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Weekend Retreat 7 Scene 8 Page 9 Road Trip Cont2 (Page 5)

gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Hai hai ruthe ruthe hai sanam hamare, mein vari jawa.Embarrassed  He is just like a small kid when he gets annoyed. I loved the way Nivi is pacifying and convincing him.  And what a perfect song. It can't be better than that. Thanks Suchi, you give me enough to dream about and divert my mind from today's torture.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene 5

As they were laughing out loud together, viren made her sit besides him under the shade of a tree.

The weather had turned slightly cold. Viren and Niveditha sat resting their bodies on their hands behind them and their legs stretching forward.

Abh batao ki kya dikhana tha mujhe?

Hmm abh badi dilchazbi le rahi ho thum? Us waqt kiyun mujhsey bhaag rahi thi

He asked wondering how to make her confess her true feelings for him.


It had been just one moment after another and no matter how much he had tried to make her reveal her feelings, niveditha had successfully avoided that particular confrontation so far.

Viren felt restless. He wanted to hear her say the three most beautiful words that anyone in love want to hear from their beloved, but he did not want to be hasty.


Ok chalo viren said almost tripping himself on his foot.

Dekh ker ! said niveditha getting up rather quickly,

Though she was quite used to his sudden idea blasts, she wanted to be on top of things. One never knows when one is dealing with Viren Sood.

Ok lets go, main abhi leker jatha hun thumhay he said dragging her to the parking lot.

Viren ruko, dheere please.. niveditha cried as she followed him.

Viren sprinted towards one of the cars that had been booked for their family. He started the engine and got outside to open the door for niveditha to sit.

Aapki sawari ready hai, Malika-e-Viren! He said waving his hands towards the car and inviting her to sit in it in a royal fashion.

Niveditha smiled at him and sat inside the car.

As he closed the car , he ran to the driver's side  and pulled the handle to open the door only to find that it was stuck.

Niveditha, kholo darwaza.. he said knocking at the glass

Viren had locked himself out!

Aise hi thumhay andar anay dun? Asked niveditha mockingly

Niveditha please, dair ho jayengay , pleaded viren. Ok thum jo mangogi main dungi abh open kero door ko please! Viren said with his hands folded.


Niveditha smiled opened the door for him.

Thanks! Viren exclaimed as he started the engine once more and placed his hands on the gear.

He then turned towards niveditha'

Voh side mirror sahih ker do please

Niveditha adjusted the mirror once and looked at viren, and then she adjusted it again as viren asked her to move it to the left.

Main kudh kertha hun, said viren as he moved towards her, crossing her, brushing against her body and setting up the mirror to his desired direction.

She had moved back trying to create as much distance as possible.


Oh ! ye tho automated hai , said viren returning to his seat to find some buttons on his left that were specifically made for adjusting the rear and front mirrors.

Niveditha did not miss his mischievous smile but she decided to let it go.


Viren started his car and they started heading towards their destination.


Thirty minutes later viren had stopped their car at a hilltop. He got out of the car and opened Niveditha's door.

Viren ye hum kahan aa gaye hain? Asked nivi.

Shh.. said viren as he quickly closed her eyes. He held her very close to himself.

Viren ye kya ker rahe ho, kahan leker jaa rahe ho, cried nivi.


Thumnay kaha na chalogi tho abh kiyun sawal ker rahi ho. Chalo aur sab pata chal jayega'

They walked for about 5 minutes..

Viren! Aa gaye kya asked niveditha every minute.

Shh.. ek min main aa jayengay.


He removed his hands from her eyes.

She slowly opened her eyes to and led out an audible gasp.

Her eyes saw the brightest white, snow-covered mountain. The peak of which was piercing through the clouds and the bottom infused elegantly with the very ground they stood on. She felt as if she was the mountain and it was she.

She looked around and found herself surrounded by a chain of such magnificence and then her sight rested upon him, who was more beautiful than everything put together.

His love and kindness towards her knew no bounds.

Viren walked up to her, with thoughtful steps that echoed her emotions with every distance that elapsed between them.

He took her hands, his loving fingers seeking hers, he brought them closer to his heart making her feel the heart that beat for her alone...


I love you Niveditha,


Her heart raced at the words uttered. Though she had heard him proclaim his love for her many times, but this time she felt the need to return it.

His proclamations was not mere words but were a question hurled at her.

He waited for her'

Niveditha tried to take her hands away from his grip but he held on to them tight. Though no words came out, she could hear his silent voice.

He continued to glare at the sweet face, which to him was a sign of perfect beauty, waiting' waiting.


Viren.. Came her voice as if wanting to escape from something'

Her throat stuck as if the words were refusing to come out of her mouth.

He looked at her intently, his gaze piercing her, helping her'


She stopped, at which viren tightly pulled her towards him.

She could feel his heart beat with hers, now, together, as one beat

Love you too'

She said and hugged him wishing to hide herself in his embrace.


Viren hugged her back with all his emotions. He felt pain, love, agony, ecstasy, worry, thrill and happiness all at once. It was as if they were waiting to come out of him for ages and had been hidden away from the sight of the world.

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Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Oh, wow!! Nivedita's confession!! Scene-5 completely floored me. You have so beautifully enacted the scene!! OMG, this was absolutely wonderful dear!! Really loved it!! Now, I only hope that the CTs could come at the very least half close to what your scene depicted!! Just marvelous!! Brilliant writing!! Thanks, so much, dear, as always for doing this for all of us..

