Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani


Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani
Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani

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In the December 17episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Robert Hamilton humiliates Laxmibai about the poor preparedness of Jhansi's army. Laxmibai counters saying, the Company will have to make a hasty retreat if the citizens of Jhansi assemble on the battle field.

Their verbal duel is interrupted when Shyam Chaudhary announces his support to the Queen. East India Company officials are in a piquant situation: not only had Laxmibai rejected their demand but also had declared war against the Company. Lord Dalhousie's grand plans to annex the kingdom, is on the verge of coming apart.

At Barrackpore, when an untouchable drinks water from a Brahmin's vessel, Mangal Pandey slaps the man. The untouchable questions Mangal Pandey duplicity for feeling slighted when he and others maintained silence about the new cartridges issued by the British which had animal fat.

To verify the allegation, Mangal Pandey visits an ammunition factory and is shocked to learn that the untouchable's allegations were in fact true.

On March 29, 1857 at Barrackpore, Mangal Pandey and fellow troopers protest against the use of animal fat in cartridges. He also shoots the officer-in-charge sparking the first war of Indian Independence.

Laxmibai learns about Mangal Pandey's revolt. Laxmibai believes if her army joined hands with Mangal Pandey, the East India Company will no longer be able to rule in India.

2oth Dec.

When the news of revolt by Indian sepoys reaches Fort Williams, the Company officials are alarmed and fear the worst. Desperate to save the Company and its domains, the Governor General decides to exploit the feud between the kingdoms of Orcha and Jhansi.

Well aware that a confrontation with the Company was inevitable, Laxmibai starts preparations for battle. Understanding well the importance of artillery in battle with the British, she decides to build cannons. However, all attempts to build cannons fail and Laxmibai is forced to search for an expert gunner.

Laxmibai learns about Ghaus Khan who could strike terror on the enemy on battlefield.

Ghaus Khan, meanwhile, practices at the border of Orcha and Jhansi. British try to exploit the feud between the two kingdoms and Ghaus Khan is captured by the soldiers of Orcha.

Ghaus Khan is presented before the Orcha queen. At the same time, Tatya Tope and other aristocrats come searching for Ghaus Khan.

When Ghaus Khan and his aide are produced before the Orcha queen, they both refuse to work with anyone who side with the British. While the aide is immediately put to death, the queen is about to put Ghaus to death when she is stopped by the arrival of royal messenger from Jhansi.

The messenger informs about Laxmibai's desire to meet her personally. The Orcha queen reads the message and in a fit of fury tears it. The Orcha queen commands the messenger to inform that she will meet Laxmibai only on the battlefield.



In the December 21episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai refuses to duel with the Queen of Orcha as it was also part of India.

Tatya Tope and other courtiers are offended by the Queen of Orcha's reply to Laxmibai's message. They decide to teach the queen of Orcha a lesson and decide to march against Orcha.

Laxmibai stops Tatya Tope and other courtiers. She advises that it was not the right time to battle with other kingdoms.

Laxmibai decides to win over the Queen of Orcha by competing with her in the tournament organized by the Kingdom of Datia.

The king of Datia invites the Queen of Orcha to participate in the annual sports tournament. The Queen of Orjha is surprised on receiving the invite and comments that she had always kept away from the tournament due to the participation of Jhansi.

The messenger informs her that the King of Datia had invited her personally as he wanted Laxmibai to be defeated. The Queen of Orcha gets annoyed and decides to compete with Laxmibai.

Robert Hamilton informs Nelson about the tournament and the competition between the two queens. He adds that they must plan to aggravate the enmity further.

The queen of Orcha punishes Ghaus Khan for remaining loyal to Laxmibai.

Tatya Tope wishes Laxmibai and hands over the flag of Jhansi to her. On the other hand, queen of Orcha also prepares to defeat Laxmibai.

In the December 22episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, the tournament organized by the King of Datia begins.

The King of Datia thanks queen of Orcha, Ladai Sarkar for agreeing to participate in the tournament. The King praises Laxmibai for her success at the past tournaments.

