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The Mysterious Night |ArSh&RM| Completed | Mar 19 (Page 12)

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
amazing yaar
loved it

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
nice part very interesting plz write more soon :D

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shalika Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged

nyc part 
mystery mystery mystery :)
continue soon 
thnx for d pm :)
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
story is unfolding in gr88 suspense...
amazing ud guys...
update soon...
thnx for the pm...
-Im-Possible- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
hey nice update,luv it.............
waiting for the next part, update soonnnnnnnnn .....................
reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Thank you for all your comments Hug

Part 5

Rahul walks down the street looking for Muskaan.
Armaan enters their house, the door was already open.
Walking by a park, Rahul sees Muskaan on a bench.
"Muskaan" he spoke placing his hand on her should.
"Leave me alone" she screams getting up.
"Why are you here Armaan? To kill me?" Shilpa asks furiously.
"No Shilpa, I just came to know what had exactly happened that night" he says sitting next to her but she moves away.
"Muskaan listen it's important for us to know what had happened..." Rahul says holding her arm, trying to stop her from walking away.
"You already know everything!!" Muskaan shouts.
"No, we don't know anything" Armaan says frustrated.
"You killed our dad na...tell me one thing what had he done to you guys? Why did you have to kill him?" Shilpa cries.
"We didn't kill anyone damn it" Armaan yells.
"You are a liar..." Muskaan gets out of his grip and runs away.
"I don't wanna hear anything Armaan..just leave...get out of our house" Shilpa pushes Armaan out her room and locks it.
Armaan calls up Rahul to know if he had found Muskaan.
Rahul told him that she isn't willing to say anything.
Reaching home, Muskaan walked into Shilpa's room and hugged her tightly.
Both girls felt extremely dejected..their parents' culprits weren't owning up to their crime, and although the girl's didn't know.. their hearts had started becoming someone elses.
"We have to get them to talk to us!!" Armaan shouts, slamming the fridge door shut as he watches Rahul pacing the length of the living room.
"It's gonna be hard dude" Rahul states "They don't even want to look at us, forget talking to us.."
"Yes.. but there is something.. some misconception for sure.. What in the world makes them think we killed their father?" Armaan sighs running his hand through his hair.
"Beats me.. I don't think they could have been talking about the guy we are thinking about.. cause he's alive." Rahul replies.
"Wait a minute.." Rahul starts off after a few minutes of silence "You.. you think they were acting this whole time.. like they were in.. love with us?" he whispers.
Although Armaan didn't reply, the look on his face was enough to confirm that he believed the same.
"I need some time alone.." Armaan says walking into his room and shutting the door behind him.
Falling back on the couch, Rahul pulls up a picture of Muskaan on his phone, and touches her face slowly.
"Ok I don't want to do this but they didn't leave any choice...we'll have to spy on them" Shilpa says wiping her wet hairs with towel.
"Yup, we will have to spy cause we can't just leave them like that...they have to pay for their sins" Muskaan says gritting her teeth.
"Armaan, did you leave this gun out here?" Rahul frowns looking at the gun on the couch.
"Oh yeah I was cleaning it" Armaan says taking it away
"We have a case was getting ready" "I still can't get over the fact that the girls aren't with us" Rahul sighs and sits on the couch with his head down.
"I know man...I was thinking to take a leave from work, I won't be able to concentrate" Armaan says holding back his tears "Why did you do that Shilpa...why?" he sighs closing his eyes.
"We can't skip work..let's go" Rahul says getting up.
"Ok let me grab the address..." Saying that Armaan takes a piece of paper from the table and they head out.
"Shilpa...why are they going in the wrong direction?" Muskaan asks seeing their car.
"I don't know..let's just follow them" Shilpa says driving slowly.
They were 2 cars behind them so the guys can't see them. After driving for about 15 minutes, the guys car stops near some old factory.
It was a very quiet place, nobody was around. Shilpa and Muskaan parked the car few feet away behind a huge tree.
"Why are they here? Am scared Muski" Shilpa says nervously.
"Should we go inside and check?" Muskaan asks.
"No, let's leave from doesnt seem like a safe place" Shilpa says looking around.
"Yes, lets go back" Muskaan says agreeing.
"We can wait for them outside their office" Shilpa suggests as they drive back.
"Yup am sure they are will go to work today" Muskaan says.
"Arey yaar when will they come" Muskaan asks after they wait for nearly three hours outside the guys' workplace.
"Don't know.. should we go back to that place and check?" Shilpa asks.
Just as Muskaan is about to reply, she sees the familiar black car pulling into a parking spot. "Lo here they come" Muskaan says keeping her eyes on them.
As Rahul walks out of the car, Muskaan sees a big cloth band-aid around Rahul's upper arm, with a hint of blood in the center.
Seeing this her first instinct is to run up to him, and make sure he is fine, but she clings tightly onto the door to stop herself.
Shilpa pats her shoulder as they continue looking at the guys.
Armaan walks up behind Rahul, but stops in his tracks as he pulls something out of his pocket.
Looking closely, the girls gasp as they realize it's a gun.
"I knew it!!" Shilpa clenches her fist as the guys disappear into the building; the girls look at each other not knowing what to say.
