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Monday 10/1/11 - Ayyappa, Roja vai Yen da appa ipdi paduthare??? kOdumai kOdumai episodes kuduthu update vera panna vaikkare??? hmmmm

Kavya is crying her heart out to Sori and Sori  is consoling her - conclusion?? Sori says
 that he cares for Kavya and is not ready to loose her " I can sacrifice anything for
you but can not sacrifice you for any thing " ( hmm , Roja mathiri makkan laam
update panna ready aa irukkum pOthu, why would you sacrifice anything??)
sleeps, Sori keeps awake. Archu's  pappa is crying his heart out ( Rojaa, ellam pre
pOngal celebrations - azhugai galore)
Pappa is unwell - Priya looks devastated....
. MMMM is enjoying his snooze...and finally gets up to go to the doctor. Kavya is
decked  up , asks Sori to deck up - Mission??? going out. Destination?? suspense
( once Roja saw the destination, she could not fathom the decking up !!!)
4 1/2 feet
MIL jumps and tries to touch the vain.... Kavya is not in a disclosing

Archu and MMMM - doctor visit. Kavya kOdumai kku escape aagi inge vantha .....
kodumai kOdumai nnu Kovilukku pOnaa, ange rendu kOdumai jingu jingu nnu aadara
fate Roja kku !!! 
- Pappa vomits on Archu's saree. Doctor sends her out to get it
washed - Archu is not keen but MMMM sends her out - doctor says that pappa is on
formula - "mother's milk kudukka maattangalaa unga wife??" As usual MMMM is
kept in the dark pOle !!!! Medicines are given with a final quip " Mother's milk, please"
Archu comes back running and wants to know the reason. MMMM as usual
kadupadichifies ( vera enga intha kOvam sellu padi aagum??)

Kavya and Sori in the car - Sori keeps guessing "Temple??? Hospital for a second
opinion?" Kavya has that mysterious smile.....finally they end up in a house..........
A lawyer's house. Enna matter??? Kavya wants to divorce Sori so that he can
remarry and end up in "vamsa Vrudhi " of 4 1/2 feet. Sori is livid and both fight in
front of the lawyer - details merit no mention. Sori categorically denies ..Kavya cries
....and finally says " OK, madam, he won't accept for a mutually accepted  divorce. I can
make my inability public and file for divorce, right??" Sori is shocked ..some more
( Roja relaxes. At least this girl does not go on  the usual " Nee rendam kalyaanam
pannikkO, I will be your servant and bring up your children "  Bigamy thappu nnu
solriye , amma di, unakku kOdi punniyam. Rendu wife kathai update panni panni,
Roja nondhu pOitta !!)


Update for Tuesday, Jan 11, 2010:

I have to give this Sori some credit - he finally proved himself to be a good guy.  I just don't understand this so-called woman lawyer.  The second part was disgusting and revolting and I wish I hadn't seen it.

Kavya telling Sori he should divorce her and remarry and have children.  If he will not agree to do so by mutual consent, then she wants the lawyer to file the suit, citing her inability to have children.  The lawyer sides with her and tells Sori to agree, adding that she hasn't met such a loving couple.  (I didn't know lawyers would act in this silly manner, trying to be marriage counselors and divorce advisors - I believe she would be disbarred if this were to be known)  Finally, Sori agrees, but on one condition - he asks if Kavya would have done this had he been the one to be injured and become incapable of fathering a child.  She is stunned, speechless, and now the lawyer changes her tune, and advises them both to return home.  Good for you, Sori!

Archu and Selvam return home, Selvam walks directly into their room, ignoring Archana, who wants to know what the doctor said.  He goes in, gives the baby to Priya and asks her to feed the baby.  Archana is angry and asks him why he is doing that, when she is there, and he gives her a slap by way of answering.  (I don't like this Selvam either, this physical abuse is so wrong, and he tries to be a Mahatma to everyone but does this?  Shame on you!)  He justifies it by saying that she has been lying and giving the baby powdered milk. 