Laxmibai's appearance electrifies the crowd. Ladai Sarkar fumes in anger.

The tournament begins. Representatives of each kingdom assemble on the field with their respective flags.

Ladai Sarkar and Laxmibai manage to outwit others and reach the final round. While racing to the finish line, Laxmibai tries to convince Ladai Sarkar that they must join hands to fight with the British.

Ladai Sarkar declines her offer and says that she would fight individually without anybody's assistance. She further states that she would prefer dying than to join hands with the Queen of Jhansi.

Nelson bribes a solider and tells him to inform Tatya Tope that the queen of Orcha had imprisoned Laxmibai. Tatya Tope and Raghunath were astonished on hearing the news.

Laxmibai continues to convince Ladai Sarkar to join forces against the British. Ladai Sarkar informs Laxmibai that she participated in the tournament only to warn her that she would capture Jhansi.

During the tournament, Laxmibai and Ladai Sarkar go in separate directions to hoist their flag in the December 23episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV.A loud screech is heard in the backgroundbut not much is revealed.

Raghunath informs the soldiers of Jhansi about Laxmibai's confinement. He motivates them and declares war on the kingdom of Orcha.

The solider whom Nelson had bribed informs Nelson about Raghunath's decision.

Meanwhile, an informant informs the commander of Orcha about the disappearance of Ladai Sarkar in between the tournament. Robert Hamilton signals the messenger and further instigates the commander that the king of Datia must have conspired against Ladai Sarkar. Unable to bear the loss of their queen, the commander of Orcha declares war on the kingdom of Datia.

Laxmibai wonders where Ladai Sarkar was. Just then, she hears someone whimpering in pain and she sees Ladai Sarkar holding a rock to save herself from falling from the top of hill. Laxmibai assures Ladai Sarkar that she would help her.

The commander of Orcha along with his army marches towards the kingdom of Datia.

Robert Hamilton is happy to see his plan moving smoothly.

Laxmibai saves Ladai Sarkar but in return Ladai Sarkar shoves Laxmibai. Laxmibai slips and holds on to a rock to save her life. Ladai Sarkar utters that she would not only hoist the flag in the tournament but also hoist it in the kingdom of Jhansi after capturing it.

Tatya Tope tells the army to march towards Orcha from the other direction.

Ladai Sarkar gallops away on her way to hoist the flag even as Laxmibai struggles for life

Tatya Tope, Raghunath and the soldiers of Jhansi enter the prison of Orcha. They believe that the queen of Orcha is plotting a big conspiracy against Laxmibai.

The prisoners who were imprisoned inform Tatya Tope and Raghunath that they were the citizens of Jhansi and the queen had forcibly imprisoned them. Raghunath assures them that they would be free.

A wicked Robert Hamilton smiles viciously on the execution of his plan. 



In the December 24episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Raghunath and Tatya Tope inform Ghaus Khan that Laxmibai has been imprisoned by Ladai Sarkar. However, Ghaus Khan refuses to believe them.

The spectators witnessing the tournament wonder where Ladai Sarkar and Laxmibai have disappeared. Just then, someone from the crowd notices one of the contenders heading towards the finishing line.

The king of Datai is surprised to see that it is Ladai Sarkar and is unhappy that Rani Laxmibai is no longer in the race. However, Laxmibai makes a dashing appearance on the playing field much to everyone's happiness.

Laxmibai turns to Ladai Sarkar and mentions that she is waving Jhansi's flag instead of her kingdom Orcha's. Ladai Sarkar throws away the flag in a fit of anger. But Laxmibai manages to grab it and heads towards the finishing line. She hoists the flags of Jhansi and Orcha together.

The commander of Orcha is surprised to see Ladai Sarkar and says that they were informed that she was captured by the king of Datai. Ladai Sarkar reprimands the commander for leaving the kingdom without securing it with any force.

Robert Hamilton comes to the game-field and informs Ladai Sarkar that Tatya Tope and his army had surrounded the Orcha palace. Ladai Sarkar gets annoyed hearing this and declares a war on Jhansi. She tries to attack Laxmibai but Laxmibai stops her.

