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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
I made another siggy! This time i tried something different. hope u like it Embarrassed

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Lovely Siggie Nisha!!

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CryingEyes- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged

KajuHugHeart,RagzHugHeart,YamzHugHeart,AishHugHeart,LeenaHugHeart,DollyHugHeart,MariaHugHeart,SupreetHugHeart,AqsaHugHeart,DivyaHugHeart,PariHugHeart,SidHugHeart,AaniHugHeart,SanoHugHeart,RidaHugHeart,PayalHugHeart,NishiHugHeart - Gorgeous creations by each and everyone of youStarStar...You guys are all rockingThumbs UpEmbarrassed... !!

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 April 2010
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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Another one But on Gunjan! Embarrassed

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Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
@..Aisho..: Awwwwww..... The Arti avi's r just aweeesome HeartHugThaanks a lot Jaanu for making themHug

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yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ragini-

omgggg sid...awesome stuff..using the MoNaya one Big smile
thankyouu so much Ragz Embarrassed
Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

shweta,Leena,Faru,Aqsa,Payal,Supreet,Mehwish,Lakshmi,Fatima-ArTi,Tanu,Aisho,sukirti_sanaya,Sid,Maria,Priya Amazing Fabulous work by all of you Hug

Originally posted by -Yash-

@Sid,Priya,Aisho,taani,fari................amazing update guyss Clap
thankyouu yarr Cool
@Sasha- OMGG ok i lovee that siggy Shocked its like a card yarr.. u know those angelic cards Day Dreaming i love the effect on it.. plus the blending is soo good !! dudee that awesomee ClapClap
Originally posted by -Aish129-

Deva re deva..mujhpe kuch to taras khao Stern Smile oie i am a realli kind person yarr Embarrassedbut my finger are realli evil Stern SmileROFL stop hee nahi hota Stern SmileROFL I've been working on a Sunday too..abhi aayi toh aisa swaagat Stern Smile u like it ?CoolROFL

Before I start (: Can I tell you scrolled down your whole post and max number of roflers was in your reply to me..see how intelligent I am Cool ROFL omgg i am sooo impresssedROFL i totalli didnt notice that ShockedROFL