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FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
I Was Crying When She Said "I ..." I Just Had That Feeling That Yes, Today's The Day.
And She Found Solace In His Arms ... OMV! ... HOW PERFECT!
Knowing The CT'S, I Cannot Expect This From Them. NO WAY.
This Was Just ... PERFECTOOOOO ...
Viren Was YEARNING For This ... How ... Magical And Enchanted! ...

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG *Hyperventilating* Oh Suchi you just killed me. Finally our chui mui said what Viren wanted to hear from her. My heart is still racing reading this scene. I am jumping with joy that finally Viren heard those three magic words from Mrs Nivedita Viren Sood. Embarrassed Thanks Suchi for making my weekend, to hell with CCBM CTs, we got one of our own.  Wink

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Suchi, Thank You So Much !! U have no idea what you have done ! After watching tonight's episode I was emotionally drained, but your scene especially Nivi's confession lifted my spirits completely !! Thank you a million times sweetheart !! U are truly my savior !!! *million hugs* Love you loads and loads !!!

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lams Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Suchi di you are a blessed soul nahin hote toh hamara brain aaj CT ne khaa liya hota ...thanks a lot ..for saving all of us from dying ...finally we get nivi's confession SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

real CCBM can go to hell and the CTs too now ..who cares TongueTongueTongueTongue

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene 6

Viren and Niveditha, if one were to see them from far apart, they would seem as one. One person, one soul, one love engulfed into each other with perfection.


Niveditha pulled herself away from his embrace. She looked down, slowly placing the strands of her hair behind her ears.

Ghar chalain asked viren

NIveditha nodded in agreement

Niveditha walked ahead of viren, looking at the gorgeous sight for one last time, drinking into its beauty and preserving the memories they created deep in her heart.

When she felt a sudden icy-cold , rock like thing slide into her insides.

Aaaa.. she screamed and turned to find viren bursting out with laughter. She realized that he had slipped a snow ball into her blouse.


Viren!! Ye thumnay kya kiyaa' ..

She said struggling to get the tiny piece of ice from her back. She tried reaching it with her hands but was unable to as it kept sliding down.

Main madad ker dun.. said viren

Nahi '.thum door raho,.. viren ye kya kiya .. said niveditha jumping as she tried further to remove the snow that had solidified inside of her.

As viren came close to her trying to remove it, niveditha , made a run for it.

He bent down and made another ball ..


Idhar aao warna ye bhi daal dunga' he said threateningly throwing the ball in his hands and catching it


Niveditha took her chance and came closer to him.

Abh aayi na rasthay per , he said , throwing the snow ball aside.

She could see the twinkling eyes that matched his mischievous smirk.


Viren went behind her to take the ice out from her back. He slowly placed his bare hands on the back of her neck. She could feel his cold hands on her and as she felt them sliding down she turned around quickly and put the snow ball inside his shirt.


EEEEE''. Ouch!!!! Nivi!!!

Niveditha who was already 5 feet away from his grasp , laughed out loud at his state.

Acha hua..

Main abhi aaya, thum rukho, viren ran towards her, both chasing each other and then with a great clash they fell on top of each other.

Viren was on the ground holding niveditha up with his both hands.

Her hair covered both of them as blanket, as if shielding them from prying eyes.

Viren removed his hands and let niveditha fall on top of him.


Nivi struggled to get up but viren had clasped his hands around her back not letting her get up.

Choro viren! Koi dekh lega.. she stammered


Nahi , ithnay dinon kay baad main pakad main aayi ho.. pagal hun ki aise hi chor dun! He replied

Please , choro.. she pleaded again'

Viren's grab tightened and he started rolling down hill.

They rolled and rolled, one on top of another, with snow flying all around them.

Vi're.. nahi' is all that niveditha could muster as she held on him tightly, as if hanging on to her dear life.


As rolled down to one of the lower levels of the hill, Niveditha clung on to viren.  Her head sticking on to his chest and his legs on top of hers.

It took her a minute before she realized that they had come to a hault.


She pushed viren away with her hands and got up, her cheeks were flushed red, hair wet with snow crystals and hands ice cold.

V..viren , ,.. pagal!

She looked and saw that viren was laying still with his eyes closed.

Viren, uto, abh ghar chalthay hain , please ,mujhe bohot thandi lag rahi hai'

She said brushing off snow from her saree..

Viren, ! , she bent down and tapped him on his chest


He grabbed and made her fall on him once again. 

Once more.... please! He said

Nahi' niveditha pushed him with all her strength and got up. Viren please abh chalo she said with her teeth clattering due to cold.

Viren immediately got up, removed his jacket and placed it around her.

They sprinted towards their car and as soon as they entered into it, viren turned on the heat.

Niveditha let out a huge sigh of relief as she rubbed her hands together in front of the ventilator.


Viren looked at her and relished every moment they spent there. The memories of niveditha confessing her love to him, her falling on top of him and them rolling down together, flashed across his mind, one after another.


Tand lag rahi hai? He asked her ,

Niveditha nodded shivering a bit

Shayad ye madad keray and with that viren placed his hands behind her neck softly, bringing himself closer to her, glaring her lips for a moment, as though giving it time to realize what was to happen but not enough to resist.

He then gently touched her lower lip with his, tasting the moistness of it for a second and moving back.

He saw that she had closed her eyes tight shut, her face was red and he could feel the heat emerging from it.


Abh ? he asked her..

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