whispered back, confused.

"Trishna" Aarav said looking diagonally at the girl sitting, two tables ahead of them "She has I call, 'power bursts'. She might end up attacking the students"

"You choose weird people to fall in love with Aarav" Abhay said, rolling his eyes "Why can't you just fall in love with a normal person? But no! You are Aarav the great; you choose the most powerful one of them all!"

"At least she is better than your Piya" Aarav snapped back.

"Shes not mine" Abhay hissed "And I do not like her that way!"

"You may not. But she does. I can see it. And you are getting attracted to her, don't try to deny it!"

"You are interfering in my life, Mr Love Guru"

"I am your brother; I have every right to interfere"

"Not in my love life!"

"AHA! So there is a love life!"

"Haven't you got anyone else to pester?"

"No-o-pe.  And hey look! Piya is sneaking glances at you! Oh that sly woman!"

"Ssssssh! Keep it low, people might hear you!"

"C'mon Abhay, half the college knows there is something going on between the both of you. You don't need to hide it now, do you?"

"There is nothing to hide, as there is nothing going on"

"As you say, bro"

"Don't call me that!"

"Don't call you what?"

"Don't call me bro!"

"Why not? You are my bro, bro!"

"What did I ever do to you? Why are you so hell bent on pestering me so?"

"Because I am bored. And I love you!"

"You are so irritating, Aarav"

"I know, and that's'"

Aarav stopped in mid sentence and his eyes widened in fear.

"What's wrong?" Abhay asked, concern showing on his face.

"I sense it"

"Sense what?"

"A Werewolf" Aarav said, fear glittering his is green eyes "In our college"

"Werewolf? Here? Impossible, Aarav!" Abhay said "They live on the other side of the river, they never come here!"

"I am telling you, I can sense one!" Aarav said, banging his fist on the table to emphasize his point "I have never been wrong! Its faint, but it is still there. Someone is changing!"

Abhay looked worried at that. "We better not talk about this here, let's go somewhere else".

And saying so, Abhay dragged Aarav by the arm and took him to the nearest empty classroom and locked the door shut.

"You really should stop dragging me into empty classrooms, Abhay" Aarav said, looking at his arm which had turned red.

"We cannot let this happen, Aarav" Abhay said, tension clearly shown on his face "We need to find that person and stop him from changing! Imagine what will happen if the werewolves get the wind of it."

"Why would they be interested?" Aarav asked, curiously.

"C'mon Aarav! Their numbers are depleting. They need more werewolves for their pack. This is like a jackpot for them!"Abhay said, pacing furiously "And if they increase their pack, we shall be put into danger. I cannot let this happen"

"YOU and your family would be put in danger. They have no problems with me" Aarav said "I lived with them for a year and they probably take me as a friend."

"If you haven't forgotten, dear brother" Abhay said, his blue eyes narrowing "You live with us, now. You have joined hands with us. So that puts you in trouble too"

"Damn! So what's the plan?" Aarav asked, running a hand through his hair.

"We gotta stop that person from changing" Abhay said calmly.

"And how do we do that?"

"A person who shows signs of changing only manages to change at full moon" Abhay said "He will be at his weakest then, for an hour or so, because that's when his hormones actually start changing. We utilize that hour to frisk him away, and try and stop his hormones from changing, with your powers. And erase his memory."

"You do realize that there I possibility that I might end up killing him right?" Aarav asked, nervously "Controlling the hormonal change would be risky. "

"That is chance we have to take" Abhay said sighing "I have a family to protect. And I as much as I know you hate me, I know you have a soft corner for Haseena. Do this for her."

"Fine" Aarav said sighing "But how do we find out who this 'mystery' werewolf of ours is?"

"We have four days left till full moon. The changes will be obvious by then. And we will able to sense who it is easily" Abhay said "The only thing I am worried about, are the werewolves on the other side of the river. I just don't want them to find out. It could turn out disastrous for us"


"Okay, listen up everyone!" Pancchi said, as she stood on a chair so that everyone in the drama room could see her "Since we are done with the rehearsals, I want to have a proper dress rehearsal now. I want to see how it would look on the final day, alright? So please everyone take your outfits and change. I want everyone back in here in TEN minutes"

"Why is it that you look like Prince Charming and I end up looking like the ugly green ogre?" Aarav asked Abhay, as he looked down at his green outfit complete with frills.

"Because I am the Prince Charming, and you are the ugly bad guy!" Abhay said grinning slightly "But look at the bright side! The dress matches your eyes!" Abhay said ruffling Aarav's hair.

Aarav glared at Abhay "I hate you"

"I believe just this morning you said you 'loved me'" Abhay said, adjusting his sleeve.

"But I thought you loved me, Aarav?" A voice came from Aarav's right. It was Trishna.

A pained expression crossed Aarav's face, but disappeared just as quickly. Only Abhay seemed to have noticed it.

"Why aren't you wearing your dress?" Aarav asked Trishna.

"Because, I am not in the play" Trishna said "Since I joined too late, Pancchi roped me in as her assistant. And I am here to tell you that Pancchi is getting angry and she wants to see both of you on the stage on two minutes."

"Oh and by the way, Hi. I am Trishna" Trishna said holding a hand out for Abhay to shake "Aarav's...err...friend"

Abhay took her hand in his "Hi, and I am-"

"Abhay the vamp boy, I know" Trishna said, her eyes glinting. Abhay just grinned.

"Right. We better go now" Trishna "Aarav what are you doing?"

