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Monday  10/1/11 - Eljay, can you please pass the crystal ball to me??Wink

Well, RR maattikka villai - grrrrrrrrrrrrr - Pallu was on the, she did not
notice hubby's car leaving from the most unexpected place !!!! ( hmmmm, Mr.Roja
wishes that Roja is like Pallu - wine aa beer aa, whisky ya nnu Ore oru peg le ,
athuvum lunch time  le company kkaga kudicha drink ai, evening 7 mani kku varum
pOthu kandu pidikkaraale?? pOna jenmathile no...intha jenmathiliye sniffer dog
wife enakku mattum thaan !! -)
Anu is all smiles, welcomes her sa kkalathi with love
and affection..( ayyo da, intha kuttu eppO Odaiyum ppa??) and says " what a tragedy???
My hubby just left and you enter !!" (yarukku tragedy mma???  For the poor viewers like
us, right??)
After some "un purushanai naan eppO paarppen, yen purushanai nee eppO paarppay " stuff talk turns to Shree. Anu praises Shree to the skies and says that Pallu missed an excellent DIL - fortunately Nivedha is not around, she is sleeping because of
the medicines - Pallu says that she is just too good at gauging people - "antha pOnnu kku character mOsam...I KNOW" To divert the topic Pallu asks for coffee and after Anu goes to the kitchen says "Paavam Anu, romba yemaali " (athu sari )

RR and Sundu - Sundu was not there for the girl seeing tamasha as he had to rush
to the bed side of an ailing relative. RR describes Pallu's abominable behaviour and
also talks about Nivedha karichu kOtting boy's side parents. As usual the self pity trip happens ( kOdumai thaan ithu...solli thOlai yen ppa) and Sundu consoles " both Anu
and Pallavi are very good friends ..un kuttu Odaiyum pOthu, they will definitely
understand "  ( aaama aamaa, Roja is ready with ticket books for that moment -
Yudham is in the anvil and Roja needs money )
Shree's office - she looks around for
 the missing mobile and her colleague has a sly smile - gives it to her and says that
she heard Karthik say  " namba kalyaanam nichiyama nadakkum"  - "but this time
around, I will collect all the proof and then only do the act of pOttu kuduthal"

Temple - Karthik proves that he is his dad's son - tells Shree that their wedding
WILL happen . But Shree is practical " epdi?? Unga amma Aadina Aattam than
world famous aache!! Will you marry me overruling your mom??" Karthik is
quiet ( amma di enga amma vai enemy aakitta, apram bhuvvaa??? Naan yethO
social service nnu velai paarkkame irukken, nee athile gundai thookki pOdare?")

Shree needles some more....Karthik holds her hands, drags her saying "vaa"...
this drama is witnessed by the other Karthik (mechanic)


Tuesday - 11th January 2011 - Episode - Update By Eclat
sorry for the delay...
Shreenidhi poses a very sane question - if Karthik would marry her without his mother's consent.  Karthik drags her into the sanctum and keeps kumkumam on her forehead.  Says their wedding will take place in the same temple the very next day.  (appram, unakkum Shreenidhikkum every day bhuvvaa yaaru kuduppaa??)  All this is witnessed by MK who is very happy at Karthik's promise.  Enters and assures of his help, says he was witness to Palli's sky earth jumping the other day, felt sorry for Shreenidhi.  Shreenidhi says they cant live happily / peacefully without Palli's consent (Palli ya nee one human aa considering? - joke of the day)  MK follows the temple priest to ask for the procedure.  (adhu eppadi tv serialsla mattum according to one's wish it is either a muhurta naaL or a coal (kari) naaL) Karthik takes Shreenidhi after reassuring.

