MM 10 - 14 Jan updates and discussions

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Monday 10/1/11 Episode No 185

Ore jolly time in KS ' household. Enna matter?? The whole house, headed by
paatti talks about the "Muthu - Kavitha " first night celebs. Arghhhhh Muthu puts
up a feeble protest which gets vetoed unanimously. KK smells some thing fishy
and probes Muthu - who says that nothing is wrong and wants mom to play pillow -
mom - son bonding time.

That bangle boy - Surya Kumar, finds the land line no of KS household - with the
help of his mathi manthri friend - calls Vasanthi ...yaar yaarO phone eduthu , finally
Vasanthi picks up. Asks her to come to some temple - blackmail, panam karakkarathu
etc., etc.,

SOga Tamizh - seething Meena. Tamizh supports Priya and says that Priya's
"soozhnilai" forced her to betray. Meena does not want to listen to any of these
stories and categorically asks Tamizh to severe Priya's connection. Priya's mom
times it perfectly - excuse kekka varranga.....Meena scolds her with some choice
 phrases and tells her " you and yourdaughter....inimel no no for my Tamizh "
 Tamizh tries to defend Priya but Meena calls Tamizh an "Yemanthaanguli"
" You do not talk to them, I will take over" Priya's mom faces the music...


I'm hoping the bedroom drama is over by Monday itself.

Update for Tuesday, Jan 11, 2010:

Meena continues to scream at Priya's mother. She threatens to kill Priya if she comes to their house again.  Priya's mother talks some kuppai, like when she dies, Priya will thooki podu her and if Priya dies, she will do the thooki poding.  Now it is her turn to take the upper hand, tells Tamil to control her mother and not let her talk like this.  She is the mother of four children, and should know better.  (Neither mother knows how to talk, this is my honest opinion.)

KS tells his mother and KK that today is charcoal day (kari naaL) so the SM can be done the next day,. Vasanthi and Swathi are teasing Kavitha about it.  KK tells Kavitha about it, but Kavitha says she will sleep in that room so that she can take care of MK.  In the meantime, MK is pacing up and down, wearing a hat on his head - why?  VeettukkuLe kuLiro?

Vasanthi goes to get some clothes from the line, and as she is going inside, the bangle seller calls out to her (how did he get into the house?).  He wants to know why she didn't come to the temple, and tells her to come to Thiruverkadu temple the next day alone.  She pleads with him, but he insists that she comes, or he will come to the house with the photos of her in various poses.  Sara calls out to her while she is pleading.  She goes inside, but as she turns to close the door, BS comes there and repeats his threat.

Vasanthi goes to Thatha's picture and prays in front of the picture.  Sara wants to know why, and she says she wants this life to be like this always, and nothing should separate them.  He thinks of the Shameless one, and his promise to marry her too (ugh!) and tells Vasanthi that nothing will separate them, she has a place in his heart, and holds her tight.  Liar, liar!

Thodarum ...


Ranimma, seekiram vaamma, I need to get out of these yucky serials for at least one week.

Wednesday's drama - yucky, yucky, yucky!

Update for Wed, Jan 12, 2010:

Sara comforts a tearful Vasanthi - You are a gift to me, no force on earth can ever separate us - and holds her close.

MK and Kavitha in the temple - they have come to make an offering to Karumariamman, the priest tells them to put it in the undiyal, MK puts it in the undiyal, and then Kavitha asks him to put the kungumam on his forehead first, then on hers.  He hesitates to put it on her, then she insists so he does it.  She wants to go around the praagaram, he tells her to do it alone.  As she goes around, she sees someone who studied with her in school.  This friend is now in Australia, she does a lot of bragging about how India is too hot, full of mosquitoes, and traffic.  She also talks of her husband who was Mr. Chennai and how she wanted to find the best guy only and she rejected about ten offers before his offer came, and how she would have been married to a store keeper or ordinary person had she married any one of them (my bet is that the guy she is now married to is also a store keeper only!), but her husband is a big shot, spends one day in one country, the next day in another, she doesn't travel in anything other than a Benz (none of the people I know out here talk like this, at least, I hope they don't!).  Then she asks about Kavitha's husband, is he also there, and Kavitha says No, he didn't come.  This is being overheard by MK from behind.  Then the friend leaves, and Kavitha comes around to the main entrance, meets up with MK, who is thoughtful, and they leave.

This is the scene I didn't want to watch - Vasanthi goes alone to the temple, prays to the statue of Durga there to protect her, vows to do some puja for nine weeks or some such period if her problems are solved.  Then she goes around and the bangle seller comes there.  He tells her to come to one side and talk, or else it will become bad for her.  She follows him to one corner, and he tells her that after the pizza guy called the police, they were all beaten up by the police and his friend has now become "mental".  He is taking care of his friend's expenses, but now she will have to take care of it.  Vasanthi says there is no need for her to do so, but he says if she doesn't, he will send the photos to her house.  Right then, a police van comes to the temple, and Vasanthi turns around and sees it.

Thodarum ....


Thursday- more yucks!

Vasanthi at the temple, with the bangles guy threatening her with the photos he took of her. The car which stops has Sara getting out of it. Vasanthi is shocked. Sara is there on official business to see the temple head regarding some fire hazard issue.
At the time, bangles guy asks her for money to keep mum about her matter. He asks for her jewellery, she gives her ring reluctantly. He says he will keep asking her for money frequently and she needs to keep giving, otherwise her manam will travel in the ship (kappal yaeridum).