He continues to scream, saying that she has been lying all these days, and she screams back, saying she didn't want anyone to have a share in her thaai paasam, she wanted the baby to consider her as her mom, not anyone else.  She says she will feed the baby herself, but the baby screams away, so she calls the baby "Saturdayae (saniyanae)" and smacks the baby.  Priya pleads with her not to hit the baby and finally she herself feeds the baby.  Selvam tells Archu that henceforth, Priya will feed the baby and if she tries to give the baby powdered milk, he will become a pollaadhavan (ippo enna, romba nallavanaa?  you are a liar yourself, how dare you slap Archu when you told her that it was her baby and told Priya that her baby was dead?  I think that is the biggest lie of all and my blood is boiling right now, and my BP will go sky high at this rate.  Pillayaarappa, help me to calm down and remind myself that this is just another worthless serial, with no good stuff in it)

Well, my BP came down to normal with the last segment - Rajasekhar and his two buddies are looking at some plans, Vasu comes in, RS is saying that this will not work, his buddy insists on getting Vasu's opinion.  They want to construct six flats, with the ground floor flat having three bedrooms, they will sell the other five flats and give him ten lakhs cash.  RS says that this will not work, the buddy tries to explain to Vasu, whose greed is now aroused, and he wants to know how this is possible.  Buddy says that they will tear down the house where his parents are now living, and he can give the cash to his parents and keep them in his flat.  Vasu says that the house is in his name and Bhagyam's, how can he get her to sign?  RS says again that this will not work out, so greedy Vasu says he will get his mother to agree because she is full of paasam for him, and leaves.  After he leaves, the buddies congratulate RS on his scheme to get Vasu to do this himself, while RS stays out of the picture, and he says he will see to it that Bhagyam is out on the streets.  And I know where she and Poonga will end up - in Selvam's one room mansion!

Thodarum ...


Update for Wednesday, Jan 12, 2010:

Selvam is tinkering with a car(MK's car).  Dheena comes there, talks to Selvam about Priya, S says that Priya hasn't asked about him at all, but he is confident that he can make her change her mind (Yeah, yeah!).  Then Dheena asks about the car, Selvam says it is available for sale for Rs. 3.5 lakhs, and Dheena takes a look at it and says that he has a friend who is looking for a car like that. 

Rani and Akash come to see Selvam in his marathadi garage, to tell him that they are off to Malaysia for their honeymoon.  Rani asks him to give the news to Archana, he asks her if she will not come to his house, she says that she doesn't want to come there because Priya is there, and she has just lost her baby, and she doesn't want to talk about her honeymoon at such a time.  Rani talks about Bhagyam changing for good, and says she is convinced that once Periappa returns, the house can be transferred back to Selvam (keep hoping!).  Paasam time - Selvam goes through his pockets, finds a crumpled note and gives it to Rani, who says that she will treasure whatever she gets with that money, because it was given by her brother.

Vasu outside his FIL's house, wondering how to get Bhagyam to sign on the documents for the house.  Just then, somebody passes by, muttering aloud, and Vasu calls him and asks him what happened to make him polambufy like this?  The man says that it is Bhagyam, and says that he is afraid to go to see her because when she opens her mouth, he is afraid of what she is going to say (we have been saying the same thing for a long time now!).  He tells Vasu that he had gone there to collect the Rs. 3,500 that was owed to him, got yelled at by Bhagyam as well as two passersby, who thought he had borrowed the money and was not returning it to her.  Vasu tells him he has a plan to get him his money back, and tells him about it - muted dialogs!  He is happy and leaves.

Archana returns from somewhere to find the milk boiling over, no Priya in sight, calls to her, she has been watching TV in Bhanu's room, she comes back and gets yelled at by Archu.  Archu says that she is not being a help to her, she is being a nuisance, and now that she has Selvam's support, she has caused Archana to lose her nimmadhi and sandosham too.  Priya says that she had nothing to do with it, but Archana says that it is because of her that she was slapped by Selvam (so then take your anger out on Selvam, if you got angry with him, he may blurt out the truth and save us from a prolonged torture!).  Priya is in tears when she hears Archana saying that she is regretting taking her into their home.  Selvam returns home, sees the sisters angry with each other, sends Priya out on some pretext, and tells Archana about Rani coming to see him.  He says that Rani did not wish to come to their house because of Priya.  Just then Priya returns and overhears this.  

Thodarum ...