Shreenidhi pacing in her bedroom - very thoughtful.  Karthik's words ringing in her ears.  Turns on the tv and watches some black and white movie where the heroine is running to jump from a bridge.  Palli's naarasamaana words replay in Shree's mind.  When the heroine is about to jump MGR comes and saves her, Gayathri, Shrinivasan and Shreenath come into the room, Gayathri turns off the tv.  All of them pacify, Shrinivasan gives some emotional blackmail talk saying Shreenidhi is brilliant and that everything would become alright.  Shreenidhi wishes them goodnight, promises she would forget everyone (??) , everyone leaves the room and she lies down.

Karthik in his bedroom, remembers all that happened at the temple.  Is wondering how to win  over his mother (innum andha nambikkai irukkaa??)  Palli in her room is restless, finds Karthik room open - goes in and talks to him.  Says that adangapidaari is not fit for family life (neenga endha ragamnu thinkunga)  to cut a long story short, tells she is interested in Karthik's welfare, if the girl was good she would conduct their wedding the very next day itself.  Leaves telling Karthik to think about the family, gowravam etc etc...

Early next morning, Shreenidhi is decked up in pattu sari with mallippoo on her , finds both her parents asleep, leg thottu kumbitting, while on her way out bumps onto to Shreenath.  Asks her where she is leaving so decked up early in the morning.  She says leaving for the temple, amma is asleep, so she is leaving alone,he offers to drop her on his way to the gym, she refuses, takes her scooty keys and leaves (handphone vENdaamaa??)

K & MK waiting restlessly at the temple, wondering why she hasnt arrived yet?  The priest asks if the bride has arrived yet... MK asks Karthik if he tried her handphone, he did but no one picked it he says.. MK is left pensive...


Wednesday  12th January 2011   Episode - 187 Update By Eclat

update will be up tomorrow morning...

5 minutesla sollavENdiya story goes on for half hour...

Karthik waiting at the temple.  MK asks him to try Shree's handphone, the ring is on but she doesnt take the call.  She is still driving her scooty.  (ivanga Otti inneram Vivek maadhiri TirupathikkE pOi serndhirukkalaam!!)  Karthik gets a call from his dubakoor appa, the dubakoor son lies saying he came to the hospital to donate blood, hence did not tell anyone in the morning.  Still waits for Shreenidhi to arrive.(5km/hr speedla driving) Remembers all that Palli said the other day.  She almost rams into another 5 km/hr ambassador...

Shrinivasan reading newspaper... Gayathri asks if the kids are still asleep, says poNNunga thoonginaa moodhevi thaaNdavamaadum - her mother's usage.  Shrinivasan asks her, appO aambaLainga thoonginaa adhrishtam kottumaa?  suththa paithiyakaarathanamaa irukku(only thing worth mentioning in this serial) Shreenath comes and updates that he went for a walk (yesterday gymnu sonneengo! and even offered to drop Shreenidhi - bike la walkaa??) and Shreenidhi has gone to the temple.  Gayathri is surprised.  Shreenath tells she was decked up in silk sari like a kalyana poNNu, Shrinivasan supports Shreenidhi saying even in ordinary sari she would be like a bride.

K & MK at the temple - priest urges them to call Shreenidhi, muhurtham time running out.  Palli calls Karthik.  MK tells him not to attend, she would not understand he says.  Everything would be alright once they go and stand garland and neck (maalaiyum kazhuthum - adhu seri maththa part ellaam enga vekkaNum) Karthik is worried that Shreenidhi hasnt arrived.

Shreenidhi near a river / pond / coovum... keeps staring at the water... argument between good and bad manasakshi, the good one tells her to go to the temple, the bad one tells her to forget him - each list their own reasons... finally asks her to think and decide and vanish.  A thoughtful Shreenidhi, uyiraa, maanamaa  echoes... something jumps/thrown into the river (we are supposed to assume Shreenidhi jumped). Her scooty is shown standing there...

9pm.. Gayathri waiting for Shreenidhi, Shrinivasan returns from office, says she must be on the way.  Shreenath too comes... time passes... ultimately at midnight they decide to search for Shreenidhi, Gayathri too wants to accompany them.  They go to Shreenidhi's office, wake up the sleeping watchman who says that Shreenidhi did not come to office at all...


