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The Mysterious Night |ArSh&RM| Completed | Mar 19

reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone Big smile

Shilpa (sweet.melody) and I are back once again with a new FF Embarrassed LOL
It's a pretty different concept as you can by the name and it will be interesting..
Yes we know...we already have 2 other ongoing ffs...but we promise to update them all at the same timeEmbarrassed
Hope you guys will enjoy reading itEmbarrassed

The Mysterious Night


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reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Part 1

"Shona this is not fair'you can't just kidnap us" Armaan says as Muskaan closes the car door after pushing Armaan in.
"Baby'you could at least tell us the place na? pleaseeee??" Rahul asks as Muskaan sits in.
"Armaan we are not kidnapping you'we're just taking you somewhere" Shilpa replies as she drives.
"Yeah and just don't open your mouths'or we'll throw you both in some river or something" Muskaan says closing her eyes as she was really tired.
"Name the placeeee" Armaan screams.
"Shut up Armaan..and don't worry we're not gonna kill you or anything" Shilpa replies getting irritated.
"Armaan, I think I know where they are taking us" Rahul whispers.
"Where?" Armaan asks curiously.
"Doesn't this street look familiar?" Rahul says making Armaan look out the window.
"Yup..kind of..but I don't know where it takes us" Armaan says still looking out the window.
"Acha Muski'can we stop somewhere? Woh kya hai na'maine aur Armaan ne ab tak lunch nahi kiya'we were waiting for you guys" Rahul smiles trying to hold Muskaan's hand but she hits his hand.
"We already ate'you will have to wait till dinner" Muskaan replies.
"Oye'they are taking us to the hookah bar" Armaan's eyes were wide open.
"Oh shit'that means they were there that night huh" Rahul says thinking about last week when their friend had forced them to go to his party at the hookah bar.
"Am not ready to die yet'are you?" Armaan asks nervously.
"No!! Abhi toh I have many things planned'I can't just die" Rahul says.
"Can you guys stop whispering? It's annoying" Shilpa shouted.
"See we are at this hookah bar'am gonna KILL Atul for forcing us to come here'" Armaan says getting worried about what will Shilpa and Muskaan will do to them.
"Belly dance dekhne ka bohot shauk hai na tum dono ko" Muskaan says pulling Rahul out of the car. And Shilpa pulled out Armaan.
Pushing the guys onto the chairs, the girls walk through a door in the far corner of the club.
"Where did those two go now?" Armaan asks.
"Beats me.. dude you think??" Rahul replies
"What? Oh that?? No ways!!"
"I have to admit.. I would be a little freaked out if they started belly dancing in front of us.." Rahul gulps.
"Dream on dude.. it ain't your lucky day.. consider yourself lucky if you get out of here alive!" Armaan puts on a grim expression.
"Should we do it now Shilpa?" Muskaan whispers, looking at the guys through the camera they had installed there previously.
"In the middle of the club Muskaan? You serious? What if the cops find out?" Shilpa says.
"I'm tired of this drama.. you know why I'm so interested in keeping him healthy right.. but refuses to listen!" Muskaan runs her hand through her hair.
"I know what you mean.. I hate how they get all close to us.. I just want to end this asap and start a new life.. but this isn't the place for such a rash act.. It's daylight.. and there aren't too many people in the bar..we need a secluded place." Shilpa suggests.
"Yes.. but we tried it at the cliff last time, and it didn't work out' lucky bast***s keep getting too lucky'but it won't last forever" Muskaan says with an evil glint in her eye.
"Yup! So right now.. let's just put on a faade and start our drama.. we need to act convincing."
"Haven't we been doing that for the past nine months" Muskaan sighs.
"I know' but just a little bit more'and we will achieve our goal!" Shilpa smiles determinedly.
"Alright.. here I go.." Muskaan says taking one last look at Rahul and Armaan in the camera.
"Rahul, yes we had seen you guys that night'staring at the belly dancers and having fun with hookah and all.." Muskaan says in a hurt tone.
"Armaan, if you wanted to come here then you could have brought us here too na'you should have invited us'but let me guess'you guys are embarrassed of us?" Shilpa asks coming out as well.
"No actually'our friend" Rahul tries speaking but Muskaan cuts him off.
"We don't wanna know the reason'all we know is that we don't really think this relationship is going anywhere" Muskaan says looking at Shilpa and then the guys' faces.
"We are sorry'we won't do that'at least listen to us once?" Armaan pleaded.
"That's what we've been doing from past 9 months Armaan'listening to you and forgiving, relationships don't work this way you know" Shilpa replies placing her hand on his shoulder.
"We really love you guys'" Rahul says getting up and looking deeply into Muskaan's eyes.
That's the thing she hated about Rahul.
No matter how hard she tried to get away from him, but his eyes would always stop her from doing anything.
