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CC # 3 Jan22nd epi-pg134 (Page 60)

Anu80 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
may be one of you have already written about this, but it seemed to me like the scenes where Shaan was standing on the road with the flashbacks of Suraj, was the same scene when he overhears his parents divorce and leaves the house.. the same dress, and the pain on his face seemed just the same.. seemed as though they replaced the Flashback scenes of his parents fight with that of Suraj...
And the cars are different, the one they show him with the flashbacks and the one they showed with Khanak..
ahhhh just can't resist... landed up pointing up the flaws though I didn't want too... SORRY

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Happy Pongal/Sankranti/Lohri to all:)

Wll be very busy today, so may not come online till later.

But just want to quickly say, in response to some post (may be it was Aditi's):

I don't think Shaan is worried that Khanak would leave him either a. for the guy who looks like Sunny or b. because of Sunny's resemblance to Suraj. What he is really worried about, in terms of Khanak leaving him, is about Khanak recalling his part in Suraj's death. Because she has never clearly told him she forgave him. Or did she? I missed some episodes in Aug-Sept and Nov, so if I have missed that point, pls let me know.

There was a scene of Gopi (Suraj's sister) telling Shaan she forgave him. But unless Khanak says that, it's never really over, for Shaan.

That's what he is worried about I think.

As for Khanak, she is worried that Sunny will make Shaan recall Suraj and that may take him on a guilt trip and thus affect ShaNak relationship. She knows how prone Shaan is to depression.

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Oh my! Gaayu!
I never really thought of that rey!
You are so right!
So thats what it is then.................
For some reason I think that feling of maafi is mingled with the fear of losing her also
Coz he keeps saying "She is MINE, we are married now, she is my wife"

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
OKAY so finally watched the episode....

and I have made no secret about the fact...that I am going to be paying a lot of attention to this track and its treatment of Shaan;s perspective...before I give the epi analysis....

I wanted to put down Shaan;s lines.. (monologues/dialogues of thoughts as I call them)....Note that with respect to his inner turmoil, they do come a full circle....of sorts....

I. In CAR (by himself):  

WOH Jo Bhi hai agar Khanak ne use dekh liya to kya hoga?

Kahin woh Sooraj Tho Nahin? 

Kahin Sooraj Wapas Tho Nahin AA gaya? 

Abhi Khanak ki zindagi mein?

Kya Khanak mujhse door nahin tho nahin hojaayegi na? 

Nahin Main uske Bina nahin jee sakta. 

Aur Woh Bhi THo Sooraj se bahut pyaar karti thi,,,

Main usse pyar karta hoon aur Hum Shaadi Shooda hain

GOD! Yeh sab kyun ho raha hai? 

Nahin Main Iss tarah usse kho nahin sakta

Mujhe usse kissi tarah bhi mannana hoga

Bataana hoga ki main usse kitna pyaar karta hoon

Khanak meri hai...sirf meri...aur meri hi rahegi....

II. AFTER RADIO AGONY UNCLE KA ADVICE IS OVER ..analogy of speed breaker and pyaar mein break.....pyaar ki problem pyaar se solve ho jaaye...

(with a smile) Surprise...Main Khanak ko uski zindagi ka best surprise deta hoon...yeah!

Khanak, main dus minute mei tumhe pick up karne aa raha hoon

Khanak, mai tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon, lekin ghar ke chaar deewaron mein nahin, ...akele mein....main aa raha hoon, tum tayaar rehna Khanak

III. IN CAR (waiting and  joined by Khanak):

Uske zindagi mein itna pyaar bhar doonga ke uske baare mein bilkul bjool jayegee


Khank mujhse itna pyaar karti hain iska matlab ki woh apne atheeth se aage badh chuki hai

Mujhe bina ghabraye usse sab sach bata dena chahiye

Khanak main jitna pyaar tumse kartaa hoon, shayad apne aap se bhi nahin karta

Tumne meri zindagi mein ek naya raasta ek naya maksat diya hai khanak

Mujhe pyaar karna tumne sikhaya

Har pal, har mod par tumhara saath doonga

Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye khanak, kitni bhi badi moosibat aajaye

Main tumhare saath hamesha rahoonga

Main tumhe kabhi bhi akela nahin chodoonga

Kabhi zindagi mein kabhi aage nikal gayee 

ek baar palat ke dekhna Khanak, main saaye ki tarah hamesha tumhare paas rahoonga

AAj main aur bhi jyaada khush hoon khanak, aur bhi jyaada sure hoon, kyunki

Khanak ko Shaan ke liye banaya gaya hai aur Shaan ko Khanak ke liye....

Now that SHAAN has EXPRESSED  these feelings to himself....I am hoping in the next episodes...he gets to EXPLORE them ...... by himself and with Khanak by his side.....

