DID Doubles Written Update!-7th January

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Here's the written episode for today's episode! (7th January). Sorry its late! hope you guys understand it and its not too confusing.. hopefully i have the format right too.. let me know if you'd like me to update in a certain way or change anything so i can improve.. suggestions are more than welcome! also if at the end of the update you guys feel I've left something important out.. let me know and I'll include it in asap.. thank youu!

Also I think its a bit too long.. so any tips on what to cut out stuff would also be great! Because i don't know what not to include Embarrassed thank youu!

Enjoy the written update Smile

DID Doubles Written Update January 7th

Okiee.. so the episode starts off by showing a flashback of last week's episode in which Geeta Maa had her back pain during the Delhi Auditions, she returns back after 3 - 4 hours and says that it doesn't matter whether you're ill or not, when you know that there are 2000 people waiting for you outside, if people like us get ill and just sit inside, what will happen to them? All these things don't matter.. the show must go on... all is well

So with that.. today's episode begins! Big smile

The song Delhi Delhi from No One Killed Jessica is played whilst images of Delhi are shown.. and finally the auditions! People are enjoying and dancing and then we are taken to a screen shot on IMRAN KHAN!

He says thats hes known Rajiv since his first film.. it isn't that his choreographs are set, he always tries to understand what the song and characters are about and what kinda story the song is tryna tell. He says that this is Rajiv's strong point and says he would like to tell him that he will definitely watch the show and wishes him the best of luck on DID coz he loves him! (Awwww!)


"Murzi Murzi Murzi Murzi.. what a talented and genuinely hard working dancer and choreographer Murzi is. He's taught me many dance moves over the years and im happy that such a prestigious show has whipped him up. What great performers we have in this country. Murzi, i wish you all the best. Make us all proud." Were his words on the talented young dancer!

Now, the first dance couple are called upon.. the audition's are still being held in Delhi..

.. Anmol and Ankit: Age 16! Lockers and Popper just like PRINCE! And the YOUNGEST of all the audtionees in Delhi! They say that they spend 12 hours dancing, doing locking and popping everyday and with the grace of God they will pass. As far as they are concerned they will win the trophy! Great Optimism!

They then perform on Deuces by Chris Brown during which, Marzi stops them..

Geeta Maa asks them how old they are and where they learned it from to which they reply they learned it themselves.. Geeta Maa is amazed and both kids are thankful.. Rajiv asks them if they know any other style other than Hip Hop to which they reply no.. he says that he liked their performance but the chemistry was low coz they performed one after another and not together ' it looked like they were looking at solo performances even though the performances were extremely good and with that he told them he doesn't think they are ready for DID Doubles and his answer is therefore no.. Unhappy

Murzi goes next and says that he's in a dilemma and maybe Geeta can solve it. He askes Geeta Maa what she thinks..

Geeta says that coz no one has taught them, they should be allowed into the mega auditions.. if there, they are not able to perform to the standards then they wont take them but they should give them a chance.. Her answer is therefore a YES! Murzi agrees with him and his answer is also yes! The rest depends on Rajiv... LOL Murzi tells them to give him an emotional look and both Geeta Maa and Murzi fold their hand in front of him.. awww lool whilst Rajiv is deciding Murzi gets up, without Rajiv knowing of course and takes the hats Rajiv then goes "go ahead Murzi, Go ahead" LOOL aww! They get the hats! They run to the judges to take their arshiwad!

Murzi goes "Pun karoge, pun pawogein" LOL

Then we are shown shots of what participants think DID Doubles mean..

The next doubles!: Prashanaa and Gurmeet from Chandigarh

Murzi says that he likes the way they walked in and their outfits and tells them to walk in again coz Geeta Maa hadn't seen..

They perform amazingly to a mixture of songs! The judges are amazed.. have to admit that Murzi looks extremely happy seeing them perform.. he is the first to comment.. he tells Gurmeet that he is the first jiving Sardar he has seen lol and that he is a really good jiver, they have shown a lot of versatility and that they have great rhythm!

Geeta Maa goes next.. before she says anything.. Prashansa says that they love her to which Geeta Maa reply "that is so sweet". She says she is really happy that DID Doubles have seen such a Jodi that has tried to do something other than what they are known for.. bhangra! She feels that they should definitely be given another chance and then Rajiv goes on to speak.. "Maza a gayah!" after the hat came off! He felt like dancing too! he says that he doesn't know how his shoulders were moving.. "apne aap ho raha tha" LOL he gives his yes!

Murzi: "awo le jawo, ghar jawo, so jawo" lol ' thats three yes'!