One part of them was angered to see the proof, but another part was disappointed. After the guys' denial yesterday, deep down in their hearts, they wishes that was the truth, but now seeing the picture in front of them, they didn't have any doubt in their mind about the guys.
"Let's go" Muskaan says pulling out of the parking lot.
"Okay from now we need to keep an eye on the guys, cause they refuse to admit the truth to us, but they might let out the truth by mistake one day... and we'll be there to catch them red-handed." Shilpa says stone-faced.
"Yes sir...ok..yeah he is fine, no sir they were sir we'll handle them some other time...don't worry sir, they won't stay alive for long...yes..ji sir theek hai..bye" hanging up the phone Armaan walk up to Rahul, who was lying on the couch in pain.
"How are you feeling now?" Armaan asks taking a seat next to him.
"Fine...though I really wish Muskaan was here with take care of me" Rahul says.
"In a way, it's good that the girls are not here with us cause if they were..they would have found out the truth" Armaan says "But I miss her too" he adds.
"Rahul theek toh hoga na?" Muskaan asks restlessly.
"Quit worrying..he is not worth it" Shilpa says while cleaning the kitchen counter.
"Yeah..ok so kal ka plan kya hai?" Muskaan asks putting away the leftover food in the fridge.
"We will go to their office after work..." Shilpa replies.
"Hmm..but they spend very less time in their office...we need to find out where else they go after work" Muskaan says remembering how the guys were out of their office in less than 2 hours.
"May be they just went home cause Rahul was hurt" Shilpa says.
"That's possible but we still need to make sure that they went home only" Muskaan sighs.
"Armaan, you haven't eaten anything...kuch toh khale?" Rahul says looking at Armaan staring at a space.
"Nahi yaar...bhook nahi hai" Armaan gets up and goes to his room.
Both the guys are heartbroken due to their break ups. And they don't have any hopes of winning the girls back as they know that the girls weren't in love with them and were just...pretending.
Walking into Rahul's room in the evening to check on him, Armaan sees Rahul looking at his phone.
He immediately knows what Rahul is looking at, but doesn't know what to do as he himself is going through same thing.
"We need to do something to clear our minds.." Armaan thinks to himself.
"Oye Rahul.. chal let's go" Armaan says putting up a forced smile on his face.
"Where?" Rahul asks hurriedly sutffing his phone back into his pocket.
"Don't know.. but I dont want to just sit at home man.. let's go somewhere!"
 "Alright.. will be out in a bit" Rahul says rushing to the washroom to freshen up his look.
Washing their faces, and shaving of the stubbles, the guys look handsome in their blue denims and unbuttoned shirts.
"We can't just spend our time locked up in the house.." Armaan winks as they head off.
Reaching a club Armaan parks the car.
"Let's go and let ourselves loose!" Armaan grins looking at Rahul, as he grins back.
"One tequlia" Armaan says taking a seat at the bar.
"Some white wine" Rahul says taking a seat next to him, as his eyes scan the crowd on the dance floor.
"See they don't even care about the break up...looks like they wanted to be free from us" Muskaan says walking into the club.
"Ma'am all the girls in the club are wearing masks can pick the masks of your choice from the basket there" A guy at the door shows them a golden basket which had masks in them.
"Perfect..." Shilpa smiles evilly, taking one of the masks.
The girls look for the guys...finally finding them on the dance floor they go near them.
"They are drunk" Muskaan says shaking her head.
Looking at them dancing with bunch of girls around them, Shilpa and Muskaan's blood boils.
They didn't know why but they hated seeing the guys with other girls. Were they jealous? It shouldn't bother them if they were just pretending to be in love with them.
"Ughh these girls are shameless" Shilpa says seeing the girls getting closer to Armaan...and same was going on with Rahul.
"Let's do something about them" Muskaan says going forward.
Pushing the girls away both the girls start dancing with the guys.
The lights turn dim and the music changes from fast to slow.
All the couples in the club were dancing on the slow romantic music.
Shilpa's heart skipped a beat feeling Armaan's hand on her waist. She placed her hand on his shoulder and held his other hand.
Looking deep into Rahul's eyes Muskaan gets lost. Her heart aches seeing pain in his eyes.
"Hold your partners close to you" the DJ says, as the tu jaane na, in Atif Aslam's soothing voice plays in the background.
Tightening his grip on the girl's waist, Rahul slightly whispers the words.
Muskaan's breathe hitches as she feels his warm breath on her cheek.
Turning the girl in his arms, Armaan pulls her back as her back hits his chest.
Swaying slightly to the song, Armaan moves his face closer to the silky hair.
Shilpa closes her eyes as she feels her losing herself with his every touch.
"Tu jaane don't know Muskaan.." Rahul whispers.
Hearing her name, Muskaan pulls herself back worried that she was caught, but seeing the faraway look on his face, she understands that he was just thinking about her.
Finding it hard to control herself, Shilpa pulls herself out of Armaan's grip and rushes out.


Please do comment....Embarrassed

Suggestions and Criticisms are welcome! 


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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
hawwwwwww the guys are heartbroken..and that part where the guys realized ke the girls were acting was so sad :(

hmmm girls now spying.. and omg guns? what are these guys upto?? Shocked

awwwww the end was cute how the girls did get jealous and push aside the other girls and dance with their men Embarrassed

hmm Shilpa ran off again.. wonder what will happen next Ermm

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
Nice part....

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