Laxmibai explains to Ladai Sarkar that the British were poisoning their minds against one another. She convinces Ladai Sarkar to join her so that they could not only drive the British away from Orcha and Jhansi but also from their country. Ladai Sarkar sees reason in Laxmibai's offer and extends her friendship. Robert Hamilton is left stunned.

Tatya Tope tries to free prisoners from Orcha's prison but is stopped by Nelson and his soldiers.

Robert Hamilton finds his plan failing when Ladai Sarkar invites Laxmibai to visit the kingdom of Orcha.

On seeing Laxmibai and Ladai Sarkar's friendship in the December 27episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Robert Hamiltion interrupts and tells Ladai Sarkar that Jhansi's army had attacked the kingdom of Orcha.

Ladai Sarkar gets offended on Robert Hamilton's accusations and slaps him. Laxmibai mocks him that he has just seen the start of their unifying friendship. She warns him that when the entire country would unify he would have no place to escape.

Nelson and his army traps Tatya Tope and Raghunath who tried to free the prisoners from Orcha prison. Tatya Tope gets angry and says that if given a chance he would slash the enemy with a stroke of his sword.

Ladai Sarkar takes Laxmibai to a temple where her late husband king Privthvi Singh would often come to seek peace of mind.

Moropant is shocked when he learns that Laxmibai was accompanying Ladai Sarkar and senses trouble.

The story takes an interesting turn when Ladai Sarkar acts as if she was garlanding Laxmibai but suddenly transforms her action and chains her. Laxmibai is shocked to see the transformation and tells Ladai Sarkar that she would have to pay for her treachery.

Tatya Tope and Raghunath see a chained Laxmibai entering the prison and are at their wits end. Nelson mocks Laxmibai and warns her that Jhansi neither had a protector nor an army to protect it. He also reminds her that Anand was all alone in the palace.

In the December 28episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Robert Hamilton states that not only Jhansi but also Orcha must be captured by the East India Company.

In Orcha's court, Ladai Sarkar mocks Laxmibai on her bravery.  She orders her servants to place a mirror infront for Laxmibai so that she could see herself chained. Laxmibai stands firm and refuses to see herself in the mirror.

Ladai Sarkar states that the British were with her and that they would together capture the kingdom of Jhansi. She confirms the friendship between Orcha and Robert Hamilton.

Ladai Sarkar arrogantly declares that she would set ablaze the flag of Jhansi. Laxmibai thunders that the flag of Jhansi not only belonged to the kingdom of Jhansi but to the entire country.

Ladai Sarkar gets angry and sets the flag of Jhansi ablaze. In a quick response to the action, Laxmibai jumps on the flaming flag and douses the fire by rolling over it.

Laxmibai challenges Ladai Sarkar to war and mocks at her for betraying her by pretending to be her friend. Laxmibai also adds that Ladai Sarkar served the company and she is a puppet in their hands.

Robert Hamiltontries to convince Ladai Sarkar to not accept Laxmibai's challenge. Laxmibai's words instigate Ladai Sarkar and she accepts the challenge.

On the battle field, Ladai Sarkar reminds Laxmibai about the condition that if Laxmibai's army won before sunset she would release the Jhansi captives one by one from her prison. However, if they lost, Ladai Sarkar would order the captives from Jhansi to be killed. Laxmibai accepts her challenge.



In the December 29episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai address her army that they were facing their near and dear who had only donned the disguise of. She motivates them saying that they were fighting for the freedom of their country and must not spare anyone who comes in their way.

The battle between Jhansi and Orcha commences. A fiery battle ensues between the two armies. Laxmibai takes center stage and fights like a lioness on the battle field.

One of the enemy commanders hurls a spear at her making Laxmibai fall from her horse. She is immediately surrounded by the enemy guards. She recollects Anand's words to fight for her Jhansi and win the battle. Anand's words resonate in Laxmibai's mind.

Laxmibai gets motivated and fights with the enemy without her sword. However, the enemy soldiers trap her and she falls in to a pit.  Acharya manages to rescue the queen and helps her come out of the pit. 