Thursday-  Update By Cool

Shree's parents go to her office, asks the watchman if he has seen her around today, and he says Shree didnt come to office today. He suggests them to call her husband to find out where she is, perhaps he will know. Parents deny she is married, but watchman insists she is, and that her husband comes to the office often. (kuttu broken to her parents at this point). Shreenath tries to describe her, but watchman knows clearly who she is. Watchman breaks the news that everyone in this stupid office must be married. Therefore Shree must be married. Anu's parents shocked, they return home. Shreenath raises his doubts about Shree- saying she might be married. They decide to look in her room for any letters she may have written (cant it be email?)
They find the marriage photo of Shree and Karthik. Shreenath wants to go to the police, but his father says they should go to RR's house first to clarify. Gayathri thinks this is a punishment for her for taking her away from her biological parents. Shreenath decides to seek Prem's advise.

Prem is awakened by his mother, Shreenath has come at this hour. Shreenath explains his sister is missing and they brainstorm on what can be done.Shreenath tells Prem that the watchman said Shree is already married. Prem doesnt believe it, but his father says it might be true. Shreenath says he also found a photo in her room, its the photo of Shree and Karthik in a wedding photo. Prem explains the photo is not real and explains it was for a purpose. Shreenath says the right thing to do is to go to Karthik's house to clarify instead of going to police station.
Shreenath goes home and the family discuss next steps. Gayathri is convinced Shree is married, so they decide to go to RR's house the next day (silly, what if Shree already died? Why are they not in a rush when the daughter disappeared)
Pallavi's house- RR leaving in the morning (as usual). RR about to get into his car for a batman type getaway, but before that sees Shree's family arriving in their car. RR invites them in, Pallavi does her jumping act to stop them coming in, RR stops her, and invites them in. Gayathri says Shree is missing, Pallavi asks them why they came here and not the police or aaru or kuLam (what a sensitive woman she is!). Shreenath says there could be a relationship between Shree's disappearance and Karthik. Pallavi says rubbish, Karthi has forgotten her, and that she is looking for another alliance for him. Pallavi says her son wont marry Shree ever. Shreenath says nonsense, they are already married...


Friday's update. Update By Eljay

Today's episode was just to show what a boor this Palli is, and how henpecked RR is!  I really wanted to go in there and tell Palli to shut up!

Update for Friday, Jan 14, 2010:

Palli shouts that Karthi will never marry Shree, and Shreenath says there is no need for that, they are already married.  Since Palli says her son will never do anything like that, he produces the photo as proof, and of course, Palli says that it has been done with graphics, and she brings down the picture of Prem with Shree.  Shreenath explains that Prem is his friend and business partner, and it was taken at the opening ceremony of his new office, and he was also there at the time.  Anyway, Palli continues her screaming while RR stands by, silent (why don't you tell this boor to just shut up?  Scared of her?) and her parents are also silent as always.  They admit that Karthi also has not returned to the house since the previous day, and Shreenath says this proves his point and it looks like they have gone off together, which is totally unacceptable to the shrieking Palli.  Even Gayatri tells Palli that she is a very good person (huh>? after all this rude screaming?) but she is mistaken here.  Anyway, finally the Shreenivasan family leaves, and Palli doesn't even have the good grace to feel ashamed.  I can't wait for Palli to find out the truth about RR and that Shreenidhi is the girl whom she was good enough to lose at the bus stand long, long back, and she alone is the reason for Meenakshi to go off her balance.