Geeta says that they have a new jiving Sardar for the new year! Lol

The next doubles!: Anup and Niharika.. 

The dance to Ranjha Ranjha from Raavan (Reminds me of Avneets performance!).. and they get the hats! Clap

Next: Hitendra and Sagar.. "Liquid ke saath popping.. first time dekha hai yaar, bohot maaza aya".. im guessing they too got the hats.. Clap

Bhumika and Ishani, Deepak and Nitin and a series of other doubles are shown all off which get the hats! Yay! Clap

Next doubles are called upon: Rohit and Rahul! They provide a touch of comedy through their dance as well.. Judges are amused. Rohit says that he choreographed the dance and Rahul is his students. He says a dialogue for DID Doubles.. he wants to be an actor.. SRKs Om Shanti Om dialogue.. they don't get the hat.. but they take it with good spirit..

Next Doubles: Rahul (19) and Ankush (ekis?.. sorry dno what age that is Embarrassed. Teaches dance in his school.. other participants says that their Jodi reminds them of Dharmesh Sir!, Saajan and Prince.. great compliements! Considering they all made their mark on DID.. have to admit rahul is extremely good! though i think they're making the same mistake as the first Jodi.. dancing sepeately Cry

Murzi is the first to comment: he says that the whole song was done off dance.. they were dancing without rhythm and asks if they realised that..  he says they were dancing with a junoon and so they were dancing faster than the music..

Geeta points out that they were dancing separately.. just like i had feared.. they wanted to see if they would dance in sync.. but they didn't show it.. but said their isolations were really good but she didn't like the performance Shockedand she doesn't wanna give them false hope.. they were really good but she didn't see the synchronisation is the dance and therefore her answer is no... Cry

Rajiv: he says that Rahul is really good ankush is a little less then him.. their body rhythm is good but with that you need to be in rhythm with the music.. this is important and so he tells them to practice and listen to music and dance to it.. he says that hey can do really well and thanks them for coming.. but his answer is no Unhappy

I somehow had a feeling this was gonna happen.. Jai asks them were it went wrong.. awww i think Rahuls a bit emotionall.. he says they went off beat.. Jai wishes them all the best and tells them to come next year.. coz they don't wanna lose good dancers.. awww

Other partiipants are upset and this makes other dancers more tensed..

Next: Kanishk and Bhupendar: Rajiv says he feels that they cant do any other form.. its three no's

Umesh and Sarang: Murzi says Umesh had no expressions.. its a no..

Manpreet and Ashwin: Rajov: song mix was good.. but there was no dance.. its a no..

Other shots of unsuccessful doubles are shown..

Awww i feel sorry for them Unhappy everyone is shown tensed and nervous..

Next: Karan Kumar and Carling

Awww Karan's accident is shown.. is elbow was completely crushed and doctors told him he wouldn't be able to dance.. his mum says it was his will power thats got him here.. he cant do lifts and stuff but says his partner understand this.. awww

They perform on Tujhe Bhula Diya.. LOVE the song! Wonderfull performance tooo!  Lovely! They get a standing ovation! Well deserved! Clap

Karan is trained under Mia Micheals.. Murzi says she is a great dancer.. he says that he has justified all the training he has received.. becoasue what he has done.. he was done it really well.. in his language "what a sandabawala (?) performance!" LOL

Geeta: she loves Karans extensions.. Carling supported well.. and the song chosen was fully justified... and that she is pleased to see him back on stage and says she is proud to see him back stage!

Rajiv: he loved their chemistry, Karans spins were amazing and he says that what he tried to find in Delhi.. he has found here.. the international level.. Clap great compliment!

"awo aur leh jawo" Well deserved! Cry

Next double: Sumit and Mohammad Rehman... another great performance.. somehow reminds me of Dharmesh Sir.. I think its the Music.. lol..

Geeta Maa wants to go up and hug them.. she says Rajiv and Murzi will come up instead coz her back hurts.. but they say they wanna come which Geeta Maa agress.. she says she wants to wisper something in their ear.. and with that the two judges put the hats on their heads! Lol

Next Double: Jeetendra and Amit Lol Rajiv is being funny.. .. the call upon the next doubles.. i don't think they got the hat..

Next: Amandeep and Varun: LOL.. having fun! All day all night long.. Hare Ram Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram! Its a no.. Hilarious comments! Rajiv tells them to continue to be happy... aww Amandeepp lol

We are shown participants enjoying and dancing..

Geeta Maa calls upon the Next Double: Vani and Rahul Chetri who came last season.. another sad story Unhappy he wants to prove that he too can do something! Good spirit he chose Vani coz she supported him loads whilst others didn't..