Aarav who was pulling the frills off his dress looked up at her.

"Trying to make this dress look a little bit more...manly!"

Trishna rolled her eyes "Here, let me"

And saying so she waved her hand.

Aarav dress changed its color from green to black. The frills were gone.

"Aaahaa.." Aarav exclaimed, impressed, looking at his reflection in the mirror "So much better. The girls are going to have a hard time resisting me."

Trishna locked her jaw tightly, while Abhay rolled his eyes.

"ABHAY AND AARAV, COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Pancchi's voice roared, startling the trio.

"Damn, that woman!" Aarav said, as he claimed down the stairs with Abhay and Trishna "I pity the guy she's going to marry!"

Everyone were already in their position, by the time the three of them came down.

Abhay's eyes instantly went to the woman in the white dress. With her hair tied up in a bun, with a few strands let loose in the front. She looked beautiful.


"Abhay, bro" Aarav said "Stop staring at Piya like that"

"Or at least close your mouth when you do it" Trishna added as she snapped Abhay's slightly open jaw, close with her finger.

Piya who had noticed Abhay staring at her open mouth, blushed prettily before she averted her gaze, shyly.

"Maithili'" Abhay whispered, in a trance.

"Snap out of it, Abhay!" Aarav said, as she shook Abhay by the shoulders "I don't know who Maithili is, but the girl you are looking at is PIYA!"

That seemed to have bought Abhay out of his trance.

"Yeah, sorry" Abhay said shakily, as he gave out a sigh.

"Are you okay? You look a little shaken." Trishna asked

"Yeah, I am fine"

Aarav and Trishna didn't seem to believe him as they continued staring at him.

"Stop looking at me like that! I am fine! Honestly!"

"As you say" Trishna said "You better go now, before Pannchi bites your head off"

"Bites his head off?" Aarav said amusedly "Oh what irony!"


Torture. That was what Abhay was going through. Torture.

Watching Piya stand in front of him, in that dress and with her hair tied in a bun. He could feel his broken heart, burn.

He kept forgetting his dialogues. He could feel everyone's eyes boring at him. But all he could see was his Maithili, in front of him.

'Maithili is dead, Abhay' He told himself 'The girl who is standing is front of you is PIYA. Shes not your Maithili.

"Abhay? Are you okay?" Pancchi asked, as Abhay seemed to have lost in his own world, again.

"I think I need a break" Abhay said, shakily "Can we stop here today please? I don't feel very well"

Pancchi nodded "Fine. We shall stop here today. See you all tomorrow"

Abhay practically jumped off the stage and ran into an empty room.

Piya who was observing Abhay worriedly, followed Abhay into the classroom.

She saw Abhay leaning over a desk. He seemed to be distressed.

"Are you okay Abhay?" Piya asked as she put a hand on his back.

Abhay stiffened at her touch.

He immediately turned towards her and pushed her hand away.

"What are you doing here?" Abhay growled.

"I came here to check up on you" Piya said, taking a step back "You looked distressed, so I came to see if I could help"

"Well you cant!" Abhay said bitterly "So just go away!"

"Why are you being so rude, Abhay?" Piya asked hurt "Did I do something wrong? What's your problem?"

"YOU are my problem, Piya! I hate you." Abhay yelled "I hate seeing your face. I hate those baby eyes of yours. I hate your long hair. I just hate you. Loathe you!"

Tears were swimming in Piya's eyes now. But Abhay wasn't done as yet.

"You think you look pretty in that dress you are wearing?" Abhay asked "Well you don't. You look hideous, Piya. Hideous. You always did"

That was the limit. Piya slapped Abhay. Tears flowed freely down her pretty face as she ran out of the room.

Abhay stayed like that for a few minutes, shocked with what had happened. Shocked with what he had just said.

"What just happened?" He wondered, as he raised a hand to touch his cheek.

"You are such an idiot!" He chided himself "Why did I say that? I need to apologize to her. She doesn't deserve this!"

And saying so, he walked out of the room, in search of Piya.


"Someone's looking good"

Aarav who was brushing dirt off his outfit whipped his head towards the source of the sound.

"Why, thank you Misha!" Aarav said, smiling at the girl in a red dress" You look good too. In fact, you look like a girl for a change!"

Misha mock glared at him, and gave him a whack on his head.

"Not the hair, Mish!" Aarav cried; as he raised a hand protect his hair.

"Mish?" Misha asked amused.

"Yeah, Mish sounds cute. You don't like it?" Aarav asked, looking at her with his hypnotizing green eyes.

Misha's breath hitched. Her heart thudded faster. This guy was driving her crazy.

"I love it" Misha said, dazed

Trishna watched the scene from behind a pillar. She could feel jealousy rise within her.

'You have no right to be jealous, Sasha!' She told herself 'You left him'

'You would have leaded him to his death anyway. It's a good thing he is moving on. He deserves it. And you don't deserve him'

Trishna turned to look at Aarav once more. Misha and Aarav were hitting each other with cardboard pieces.

Trishna sighed and quietly left the scene.


Precap :

"Piya open the door!" Abhay ordered as he banged the door with his fist. "I am sorry!"

"Abhay!" Piya shrieked "What the hell are you doing here? It's a GIRLS washroom!"

"I don't care" Abhay said "Now are you gonna open the door or do you want me to break it down?"

Replies to your comments, in just a bit.

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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ha ha. .awsum part apy Hug precap is grt ROFL hope he breaks d washroom door lolz. .

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