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Serendipity (Chp 11- Page 18) (Page 10)

pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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hey appy Hug fab part. .ds ch was full of suspense. .eagerly waitng 4 nxt part. .wanna knw abt sasha. .

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-Humaira- IF-Rockerz

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Appy!! This is getting interesting ! 
Forget Abhay-Piya! Its for Abhay-Aarav that everyone needs to read this, like really!! LOL

Originally posted by 0o.Leah.o0

"Aww man !" Aarav exclaimed scrunching his eyebrows together in disappointment "You didn't jump in a well!"


"Oh God, you are such a dummy!" Aarav exclaimed throwing his hands up in frustration "PAINTING! Ring a bell?"

Haha...these two have like great chemistry or what?!  :P 
I always enjoy reading their conversations!
Thanks for another great part! Embarrassed


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sups2222 Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
I LOVE AAARAV................hey my name is supriya n i jjusttttttttttttt loved ur fff........n also loving aaravBlushing.*deep blushing* loved abhiya........plz plz include me in ur pm list.......update soon.!!

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M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged
I luv ur every update.
 thx for added me in ur pm list.
who is shasha?????????? is she any connection wit abhay????????
Aarav , abhay's Eistin LOL
cn't wait for next update............ Smile

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0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by natashu


Another wonderful chapter! =D
I'm loving the pace of this FF. Moreover, I'm loving the Abhay-Aarav convo's!
And, honey, the emotions came across just right!
Poor Aarav though, I guess I do understand where he's coming from! But, I still don't understand why he's looking for Piya. Also, he doesn't seem to know about Maithali. Hmm. Interesting!
So, the Trishna lady showin up soon, eh? Can't wait!
I'm guessing Abhay will come and save Piya, again. Sigh. LOL
I really do feel bad for Abhay. The guy needs a hug. Chuck that, he needs many hugs! And, loads of love!
..I hope Piya would't act all jasoos-like here. It's sad that Abhay's got a hoard of past memories still haunting him, and we don't need a Sherlock-Piya going about doing her research! But, one can't blame her completely...
Anyway, I deviate from the purpose of this post!
Honestly, I'm lOving this! =D
As for your question, about using something other than 'Abhay growled'. You could always say something like, "blah blah" replied Abhay irritably, anger rising in his voice.
Just a suggestion =]
I myself am a new writer. So, I am in your position as far as that goes. I just try and pick up stuff like that from the novels/books I read. So, as we continue to do that, I'm sure we'll start incorporating the same in our writing.
Once again, awesome stuff!
Natashu ! I love your comments ! Like I said in my prev reply, they always make me smile.
I am so glad that you are liking my FanFic.
And n, dont worry, I am making Piya a lil more mature in my Fic. So no Jasoos stuff.LOL
Yeah ! Thats a nice idea. Thank you! Its so much better than writing 'Abhay growled' every single time. LOL.
Very true. Thank you once again!Hug
@ Lekha - Thank you !
@Ritz - Yes, Aarav and Piya shal become close friends in the future. Aarav shall not fall in love with Piya. It will be more of a Bro-Sis relationship.
Thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad you like my FF.
@ Pratibha - Awww...HugThank you. Next part right down below !
@ Humaira - Haha ! I love writing them too ! So much fun ! I really wish they should Siddarth as a fun loving guy in the serial. That would be fun!
Thank you for reading !
@ Sups - Haha ! Thank you so much ! I love Aarav too ! I fell in love with my own fictional character !LOL Btw, I think I have seen you around in the DMG forum.
@ Moully - Thank you Moully, I really appreciate it.
Next Chapter right below this one.Big smile

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0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 7 : Prince Charming.

"WHAT?!" Aarav almost tripped on his own feet "My room? My room? Why cant she sleep in Chand and Haseena's room?"

"Cause their door is always locked" Abhay said leading Piya carefully towards Aarav's room "They don't even let me in there!"

"Damn! I know you want to impress the girl Abhay, but is it necessary to make me the bali-ka-bakra here?" Aarav whispered so low that only Abhay could hear.

"I am not trying to impress anyone Aarav, so now stop throwing kiddish tantrums and open your door!" Abhay whispered back.

Aarav just rolled his eyes and pushed his room door open.

Abhay and Piya gasped, horrified.

"Good God!" Piya exclaimed scanning the room "You call this a room?"

The room was a mess. There were clothes strewn all over the bed, and on the floor. The study table had books scattered on it, and empty coke cans were decorating the side table.

