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The Mysterious Night |ArSh&RM| Completed | Mar 19 (Page 16)

reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged

Part 7


She sets it to private as she doesnt want Armaan to recognize her number.


"Hello?" Armaan answers.


"Hello am calling from CIA..we need your information and all information you give must be valid or you can get answer my questions honestly" Shilpa speaks changing her voice.


"CIA? leking CIA mein toh main hoon...who is this girl?' Armaan wonders


"Hello..Mr. Malik..are you following what am saying?" Shilpa asks strictly.


Gesturing to  his colleagues Armaan tells them to trace the address.


"May I know your name?" Armaan asks till the address is being traced.


Looking in the mirror one last time Muskaan gets out of the car and follows Rahul in the restaurant.


There was a party going on in the house. The people there seemed from good families.


"Rahul is party mein kya kar raha hai?" Muskaan asks herself looking around.


She sees Rahul smiling while talking to some girl.


" of em must have invited him" Muskaan shakes her head and goes towards where he was.


"Hello, I am Shruti" Muskaan says in a playful voice.


"Hi this is Rahul" he smiles. The other girl with Rahul had left as somebody had called her.


"So Rahul...what do you do?" She asks.


"I am....a business man" he replies.


"Oh but you don't look like look more like a don or something" Muskaan says smiling continuously.


"Shilpa...why are you after me? You have already ruined my life and what else do you want??" Armaan yells on the phone after finding out that it was her address


"Leave me alone damn it" saying that he hangs up not wanting to listen to her again.


"Main aur don? What makes you think that?" Rahul asks curiously as nobody had ever told him such a thing.


"Your face of course" Muskaan laughs.


'Oh Muskaan hai...I knew something was wrong' Rahul thinks.


"Hey have you been? Long time huh" Rahul hugs Dia purposely, but his eyes are fixed on Muskaan's changing expressions...from smiley face to jealousy. "


Aww I missed you Rahul" Dia kisses his cheeks.


"I missed you too sweety" Rahul smiles.


As he walks off with Dia amidst many other fawning girls, Muskaan backs out of the room as tears unknowingly fall down her cheek.


Armaan bangs the table.


"Why the hell is she after me?? One minute she says get away, but she on her own tries to get information about me! Can't understand this girl!" he sighs running a hand through his hair.


Smiling sadly, Rahul look at the door which Muskaan just exited out of "Sorry Muskaan, but I can't trust you with my heart again.. it's still healing for your earlier blow.." Rahul whispers.


As Muskaan stands on the road crying, she feels the rain coming down.


Shilpa widens her eyes in shock, still holding the phone to her ear. As the situations slowly daunts on her, the phone drops to the ground as she falls as well.


Crouching on the road, Muskaan pulls off her wig tears falling out non-stop.


"I.. I lost him.." Shilpa whispered to herself.. "For sure... he will never come back.." Shilpa shouts a little louder.


"Why do you do this to me Rahul?? Why? Why do I feel like this when I see you with others? Why do I feel like drowning in your eyes??" Muskaan cries out.


"But mujhe kyu bura lag raha hai? Cause I didn't get the proof?" Shilpa asks herself "No.. " she replies as she knows deep down that the reason is something totally different.


"What is this feeling?" Muskaan asks herself.


"I.. I love him.." Shilpa whispers softly to herself "I.. love Armaan" she says a little louder, as if confirming this discovery with her heart.


Standing up, Muskaan holds out her arms in the rain, as she lifts her face upward "Kuch khaas hai.. kuch paas hai.." she sings slowly.


"I do love him!!" Shilpa says standing up, smiling at her reflection in the mirror.


"Kuch ajnabee ehsaas hai.... shayad yeh pyaar hai..." Muskaan whispers. As she realizes, and accepts the love with all her heart, Muskaan opens her arms wider, as she lets the rain drench her completely.


"I'm in love!!" she shouts to the raindrops. "With my parent's gunegaar.." Shilpa says.


"I love Rahul" Muskaan says looking up. "Did you tell him that?" A lady in her mid 50s asks.


"Ji?" Muskaan looks at her.


"Did you tell Rahul that you love him?" She asks.


"" Muskaan replies looking down.


"May I ask why?" The lady asks.


"Cause..he killed my dad" Muskaan says finally looking at the lady.


"What?? That's not possible unless you dad committed some crime" The lady replies in a shock.


"Crime?" Muskaan asks.


"Yes, cause Rahul is a cop..and so is my other son Armaan..and they don't kill innocent people" She says noticing Muskaan's confused face.


"You are their mom?" Muskaan asks to make sure.


"Yes I am" the lady smiles.


"Just a minute aunty" Saying that Muskaan calls Shilpa and tells her to come there quickly.


As soon as Shilpa comes over the lady takes them back in the house.


Rahul had left cause of some urgent phone call.