A police inspector comes to Shree's house, and her parents give the information about Karthi's disappearance, as well as his parents' address, and the garland and neck (maalaiyum kazhuthum) photo of Karthi and Shree.  The Inspector goes to Karthi's house and gets the same screaming treatment from Palli (nee enna, un thathakkum naan mariyadhai thara maattaen!) and she produces the picture of Shree and Prem to prove her point that Shree has many lovers (yuck! how I hate that word and its misuse in these serials!) and the Inspector takes that photo with him.  He comes out and calls Shreenath and gets the info about Prem, his address, etc.,

Prem's father and the Dubai character are sitting and talking, and Prem's father finds out that the DC (Dubai character) has a painted mustache on him.  The Inspector comes, and the DC wants to know why the watchiman is coming inside.  The Inspector asks for Prem, then asks him about Shree's disappearance.  His dad keeps saying that there is no connection between Prem and this matter, Prem also says the same and says it has been four or five days since he talked to Shree.  In the meantime, the Inspector looks at this DC, and says he looks familiar.  DC also gives a good conduct and character certificate to Prem, and the Inspector says he will call if he needs more info.

Thodarum ...

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I bet RR wont mattiku today...maybe Palli will suddenly have maalaikkaNN and then she cant see him...or there will be blinding sunlight and she cant see RR!
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Any self respecting girl should never get married to the guy like Karthik and get a MIL like palli GGrrrrrrrrr...

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@Roja, that was just a lucky guess on my part.  If I really had a crystal ball, I would look into it and tell you how and when the serial is going to end, I would tell you all about the serial, we could write it in three or four paragraphs and that would be the end of our updating woes.  What a pity, I know neither josiyam nor black magic (with which to expose RR!)

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Thanks for the updates eclat..
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Thanks, cool, for the update at lightning speed for a serial which is moving at snail's pace!

This Palli has no culture or manners, she talks like this when people come to her house, so it shows how bad her upbringing has been.  I am still wondering why this Sundu calls her "sokka thangam" and "romba nallavanga" in spite of all these temper tantrums of hers.  I say Shreenidhi is better off without her, and I really, really pity RR for making such a poor choice and for sticking with her all these years, despite her lousy behavior.

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Thanks for the update.....

Yenna pa achee Sreenithiker aval margaaya vah illayah???&  only to be revealed on Friday is it ????'.ll are absolutely right this serial is moving at snail a matter of  fact all serials are like if serial says someone is getting married in 1 week time and that means in  serial time it will only happen in 2 weeks time ..etc...

I tell you the way the Sree's household like this ...Srinivasan has no guts to do anything , and he takes ages to react to anything  ( he is so reactionless....daughter is missing , but he is so calm in this situation this believable ah in real life ?????probably only in serial life )whereas his wife only knows how to cry with the usual dialogs( yen ponnu nambher thaleyler maanerahli potterter poitalay? my stomach is burning ( vaiyuru pattiter yeriyerdher )etc... ) and the only sensible person in the house is Sreenath who reacts according to situation and also takes action according to  the situation. The funny thing in this serial, when they found out that  Sree maybe married to Karthik  based on the photo they got hold of in her room, they then  completely forgot that Sree  is still missing ....yennapa kudimai inther serialey????

This RR hasn't got a spine to stand against his wife whom he is always trying to reason things out to the unreasonable , uncouth, padhercher muttal PALLAVI..( you only reason things out with reasonable and sensible person)....This also another padhacher muttal instead of chiding his daughter PALLAVI for jumping the gun and behaving so ill mannered towards a guests, he is trying to calm Sreenath instead.....Aiyoda sammy....yehlah inther serial inther madheree odherdher ( I meant crawling like a snail)?????

 Yeppothan Sree kandherpidherkerporangerloh? Yeppothan Karthik & Sree maaleyum kallerthum vandher nikerporangerloh ? Yeppothan RR odher true colors puttu puttu vikerporangalo?????? Yeppothan PALLI yeh mellogam annerperporangalo ( adhukullay director is trying to send Sree is it??)??

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Thanks Cool.

What nonsense this is (a la Vadivelu).. pure unadulterated irritating serial...

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