"What?" Aarav said defensively as he picked up his clothes from the bed and dumped them into the closet carelessly (Piya winced at that)"I am 17 and I am a guy. Not everyone can be like Shri Mahatma Abhay Raichand here!"

"I am going to sleep here?" Piya asked her eyes widening in horror, as Abhay walked out of the door "No! Don't do this to me! I want to live!" She added dramatically.

"Ha-bloody-ha" Aarav said sarcastically "Very funny aren't you, Piya Jaiswal?"

"I believe so" Piya said, wrinkling her nose, as Aarav changed the bed sheets.

"There all done!" Aarav said proudly at the clean bed "You can sleep now"

"Here, take these" Abhay had come back into the room with a black track suit, and held it out to Piya "Not a very appropriate night clothing, but this is the best I could find"

Piya took the tracksuit from him and looked up into his eyes "I do not know how to thank you. You have done a lot for me. I cannot thank you enough"

"Hush" Abhay said, placing a finger on her lips "I am just doing what I should do."

"Awww...aren't you both the cutest?" Aarav said sarcastically while he opened a bag of peanuts and sat down in a chair beside the bed "Such love. It brings tears to my eyes" He wiped fake tears off his face.

Abhay rolled his eyes and Piya looked livid enough to throw a chair at him.

"Ignore him Piya, he just wants attention" Abhay said, earning a "Hey, that hurt!" from Aarav "You better go into the washroom and change."

Piya nodded and walked into the washroom.

'Black clothes, black tracksuits, HELL! Even their bathroom slippers are black!' Piya thought chuckling, as she took off her clothes and pulled on the black track suit.

'Yuck!' Piya thought, disgusted, as she looked at her appearance in the mirror 'I look bloated. But damn! This tracksuit sure does smell good'

She brought the collar of the shirt till her nose and took in a good whiff.

'Smells like Abhay!' Piya thought happily, as she walked out of the bathroom door.

"So how do I look?" She asked the boys in front of her, giving a small twirl.

"Like a balloon" Aarav snorted as he popped a peanut into his mouth. "But a very attractive balloon." Aarav added as he noticed Abhay shooting daggers at him.

"Thank you!" Piya said happily as she sat on the bed next to Abhay."Its like we are having a night out or  something. Exciting!"

"I know!  Now we can paint each other's fingernails pink, drool over Hrithik's hot bod, Bitch about people, and talk about boys! Yay! How exciting!" Aarav said clapping his hands together in sarcastic excitement.

"Are you always this irritating?" Piya snapped.

"Are you always this rude?" Aarav snapped back.

"I hate you" Piya said, glaring at Aarav.

"Aww...You do? " Aarav said in fake sweetness, with a hand over his heart "I love you too! Lets get married! Bhag ke shaadi karen?"

"Can both of you please shut. up?" Abhay asked, holding his head in his hands "Both of you are acting very immature"

Piya and Aarav opened their mouths in a silent 'Hawww'.

"He started it!"

"She started it!"

"And I will be the one to end it" Abhay said, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Both of them shut up at once.

"Right" Aarav said getting up and tossing the empty peanut bag into the dustbin "We haven't taken care of Piya's wound as yet, so I am gonna go and get a bandage and dettol. Be right back"

And saying so he walked out of the room. Abhay took Piya arm in his, held his breath and took the bloodstained dupatta off her arm.

"The wound seemed to pretty deep" Abhay said as he examined Piya's arm "It shall take two to three days for it to heal"

Piya said nothing. The close proximity between Abhay and her were sending chills down her spine. Piya could feel the hair on the neck rising when Abhay gently touched the area around her wound with his finger.

'What is it that I feel for you Abhay?' Piya thought to herself, as Abhay continued examining her arm 'Love? Lust? Attraction? Hate? Why is it that I cannot make up my mind?'

'Why are you always in my thoughts? Why is it that when you are around, I cannot look at anyone by you? Why am I so attracted to you? God! So many questions, and I haven't even got a single answer!' Piya sighed sadly, which made Abhay look up.

"Whats wrong?" He asked concerned "You look worried"

"No, its nothing. Just tired" Piya said, waving her hand and dismissing the matter.

Abhay knew she was lying, but didn't press. Just then Aarav came in holding a bandage, cotton and a dettol bottle, and dumped them all on the bed.

"There!" He said, while Abhay got up, and got a mug full of water from the washroom.

Abhay knelt down in front of Piya and took her injured arm in his again. He first dipped the cotton in the water mug and cleaned the wound. Then he tool an other piece of cotton, poured some dettol over it and applied it on the wound.

Piya hissed in pain, and instinctively pulled her arm out of Abhay's grasp.