The battle further continues and Jhansi proves itself and emerges victorious. Ladai Sarkar gets disappointed at her defeat. Laxmibai asserts that as per the promise she has to release one of Jhansi's prisoners from Orcha jail.

Raghunath is released from Orcha jail shows his willingness to participate in the next day's battle. Laxmibai tells him to take rest and visit the physicianfor his injuries.

Local tribalsapproach Laxmibai and show her their spears which can pierce even metal. They offer to give these to the queen for use in the battle.

However, Laxmibai politely refuses them saying that she intended to reform the army of Orcha and did not want to kill them. The traitor Rai Dulaju who is present there decides to inform to the queen of Orcha about the spears.

The leader of the tribes who had offered spears to Laxmibai gets impressed hearing her views in the December 30 episode of Jhansi ki Rani aired on Zee TV. He assures her that the spear's unique qualities would be kept a secret.

Robert Hamilton refuses to participate in the war since he had informed Ladai Sarkar that she was committing a big blunder for releasing and accepting Laxmibai's challenge.  

Major Ellis assures Laxmibai that the East India Company would not interfere in the war which was being fought between Orcha and Jhansi.

Major Ellis goes to Orcha's palace for some official work and is surprised to see Rai Dulaju there. Ladai Sarkar insists the two to have some refreshments before they could leave. Major Ellis states that he is busy and he has to leave immediately.

Aware of Rai Dulaju's treacherous behavior towards Jhansi, Ladai Sarkar serves him the best food and drink. Rai Dulaju, in his drunken state, reveals about the poisonous spears that the tribals offered Laxmibai which could pass through metal.

Nathey Khan, Ladai Sarkar's army commander, overhears about the poisonous spear and opines that they should lay their hands on the spears. Ladai Sarkar is elated and orders Nathey Khan to find the man who had the spears.

However, the tribal refuses to handover the poisonous spears to the wicked Ladai Sarkar. Nathey Khan threatens to kill him and his entire tribe. Ladai Sarkar forcibly takes all his weapons in her charge and tells the commander to distribute them among their solders. She also orders that the tribal community would lead tomorrow's war.

Ladai Sarkar is definite that with the help of these spears she would win back the kingdom of Jhansi.

Laxmibai worships Gangadhar Rao's portrait and promises him that she will and always protect her Jhansi till her last breath.

The armies of both the kingdoms take their positions for the war. Nathey's words regarding the poisonous spears resonate in Ladai Sarkar's mind.

In the December 31episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, the war between Orcha and Jhansi begins. Ladai Sarkar's shrewd move to enlist tribals proves costly for Jhansi.

Laxmibai is shocked at her army's performance. Jolted by her army's repeated failure to counter the attacks, Laxmibai enters the field.

Ladai Sarkar is surprised to see the women of Jhansi fighting. Laxmibai declares that not only the men but even the women of Jhansi would die to free their kingdom.  

Despite her numerical strength, Jhansi is defeated. Raghunath tries to convince Laxmi aginst joining the battle. However, Laxmibai dismisses his fears and declares she can not lose any more soldiers.

Laxmibai finds a corpse near her tent with a message from Ladai Sarkar. The message commands Laxmibai to withdraw from the war or else be prepared to see the corpse of Tatya Tope.

Nathey Khan warns Ladai Sarkar that her rude behavior towards her soldiers may prove costly during war. Ladai Sarkar makes Nathey Khan understand that if she was not concerned about the safety of her soldiers, she would have not enlisted the help of tribals.

Laxmibai decides to fight Orcha and states that it is her moral responsibility to protect her Jhansi and its subjects.



In the January 3 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai learns from Raghunath that Nathey Khan was Ladai Sarkar's chief aide.

Rao Dulaju warns that Nathey Khan being very brave, it would be difficult to capture him. Laxmibai declares her plan for the next day: capture Ladai Sarkar dead or alive and free Tatya Tope and other prisoners captured by the queen of Orcha.

The war between the two kingdoms commences again. Laxmibai captures Nathey Khan and make him a prisoner.