Thursday  13/1/11

Hubby and wife - kadichings each other continues. MMMM says that Raani and
Aakash are going abroad " she did not want to come home because of Priya...what
if Priya feels bad that the rest of the world has normal matrimony??" Archu, the
Jalli Kattu KAalai surfaces - " great !!! Not just you, your whole family pities Priya !!!!
 So, what am I ?? A piece of liver?? I have to give up my child, my family, my hubby
supports my sister...... oh mannn, what a life?" ( well, there is some truth in her
outburst - Priya can make a life for her with some job or continue her studies or
some thing like that - for ever summa thinnuttu mookkai sindhi  kittu...uh huh )

MMMM again uses Priya's name for keeping quiet "lest she feels bad that she is
the reason for our fight !!! " Priya is privy to all this drama. Grocery Annachi goes
 to LR 1 and stages a dharna - "pay me now ...with interest or I go to the police ..lodge
a complaint.....abacus.... kambi counting " LR 1 jumps at first " thani pOmbalai ya
irukken.... veet le vanthu galatta??" (athu sari, pOmbbalai yaa?? Yaaru ??? neeya?? Vidinjuthu pO ) but puts her tail between  her legs when Annachi mentions "POLICE" -
tries to placate.

LR 1 kenja, Annachi minja......DSDR arrives. Annachi talks about his money
"3500 ... interest...." DSDR semai alattal alatti ttu pays 4000 "interest Oda
kuduthaachu, Odidu" Annachi is surprised about DSDR's behaviour ..but scoots
as he got his money. Time for DSDR to apply soap and give an ice water bath for
 mommy " Mommy, you should have called me......I would have paid the debt.....
Paasam vanthiruchi Aasai yil Odi vanthen... amma endraal anbu.....amma endral
deivam..... amma pasikkuthe, thaaye pasikkuthe... rasamum sOrum pOttal pOrum......."
sings a medley of songs but LR 1 is unrelenting. " pOda pOda pOkke, Ellu kaattu kku thekke..... Nenjam marappa thillai...nee thorathiyathu ninaivil irukku.... nee vaikkum
ice kku mayangathu en nenjam..." - chases darling son out. DSDR kku OPpaari time
" FIL treats me like a servant.... wife says that I am not an own sister
does not consider me as her were the only loving soul....ippO.. you too
hate me....naan engiyaanum vizhunthu sEthu pOren...orphan cadaver...." blah blah.

LR 1 kku apdiye annai paasam pOngi varathu..... goes and konjufies her DSDR son.
DSDR knows that the tawa is garam " dosai pOda vendiyathu thaan " Tells mommy
that he is fed up being a ghar jamai " I want to come out of that house. Apram namba
ellarum can live together" LR 1 asks sonny boy to fetch his wife "ingiye ellarum
irukkalaam, ok?" DSDR says that there is no fun in living in this cattle shed " let us
build a new house.."  shows mommy the blue print and says that she can have a
room of her own in the centralized air conditioned banglow - LR 1 kku greed written
large - wonders as to how sonny boy can manage such a plan "money??" DSDR
says that the promoter will give them a house and lakhs and lakhs of rupees as
well " we do not have to spend a paise .." LR 1 valaiyil vizhunthaachhhh


Friday (14/01/2011)

Vasuvin Thittam Ambelungoo...
(Bhagayamma Kannathil PALAAR nu Vittangale

Naan thaan updates kudukkrain for Shreeyakka
Idhu ennoda first update for TMS..
Neenga kudukkara support le thaan irukku ellam
Yena, Ini konjam time ku
naan thaan Fridays TMS aapudating pannuvain
Thadangalku Mannikkavum

Vasu goes on and on with his offers about the veedu and laksha lakshama kottapora panam nu. Bhagayamma asks about why they should build house and give money for them nu (parava illaye yosikkaraanga)Adhukku Vasu samalichyfies that ground floor le two houses ivangalkku sondham and mela 4 veedu kattuvaangalaam adhu avanga sell pannuvaangalaam.. Bhagyamma kondalikkara asking yaar nelathe yaaru vikkarthu etc.

Vasu again samaliching that the nilam would be in their name but andha 4 houses yaaru vittalum wht's the difference nu. THen he tells that once the ground is in their name it would be a gethu to ask share in the supermarket business nu (Nalla irukku, appidiye unga mamanaar othukitaalum).Then he puts the gundu on her head.

He asks her to write this house fully in his name and pudusa kattapora veedu and nelam will be in Bhagyamma's name it seems (Adhaane, idhukku thaan ivalo ice a?) She is still thinking. Again he forces on the part of asking share from all the other business nu.. Plan eppidi irukku nu kettathum Slipper parandhu vizhudhu. Its from namma Garden mama,he tells that Vasuvoda plan appidi irundhichu nu.

Then Garden mama yelling at Lucky mami kitta by asking her wherter she forgot all that happened to them. Bhagyamma yosichin now.. Vasu interupts asking Garden mama to keep quiet.. Garden mama nallaave pottu vangi brings to Bhagyamma;s notice that Vasu was chumma fooling her and one day he will surely chuck her out nu..