"You have to bear it Piya" Abhay said as he gently pulled her arm closer and blew on it.

"Gross!" Aarav exclaimed looking at the scene that was playing out in front of him "Both of you are polluting my innocence! Stop doing that!"

"Stop doing what?" Abhay asked, not bothering to look at him.

"That...that...that...lovey dovey stuff!" Aarav exclaimed, horrified "Its so...gross! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!"

"Aarav. Get out" Abhay said calmly, raising his eyes to look at Aarav.

"You cannot throw me out of my own room!" Aarav said, crossing his arms over his chest, as if daring Abhay to come closer "Na-uh!"

"Do you want us to start with our 'lovey dovey' stuff again?"

Aarav was out of the room in a flash, while Piya giggled.

"You have a very interesting brother" Piya said amusedly, as Abhay wrapped the bandage around her arm.

"Interesting is one way of looking at it" Abhay scoffed, as he adjusted the bandage "Personally, I would choose stupid"

That earned an another giggle from Piya.

'She looks cute when she giggles' Abhay thought looking up at her 'Whoa Abhay! Where did that come from! Do not go there!' Abhay chided himself, and gave one last tug to the bandage.

"There all done. That should do the job for now" Abhay said, getting up "But you better get that wound checked up by a doctor, first thing tomorrow"

"Okay boss!" Piya said, giving him a mock salute.

"I will tuck you in." Abhay said, holding the blanket up so that Piya could slip into it "Keep your injured hand as far from your body as possible. I don't want you injuring it any further"

"I am not a baby Abhay" Piya said, pulling the blankets till her face "So don't act like my mother!"

Piya face immediately turned girm, after realizing what she had just said, and pulled the blankets over her face, so that Abhay couldn't see the tears that were beginning to form.

"Hey now" Abhay leaned in and pulled the blankets off her face " Its okay to cry, you know."

He gently wiped the tears with his fingers "I bet your mom is watching over you wherever she is"

"Ugh!" Piya exclaimed "Why does everyone say that? It sounds so cliche. Shes dead, Abhay. Dead. She is not watching over me, shes not here to protect me, she is not here to guide me. Shes...dead"

"Hush! No shes not, I believe she is right here with us in this room, watching over you and scolding you for tumbling over that hill and getting your arm injured!"

Piya gave a small chuckle at that "That was the sillest thing ever" She exclaimed "But it was nice, lightened up my mood. Thanks"

"You are welcome mi'lady" Abhay said, giving a fake bow "Don't you believe in the supernatural though?"

"Of course not!" Piya scoffed "Stuff like that are only fiction. They don't really exsist!"

"Maybe they do" Abhay said mysteriously, while he went and stood near the window to observe the moon "Who knows? Hell! Maybe there a few vampires in Dehradun itself!"

"Oh Abhay! You are so silly!" Piya laughed "Vampires? Like Count Dracula? In Dehradun of all places ? Yeah riiiiiight! Vampires don't exsist! They are just silly stories made up by crazy people who have nothing better to do"

'Oh Piya' Abhay thought looking at the moon 'You are so naive. So innocent. What would you do, If I told you I was a vampire? Would you run away from me? Cower away from me?'

Abhay sighed 'I don't want you to see me as a monster, Piya. I like how you look at me now, with so much tenderness and love. It makes my heart want to beat again. It makes me want to live again. I can feel a tingling sensation when you touch me, just like I used to feel with Maithili'

'But I cannot let myself fall in love with you, Piya. I am a monster and you are an innocent human. I am the predator and you are the prey. We are two different sides of a magnet, we can never come together.'

'And if I let myself fall in love with you, I shall tarnish my love for Maithili. I cannot do that, Piya.  I cannot do that. That would be unfair to Maithili and it would be unfair to you.'

"Umm Abhay?" Piya called out to him, she was sitting on the bed "Are you okay?"

Abhay broke out his reverie and nodded his head at Piya "Yeah. Sorry, I just got lost in thoughts for a while there"

"Its okay" Piya smiled at him, and leaned against the head frame "This headache is killing my sleep"

Abhay chuckled and sat next to her on the bed and switched the lights off.

"You know something?" Piya said and she played with a strand of her hair "Its very random. But I always feel safe when you are around me. Protected"

'The irony of that sentence is disturbing' Abhay thought inwardly.

"I am glad" Abhay said feeling uncmfortable

"Shall I read you a bedtime story? To help you fall asleep?" He asked changing the topic.

Piya stopped playing with her hair and glared at him "You are treating me like a child!"