haillaa...I love the naya invention..waise bhi I don't think the word hot and my work goes together..even though this is's better ROFLlol this reminded me how the word cute doesnt go along with u aswell ROFLthere are many other words rgt ?LOL   achha made my boring sa day more entertaining SleepyEmbarrassed awww i am so gr8 nah CoolROFL haww yeh kya lost your mind only after seeing them..i toh thought..kab ka.. ROFL stop pulling me leg now Stern Smile ROFL RAPCHIK ROFL hawww Shocked ROFL  Waise this time I won't let my boss take credit..since it was Saturday ROFL oo please dont bring ur villain boss in here yarr ROFL its like she has become one of usROFL tell her we talk abt her alot.. maybe she would get happy and impressedROFL yeah i know the first one's better (: arre what is this..everyone complaining I burnt their screen Cry ROFL aww poor you.. well u deserve it *hmph*ROFL don't you dare mail me the bill on my ghar ka pata..I will be hunted down by my parents before I can even think of paying any billsROFL ROFL chal we will stalk ur house n then sent u on the time when u are alone ..Big smile prob solved ROFLdid I?  Didn't even notice when I made it..abhi I went and looked..chal just imagine I put it there on purpose ROFL Cool erm i dont think any one else noticed that too so its fine ROFL Aww thankyouu fact it looked worse with blending..which is actually the style I usually make my stuff in you know ROFL oo haan yarr ... i always want to try it but give up after thinking abt those hardwork neededROFLof course..I told you she takes a lot of effort in doing stuff for me EmbarrassedLOLawwwwwwEmbarrassedokay I don't have any problems coming for check up then Smile ROFL Cool and you stalked my posts Stern Smile i saw like everywhere is there any place i dont ever stalked ?ROFLROFL and how could i miss u guys Stern SmileROFL i stalked all the pages Stern Smile arre sorry..*kaan pakadti hoon* Embarrassedabhi se hamesha waala promise I won't doubt your praise ROFL yaad rakhnaa Cool nahii kum se kum is check up se baachhaooo..I promise I'll turn up to eye check up if you give me the correct address...i'm saying this cause I have experience of being given the wrong address of a doctor :OO ROFL ROFL ROFL don't ask Stern Smile now i want to know more Stern SmileROFL
anyway chal thankyou for such a sweet reply sid Embarrassed I promise I will not doubt anyone's praise ever again Stern Smile you should be proud for making me able to say this..abhi reply to this comment of I can reply back Smile ROFL omg this line just cracks me upROFLROFL n YAYYYY chal i believe youCool  
As you might remember..or not remember..i don't know Stern Smile I said you and Pari were the only ones who could get me to "drool" over mohit/samrat .. :OO oo ya n i think i won too after several mohit siggies i made  CoolROFL *hides somewhere after saying it before Paru attacks*ROFLthose sigs are WOW sid ShockedShocked
Not that I'm shocked at your awesomely never ending talent or anything ROFL ..but still ROFL thankxxROFL
The first Sam one is tres adorable..itna hi french yaad hai mujhe since I dropped it a few years ago Smile
nahi..btw..thoda aur bhi aata hai ROFL ROFL omg the only french u used was "tres"Stern Smile i thought u made a typo mistake ROFLROFLAnyway I love the style of that's so so so adorable..I guess sam makes it better right.. yaaaaaaaaaLOL
ohh and I started looking for the text on this sig and couldn't find it Ouch then I looked properly and I found it down the side Dancing ROFL wat a way of pulling my legs *hmph*ROFL i often hurt my neck too while reading it ROFLit says mr adorable awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed hat was such a cute scene btw (: yup :)
Killer look one haww..this one is AMAZING..I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you used diff colourings in the pics..and one in b/w Embarrassed and of course not to mention your yams said it's so unique Cool I've never seen anyone's work which looks even 1/1000th alike Shocked seriously..and I'm not exaggerating..I was going to add another 0 and then didn't Smile other wise I wouldn't have been able to say I'm not exagerating ROFL oo gawd kitniii udaogii yarr ROFLROFL abhi tak toh mainee aeroplanes are birds ko bhi peeche choddiya hai ShockedROFL lol thankyouu so much Aish..  i dont know if its 100% true but thanx LOL feels gr8 to hear it frm u guys Embarrassed
rofll I love the text like anything.. la la la la laa ROFL let me join too lalalalalalaROFL
The pinkishness in the third is so cutee....x Embarrassed and his expressions are so cute..awwww LOL the colouring makes it stand out more and ya I think you get the point LOL yup i do LOL and he does look cute ^__* 
The 4th is my fav ohh wait so is the 5th ROFL I LOVE them both equally, both's style rock and I don't know what else to say goshh...I'm out of words cause I sat down today and wrote the whole of the induction booklet I was meant to be writing over the next few days Sleepy Socha chal yeh boss thodi impress ho jaayegi toh she won't turn up at weird times atleast.. omgg ROFLROFL just wat is she made up yarr Stern Smile ROFLi realli hope it affects her even a bit.. varnaaaaaaaa Stern Smile
I sware if I didn't wake up one morning..she would get the masterkey from the reception and come with a bucket of thanda paani and all to wake me up with Ouch ROFL dudee does she ever leave u alone Stern Smile kyaa dushmanii hai uska tumahree yarr yarr ROFL try to remember.. maybeee she is some1 who u had dushmani with Shocked & maybe she got plastic surgery ShockedROFLROFL gawdd looks like i am too influenced by ekta mai serials *shakes head*ROFLROFL
okay while writing all this i made up my mind that the 5th is my fav EmbarrassedEmbarrassed his expressions are the BEST Embarrassed and your sig is wow wow wow..should I stare at it all day? ROFL no problemROFL
chal abhi I'm going..yaar itna likha my hand will drop off...
i will tell you tomorrow what she said...hopefully thodi toh impress ho jaayegi LOL will talk soon LOL   if not then put a bucket of water on her instead ROFL coz sth might be wrong with her brain LOL
Originally posted by -Akriti-

Sid- OMG!!! Wonderfull Monaya Creations!! Loved them!!
thankyouu akku :)
Originally posted by supreet..

@yulz- awesome work... loved the second one most...
amazing text... amazing coloring.... Hug
aww thanx alot yarr Hug
@Paru- GAWDDDDDD Paru Stern Smile u will surely kill me yarr Stern Smile mann just look at htose siggies yarr look at them .. ( am i choring ur dialogue Ermm)ROFL lol its soo damn hawt yarrr Embarrassed uff wrong emotion i mean Big smileROFL i love the positioning of the pictures and the choice of it Cool all 3 versions are simpyy awesomee !! loving each of them :) but 2nd & 3rd one i love them moreee Wink maybe it was the texture but it realli made the siggy more good :D
Originally posted by maria-soniarti

@Yulz.....yeah yaar my name is Maria....n thanksss for appreciating n liking my workHug aray u deserveit yarr Hug hope to see more ;P

@yulz...Awesom siggies..... thankyouu :D
Originally posted by -Sharmila-

@yulZ - Awesome sigs.  .. Love the Gunjan one! 
thankyouu Embarrassed
@Aahu- oie Aahu Shocked Shocked OMGG HugHugHugHug Its been ages yarr HugHug mann i missed u soo muchHug just where the hell where were u huhStern Smile gawd i missed ur creations tooHugHug before imove on to the siggies thankyouu HugHug its all coz of u guys that i was able to win that award :) n u got the most romantic award too rgt?? that was shocking for me aahu .. u know i have never read ur post Ermm so i realli didnt knew u were this much romantic LOL it was shocking for me like Paru getting flirty award ROFLROFL and i had stalked ur posts so ya tell me honestly kisne kispar line marithi GeekROFL haha... now coming back to ur siggies.. gawdd imissed it soo much Day Dreaming feels soo happy to see them again after agesss Embarrassed they are soo good yarr.. i missed u unique text style yarr Embarrassed Embarrassed i can already recognise which siggies u made by ur unique style of text Cool loving the blending not to fgt  n awww those are some of the memorable moments of SG hainaa EmbarrassedEmbarrassed aww the wazzup segment was adorableee Heart i just love how u choose the perfect scene and the text to make a siggy :) it turn out soo beautiful yarrr Embarrassed Embarrassed just P-E-R-F-EC-T !!
Originally posted by .Yamini.