The next 10 minutes is showing Vasanthi going home (slowwwly). Kavithaasks her what happened. Vasanthi says she lost her ring at the temple. Kavitha is worried, and calms her down. When she sees KS coming, she deliberately scolds her loudly on where she lost the ring. KS comes along and asks her the same question, vasanthi says she lost it in the temple pond. KS says its ok, they will make another one. In private, Vasanthi asks her why she pottu kudukkaran her. Her sister explains she did it so that KS will take Vasanthi's side if he finds her being scolded, hence she scolded her first (enna logic)

Priya replaying her wedding event in her mind with Prem, and feeling very happy and contented. Suddenly she doubled over in pain as she clutches her tummy (I think the medicine he gave to cause the miscarriage is starting to work). She gets up and struggles out of bed...thodarum

Friday 14.01.2011

Bogi spl.  Azugai , more azhugai , most azugai

Morose looking Muthu mama brooding holding window bars , may be plotting in mind how to evade the first night saga. Outside , experienced thangachi's advice galore to akkachi on FN formalities.Coy Kavitha enters the room with the milk pot , receives cold welcome from kadu kadu MK. Clueless Kavitha   later learns  that her failure to introduce him to her friend at the temple is the reason for his brusque behaviour , apologises , tries to tell him the reason for her action. MK in no mood to buy any sob story , the man has already decided to use this matter to his advantage , accuses Kavi for having hit him below the belt , hence blunt NO NO to any conjugal relationship. Takes a pillow & mat & lies down on the floor with his cap on[ actor recent Tirupathi return?] & pretends to sleep , leaving his wife vick vicking .Later turns to the other side &tenders mind  apologises ...Un kitteyirundhu vilagi poga enakku vera vazhi teriyalai Kavitha , enna mannichudu.

Ashok busy preparing his morning breakfast when his varungala manaivi calls him. Both  kadalai poding on the phone for some times. Then Ashok receives the most important long awaited call from Priya. Sob sob sob , inba thaen vandhu paayudhu Ashok kaadhinile. Operation abortion success , mom's cake has worked wonders, man is elated , stupid Priya yaps on with her vetti pechu , this miscarriage is the punishment meted out to her for the pavam she has committed by betraying Tamil & her true friendship ,should fall at her feet & seek apology blah blah. Ashok also offers to accompany her to Tamil's house .Ashok breaks the happy news to mom , who puts akshadai on her own head for her ingenious suggestion. Asks Ashok about  his next plan of action. Ashok replies final settlement to Priya.  How , What  Wait & See.


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Eventhough the words uttered by Thamizh's mum is a bit  not nice to ones ears but her justification was she was angered by Priya's double sword betrayal towards the ever trusting nature of Thamizh, but for Priya's mum to speak to the apologetic Thamizh on her mother's behaviour towards Priya's mum is definitely not justifiable at all. After all it was Priya who betrayed Thamizh twice and now Priya's mum is trying to sweep everything under the carpet and pretend nothing serious happen.

On top of that she have the nerve to chide the apologetic Thamizh for her mother's saying thayee poler than pillai nooler poler than seylay...well look whose talking after all Priya is the one who destroyed her  own life in this lifetime, so what is the mother implying ???? that she too once a upon time destroyed her life too????? This people ever ready to use a palamoli to their convenience LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL just not realising that they are kariyer pusaraning their own face WinkWinkWink

In my opinion they Thamizh & her mum should have just showed the door to both Priya and her mother, as these kind of people do not deserve a good friendship shown by Thamizh to Priya..... Thamizh when are you going to realise that vellertherdellam paaler illai ?????.

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Thanks for the updates roja and eljay..

Vasanthi better tell the truth upfront..
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Thanks RP and Eljay.

hmm - vera oNNum illa ippOdhaikku solla...
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Thanks for the updates eljay..

Vasanthi trapped ??
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Thanks Cool.

Friday special abortion, RKO, whatelse?? 

Oh and I forgot to add Bhogi special..

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What is wrong with this Vasanthi?? There is a limit of being stupid, the first time when she spotted the bangle blackmailer she narrowly made an escape , then the next time she got herself in a sticky situation why? because she justs stood there facing the bangle blackmailer...she could have just run into the house  before the fellow spotted her right?????

 Now he knows where she lives and he is daring enough to  call the house and even come to the backyard at nightime just to blackmail her. On top of that she did not breathe a word to her elder sis Kavitha, am sure Kavitha would have helped her out in this sticky situation. Instead this thevangu goes to the temple and meet up with this bangle blackmailer and even gives him the ring he asked from her....Aiyodahsamy when is this padheekardher muttal going to tell the truth to at least her sister and / or her husband ???? I think she has a bad habit of staring at people and even at dangerous one too....and too slow in reacting when situation calls her to react fast.

Hope when Saravanan finds out he does not use this as a reason to marry Shailaja ???? Or worst still if Shailaja finds out that Vasanthi is being blackmailed by this bangle seller, Shailaja might use this as a weapon against Vasanthi to get Vasanthi's approval for Saravanan to marry Shailaja.....

Inther Priya ker venum....oru naala friender eppidi kashtapadhervechee..ippo Priyaker nalla badhal adhee kadheecherchee from the drogis Ashok and his mum. Eventhough killing an unborn child is a paavum but this drogis have done it towards Priya....What is Priya & her mum going to do ? Run to Thamizh whom they have betrayed and chided for her ever helpful nature????

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thanks eljay

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