Rajiv gives them a standing ovation! Clap

Murzi: he says that the one thing he didn't like in the dance was when he did the handstand.. his feet wern't pointed.. but hes forgiven.. he liked the performance! He says it was the first couple he has seen in which he felt like.. and then he starts to bang the table repeatedly in excitement! lol

Rajiv: "Fultoo Fathak!" LOL

Rahul says that hes been waiting for this stage since last year and when he chose the song he had a lot of frustration about when he would come here and perform and so he chose the song..

Geeta says she feel proud to see him on the stage again and says "stupendo fantabulously fantastic!"

They tell them to turn around.. Rajiv and Murzi go and put the hats on their head! Clap

Awww Geeta's crying!

The Last TWO couple: Shalini and Sapna and Sonali and Pooja.. sorry coudn't get the name of their sir,, he says he doesn't take money from the girls and says they are full of himat.. the girls say that he is like a parent.. awww

First of the two: Pooja and Sonali.. they perform on the Hanuman Mantra.. done extremely well!. Geeta Says their beginning was really well.. but it doesn't seem as if they have got training.. but she feels they can be worked with.. but the other two also have to agree..

Rajiv: he says that it is mainly boys that choose the mantra.. but he feels they have done it well.. its is a "fultu fathka" from him..

Murzi also says yes! Its three yes'! Clap

Now: Shalini and Sapna.. AWW their sir is telling them to do the same thing!

Murzi asks if they have classical training background.. they say yes.. and then they tell them about their sir from which it is revealed that the two previous performers (Pooja and Sonali) were their friends.. Murzi says that is a problem..

Geeta: the beginning that they did, Binny had done in season two.. they too did it well.. everyone knows that their friend have taken the topi.. they are from kutni, they too are from kutni.. everyone should get an equal chance.. so people from kutni have already got their chace.. she feels they should goo.. Shocked they should come and take the topii!! Clap

We are then shown Mithun Da..

"Dekha, hena kamal? Ladkiyon ko aurto ko humari sahstro main, devi ka derza diya gaya hai aur yeh baat hum maante bhi hain. Lekin jub unko sapno ko jeena j=ki baat ati hai to hum koyi na koy bahana karka peecha hut hi jateh hai. Dekya na, bina koi suwida ke.. ek choti si sehar kutum ki ladkiyon ne kamal kur dala. Main to taang reh gaya tha. Asi kitni misaleh hai. Waisi ek missal apki bethi, apni behen, apki dost bhi bun sukthi hai. Agar aap unko sapno ko chineh ka apraad na kare toh"

Well said! Clap

Shown other successful doubles!

Partipcipants are optimistic they will win the sunheri topi!

DID DOUBLES Delhi auditions are now over!

Congrats to all participants! Well deserved topis! Clap

BTW: I will add colour to this tomorrow.. its 2.22am here and im kinda tired.. sorry.. but i hope this is okay for the time being.. will definitely add the colour tomorrow and any suggestions for improvement! thank you! 

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I'll try cutting some bits out too.. sorry that its too long Embarrassed
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hey -X-NeeNee-X-

thanx for the wonderful update... feels like I am actually watching the episode with full on expressions Tongue

I must say u have loads  n loads of patience to write... Star

jus my suggestion... may be you can reduce the sentences.. .like u no need to tell word by word what all mentors or participants expressed.. .a short summary shuld be good n sufficient... I think many of them will watch the episodes at some time later...

Like in my case, I read the updates when I am in college and back home late in the evening I watch the episode... we r definitely curious to read the written updates, but not at the cost of your sleep.. Smile

enjoy and keep updatingClap

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ooh did anyone notice the joobi doobi parampara guy from II5?
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Awesome Update!
I love all the feels like im actually watching the update, which means you did an AMAZING job! Big smile I really did enjoy reading it :)

but like Natkhatpari said, it would be waaaay easier for you to summarize it up a bit. Like the judge's comments and stuff. You can paraphrase those, and you can quote word for word the important stuff if you ever need to :)

I used to update in the past and it took me a while to realize this too LOL. Trust me, it saves lots of time. Im the type of person that has to write everything word for word haha.

Oh and you should just totally get your sleep, i'll edit the update and add color to it :)

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what a wonderful uptateThumbs Up..really u wrote like watching d epi liveClap..

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thanks for the lovely update

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You did a FABULOUS update. I know what you mean by why you think it's too long, cause I have done updates myself for DID too. Don't worry, the longer the better! And you did a fantastic job on this. It was really descriptive and accurate too. So great job!

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