Geeeez!!! spamming karna ko koi aapse seekhe Embarrassed Embarrassed thankyou thankyouu CoolROFL see guys kuch sikhoo mujhse CoolROFL
Yaaarr change ur font is so distracting ROFL ROFL ooopss but yeah u believe in unique styles...ROFL .... is that a compliment or the opposite Stern SmileROFL
thank you dude! Hug wow...u were actually blushing ROFL...seeing Arjun or Rati? or the siggy ?????? ROFL ROFL ROFL siggy OFCOURSE ROFL now dont make ppl create dostana btw me and arjunStern SmileROFL
Btw i will DEFFO make Sanaya/Gunjan sigs for you....anythin for you Hug ROFLYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Dancing the plan worked *whispers*ROFL 
and omggggggg ur stuff just rockss... Cool i loved the Gunjan ones the mostt...Embarrassed thankyouu Embarrassed
@Rida- Stern SmileStern Smile yarr i am starting to fall for ur siggies now Stern Smile the effect is realli pretty :) it has got enough softness in it that makes the siggy realli pretty <3 i am loving it soooo much :O especially the 1st onee.. awesomeeee way to match the colours too Cool too good yarr ClapClap
Originally posted by sukirti_sanaya

@Sid & -Arjunlicious-  Thanks A Lot,Glad You Lyked My Work Embarrassed
u deserve it yarr Wink
Originally posted by dolly18

i simply love it when u call me dollo polluLOLby god its a nice maqne... much better then aqua man i guess LOL....... AWW BTW when i quoted this post why did it said "[QUOTE=aquaman]"Stern SmileROFL is it my official name now ?ROFL n coz u choose all the colours i have no colour left to use GeekROFL...hmmm u usually do thatLOL....tell something new boy.....i got nth new girl ROFL ok dont do so much of my tareef ...i will climb channe ka jhadh n phir neeche bhi nahi utarungi n u guys would have to pass burgers for me abv that jhadLOL....Stern Smilemonnnnkeyyyyyy.ROFLROFL ... hey i did?? lemme coulunt one for u, one for nikki di n one for me n pari.. hey boy i just made threeLOL but u made it in super speed Shockediys not much specially compared to ur countSilly..but u made it much more faster Tongue uffffff  ....well ur sanya our doll is so gorgeous k us pe koi pi kuch bhi banayega to it will cume out simplyyyyyyyyy awsome nahi???....Wink BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing koi shak BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingyes well u kill us enough with ur aqua colour n then ur totally droolicious siggs n superk text.. dont u???so this is tit for tat sidniROFL stop calling me sidni for god sakeROFLROFLsachi na the pic was shooo januable use dekhte hi mujhe tum sab ki yaad aayi.. n vaise bhi yesterday to i was in total love with forum members wasnt i???LOLso made it ....awww yup.. n YESS u were simply loveliciousROFLyesterday.. i feel bad for those who didnt came online Cool they missed a siggy for themselves ROFLawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u r such a sweetheart broEmbarrassed its same for u too dollu Embarrassed
doesnt matter forget that likey button... ur reply is more then enough for me!!!!!Tongue awwwwwwwwww Hug
disclaimer ....all the colours barring aqua have been used by me to answere u ROFL o ya thanx for that OuchROFL
n sid now i am finally gonna comment on each n every siggy i couldnt comment on or see yesterdayEvil Smile oo yeah Cool
Originally posted by Mysterygirl_me

yulzz the monaya and samrat sigs are awesome adore ur style its so unique and adorable
u think so ? Shocked aww thankyouu Embarrassed
Originally posted by lakshmi_SG

@sid......I am  so glad that u hav liked my work, yeah u r right those were amazing sajan moments. And I must tell you have been a tough competitor to all the best siggy makers of this forum, especially pari, yamini, ragini, aishu, dolly, aqsa,supret, arjunilicios, leena....and many more.

Shocked omgg thankyouu soo so much yarr :) that realli means alot to mee :D but they are awesomely gr8  Cool

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No_Comments IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Nisha @ Amazingg Yaar Clap

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sukirti_sanaya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 January 2010
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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
@Aahana Dii Awesumlicious Siggy.. Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
@Nishi Loved Your Sigs Dear Embarrassed
And Amazing Creations Guys Hug

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