Mrs. Malik takes them into an empty room and closes the door.


"Ok ab batao what made you think that Armaan and Rahul killed your father?" Mrs. Malik asks.


"Cause on the New Years night we saw them outside our house with guns in their hand and driving away as fast as they could" Shilpa informs.


"Yes and when we entered our house...we saw our dad in a pool of blood..and our unconscious mom right next to him" Muskaan adds with tears in her eyes.


"That was the worst night of our lives as well" Mrs. Malik says staring into a space, lost in deep thoughts.


"Kya hua aunty?" Shilpa asks placing her hand on her shoulder.


"That daughter had been shot by some crazy guy who went around killing people for no reason" Mrs. Malik says remembering the painful night "And Rahul and Armaan had gone after him but he didn't get daughter Isha didn't survive..she was only 18" Mrs. Malik cried.


"So that means...the same guy killed her father" Shilpa stated as tears rolled down her cheeks.


Both Muskaan and Shilpa hugged Mrs. Malik and cried.


"Aunty...we'll be your daughters from now on" Shilpa smiled through her tears.


"But..we already lost them" Muskaan says "They won't accept us back..cause we broke their hearts" she adds holding Mrs. Malik's hand.


"If they truly loved you..then they will accept you, I will help you both" she smiles at them.


As all three get into a group hug, they hear a car coming up on the driveway.

"That must be one of them" Mrs.Malik says getting up.


"Aunty hum log chalte hai" Muskaan says cautiously looking towards the front door, cause she didn't want to be caught by any of the guys.


"Itni kya jaldi hai beta?" Mrs. Malik asks.


"No aunty, woh.. they won't be happy to see us here" Shilpa explains.


"Also, we don't want to win them with sympathy and emotional sentiments and all.. we want to just win them with our love for them" Muskaan smiles.


"Now I know confirmed that you two are perfect for my sons" Mrs. Malik smiles and blesses them.


Showing them the back door so that they don't get caught, she goes to open the front door.


"Arey Armaan beta.. kya itne bheeg gaye tum? Sardi ho jayegi tumhe" she says immediately getting a towel and drying his hair.


"Thanks mom! You're the best!" Armaan smiles, feeling calmer with his mom's touch.


"Kya hua beta?" she asks as he leans his head back.


"Woh.. mom.. actually nothing. Just work related" he gives her a small smile "Rahul kaha hai?"


"Woh kuch der pehle bahar gaya.. kaam ke silsile main.. aata hi hoga.. zara phone lagaun usse" she says picking up the cordless and dialing his number.


"Rahul beta.. kaha ho?"


"Mom main bas paanch minute main aaraha hoon."


"Theek hai beta."


"Hey Bro!" Rahul says walking in through the front doors.


"Hey Rahul.. hum chale?" he asks, intending to go back to their other house.


"Nahi tum dono aaj raat yahin raho" Mrs. Malik says strictly.


"But mom.." Rahul argues.


"Arey zara humare saath bhi time bitao" Mr. Malik says walking in.


"Hey dad!" Rahul says giving his dad a big hug.


"So you two are staying here na?" Mr. Malik asks ruffling Armaan's hair.


"Yes sure dad" Armaan replies.


"She is so nice na" Shilpa says as they sit for dinner.


"Yeah, she is really sweet" Muskaan smiles.


"Now we need to win them back" Shilpa smirks.


"Yup..thats our next mission" Muskaan winks


"And yeah let's call mom after has been a while since we talked to her" "Yes and after everything settles down..we can call her here" Shilpa grins.


"Mom we badly need head massage" Rahul says walking in her room along with Armaan.


"Sure..come sit" Mrs. Malik smiles. Armaan hands her the oil bottle.


"I'll go first" Rahul says quickly sitting in front of their mom.


"I wanted to go first" Armaan pouts hugging Mrs. Malik from side.


"Tum dono na..ab tak bachon ki tarah larte ho" Mrs.Malik laughs.

- - - - - - - - - -

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Part 8 - Page 21

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krazy4kash Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
yay................they finally found out the truth.....................i love the new mission................hehe................hoping it will be successful..............update soon

thx 4 d pm

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moonlight2630 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
awesome job love this update waiting 4 next.Thumbs Up

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged

i knew it....

so cops haan....

truth is out....nw they have to win A R back....

thnx for the pm.................

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
yess, finally the truth has come out to shilpa-muskaan about their father's death, please do continue soon and hopefully ArSh and RM get together soon! thanks for the pm!

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-Ri. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
gosh, this was such an unexpected part..takes like a whole U-turn LOL
Glad the girls realised..can't wait till they get in action with their mission :D xx

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
Awe during their mission to find out armaan and rahuls motive they found out they're in love but also the truth Woop but now they've got to win them back and awe they're brother and their mum is so nice anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
amazing part guys loved it

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