Vasu pushes his appa asking who he was to talk about Vasu's house nu,and namma Lucky mami kovathile pongingsAngry.. She gives Vasu Palarr palaar on his face and talks about Garden mama without whom Vasu would not have been existing in the world also. She asks him to get out. Mama is now happy and relieved that finally namma wifey is realising the traps put in front of her nu (hmmm ippidiye irundha nalla irukkum)

Selvam coming home and finds Archu trying to console the crying baby.. Enna nu ketta Milk problem again. He then asks her to call Priya and give the paal. Priya letter ezhuthi pottu escape but Archu doesnt knw this. She tells that Priya had gone to the near by shop nu. Then Selvam sir finds the letter in which Priya has written about herself as a JINX and the way Archu's words hurt her, so she is going out of their lives nu (Rojakka sonnathu kettucho?Shocked rosham vandhu kalambitaanga pola irukku but idhukkum paavam Archu wil getOuch)As expected Selvam morachin Archu and shouts at her for treating Priya in a nasty way.

Archu 1000 thaan irundhalum sister le, she asks him to find Priya someway. Selvam velile poganum nu kalambaraaru and finds Jayanthi with her amma coming towards their house. They came to meet Priya and has got dress for her also it seems. Archu samalichifys that Priya had gone to their amma's house.. Unfortunately Sivakamiamma calls Selvam and talks, then Jayanthi's mom talks to Sivakami asking about Priya's desicion and again the 6 months petchu comes. Sivakami is asked to try something and get a postive result from Priya's side nu.(Edho mirathara mathiri oru tone pola)

Selavam is bah bah bah nu stammering for words when he was asked about Priya.Archu takes the phone and tells that she was on her way to meet them nu.Skami very happy about meeting Priya.. Jayanthi and her mom leaves and kadaichathu saaku nu Selvam again blasting Archu for lying so much without any fear.. He warns her to be ready to face the consequences if Priya is not back to the house (Selvathoda reaction thaan vera enna)

Archu feelingsCry


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Original Song
Oru poi aaavadhu sol kanne
un kaadhal naandhaan endru
Andha sollil uyir vazhven...
Andha oru oru oru oru sollil.....
Andha oru sol..
Andha oru sol..
Andha oru oru oru oru sollil...
Uyir Vazhven....
Enna Ezhudhalam??

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Enna Ezhudhalam??

Shall I help you Akka?

Anj's Version

Oru Serialaachum Pannunga
'Preganancyil Problems' Track illamai
Adheyatchum Naanga Enjoy Pannuvom
Andha oru oru oru oru Serial
Andha oru Serial
Andha oru Serial
Andha oru oru oru Serialaayatchu
Naanga Enjoy Pannuvom

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Thanks a ton Rojakka for your super updatesClapClap.Unga porumaikku Hats offStar.

(Original song : Vidukadhaya indha VaazhkaiCry)

Kodumayada Indha Tracks,
    Engalai Kaapatha.. Varuvathu Yaaro?Cry

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idhukudhaan remix ezhudama vittu vachen...

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Thanks Roja for the wonderful update....
Baby milk othukala ok.....aiyo intha topic how many days varapogutho....again back to old problem....priya is gg to come to the picture.....thaangala..........i seriously have a doubt here....these issues amma kita thaan discuss pannuvanga.....and if she has any issues the doc is saying there is no other solution....mudiyala....kaathula poo sutharthuku alave ilama pochu.....
the way kavya was taking cherry reminded me of the song.....
"Vaarai nee vaarai....pogum  idam vegu thooram ilai...nee vaarai"
Kootindu poi keezha thalla poranu nenachen.....she is like....i will jump down u be happy nu sollitale......thank long as its not two wives no issues.....
My Remix version
Oru poi aaavadhu sol kanne
TMS mudiyum endru paduthal illai endru....
Andha sollil uyir Pizhaipen...
Andha oru oru oru oru sollil.....
Andha oru sol..
Andha oru sol..
Andha oru oru oru oru sollil...
Uyir Pizhaipen....

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Thanks for the updates Roja..

Archu.. Angry does not matter if baby drinks butti pal.. but it should not drink Priya's milk.. How cruel.. Dead

Now MM will run to Siva's and complain..

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thanks for the update..Smile
i think kavya would ask tat new gal to marry sori or ask her to be the surrogate(or watever gate) mum..Dead

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