In the previous episode, Ladai Sarkar is furious at Tatya Tope after he slaps her. In the January 4 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Ladai Sarkar commands her soldiers to imprison Tatya Tope

Anand refuses to eat food and insists on being fed by his mother. Moropant fears for Anand's health. Moropant informs the Raj Vaidya, who examines the prince. 

Laxmibai learns from Rao Dulaju about the arrival of a messenger from Orcha. Ladai Sarkar offers to release Tatya Tope in return for Nathey Khan. Laxmibai agrees and decides that the prisoner exchange would occur on the battlefield.

Laxmibai learns about Anand not having consumed any food. Unknown to Laxmibai, Rao Dulaju is plotting a conspiracy at the directions of Ladai Sarkar to prevent the Jhansi Queen from participating in the battle. Laxmibai is in a quandary when Anand insists on the Queen keeping him company.

In the January 5 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Rao Dulaju advices Laxmibai against participating in the battle considering that Anand was ill. He offers to fight in her place and assures not to leave the arena till his last breath.

Robert Hamilton is happy to see Laxmibai's decision not to participate in the battle.

While sitting in her camp taking care of Anand, Laxmibai's thoughts are about Jhansi. She misses her husband and feels that if Gangadhar Rao had been alive, Jhansi would never have experienced her current plight.

On the battlefield, Raghunath announces that as per the agreement Ladai Sarkar has to release Tatya Tope and they would release Nathey Khan. Tatya Tope and Nathey Khan walk towards their respective armies.

Hamilton signals his officer to set fire to the explosives planted near the battle arena. Meantime, Ladai Sarkar signals Nathey Khan to mount the horse heading in his direction.  

Before Tatya Tope could smell trouble, the explosion occurs. Raghunath, Acharya and the Pradhan Mantri are left motionless with shock: Tatya Tope is dead.

Acharya orders the war to be stopped to perform Tatya Tope's funeral rites.

Laxmibai and Sunder are surprised to hear the alarms signaling the end of war. Sunder points out that it usually happens when a royal or a senior commander is killed in battle.

Ladai Sarkar is sure that Laxmibai would avenge Tatya Tope's death. She asks Robert Hamilton to assist her in her plans to wipe out Laxmibai.



In the January 6 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV,  Laxmibai is stunned when she sees Tatya Tope's corpse. She is shattered by his death.

Archarya declares Jhansi will avenge the death of Tatya Tope. He further states that the war would continue till Jhansi's victory.

Shattered by Tatya Tope's death, Laxmibai decides to call off the war.

Meanwhile, Ladai Sarkar rejoices when Nathey Khan reaches her camp safely. The soldiers of Orcha praise their queen.

Rao Dulaju informs Ladai Sarkar about Laxmibai's decision to withdraw form the war. Ladai Sarkar is satisfied and is happy that now she would be able to overtake Jhansi in no time.

Laxmibai informs Acharya that when she saw the hand of the corpse she realized that Tatya Tope is still alive. She further states that Ladai Sarkar would not kill Tatya Tope unless she wins the battle.

Ladai Sarkar mocks Tatya Tope and tells him that not only the soldiers but also the queen of Jhansi had bought the news about his death. Ladai Sarkar adds that she has almost won the battle to which Tatya Tope bravely replies that time would declare who will be victorious in the battle.

Acharya is tensed about the number of supporters Ladai Sarkar has on her side. Laxmibai states that she would not risk the lives of her soldiers but will save Tatya Tope by disguising herself as Krantiguru.

Tatya Tope is surprised to see Ladai Sarkar arrive in the prisoner's tent. He deduces that Laxmibai must have done something extraordinary during the battle.

Nathey Khan remains to his Queen and warns Laxmibai that Ladai Sarkar would not be handicapped by his capture.

Ladai Sarkar tries to bribe Tatya Tope to switch loyalties. Tatya Tope, however, insults her.

Ladai Sarkar tries to malign Laxmibai's name by alleging that she had developed physical relations with Major Ellis. Tatya Tope gets offended and slaps the queen of Orcha.

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