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Ok so my analysis finally...

somehow the editing of the epis are really not working out for me, which is making me hard to concentrate in enjoying the epi. 

Anyways my analysis...

Shaan's Reaction to Sunny

Excellent acting from KT. The expressions of pure shock and disbelief. he didn't even think in million years that he would face the hard facts of his life. I'm so glad the shock reaction he gave to Rahul was different from this one. The real and true issue, the most life-changing issue he ever dealt with. What I loved even more was the white jacket he wore both time, in the Past and now. it symbolizes that his past has finally caught up with him. I really liked it how they played the events out. He tries to take in his appearance and his name and what shocks him even more is Sunny's attitude and his behavior. He wasn't expecting that and the way sunny practically forced his handshake on him was an indication of the forceful disruption in his peaceful life with Khanak. The way Shaan lets go of the hand like that and leave the place distraught was so brilliant! It seemed he was really feeling suffocated and he wanted to run away. (will not talk about the expressions that were from another scene) but his dialogues were amazing in the care. First he is shock and of course not believing that there is a guy who looks like Suraj. I felt Shaan's pain and I saw his dilemma. He thought about his past and that had him worried. He is really distraught now. His first thought was that has Suraj returned? of course initial reaction should be that way only and then he fears of loosing Khanak. He doesn't want to loose her at all. He knows she used to love suraj (that is something he has no idea that Khanak has chosen him over suraj now and I think that is going to bother him and me the most). He then immediately realizes that he can't live without her and then he says that he loves her and they are married (btw this part adi-bhoot is mainly his way of dealing with this situation immediately. I mean he is thinking that she can't leave me even if she wanted u know). he decides to shower all his love to her and he wants to tell her he loves her. He then declares that Khanak is his only and will always remain his. This shows that he will fight for her and his love, come what may. Then he wants to call but he is still not sure and then the radio. it gives him idea...btw nice wordings by the radio guy. Memory down the lane of Golden RBO days. I loved it! but there was a blooper scene like always. lol
He decides to surprise her and that is his way of expressing love (yes Zenn you were right). He wants to take her to the date. It is really cute the way he tells her that he wants to take her out. he is determined after that call of what he wants to do. 

Khanak was worried on her own. She is scarred that maybe Shaan has met her. 

Shaan and Khanak's ride to the date:

As Shaan waits for Khanak, he looks out of it. As Khanak comes and their eyes meet and they give half-smile. They both are there but not there. They both worries bout the other, the fear of losing the other. They both try to assure the other of their feelings but they don't know how to express it. Their dialogues before the ride to date is significant. She is fearing that he has met suraj and that may lead him to distance himself from her. He is saying that he wants to fill so much love in her life that she would forget Suraj and her past. 

While driving in the car, they both play hide and seek. she looks at him with love and the fear in her eyes, he looks back to her and she smiles and then look away with unsure feelings and he looks away apprehensive as well. Then she asks him where we are going and he replies a bit distraught.

The Date:

Shaan's expressions are that of an unsure person. He is still lost in his thoughts and his ways to express his love to Khanak. he waits for her reactions as he shows her the surprise. Khanak is a bit surprised to see all this and she asks if this is for her. he looks the design as way to let go of his fear before he turns back to her and his eyes are saying yes I did it because I love you. He smiles at her and ask her to follow. She smiles a bit unsure. She walks with him and she is very touched by all the preparations for her. As they are walking, their silent speaks their inner turmoil. The Ghazal lyrics are so suiting to the situation. They look at each other before climbing the stairs and you can see them playing hide and seek. She looks here and there and trying not to show her turmoil and wants to hide the horrible fact of his life, which caused him so much pain the first time around. He hopes that she likes all this, especially when he wait behind for her as she climbs the patio. She looks around, still unsure and then she thinks about how shaan loves her and she shouldn't be scarred of Sunny and how she should tell him everything. Shaan thinks along the same line and both are scarred. He then comes upto her and looks at her with so much love and she looks at him the same way. He then proposes to her by going down on his knews, a symbolic gesture that he worships the ground she walks on. he looks at their hands meeting and smiles. They both are in the dancing position. Both inter connected from head to toes. Her feet on his and hands in his, while he holds her closer. They have so much love in their eyes.both look at their hands and look back with love for each other. you can see the fear and love and their inner turmoil while dancing. then that dialogue of that you wouldn't leave me right? and both just smiles that both are feeling the same about the other. 