"You don't wanna be in this relationship?" Armaan asks Shilpa..holding her hand in his.
Armaan's touch always made her shiver'but she has to end this. Her heart doesn't want to agree but her head is telling her to do something else.
Muskaan and Shilpa looked at each other helplessly.
"Just a minute Armaan...I..need some water I'll be back" Shilpa says taking her hand back.
Muskaan followed her.
"They seem serious about this Rahul'" Armaan says looking down.
"Yes, we love them though'more than our lives, I'll die without her" Rahul sighs.
"Yeah same here'"
"Muskaan I can't'" Shilpa says trying to stop her tears.
"We have to Shilpa'remember what they did to our parents?" Muskaan says as treas rolls down her cheeks.
"But may be it really wasn't their fault'" Shilpa say holding Muskaan's hand.
"It is their fault'I don't know why we melt every time'please Shilpa'be strong" Muskaan assures her.
"Ok let's just do it" Shilpa smiles at Muskaan and they both walk out.
"Rahul.. I.. I can't do this anymore" Muskaan says looking downward.
"But.. Musk.." Rahul says edging closer, only to see Muskaan move further.
"No Rahul..this isn't working.." Muskaan continues, looking everywhere except him.
"If you are so certain look into my eyes and say it" Rahul says, his heart feeling like it's being ripped to pieces.
"Noo.. what kind of stupidity if that? I said it's over.. means it's over!" Muskaan shouts before rushing out.
Rahul slumps onto the chair watching her retreating figure.
"Armaan.." Shilpa starts off maintaining her distance from Armaan.
"No Shona.. you can't do that to me!" Armaan says pulling Shilpa close by her shoulders.
"Armaan you are hurting me!!" Shilpa says trying to pull out of his grip.
She knows she is lying about the pain.. cause he would never treat her like that.. he was always gentle with her.. but she couldn't be like this in his arms.. his touch was her weakness.
"Shona.. you are hurting me.." Armaan rests his palm on her cheek "Just listen to me once na?" Armaan asks, rubbing his thumb over her soft skin.
"A..a..okay.." Shilpa sighs.
"I know.. that was not right of me to do that. But I didn't do any of it with any wrong intentions.. and it's not that I don't trust you either.." Armaan says holding her hand "I trust you with my life!"
Shilpa's head shoots up hearing the last part of what he said, and silent tears start streaming down her cheek.
"Shona.." Armaan asks shaking her worriedly.
Thinking it was the atmosphere, Armaan takes her outside.
"Don't cry.. I promise this won't happen again" Armaan squeezes her hand gently.
Rushing back into the same room they were in before, Muskaan wipes away her so-called tears.
But she has to admit.. a part of her did feel the pain of separation when she did that to Rahul, but she convinced herself saying that this was needed.
"I will win her back" Rahul says standing up "She says our relationship doesn't work right.. I will prove it to her that she and I are meant to be" Rahul smiles through his tears.
Watching him on the cc television from inside the room, a small smile creeps up on Muskaan's face, but it leaves just as quickly as it arrived.
"You had promised me before Armaan'what happened to those promises?" Shilpa asks pushing him away.
"Shona listen'" Armaan tries going close to her but she stops him.
"Don't come closer Armaan'it's over now" She says wiping her tears "We are not meant to be Armaan" saying that she goes back in that room to get Muskaan.
Muskaan hugs Shilpa, who was sobbing.
"It's ok Shilpa'we will start a new life now..let's forget everything" Muskaan says caressing Shilpa's hairs, trying to calm her down. She knows that Shilpa had started liking Armaan.
"Next step Shilpa'are you ready?" Muskaan asks coming out of the hug.
"Yeah, am ready" Shilpa smiles wiping away her tears.
"That's like my sister"
"Rahul'she'she left me, I can't live without her" Armaan says as he sees Rahul coming out.
"Don't worry Armaan, we will prove them how much they mean to us" Rahul pats Armaan's back and smiles.

Please do comment Embarrassed

Part 2 - Page 6

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reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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PM List

PM List of all our FFs

Radhika Shah
sacred shrine

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tanya.dsouzagreenleaf007KaSh-Maneet-Fananumeha_rajat Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
loved the start... plzz Pm me next time u update


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KaSh_luv IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Woah..luved it... it's totally diff....
aww poor Armaan n Rahul....
lukin forward to da nxt update

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

wooww that was completely a different concept..

awww...poor armi n rahul.........

update soon...sounds really interesting...

thnx for the pm.............

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
poor armaan and rahul
sounds really interesting
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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