"No I am not!" Abhay said tucking the loose strand of Piya's hair behind the ear "Give it a try! It might help"

"Okay fine!" Piya gave in "Read me Cinderella"

"Cinderella?" Abhay said incredulously "You like that crap at this age?"

"Hey! Its romantic" Piya said defensively "Lonely Princes, with no one to look after her, saved by the prince charming! Isnt it amazing?"

"You identify yourself with Cinderella don't you?" Abhay asked an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, how did you guess?" Piya asked blushing, while Abhay just shrugged.

"Have you found him yet?" Abhay asked looking directly into Piya's eyes, making her blush deeper "Your 'prince charming', who shall save you from all your troubles?"

'Yes, I have' Piya thought as she stared back into Abhay's eyes 'And he is sitting right in front of me. You are my prince, Abhay. And you are the one who is going to save me from my miserable life. I've found my prince, and I am never going to let you go.'

'I am not your prince' Abhay thought 'Falling in love with me will only mean trouble, Piya. Trouble. Don't do this to yourself. Don't do this to me.'

"What if you don't find the prince? What if you end up finding the bad guy?" Abhay asked, fingering the bed sheet "What would you do then?"

"Then I would love him, just the way he is" Piya said fiercely.

Abhay was stuck dumb at that statement. He looked at the girl, no, woman, in front of him. The moonlight was illuminating her features, making her glow as she looked at him with a loving smile. She looked beautiful. Heavenly.

Abhay leaned in slowly. Piya's breath hitched, as she leaned in forward. She could feel her heart thumping, she was sure Abhay could hear it too.

Her brain stopped working, as she closed her eyes, leaning further. Her mind was screaming at her to pull back, but her body had stopped responding.

She could feel Abhay's cold breathon her face.It was oddly comforting. His lips were almost touching hers.Just a little more...

Suddenly, Abhay jerked, having come back to his senses.

"I-I have to go. You better sleep now. Goodnight" And saying so he practically ran out of the room, while a dejected Piya looked on.

'There is something between us, Abhay' Piya thought as she plopped herself on the pillow and stared at the ceiling 'I don't know what. But there is something. I think I love you, Abhay Raichand. And I know you feel something for me too'

Piya sighed and closed her eyes.


'Damn! Damn! Damn!' Abhay thought, frustrated as he paced in the living room 'How could I be so stupid? I was going to kiss her!'

'You are a vampire, Abhay!'He told himself 'You cannot give false hopes to a human, especially not to one who looks exactly like Maithili. This is just not possible!'

"Hey bro!" Aarav called out to him, as he climbed down the marble staircase "Since you so awesomely kicked me out of my own room, where do I sleep now?"

"Go sleep in my room" Abhay said as he continued pacing

"Are you alright?" Aarav asked as he came a stood next to Abhay "You look...disturbed"

"No I am fine" Abhay said running a hand through his hair.

"Its something related to Piya isn't it?" Aarav asked, a grin forming on his handsomely devilish face

"How did you know?" Abhay asked, his eyes widening

"Not a very difficult guess" Aarav said his eyes twinkling in amusement "Its always about Piya when it comes to you. Piya this. Piya that. Piya here. Piya there. You get the flow..."

"Oh Shut up Aarav!" Abhay exclaimed, irritated.

"Aww...Ickle Abykins is blushing!" Aarav exclaimed as he pulled Abhay cheeks "Abykins is falling in luuurve!"

"No I am NOT!" Abhay roared as he slapped Aarav hands away. "I am not"

"As you say!" Aarav shrugged, grinning.

Just as Abhay was about to open his mouth to retort, the doorbell rang.

"Who could it be-" Abhay looked over at the grandfather clock "-at one fifteen in the morning?"

Aarav shrugged in response and Abhay pulled the door open. It was a woman.

"Hello. I am sorry to disturb you at this hour. But it is rather urgent" She said "I am here to meet Aarav?"

Yeah, I know, a very quick update. But I have exams coming up, so I want to put up as many chapters as possible.
Oh as you might have noticed, Abhay is still madly in love with Maithili, and still sees glimpses of Lily in Piya. He is not in 'love' with Piya, he is attracted to her, and he is afraid of that.
And I think the main reason why Abhay would not like to love Piya, as he might think it would tarnish the love he had for Maithili.
So that would be the main hurdle for Piya to cross.
I hope you all liked the chappy. *Fingers crossed*

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trishap Goldie

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nice part. loved it

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madmaxine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
So, I read all the parts this morning and really enjoyed it. Esp liked Sasha/Trishna. She's interesting. And Aarav..cute and interesting.Big smile!

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