Then the cake cutting, he gives the knife to her, showing her that he can't do anything w/o her. In all this date, he is telling her that he can't live w/o her. He shows her that he is nothing w/o her. She is his life. both cut the cake and then he feeds her and when there is cake on her face, he wipes it off showing that I care for you. and then they both look away feeling a bit embarrassed and a bit distraught and a bit feeling eachother's physical presence. Shaan is thinking about how much he loves her and how with her in his life, he changed himself for good. She was there with him all the way and all the time. she taught him how to love. Then he walks away thinking that no matter what happens i will always be with you. he would follow her like a shadow if she moves forward in life. She smiles and looks back at him that time. He says that he is sure now that Khanak was made for him and he was made for her. both look at the other with love and then look away...the ankh macholi game...but then they come together because it looks like they both want to talk and end.


Rahul--I have a feeling that he will use this as a weapon

Khanak--I thought she has decided to tell him, i think she has too or she is planning to. somehow i think this one is just a promo type one...but who knows...

Thumbs down

1. I swear the swishing sound in the beginning ruined the whole show for me. I wanted to kill the editor who did a horrible job at that.

2. The wig...nuff said.

3. bloopers--3 i think...driving the car, khanak's dream in shaan's memories, and editing between the song...

Other than that I loved both KT's and Yashu's expressions! they were superb! for me KT stole the show!

PS: Gaayu: i just read what you wrote and I must say...superb yaar. i didn't even think of this track that way. Yes Shaan is still looking for forgiveness...but didn't she say she is ready to forgive and forget her past for Shaan during that hotel room time?

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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
yes gaayu awsme point.plz post it as a seperate topic so that cvs can c it......

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
14th Jan 2010

The first point of analysis- responding to Anu's question === of Shaan's scene standing outside the car.....old scene just added different FBs...

Of course, I noticed ( and I think others too)....but the way I looked at it...hello, if it is a repeat scene with FB's of dhulwaadi and BG score with Shankar Mahadevan's voice Versus duck-boo-Akki scene....THEN THE FORMER ANY DAY >>>>ANY DAY.....

I mean we are giving the CVs a lot of leeway for them to get back on track....

I had a huge issue for instance with Suraj not taking off his DGs (dark glasses) when he is introduced to Shaan....but I think the CVs purposely wanted to keep it this way...to make a differentiation between Suraj and Sunny....a la Hrithik Roshan in Kahi Na Pyaar Hai 2nd half??? but you see in KNPH, it was glasses and not dark glasses which here was just illogical...but then again...yeh ho gaya another leeway....

I had major issues with Lal Banian walla keeping his DGs on....when he sees Shaan reacting the way Shaan does...NOW imagine what an impact that scene would have created if Lal Banian walla had removed his DGs....but now he just looks like a lal banian walla tera mooh kaala...

See, I get the fact that the CVs wanted to keep the Shaan having a sunstroke as minimalistic in drama as possible...but frankly speaking to me Khanak getting a sunstroke was more rivetting than this...don;t get me wrong, I loved Shaan in it...emotions spot on...the shock, the FB scenes, could not help laughing when I saw a juxtaposition of Choksi vs. Sam...it made me break into an evil smile....but as a scene...the venue and the reactions from other characters - especially lal banian,,,,left a lot to be desired...some were good...check out the up and down look Sam gives Sunny when Shaan rushes off...and Sunny's grabbing Shaan's hand to shake it himself was also equally good...however...Lal banian ....NOPE not up to the mark at all..... especially as someone who is coming across to look like he cares more for Shaan than Sam...

Shanak scene...I for one am going to be paying lot of attention to lines and dialogues Shanak have in this track,,,,for me as a viewer,,,,,only that will determine whether this can truly go Golden RBO ......Shaan had loads of lines today...all of them quite good...my worry is I am hoping they don't stop here.....at least Shaan;s perspective....take her on a few dates...keep thinking these same lines again...khatam...and meanwhile we get to see Khanak thinking and doing various things along the lines she thinks....what I am saying here...yesterday we saw her trying to throw Suraj's photo..so what happened today??? has it met its end in a landfill somewhere??? today we saw Shaan almost come full circle with his turmoil in his head...and then what??? ...that WHAT is what I am so looking forward to....

I loved the shanak date...car to gazebo......and yes the fact that the only line spoken by each of them was the line they speak together..asking each other not to let go of each other.......chodke mat jao...is truly something that the CVs need a hand for,,,,....magic!!

On the whole this was a SHANAK episode ....one that we have been hoping for a long long long long time...and Cvs did not disappoint...whether I am going back and changing my Post to GOLDEN RBO revived....not yet....but, yes, still hanging there....with hope...

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
@Gaayu and @Aditee and others

For me SHaan is looking for not only forgiveness but a lot of things....and that is why I put down all of his lines from yesterday's scene...

My gut is I dont think we shall get lot of shanak on Saturday episode..I hope I am wrong.....Shaan got way too many lines...all neatly stacked....making complete sense in order...but all his questions, emotions and turmoil ....all of them in one day.....

so yes, both Gaayu and Aditee in my mind are right....

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